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Galczynski, Michael

Galczynski, Michael

Keystone Instructor
A. James Clark School of Engineering
2108H J.M. Patterson Building

Michael Galczynski is an instructor for the Keystone Program in the College of Engineering as well as a Ph.D. student in the College of Education’s Teaching, Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL) Program at the University of Maryland. While Mike's background is in civil engineering, he teaches a wide variety of engineering courses both on campus and abroad.

Mike currently serves as an Engineering Instructor for the College of Engineering's Keystone Program at the University of Maryland, College Park.


In his time at Maryland, Mike has served as the primary instructor of record for the following courses:

  • ENES 100 Introduction to Engineering Design
  • ENES 102 Statics and Mechanics of Materials
  • ENES 113/115 Seminar, Men & Women in Engineering Living and Learning Programs
  • ENME 407 Sustainability, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Systems. Iceland, Summer 2018


Mike has also served as a co-instructor on a number of study abroad courses:

  • ENES 472 International Cultures in Business and Technology. Sydney, Australia Winter 2016
  • ENCE 489C Sustainability & Smart Cities. Prague, Czech Republic Summer 2016
  • ENCE 489 Sustainable Green Infrastructure for the Urban Environment. Torino, Italy Summer 2016
  • AREC 457 Energy, Climate Change and a Low-Carbon Economy. Venice, Italy Winter 2017
  • ENCE489G Sustainability & Infrastructure. Athens, Greece Spring 2018

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