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Ye, Qiang

Ye, Qiang

Assistant Research Scientist
Materials Science and Engineering

Light-Sensing Memory, Sensor Devices Unleashed Via Pioneering Materials Design

A discovery in multiferroics materials design could lead to a new generation of low-power, affordable technologies.

Groundbreaking Plasma Innovation Shines as Invention of the Year

Maryland Engineers Take Home Top Prize at 2024 Innovate Maryland

Reflecting on 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation

Materials Science and Engineering celebrated its anniversary on November 7, 2023.

A nerve modeled on a battery

NEES PI helps make new organic artificial synapse

Nanopaper Featured in Nature Photonics News & Views

Article highlights Hu Group’s recent paper in Nano Letters.

Wuttig Honored at National Meeting of the Materials Research Society

Professor's 80th birthday, career celebrated in special symposium.

Dean's Doctoral Research Award Winners Announced

Shenqiang Ren (materials science and engineering) takes first place and $1,500 prize.