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Simpkins, Scott

Simpkins, Scott

Adjunct Professor
The Institute for Systems Research
Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, 11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Maryland

My full time job is as an operations research analyst and biomedical engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Research Laboratory.

My experience as an adjuct professor includes, operations research, applied statistics, systems engineering, professional gaming and pre-calculus. 

I am a collaborative technical program leader and U.S. Army veteran with 30 years of experience leveraging needs assessment skills, emerging technologies, and knowledge of the government contracting process to guide complex programs. Additionally, I leverage my operations research skills to develop rapid prototypes that provide key stakeholders with testable proofs of concept and drive continued investment. My teams design, develop and produce engineering prototypes and software applications for specialized requirements. My project management experience includes budgetary, facility and manpower roles in behavioral experimentation, clinical practice, architectures, national policy assessment and technology utility. I’ve contributed significantly to National Institute of Justice, Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, US Cyber Command, Office of the Secretary of Defense and Special Warfare studies.

As an experimentalist, I understand the value of conducting long-term studies that generate meaningful data. The results of such studies ensure that future protocols and experimental designs will also yield actionable outcomes. I serve as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert to colleagues, providing unbiased guidance on project and career matters. By drawing on my expertise in data analysis and strategic planning, I expertly measure project performance and create targeted improvement plans.

Strategic Policy

Clinical/Surgical Technology Integration

Human Machine Teaming in complex situational environments

Behavioral Economics