Faculty Directory

Ma, Lan

Ma, Lan

Biocomputational Engineering Assistant Director and Faculty Instructor
Biocomputational Engineering
Fischell Department of Bioengineering
4121 Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Universities at Shady Grove

B.E. Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China Control Engineering
M.S.E. Johns Hopkins University Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University Electrical & Computer Engineering



  • Thesis title: “Feedback control in the chemotactic pathway of Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Thesis advisor: Prof. Pablo A. Iglesias

University of Maryland, College Park

  • 2016, Spring, BIOE420, Bioimaging 
  • 2016, Fall, BIOE404, Biomechanics 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE404, Biomechanics 
  • 2017, Spring, BIOE486, Capstone Design II
  • 2017, Fall, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 
  • 2018, Spring, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2018, Spring, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 
  • 2018, Summer, BIOE241, Biocomputational Methods 
  • 2018, Fall, BIOE371, Linear Systems & Ordinary Differential Equations for Bioengineering Applications 


Journal Publications:

  • R. Ziraldo and L. Ma. “Computing intrinsic noise of the genetic regulation modeled by Hill functions.” Journal of Computational Systems Biology, 2 (1): 102, 2018.
  • T. Quarton, K. Ehrhardt, J. Lee, S. Kannan, Y. Li, L. Ma and L. Bleris. “Mapping the operational landscape of microRNAs in synthetic gene circuits.” npj Systems Biology and Applications, 4 (6). doi:10.1038/s41540-017-0043-y, 2018.
  • R. Moore, H. Ooi, T. Kang, L. Bleris and L. Ma. “'MiR-192-mediated positive feedback loop controls the robustness of stress-induced p53 oscillations in breast cancer cells.” PLoS Computational Biology, 11(12):e1004653. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi. 1004653, 2015.
  • R. Ziraldo and L. Ma. “A mathematical model for apoptotic switch in Drosophila.” Physical Biology, 12 (056003). doi:10.1088/1478-3975/12/5/056003, 2015.
  • R. Ziraldo, N. Link, J. Abrams and L. Ma. “Toward automatic image analysis and assessment of multicellular apoptosis process.” IET Image Processing. doi: 10.1049/iet- ipr.2014.0531, 2014.
  • L. Ma and R. Ranganathan. “Systems-level characterization of the kernel mechanism of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator.” Elsevier BioSystems, 117: 30-39, 2014.
  • H. Ooi and L. Ma. "Modeling heterogeneous responsiveness of intrinsic apoptosis pathway”. BMC Systems Biology, 7:65, 2013.
  • L. Ma and R. Ranganathan. “Quantifying the rhythm of KaiB-C interaction for in vitro cyanobacterial circadian clock.” PLoS ONE 7(8): e42581. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.00 42581, 2012.
  • W. Hu, Z. Feng, L. Ma, J. Wagner, J. J. Rice, G. Stolovitzky and A. J. Levine. “A single nucleotide polymorphism in the MDM2 gene disrupts the oscillation of p53 and MDM2 levels in cells.” Cancer Research, 67(6): 2757-65, 2007.
  • J. Kim, D. G. Bates, I. Postlethwaite, L. Ma and P.A. Iglesias. “Robustness analysis of a molecular network model for oscillations in excitable cells of Dictyostelium”. IEE Systems Biology, 153(3): 96-104, 2006.
  • J. Wagner, L. Ma, J. J. Rice, W. Hu, A. J. Levine and G. Stolovitzky. “The p53-Mdm2 loop is controlled by a balance of its feedback strength and effective dampening via ATM and delayed feedback.” IEE Systems Biology, 152(3): 109-118, 2005.
  • L. Ma, J. Wagner, J. J. Rice, W. Hu, A. J. Levine and G. Stolovitzky. “A plausible model for the digital response of p53 to DNA damage.” Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 102 (40): 14266-14271, 2005.
  • L. Ma, C. Janetopoulos, L. Yang, P. N. Devreotes and P. A. Iglesias. “Two local excitation, global inhibition mechanisms acting complementarily in parallel can explain the chemoattractant-induced PI(3,4,5)P3 response in Dictyostelium.Biophysical Journal, 87(6): 3764-74, 2004.
  • C. Janetopoulos, L. Ma, P. N. Devreotes and P. A. Iglesias. “Chemoattractant-induced phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate accumulation is spatially amplified and adapts, independent of the actin cytoskeleton.” Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101 (24): 8951-6,  2004.
  • S. Paliwal, L. Ma, J. Krishnan, A. Levchenko, P. A. Iglesias. “Responding to Directional Cues: A Tale of Two Cells.” IEEE Control Systems Magazine 24 (4): 77- 90, 2004.
  • L. Ma and P. A. Iglesias. “Quantifying robustness of biochemical network models”. BMC Bioinformatics, 3:38, 2002.
  • L. Ma and Y. Zhang. “Multiobjective genetic algorithm and its application to the design of automatic control system.” (in Chinese) Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics: pp. 71 – 76, 1997.


Shellfish Waste Engineered to Preserve Produce for Healthier, Longer Shelf Life

A multidisciplinary research effort unveiled a biocompatible food preservation technology to remove pesticides from produce, extend shelf life.  

An Insider’s Look at UMD’s Research on Eco-Friendly HVAC&R

Gustav Lorentzen Conference attendees are invited to tour the university’s laboratories

Maryland Engineers Recognized with UMD Faculty Honors

Six Clark School faculty members are among the university's 2024 convocation honorees.

Farewell to Postdoc Researcher Lei Gao

CEEE researcher to continue heat pump research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Two UMD Students Win Spots in SAMPE University Research Symposium

Undergraduates Christopher Clark and Grace Johnson will present their work at SAMPE’s 2024 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo.

Mirdamadi Wins First Prize at Translational Research Competition

A BIOE Ph.D. candidate received first prize at Translational Research Competition for regenerative research.

New features on ingestible capsule will deliver targeted drugs to better treat IBD, Crohn’s disease

Latest iteration of medical device features dissolving microneedles for drug delivery; external magnetic control

“Build Our Future” grants include two MEI2 energy companies

$2.3M in State Grants Awarded to University of Maryland-Affiliated Projects

Fire Protection Engineering To Launch Online Undergraduate Courses in 2025

The department will offer an online learning format for its ABET-accredited bachelor's degree. 

During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Chemical Engineers Reach for a Cure

Computational studies of developing therapies for Alzheimer's disease make progress towards a cure.

UMD Team Wins Spaceport America Cup

Students soar to top spot in world’s largest intercollegiate rocket competition.

ION Storage Systems receives $20M ARPA-E SCALE UP award

Company has established commercially scalable route to production of solid-state batteries

Bar None: How a Terp Invented One of the Biggest Innovations in Retail

The UPC, Created 50 Years Ago, Still Shapes Our Shopping.

Designing for Moon Mission

UMD Team Takes Second Overall, and Best in Theme at 2024 RASC-AL Competition.

New Photonic Chip Spawns Nested Topological Frequency Comb

Research by Professors Mohammad Hafezi and Yanne Chembo published in June 21, 2024 issue of Science

Ph.D. Student Receives Best Paper Award at VFS 80th Annual Forum

Vivek Uppoor recognized by Dynamics Committee for his paper “Aeromechanics Investigation of a Dual-Wing Lift Compounded Slowed Mach Scale Rotor.”

Maryland Engineering: Top 10 Among Public Graduate Programs, Six Years Running

For the sixth consecutive year, the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland ranks among the country’s top 10 public universities in graduate engineering programs, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2024–25 rankings.

Registration Open for UMD/NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem Symposium

The event brings together a multi-disciplinary group of participants to learn about the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem and explore its application to address contemporary fire safety challenges.

Forty years of MEMS research at the Hilton Head Workshop

UMD Professor Reza Ghodssi is president of Transducer Research Foundation (TRF), the organization that sponsors the event.

Teaching Students Specialized Skills for Success

The University of Maryland DREEM program sets students up for a career in the microelectronics industry

Boyce Highlights Promise of Soft Composites

Renowned Columbia professor delivers Dieter Lecture at UMD’s Clark School.

Maryland Engineering to Highlight Educational Advances at the 2024 ASEE Annual Conference

Maryland Engineering will showcase how we are translating strengths in quantum, pioneering artificial intelligence education, democratizing engineering for all, and reimagining higher education research.

UMD Roundtable Weighs Lessons Learned From Key Bridge Collapse

Experts put forward their perspectives on the March incident.

Innovating in Engineering Education: Join Us at the 2024 ASEE Annual Conference

When the world needs leadership in training the next generation of great engineers, it goes to Maryland Engineering.

Racing Against R&D: AI, Collaborative Robotics Automates Wearable Tech Design

A hassle-free model to fabricate materials used in wearable sensors removes experimental barriers in design.

Ph.D. Researcher Ann Ramirez Named 2024 Rising Graduate Scholar

Ramirez was named a Diverse Rising Graduate Scholar for her nanoparticle-based tool to study lymph nodes.

Goldberg Receives Provost’s Professional Track Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching

Goldberg is recognized for her student-centric teaching practices and real-world connections to coursework.

Ichiro Takeuchi Elected Fellow of the Materials Research Society

The professor becomes the second in the department to earn this lifetime distinction.

For a Girl With Cerebral Palsy, a Lacrosse Goal Achieved

College Park Academy Students Design Adaptive Stick as Part of Engineering for Us All Program

‘Flash Heating’ Technology Preserves Food at No Nutritional Cost

An interdisciplinary study among engineers and food scientists revealed a new food preservation technology that could improve quality and nutrition value.

Replace Glue with Electricity; Obtain the Same Results

Study reveals a method to stick hard and soft materials by applying electrical currents.

LEGOLAS participates at U.S. Senate Robotics Showcase on Capitol Hill

UMD engineers demonstrate their autonomous robot science kit

Key Bridge: What Comes Next?

A system of systems approach is needed in planning for a replacement, says UMD’s Attoh-Okine.

CEEE Co-Director Vikrant Aute Honored With Faculty Award

Aute lauded for his influential research accomplishments in the field of HVAC&R

Maryland Academy of Sciences Names Hannah Zierden Outstanding Young Engineer

The assistant professor was recognized for her advances in nanotechnologies for women’s health at a ceremony held Wednesday in Baltimore.

Speedy, Secure, Sustainable—That’s the Future of Telecom

New study uncovers technologies that could unveil energy-efficient information processing and sophisticated data security.

University of Maryland Has Strong Presence at ICRA 2024

Researchers detail advancements in navigation, trajectory planning.

Climate Technology Founder's Fund (SB0960) to support new energy startups

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute receives additional funding

Reflecting on a Successful 2023–24 Academic Year

As we come to the close of another academic year, it is a time to celebrate the achievements of our faculty, staff, students—and especially our graduates!

University of Maryland Represents at International Autonomy Event

Xponential brings together experts to address concerns and look to the future

Roving Reporter

We Road-Test Engineering Students’ New Moon Buggy Concept at NASA

A Ventilation Coach for Opioid Overdose Bystanders Takes Top Prize at Inaugural Capstone Design Expo

More than 500 Clark School Seniors Showcase Engineering Solutions to Real-World Problems

Students with Entrepreneurial Curiosity: Launch Your Business Idea at Maryland

The Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Engineering at Maryland magazine celebrates a UMD campus ecosystem that's ripe for entrepreneurial excellence.

Maryland’s first-ever solid-state battery pilot production line launches

Ion Storage Systems holds commissioning ceremony

Jenna Mueller Receives NSF CAREER Award

The award will support Mueller’s research to develop affordable, accessible technologies for cervical dysplasia in low-income communities around the world.

Unveiling Nanoparticle Transport: Transforming Drug Delivery

BIOE researchers publish breakthrough research in lymphatic drug delivery modeling.

Groundbreaking Plasma Innovation Shines as Invention of the Year

Maryland Engineers Take Home Top Prize at 2024 Innovate Maryland

79 Undergrads Recognized at Annual Honors & Awards Celebration

Maryland Engineering honored 79 undergraduates who exemplify the college's commitment to excellence at this year's ceremony event, held April 29 in the Stamp Student Union. Five were recognized with Dean's Awards.

Engineering Students Fabricate Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Inaugural Capstone Design Expo Highlights Real-World Innovations

Alum Returns to Fire Protection Engineering as New Online Program Director

Bill Koffel ’79 to lead the forthcoming online undergraduate program starting in May.

Erika Moore Named a 2024 TED Fellow

Assistant Professor Erika Moore selected out of thousands of applicants for this prestigious fellowship program.

UMD Team Advances in NIST UAS 5.0 Competition, Wins Three Best in Class Awards

Team's UAS Intrigue leverages real-time 3D mapping and detection to offer critical insights to first responders.

In Soft Robotics, Instability Can Be a Plus

Eleonora Tubaldi harnesses physical and geometric properties to create machine intelligence.

When Vision Fails, a Suit Could Steer Pilots to Safety

Aerospace Engineering faculty member Umberto Saetti is developing new ways to navigate.

JC Zhao Named Dean of University of Connecticut College of Engineering

Ji-Cheng (JC) Zhao, chair of the Clark School’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, will be the next dean of the University of Connecticut’s College of Engineering.

Celebrating Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American Engineers

The impact made by APIDA engineers—at the Clark School, and on our country and world—improves our community and field in numerous and significant ways.

Four BIOE Terps Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Two seniors and two alumni were selected for this prestigious fellowship.

Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month: Karenna Buco

Solving tough problems to help society and explore space motivates alumna.

UMD Student Awarded Wings Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships support outstanding students pursuing careers in aviation, aeronautics, and astronautics.

Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Our Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American community has made substantial contributions to these ecosystems, and we are proud to celebrate its lasting impact on our society.

Dean's Circle Spotlight: Investing in Ideas, and Access

One of Maryland Engineering's most generous philanthropists, Tom Scholl helped to brainstorm what the IDEA Factory could become: a place "where the imagination can run wild."

Seven Current and Former Maryland MSE Students to Attend 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

The scholars will travel to Lindau, Germany in late June for a week-long discussion spanning the future of physics.

UMD Eclipse Ballooning a Success

UMD Nearspace launched two balloons into the path of the April 8 solar eclipse.

Seven Maryland Students Receive Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

Awards recognize the world’s most talented engineering students interested in vertical flight.

Eclipse Ballooning: Phenomenon Provides Rare Opportunities

UMD Nearspace will attempt to launch two balloons into the path of the solar eclipse.

Join Us at the First Annual Capstone Design Expo

You can meet Clark School students, faculty, and staff; recruit new employees from among our talented students; and see great ideas transformed into reality.

Fischell Institute Womxn's History Month Spotlight: Samantha Quander-Mosley

Sam chose to take a gap year to continue working in the Kuo Lab as a faculty research assistant

Bill Bentley Awarded AIMBE's Professional Impact Award in Mentoring

Bentley was nominated for this award by AIMBE Fellow and Fischell Department of Bioengineering Chair (BIOE) John Fisher

Ethan Bolinger Awarded Mtech's Outstanding ASPIRE Award

Ethan is a chemical and biomolecular engineering junior in Fischell Institute Affiliate Fellow and chemical and biomolecular Assistant Professor Hannah Zierden’s lab.

Recipients of the MPower Graduate Fellowships Announced

Ph.D. students Alex Pueschel, Allison Moses, and Faranguisse Sadrieh receive MPower Graduate Fellowships.

Three UMD Students Receive SAMPE Leadership Awards

Awards support networking and career opportunities in the materials and process engineering community.

International Energy Cooperation Center Established at University of Maryland

MEI2 and KETEP sign research and development program agreement

Maryland Researchers Awarded $1.5 Million to Pioneer Batteries for Electric Rail and Maritime Transportation

New technologies could reduce the carbon footprint attributed to the freight transportation sector.

Five UMD Alumni Receive Vertical Flight Society Honors

Aerospace Engineering alumni and faculty recognized for contributions to the advancement of rotorcraft.

Agents of Positive Change: Highlighting Women Maryland Engineers

In celebration of Women's History Month, we highlight some of the important contributions of women engineers within our campus community.

Celebrating Women in Aerospace Engineering: Christine Hartzell

Associate professor researches granular mechanics, has asteroid named for her.

Batteries, Building Efficiency, and More: Innovating in Energy

In order to fundamentally address climate change, our society must fundamentally improve the ways it generates, stores, distributes, and uses energy—and the Clark School is leading in that pursuit.

Clark School Research Nominated for “Invention of the Year”

Localized Drug Delivery from Ingestible Devices is nominated as a 2023 finalist

Balachandran, Cameron, Yu Receive 2024 MURI Award

A multidisciplinary team of researchers will study complexity science.

Edo Waks Recipient of 2024 MURI Award

Will Study Quantum Solid-State Defects

University of Maryland Team Enters XPRIZE Competition to End Wildfires

Researchers join $5 million competition to supress wildfires via rapid, autonomous response systems. 

UMD, Booz Allen Hamilton Announce Collaboration with MMEC

Relationship will help enhance nation’s semiconductor technology.

K.J. Ray Liu Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Long-time ECE Faculty Member Recognized for Contributions to Signal Processing

Alum Astronaut Reports From Space Station: ‘I’m Still in Awe’

In UMD Interview, Jeanette Epps describes surprises and role as ‘hands and eyes’ of earthbound scientists.

Celebrating Women's History Month 2024

We are proud to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Two Aerospace Engineering Students Named Patti Grace Smith Fellows

Prestigious fellowships recognize and empower ‘Black Excellence in Aerospace.’

Alumna Blasts Into Space

NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Becomes Second Black Woman to Join ISS

Highlighting Women in Engineering: MAGE Students Divya and Fionna

Profiles of two Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering students, Divya and Fionna Long

Clark School Community Members Win Prestigious Campus Social Impact Award

Five Clark School community members are winners of the Provost’s Do Good Innovator Awards.

Creating the “Internet of Life”

UMD researchers publish new findings in their research to connect biological and electronic systems.

Inside Alumni Cup

In the run-up to the this year’s Alumni Cup, we followed the bioengineering team for a behind-the-scenes look at the ups, downs, and lessons learned on the road to competition.

New Laser Experiment Spins Light Like a Merry-go-round

Physical Review X Publishes Article by Team Led by Howard Milchberg

$15 Million Climate Catalytic Capital Fund Launched 

To support clean energy measures and technologies

Fischell Institute Black History Month Spotlight: Vené Richardson-Powell

After graduation, Richardson-Powell chose to take a gap year to continue working in the Mueller Lab. 

Fischell Institute Black History Month Spotlight: Michael Straker

Straker attended the University of Maryland because of its commitment to medical device research through initiatives like the Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices, and for its relationship with research institutions like the National Institutes of Health.

UMD Startup Shell Supported by ECE Alumna

Sonal (EE’86) and Ashish Deshpande Establish DESIRE Endowed Student Award 

Celebrating Black Engineers: Philip Lovell

Lovell was named 2015 Black Engineer of the Year for his contributions to technology.

Ingestible Capsule Technology Research on Front Cover of Journal

University of Maryland researchers published in Advanced Healthcare Materials

Empowering Black Women in Engineering: Journeys of Resilience and Leadership

During Black History Month, Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering (MAGE) highlights the inspiring journeys of Cilla Chilengue and Ketsiya Mundoga, both graduates of the Reliability Engineering program at the University of Maryland. Their experiences underscore resilience, self-improvement, and the transformative impact of the Doyenne Initiative.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Miles Robinson ‘17

Patent holder and propulsion engineer, Miles Robinson aims to positively impact and encourage others.

Transforming Engineering: Highlighting Maryland Engineers

In celebration of Black History Month, we highlight the many impactful contributions of Black engineers in our community—students, alums, faculty, and staff—to the Clark School, our university, and world.

Twisting & Shouting for Clean Energy

UMD graduate engineering student advances to DOE EnergyTech pitch round

Fischell Institute's Black History Month Spotlight: Corinne Martin

Corinne Martin is a senior bioengineering student in Fischell Institute Fellow, BIOE, MPower, and Minta Martin Professor Chris Jewell’s lab.

A Spoilage-Sniffing Sensor and Food Distribution App to Fight Hunger

Professor Cheng Gong Part of UMD Team Receiving $5M Grant for Tech Solutions to Reduce Food Insecurity and Waste

Clark School's Online Master of Engineering Soars to No. 6 National Rank

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland ascended to No. 6 among online graduate engineering masters programs in the U.S. according to rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report

Jeanette Epps: From Engineer to Astronaut

UMD alum is set to fly to the ISS in the coming weeks.

Governor’s Cabinet Meeting Features Peek into Southern Maryland Research and Collaboration

Governor Wes Moore and Lt. Governor Aruna Miller tour SMART Building and MATRIX Lab; learn about partnerships

Fischell Institute's Black History Month Spotlight: Aisha Abdulkarimu

Aisha Abdulkarimu is a third-year molecular and cellular biology Ph.D. student in Fischell Institute Affiliate Fellow and BIOE Assistant Professor Katharina Maisel's Mucosal Associated Immune System Engineering and Lymphatics lab.

Fischell Institute's Black History Month Spotlight: Briahnah Streeter

Briahnah Streeter is a second-year bioengineering Ph.D. student in Fischell Institute Director Bill Bentley's Biomolecular and Metabolic Engineering Laboratory. She earned her bachelor's degree in engineering science with a minor in engineering management from Vanderbilt University in 2022.

Celebrating Black History Month 2024

Dean Graham's 2024 Black History Month message to the Clark School Community

Celebrating the Impact of Black Maryland Engineers and Leaders

The Clark School pays tribute to the many contributions and legacies of Black Americans in the United States by learning more about some of our most pioneering and influential community members, past and present.

Announcing Our Agreement With the Midwest Microelectronics Consortium

The University of Maryland and Booz Allen Hamilton have come to an agreement with the Midwest Microelectronics Consortium (MMEC) to expand MMEC’s technical areas.

Celebrating the Life of Manfred Wuttig: Long-Time Educator, Mentor and Friend of the Department

The inaugural chair and professor of the department passed away in December 2023, leaving a mark in a community touched by his kindness, wisdom and passion.

Summer Programs Spark Young Minds: Elementary Students Explore Engineering

Two inspiring and innovative programs ignite the imaginations of elementary school children in our local community.

A Wider Lens

UMD engineering faculty are finding ways to introduce sustainability concepts throughout the curriculum.

Catherine K. Kuo Named President-Elect of TERMIS Americas Chapter

Kuo is a long-time member of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society.

Meet the Clark Scholars Program Network's New Director

The Clark School today announced that Joakina Stone is the Clark Scholars Program Network's new director, effective January 29, 2024.

Study Finds Race-based Disparities in Railroad Safety

Asian, Black, and Latinx neighbornoods are more likely to be located near hazardous crossings.

Dutta to receive NSF CAREER Award

Will Study Fairness and Explainability in Machine Learning Using Information-Theoretic Methods

Gong receives NSF CAREER Award

Will Study 2D Multiferroic Heterostructures, an Unexplored Material Form integrated from 2D Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Materials

Xiaoming He Elected to European Academy of Sciences and Arts

BIOE Professor Shawn He was elected to the EASA, recognized for the value of his research, innovation, and impact on a global scale.

Three UMD Students Named Among Aviation Week Network’s Class of 2024 20 Twenties

Annual awards recognize talented individuals on course to change the face of the aviation, aerospace and defense industry.

Six Clark School Faculty Receive 2024 DURIP Awards

DURIP awards support university research in technical areas of interest to the Department of Defense.

UMD Calls for Holiday Safety Practices with Christmas Tree Fire Demonstrations

Live experiments showcased the impact of watering natural Christmas trees to reduce their fire risk.

Gupta Inducted into Royal Academy of Engineering

UMD professor is honored for his achievements in clean and efficient energy conversion.

New solid-state sodium batteries enable lower cost and more sustainable energy storage

Battery technology achieves record high sodium-metal cycling rates

UMD Mourns Kevin Greenaugh, Nuclear Engineering Trailblazer

Nuclear engineering alumnus held a senior role at the nation’s nuclear security agency.

Gut Health Monitoring Gas Sensors Added to Ingestible Capsule Technology

New capabilities described in paper published in high-impact journal

Fisher Honored as Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering

BIOE Chair John Fisher was honored with the designation of Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering.

World leader in sustainable construction partners with UMD Start-Up

Saint-Gobain makes major investment in ION Storage Systems

Manocha Named National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Recognized for pioneering work in computer graphics, robotics and more

‘Priming’ helps the brain understand language even with poor-quality speech signals

New research published in PNAS shows word representations may provide some objective measures of speech comprehension.

"Rare but Devastating": Maisel Honored for Immunotherapy Research to Treat Deadly Lung Disease in Women

Bioengineering Assistant Professor Katharina Maisel receives the American Lung Association Innovation Award toward treating a rare and deadly lung disease in women.

Gemstone Team Wins 2023 ‘Do Good’ Showcase Prize to Build Wildfire Drone

Undergraduate research team advised by Raffan-Montoya wins award to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle that could advance wildfire research. 

Reflecting on 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation

Materials Science and Engineering celebrated its anniversary on November 7, 2023.

Looking Back on the Fall 2023 Semester, Looking Forward to Sharing a New Strategic Plan in 2024

Happy Holidays from the A. James Clark School of Engineering. We are thankful for your support of Maryland Engineering and look forward to sharing 2024's chapter in our story.

Revolutionizing Water Access: Aquair Wins 2023 R&D 100 Award

Professor Teng Li's invention Aquair wins the 2023 R&D 100 award.

UMD Hosts Industrial AI Forum

High-profile event highlights university’s leadership role in the field.

A Facile and Accessible Plasma Hotter Than the Surface of The Sun

Maryland and Princeton professors invented a new ultra-hot plasma capable of melting everything on the planet to synthesize new materials. 

UMD Start-Up Ionic Devices Wins Microbattery Design Prize

One of Eight Awarded by US Department of Energy

Diving Deeper into Competition, and Recruitment

UMD’s RoboSub team sets sights on blasting the 2024 competition out of the water.

Meet the A. James Clark Scholars Class of '27

In Fall 2023, UMD welcomed 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of Clark Scholars.

Stoliarov’s Research Recognized at Premier International Fire Science Symposium

The professor was an invited speaker at the 14th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science to address one of the main challenges in fire research.

“The Legend of Zelda” Inspires New UMD Engineering Course

Students in Ryan Sochol's new course utilize game's CAD engine for machine design.

UMD-led Team Selected for DARPA Triage Challenge

Researchers will work to develop novel methods to detect injuries in mass casualty incidents.

Into the MikeVerse

Engineering Keystone Instructor’s Funny, Informative Videos Garner Cult Following

UMD Researchers’ ‘Cooling Glass’ Blasts Building Heat Into Space

New Coating Can Be Applied to Various Exterior Surfaces to Reduce AC Use, Fight Climate Change

Unveiling Urban Politics: DEI Seminar Explores Waste Infrastructure in Ghana

The Civil Empowerment Seminar Series features anthropologist, Brenda Chalfin.

At the White House: Professor Liangbing Hu Showcases More Sustainable, Steel-Strength “Super Wood”

Hu’s Super Wood Among 40 Great Innovations Offering Scalable Solutions to Societal Challenges

Sandborn Receives Scott Clements Award

CALCE faculty member is honored by the Prognostics and Health Management Society.

Clark Scholars Program Network: Another Powerful Tool for Student Success

Every person has the potential for greatness. As educators, we have the privilege and responsibility of helping them achieve it. That is what we strive to do in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Yanne Chembo Elected 2023 APS Fellow

Cited for work in Statistical and Nonlinear Physics

Celebrating Native and Indigenous Voices in Engineering

The Clark School joins UMD's celebration of Native and Indigenous Heritage Month 2023.

We Build the Future Here: Stanley R. Zupnik Hall

Engineering at Maryland magazine previews UMD's new interdisciplinary engineering hub.

Clark School Students Selected for Philip Merrill Scholarships

Najmah Abdur-Rahman, Thilini Amarasinghe, and Visesh Uppoor win recognition for their academic achievements.

John P. Fisher Elected Chair of the Council of Chairs

Fisher has been elected Chair of the Council of Chairs, a council of 158 biomedical engineering and bioengineering department chairs across the country.

Advancing Ground Autonomy: UMD-ARL Collaboration Strides in ArtIMAS Research

ArtIAMAS (AI and Autonomy for Multi-Agent Systems) - Advancing into Its Third Year of Collaboration

Funding Renewed for Research on Ventilator Alternative

“Third lung” approach transfers oxygen through the abdomen.

Wang Develops New Battery Technology That Could Lead to Safer, High-Energy Electric Vehicles

Researchers Develop Way to Prevent Damage That Plagues Next-Generation Lithium Batteries

UMD Researchers Pioneer Improved Photoimmunotherapy Treatment Against Metastatic Cancer

A team of BIOE researchers developed an innovative approach to treating metastatic cancer, reducing side effects and treatment variability between patients.

Alumnus Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Biden recognizes Jeong H. Kim for advances in broadband optical systems, data communications, wireless.

Professor Milchberg to Receive APS Award

Honored for Work in Plasma Optics and Laser-Driven Particle Accelerators

JC Zhao Receives J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award

Gibbs Award honors Zhao’s contributions to alloy thermodynamics

Johns Hopkins University Hackathon: A “Majestic” Win for University of Maryland Students

University of Maryland Duo win hackathon with a hand-tracking game named “Majestic Signs.”

Introducing the Clark Scholars Program Network

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation and University of Maryland Partner to Educate the Next Generation of Engineers

Dean's Circle Spotlight: Sparking Opportunity and Success

Fifty-one years and two UMD degrees since he first suited up, Randy Shearman '85, M.S. '92 continues his firefighter service with West Hills Regional Fire Department.

Liangbing Hu Is Key PI of New Energy Earthshot Research Center

The new Oak Ridge National Laboratory Energy Earthshot Research Center aims to develop sustainable chemical processes.

UMD Hosts Roundtable on Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Event brings together CEE heads from around the United States.

Empowering the next generation towards a clean hydrogen economy

International partnership on hydrogen and fuel cells hosted by MEI2

Ken Isman Wins Dean’s Outstanding Performance Award for Professional Track Faculty

Isman becomes the first FPE faculty member to earn the recognition. 

Das Lands NSF Grant for Cooling Research

UMD researcher will study high heat flux cooling solutions using flow boiling of dielectric liquids.

New, Innovative UMD Course Teaches In-Demand Skills

‘Advanced Manufacturing Lab’ currently offered at College Park, will be in Southern Maryland in 2024

UMD Initiative to Award Up to $2M for Student Solutions to Grand Challenges

xFoundry@UMD to Recruit Terps for Courses, Competition, Venture Investment

Stewards of the Public Good: The Clark School's Critical Partnership with the State of Maryland

Land-grant public universities are essential partners that invest in the welfare and future of their home states.

Alumna Rose Weinstein Receives NASA Early Career Achievement Medal

Award recognizes her contributions to NASA Langley’s flight vehicle dynamics research and digital transformation activities.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month: Resources and Events

Resources and events for the Clark School's LGBTQ+ students and allies.

Bio-Nose Technology: Conferring a Sense of Smell

NSF grant funds UMD-led team developing portable “nose” device.

Horiuchi is PI for NSF 'ExLENT' experiential learning project

UMD's 'DREEM' project addresses the need for a domestic microelectronics industry workforce, and partners with two community colleges.

New UMD Division of Research video highlights work of Simon, Anderson

The researchers use magnetoencephalography to understand and develop training for aging-related signal processing interactions between the ears and the brain.

MSE Research Featured on National News Network

Ichiro Takeuchi and Liangbing Hu discuss research innovations at The Circuit News. 

$2M NSF Grant to Advance Future of Semiconductors Technology and Workforce

UMD Researchers Will Work to Discover New Materials to Safeguard Nation’s Supply of Crucial Tech Hardware

Johns Hopkins APL, UMD Partner to Advance Space Engineering Research

UMD and Johns Hopkins APL will partner on advanced research opportunities in space missions.

UMD Celebrates Grand Opening of Quantum Computing Research Hub

QLab Partnership With IonQ Offers Researchers, Students, Professionals Access to Cutting-Edge Hardware

Ashwani Gupta Named Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow

Recognition honors Gupta’s role as a leading international authority on swirl flows and volume distributed combustion. 

Thomas Antonsen Honored by the American Physical Society

Will receive award recognizing research in plasma physics

Maryland Engineering Ranks Among the Nation’s Top 20 Undergraduate Engineering Programs

The A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks 19 overall among more than 200 undergraduate engineering programs—up three positions from its previous undergraduate ranking.

A “Lint Roller” for Moon Dust

UMD researchers are creating a portable device that astronauts can use to get rid of clingy moon dust.

UMD’s Gabriel Models Liberalized Energy Markets in Brazil

ME professor is awarded an $877K contract by Petrobras.

UMD's 40th Annual Convocation Honors Engineering Staff, Faculty

The University of Maryland's 40th annual Convocation will honor 33 faculty and staff—including four from the A. James Clark School of Engineering—for their contributions to education, research, and the campus community.

Hu Develops Eco-Friendly Process for Natural Bamboo Composite

The new bioadhesion strategy would pave the way for more structural applications.

John P. Fisher Elected to BMES Board of Directors

BIOE Department Chair John P. Fisher is elected to the BMES Board of Directors beginning this fall.

Former Fire Protection Engineering Chair Receives American Fire Sprinkler Association’s Highest Honor

Dr. Milke becomes the second FPE former chair to earn this recognition. 

$1.2M in NSF Funding Supports Research to Develop New Water and Ice Sensors

UMD-led Project Could Expand Understanding of Climate Change Impacts

Students to Attempt Precision Balloon Launches During Eclipses

Maryland Nearspace will lead a group of ballooning teams in NASA’s National Eclipse Ballooning Project.

Maryland Engineering: Another Year of Innovation is Underway

Another year of engineering innovation in College Park is underway, and the Clark School continues to produce some of the most talented and sought-after engineers—and solutions they create—in the world.

Search Open for Full-Time Faculty Position in Space Exploration

Seeking candidates working at the boundaries of space exploration.

UMD Team Lands First Place in VFS Competition

Students’ entry achieves breakthroughs in speed, versatility.

UMD Student Team Lauded for Award-Winning Drone

U.S. Representative Glenn F. Ivey presented a proclamation honoring the AMAV team's NIST competition victory.

A 6-Step Roadmap to Diversify Faculty Hiring in STEM

Two BIOE professors help author a roadmap to diversifying faculty hiring in STEM.

Yu Named Elkins Professor

Award to support research on marine ecosystem monitoring, boost collaboration.

Miao Yu to develop cost-effective sensor for measuring lake health

NSF funding will improve sensing for long-term lake deployment, even under winter ice.

$1.5M in NSF funding secured to improve solar energy conversion systems

The four-year interdisciplinary project could lead to major breakthroughs in control, modeling, sensing, design, and reliability of power electronic interfaces.

Dutt is PI on NSF-Funded Quantum Research Grant

The UMD-led team is one of 18 to be awarded grants under the NSF’s QuSeC-TAQS program.

Join University of Maryland AUVSI Membership for Free

Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International currently looking for XPONENTIAL 2024 presenters

An Internship with Impact

Student projects run the gamut from counterUAS to medical support in high-casualty scenarios.

Short Course Offers Opportunity to Build and Fly Drones

How to Build, Fly, and Verify Autonomous Aerial Systems held in Southern Maryland

Miao Yu receives NSF funding to develop ice-measuring sensors

Novel acoustic metamaterials will be incorporated into a tool that can provide long-range, high-resolution thickness and internal structure measurements for improved polar ice melt estimates.

Transformative Battery Structure Surpasses US’ Fast Charge Goals 

Innovative materials and 3D design published in Nature Materials

Fly by Feel - Can we Fly Without Vision?

Using Iron Man as inspiration, Assistant Professor Umberto Saetti discusses his lab’s work during recent TEDx talk.

UMD Lab to Become Major Laser Research Center

Lab for Intense Laser-Matter Interactions Named LaserNetUS Node 

CareDx Acquires UMD-linked Transplant Tech Firm

Co-founded by entrepreneur and UMD alum Scott Plank, MediGO aims to optimize delivery.

Making Engineering Make 'Cents' to Teens

Rising Ninth-Graders Build, Race Carts From Kits Developed by Faculty and Staff and K–12 Teachers

Yunho Hwang to Receive IIR Gustav Lorentzen Medal

IIR awards the medal every four years to an individual who mas made an outstanding acheivement in research.

Zhou Named Outstanding Young Scientist 

Zhou Named Outstanding Young Scientist 

Center for Risk and Reliability Fosters Collaborative Environment

The Center for Risk and Reliability renovated their space to enhance multidisciplinary collaboration.

Israeli Embassy and BIRD Foundation host UMD Energy Consortium

UMD Professor Paul Albertus a Keynote Speaker

Modi Briefed on UMD-led Aquaculture Research

Doctoral student Kaustubh Joshi delivered a presentation on modernizing the industry with advanced tech.

Terrapin Rocket Team Flies High, Takes Second in Category at Spaceport America Cup

Team’s crab-themed rocket, Karkinos, ranked 5th overall out of 119 competing team rockets.

Dankowicz to Become Chair of UMD Mechanical Engineering

UIUC professor will assume leadership of the UMD department starting in January.

Clark School Names Zhao, Chopra as Clark Distinguished Chairs

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland named Ji-Cheng "JC" Zhao and Inderjit Chopra as Clark Distinguished Chairs.

Hu, Ulukus, DeVoe Recognized with UMD Distinguished Honors

Three Maryland Engineering professors—Liangbing Hu, Sennur Ulukus, and Don DeVoe—are among the 16 University of Maryland faculty members recognized this year as Distinguished University Professors and Distinguished Scholar-Teachers.

Reimagining Learning: Educating the Engineers of Tomorrow

Creating a strong educational and research environment to produce engineers that push the boundaries of technology, meet future workforce needs, and address societal challenges is core to our mission at the Clark School.

Dialing Up a Storm

Reporters stand in hurricane-force winds at UMD’s Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel.

Alum's Book Explores 'Lost Relics' that Spurred the Nuclear Era

In her debut book, Miriam "Mimi" Hiebert Ph.D. '19 traverses the twists and turns of the Nazi regime's failed nuclear program as well as the United States' successful Manhattan Project, revealing the contributions of the men and women at the forefront of the race for nuclear weapons and energy.

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling: Scientists Develop Swift, Scalable, and Eco-friendly Process for Upcycling Degraded Graphite

UMD Takes Second at VFS Design-Build-Vertical-Flight Competition

Team’s Horizon drone leveraged unique design to balance hover and cruise performance with autonomous flight capabilities.

Sunderland Receives NSF Award for Newly Discovered Class of Flame

The $360K award will expand research into cool diffusion flames and possibly contribute to stemming the spread of wildland fire.

Jim Milke Receives NFPA 2023 Distinguished Service Award

Milke was honored at the NFPA Stars at Night gala in Las Vegas on June 18.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department Graduate Selected for Prestigious Department of Energy Award

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department Graduate Selected for Prestigious Department of Energy Award

Rain Doesn't Drown Out Spirit of Competition

21st annual Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) Competition held at St. Mary's County Regional Airport

Erika Moore Receives NSF CAREER Award

Incoming BIOE faculty member Erika Moore receives prestigious NSF CAREER Award for immune system research.

UMD Students, Alums Recognized by National Society of Black Engineers

UMD’s Black Engineers Society chapter has been recognized by the National Society of Black Engineers with multiple awards and appointments to the national executive board, including the top position of chair—two terms running.

Syria-Turkey Earthquake: Researchers Conduct Geotechnical Study

UMD doctoral alum Asli Dayioglu was part of a team that studied soil properties in the affected region.

Wastewater Surveillance Helps Predict COVID-19 on University Campuses

CEE researchers win WER Outstanding Paper Award for work on wastewater surveillance.

Mark Austin is PI for new DoD Minerva Research Initiative project

He is using a 'System-of-Systems" approach to understand, model, synthesize and optimize the operations of large-scale, distributed institutions and organizations.

Connect with Maryland Engineering at the 2023 ASEE Annual Conference

Come and meet Maryland Engineering at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference being held at the Baltimore Convention Center from June 25–28, 2023.

Michael Bonthron Wins NDSEG Fellowship

Tubaldi Lab researcher lands prestigious DoD award.

Resistant Regolith

UMD’s Christine Hartzell explains why the crumbly stuff on the Moon’s surface is so hard to get rid of.

Behind the Scenes: Erin Wessell Wrangles Clark School's Maryland Day Activities

Erin Wessell is the Director of Recruitment and Outreach

Alum at Frontier of Commercial Space Tourism

Chris Huie ('11) joins Virgin Galactic’s final test before service begins.

Sea Level Rise Could Leave Many Marooned

Long before they become submerged, at-risk communities could be cut off due to unusable roads.

New ‘FRRB’ packaging technology may solve an ingestible capsule challenge

The innovation, which protects fragile components, has been published in the Nature journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering.

CEEE Alumnus Nehemiah Emaikwu Wins 2022 USNC/IIR Award

Emaikwu was awarded for the category "Outstanding Young Researcher Paper Award"

Arnaud Trouve to Lead FPE

Effective July 30, Trouve will take over as FPE's Department Chair.

International Fire Safety Consortium Releases Free, Open Access Video Webinar Series on Wildland Fires in Partnership with UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute and UMD

The International Fire Safety Consortium (IFSC), a network co-led by the University of Maryland that brings together leading higher-education institutions and fire safety research organizations from around the world, has announced the release of a new series of free, open access educational video webinars on wildland fires, in partnership with UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI).

24 Teams Present at BIOE Capstone Competition Including First BCE Students

On May 8, 2023, 24 teams presented novel designs at the BIOE Capstone Design Competition.

Planning for Planetary Defense

Aerospace Engineering Students Tackle Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Exercise at the International Planetary Defense Conference.

Powering a Greener Future

Engineering Sustainability Day showcases entrepreneurial talent

“Gambit” Pays Off in UMD Team’s Search-and-Rescue Competition Win

UMD Team wins NIST First Responder UAS Indoor Challenge with custom-built, low-cost drone, and takes home more than $150K in prize money.

UMD’s Tubaldi Wins NSF CAREER Award

Improved cardiovascular implants could be one result of an ME faculty member’s groundbreaking research.

Senior Jerry Liu Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines.

Snow, Wind, and Drone Ops

UMD UROC pilots and engineers handle austere conditions while helping NOAA with satellite calibration.

Engineering Excellence: Undergrads Recognized at Annual Celebration

Maryland Engineering honored 70 undergraduates who exemplify the college’s commitment to excellence at this year’s ceremony event, held May 10 in the Stamp Student Union. Five were recognized with Dean’s Awards.

UMD Selected for $3.5M ARPA-E COOLERCHIPS Award

Researchers will help develop more efficient cooling for data centers.

UROC Promotes Drone Safety at Maryland Day Event

For visitors, an opportunity to brush up on best practices–and learn more about UROC.

The End of an Era

FPE Chair, Jim Milke, retires, leaving some very large boots to fill.

Strategic Planning: Developing Our Vision For Our Future

Through our strategic planning process, we will sharpen our focus, communicate our “why,” and develop a clear vision for 2030.

Device That Harvests Water From Air Named Top UMD Invention of the Year

Innovate Maryland event also celebrates work on plastic substitutes, cancer detection, quantum science

Two UMD Teams Take Top Spots in SAMPE Bridge Contest

International competition challenges students to design, build, and test a miniature structural bridge using composite materials.

University of Maryland entities partnering with defense company BlueHalo

UMD Clark School of Engineering and BlueHalo support defense mission and workforce development in Southern Maryland

At Northrop Grumman Day, Students Pitch the Future of Networked Computing

From next-gen security cameras to smart sorters, hackathon winners provide innovative IoT solutions

Bipartisan support in Congress for Clark School-led Mid-Atlantic Semiconductor Collaborative

The collaborative, led by the University of Maryland and Booz Allen Hamilton, is uniquely positioned to advance microelectronics technologies as part of the forthcoming Microelectronics Commons initiative.

Celebrate Engineering at Maryland Day 

Join us for more than 60 Clark School events, family-friendly demonstrations, and engineering activities

New short course focuses on drones

"How to Build, Fly, and Verify Autonomous Aerial Systems" to be held by the MATRIX Lab and UROC this summer

Autism Research Resonates in Hearing-Focused Project

Neurobiologist and Engineer Investigate Neural Networks That Underpin a Common but Little-Understood Disorder

UMD Aerospace Gets VR Flight Simulators

Augmented reality, haptics combine to create immersive aviation experiences.

Dean's Circle Spotlight: Rewriting the Story of Access and Success

In gratitude for their start as Terps, Steven and Isabella Lehrer have made generous commitments to scholarships supporting Maryland Engineering students.

Maryland Engineering Graduate Programs: Top 10 Among Public Universities, Five Years in a Row

For the fifth consecutive year, the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks among the country's top 10 public universities in graduate engineering programs, according to U.S. News & World Report's 2023–24 rankings.

Hartzell Selected for MMX Science Team

UMD professor will analyze data obtained from the first-ever rover to be deployed on a Martian moon.

Engineering at Maryland magazine spotlights research to reduce fire risks in refugee camps

In the Spring 2023 issue, read how Maryland fire protection engineers are working to better understand the causes and order of magnitude of fires in humanitarian settlements.

Electrified Plastic Recycling Toward A Sustainable Future

Multi-institutional study published in Nature

Shuna Ni Receives Dual Research Funding Awards

Ni is the Recipient of a UMD Grand Challenges Award and NIJ Award.

Crank Up the AC, Not Global Warming

Maryland engineers advance heating and cooling technology to push for a greener future

Cheng Gong’s Super-Performance Energy-Efficient Devices (SPEED) featured in Nature Electronics

“Small-voltage multiferroic control of two-dimensional magnetic insulators”

Five BIOE Students & Alumni Named NSF Graduate Research Fellows

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) was established to ensure the vitality and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States.

An Egg Drop Challenge—with a UAS Twist

A group of St. Mary’s County students experienced a novel variation on a familiar STEM project.

Seven UMD Students Receive Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

UMD students represent a third of total 2023 VFF Scholarship recipients.

Maryland experiment demonstrates continuously operating optical fiber made of thin air

Howard Milchberg and his group featured in Optica Memorandum

Colton, Eckman, Felix Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowships

Three students advised by UMD Prof. Ryan Sochol have been selected for prestigious research fellowship.

Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. Student Receives NDSEG Fellowship Award

Federal fellowship will support Sean Dungan’s work in new computational methods for accurately and efficiently predicting boundary layer transition onset.

Srebric, Colleagues Win Best Paper Award

UMD, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder researchers joined forces to mitigate COVID risks at musical performances.

Honoring the Life of Professor Christopher Davis

ECE mourns passing of long-time faculty member

Reimagining Cryptography in a Post-Quantum World

Jonathan Katz leads a $1M NSF award that supports forward-looking efforts in research, education.

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering Announces New Master of Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Engineering in Embedded Systems

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering (MAGE) in the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland announces a new academic option today in Embedded Systems.

Two UMD Bioengineering Majors Named 2023 Goldwater Scholars

UMD’s 49 scholarships in the past 15 years rank No. 1 in the nation.

New Research Could Spur Broader Use of 2D Materials

Rice, UMD lead effort to overcome major barrier.

UMD Tapped to Lead Tier 1 University Transportation Center

Researchers awarded $10M to study use of autonomous vehicles, access and equity, and climate impacts.

UMD Alumnus Selected as Vertical Flight Society’s New Executive Director

Aerospace Engineering alumnus Angelo Collins (’09) to begin role on June 1.

Energy Secretary and Maryland Governor visit with MEI2 startups

ARPA-E Summit showcases multiple UMD clean energy technologies

UMD Researchers Help Measure DART’s Success

Findings suggest asteroids can be deflected successfully through kinetic impact.

Celebrating Women in Aerospace Engineering: Pauline Annen

Aerospace Engineering alumna Pauline Annen (M.S., ’12) has built a successful career in corporate aviation as both a pilot and engineer.

Alumnus Chance Glenn Establishes Morningbird Foundation Scholarship at UMD

Gift highlights Glenn’s efforts to support diversity and access in STEM through a new merit-based scholarship.

Safe Lithium Batteries Get a Boost

UMD researchers have developed lithium dendrite suppression parameters and electrolytes for longer-lasting batteries that can operate under extreme conditions.

UMD’s Das Named Emerging Investigator

Work with molecular dynamics simulations recognized by Soft Matter.

2023 Energy Seed Grants Provide Launchpad for Local Startups

Six new energy seed grants awarded to diverse projects state-wide

Sochol Named “Rising Star” in Advanced Materials Technologies

UMD faculty member Ryan Sochol recognized in journal's March 10th issue.

Celebrating Women in Aerospace Engineering: Alison Flatau

Department of Aerospace Engineering Chair Alison Flatau shares some of her aerospace engineering journey.

Celebrating Women's History Month

Women continue to shape history, including at the Clark School of Engineering. This month we celebrate those landmarks and the work necessary to forge them, and how it’s incumbent upon our larger community to assist in this work.

Celebrating Women in Aerospace Engineering: Lisa Policastri

Policastri offers insights from 25 years in performing spacecraft mission planning, design, analysis, operations, and requirements definition.

Collaborative Engineering Team Awarded Grand Challenges Grant

Funding will support an interdisciplinary project geared towards wildfires and WUI fire behavior.

Ulukus Appointed to NextG Alliance Research Council

Council Focus placed on future of 6G Technology

MSAL’s work on serotonin characterization and detection results in two journal covers

Research is leading to better detection models and portable sensing devices.

Celebrating Women Engineers: Beth LeBrun

Your favorite pen may hold ink produced at a plant managed by LeBrun.

Celebrating Women Engineers: Chioma “CiCi” Lyons

A superstar athlete, CiCi has made her mark in track and field as well as in engineering.

New Appointment for Professor Min Wu

Recognized for Achievements in Research, Teaching and Leadership

Celebrating Women Engineers: Patrice Gregory

Since childhood, Patrice has been fascinated by the “why” of things. 

Al-Obaid, Adomaitis publish renewable energy algorithm in Royal Society of Chemistry journal

The alumna and her former advisor developed a mathematical model that calculates global irradiance falling on photovoltaic modules.

UMD to Become Hub for Industrial AI

Renowned expert Jay Lee establishes center at Maryland Engineering.

Grant Awarded for Study of Climate-Induced Septic Tank Failures

A research team led by UMD’s Allison Reilly examines a growing hazard.

'Steer' the Turtle

Pullies, Pingpong Balls and Propulsion Mobilize a Mascot at the 2023 Alumni Cup

Gearing Up for Battle

Sparks and creativity fly when combat robotics club enters arena

UMD’s SeaDroneSim can generate simulated images and videos to help UAV systems recognize ‘objects of interest’ in the water

The suite’s simulated objects could fill a large dataset gap for the UAV-based computer vision systems used in searching for maritime objects.

Alum Celebrates 35 Years of Craft Brewing Success in Alaska

The craft beer that Geoff Larson '80 produces for his Alaskan Brewing Company draws from the natural resources of Juneau.

Celebrating Black Engineers: Hermann Kaptui Sipowa

Immigration to the U.S. brought Sipowa the opportunity to pursue dreams that once seemed out of reach.

Celebrating Black Engineers: Jeanette Epps

A NASA astronaut, Epps has been selected to fly to the International Space Station on a commercial flight.

Maryland Engineers Awarded Grants to Address Humanity's Grand Challenges

Twelve projects led by or involving Maryland Engineering faculty have been awarded funding through the Grand Challenges Grants Program, the largest and most comprehensive program of its kind ever introduced at the University of Maryland.

New Electrolyte Design Could be the Answer for Safer Rechargeable Batteries even in Extreme Cold

UMD published in Nature paper on electrolyte design for high energy batteries capable of operating under extreme temperature conditions.

Three UMD Faculty Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Three University of Maryland professors are among the 124 engineers newly elected to the 2023 Class of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

New UMD Center to Focus on Railway Cybersecurity and Safety

Researchers based at the civil and environmental engineering department will work to enhance resilience against cyberattacks.

Microtransit Is Convenient, But Does It Benefit the Environment?

MTI's Cinzia Cirillo and other experts share their views in a recent POLITICO feature.

Discovering a digital biomarker for post-stroke cognitive problems

Funding for a noninvasive, inexpensive screening tool that could predict persistent post-stroke cognitive difficulties.

Big Ten Network spotlights Maryland Engineering

During the 2022–23 basketball season, the Big Ten Network featured Maryland Engineering during Terp basketball broadcasts.

UMD’s DeVoe Pioneers New Approach to Liposome Production

Breakthrough could make it easier to provide sufficient vaccines during public health crises.

Maryland Engineers Graham, Nau, Zhao elected Fellows of AAAS

Three Clark School professors have been newly chosen as 2022 Fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the Science family of journals.

Prosthetics: A Better Fit

UMD alumnus Jeffrey Gair, Jr. pioneers a new approach.

Niemeier Selected for Bower Award

Clark Distinguished Chair is honored for her research on transportation, climate, and equity.

New Sustainable Zinc Battery Design Could Address Future Energy Needs

New UMD-led research published in Nature Sustainability explores a new approach for aqueous zinc battery design.

2023 BBI Seed Grants Inspire New Interdisciplinary Collaborations

The six interdisciplinary teams will use state-of-the-art neuroscience tools to translate basic science research into real-world impact.

Chang, Students Honored with Mickle Award

A UMD research team wins one of the transportation field’s most prestigious honors.

Nearly 50-meter Laser Experiment Sets Record in Campus Hallway

Record set by group led by Professor Howard Milchberg

Energy Consortium promotes science and innovation

U.S. - Israel consortium accelerates development of solid-state batteries

Abshire part of CogniSense, a DARPA JUMP 2.0 center

This center will pursue intelligent sensing to action: Sensing capabilities and embedded intelligence to enable fast and efficient generation of actions.

Roll Over, Paper Towels: UMD Researchers Create Picker-Upper That's Even Quicker

Hydrogel sheets can absorb 100 times their weight in water

Inaugural shuttle ride from College Park to Southern Maryland a great success

Service connects UMD students, staff, faculty, and researchers to resources available at the UMD MATRIX Lab and USMSM SMART Building.

UMD Receives ~$5M to Develop More Efficient Electric Vehicle Batteries

Funding Part of ARPA-E Program to Support Advanced Batteries for Electric Vehicles

UMD Bioengineers, Modulight Team Up to Launch Drug Photosafety Project

BIOE assistant professor Joe Huang and members of his lab are researching new protocols for drug photosafety testing.

ArtIAMAS receives third-year funding of up to $15.1M

The ArtIAMAS cooperative agreement with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory conducts research focused on safe, effective, and resilient capabilities and technologies that work intelligently and cooperatively with each other and humans.

Ten Maryland MSE Faculty Members Ranked in Top 2% of World Scientists

Elsevier releases updated science-wide database

Two papers by Yu and colleagues advance development of lenses and waveguides

The innovations may improve devices used in health monitoring, energy harvesting, vibration control and other fields.

Parham Dehghani Receives IAFSS Best Thesis Award

Dehghani will present his research at the 14th symposium next fall.

Schonfeld: Supply Chain Havoc Shows Need for Resilient Networks

A UMD professor and his students are examining ways to mitigate disruptions to transportation systems.

M-CERSI Now Accepting 2023 Regulatory Science Competition Applications

M-CERSI Announces 2023 "America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition

UMD Researcher Uses AI to Predict Floods

Model can autonomously forecast flood events and coordinate satellites to view them in real-time.

UMD Bioengineers’ Brillouin Microscopy Among The Guardian’s Top 10 Science Stories for 2022

BIOE's Giuliano Scarcelli and his lab were highlighted on the list of the 10 biggest science stories worldwide.

Cheng Gong Honored as Chemist of the Year

Maryland Section of American Chemical Society bestows award

UMD’s Chopra: A Driving Force in Rotorcraft Engineering

AIAA honors longtime professor for seminal schievements.

Giving back: New solar panels support a local urban farm

Clark School staff, students and faculty help historic Silver Spring produce farm become more sustainable.

Better Roads, Safer Driving

UMD researchers partner with Maryland’s SHA to develop an improved pavement mix design procedure.

“Unusually high performance of low-dimensional memories”

A work led by Prof. Cheng Gong published in Matter.

Ask An Engineer: Space Travel

While science fiction isn't always engineering fact, it inspires generations to make it so.

Fall 2022 Design Day Winners Announced

The winners of mechanical engineering's Fall 2022 Design Day have been announced.

Chopra to Receive Prestigious AIAA Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize

Awarded only every four years, prize recognizes excellence in aerospace materials, structural design, structural analysis, or structural dynamics.

Alum Sidiropoulos receives three IEEE Signal Processing Society awards

The former student of John Baras won the SPS Claude Shannon-Harry Nyquist Technical Achievement Award, the Best Paper Award, and the Donald G. Fink Overview Paper Award.

In the News: Maryland Engineers Advance Holiday Safety, Fire Data Research

Fire Protection Engineering’s Christmas Tree Burn Demonstration promotes public safety and nearly a decade of data collection for fire protection research.

Shuttle service between Kim Building and SMART Building/MATRIX Lab now operating

Route connects the University of Maryland in College Park to the USMSM SMART Building/UMD MATRIX Lab in St. Mary’s County

Building bridges for technology research and education across Maryland

SMART Building and MATRIX Lab combine research, education, and outreach to spark innovation

UMD Scientists Develop Wood-MOF for Greater Sustainability

Metal-organic Framework will support many environmental applications

Maryland Engineers Wachsman, Zhao elected Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Eric Wachsman and Ji-Cheng “JC” Zhao have been named to the National Academy of Inventors’ (NAI) Class of 2022 Fellows, joining the ranks of some of the nation’s most prestigious and creative academic inventors.

Student Team Wins Emerging Tech Challenge

UMD student team wins the Fall 2022 Interactive Case Competition: Emerging Tech Challenge.

Dropping an anchor for better GI tract disease treatment

UMD's new spring actuator, microneedle innovations bring therapeutic ingestible capsules for GI tract diseases closer to reality.

Pines Sticks a Terrapin Pin in ‘Capital of Quantum’ Map at Global Conference

UMD Leadership Based on Research, Innovation, Problem-Solving Fearlessness, He Tells Audience

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks visits UMD 5G Secure Test Bed

Starks participated in a CTIA meeting on 5G security and test bed tour hosted by ISR.

Recent Bioengineering Graduate Awarded National Mitchell Scholarship

Neelesh Mupparapu (B.S. bioengineering '22) named one of 12 winners to pursue graduate study in Ireland

National Science Foundation Awards Nearly $600K Grant to UMD/Morgan State University Partnership

First-of-its-kind funding will support behavioral fire research at an HBCU and aid in the improvement of home fire safety.

InventWood and UMD Receive $20M ARPA-E SCALEUP Award

UMD exceeds $100M in ARPA-E funding

Clearing the Airways

UMD Bioengineers’ Discoveries Could Point to Precision Therapies for Asthma, Pulmonary Diseases

Ankur Srivastava elected IEEE Fellow

Srivastava was recognized "for contributions to chip hardware security."

Alum Chao Wu elected to Maryland House of Delegates

Wu (EE Ph.D. 2009) is a former student of Eyad Abed and Patrick O'Shea.

Giving Students "Space" for Galactic Discovery, and a Launch into Research

Among the precious cargo launching to the ISS aboard SpaceX CRS-26 is an experiment designed by UMD students.

NAWCAD-UMD Seed Grant Review and Discussion strengthens collaboration commitment

The event emphasized research, advanced education, and outreach collaborations for the region, the state of Maryland and the nation.

SoCal Edison Taps UAS Service Provider for Inspections

Baltimore-based MissionGO wins one of the largest UAS service contracts in the world and traces roots to UMD. 

Cancer in the Crosshairs

UMD bioengineers aim to shape the future of cancer vaccine technology by tuning the body’s immune response.

UMD Welcomes A. James Clark Scholars Class of '26

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland welcomes 11 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

Han Becomes Editor-in-Chief of Microelectronics Reliability

UMD professor takes the helm at a leading journal in the field.

The Future of Biohybrid Devices

Fischell Institute researchers awarded $1.5M NSF grant to bridge gap between electronics, biology

A Boost for International Research Collaboration

Japanese, U.S. researchers gather for digital innovation workshop.

UMD and NIST develop LEGO-based robots for teaching artificial intelligence

LEGOLAS kit offers autonomous experimentation and learning

'A Hub for Discussion, Integration of Ideas, Innovation and Discovery'

UMD holds ceremonial groundbreaking of Stanley R. Zupnik Hall

UMD Scientists Achieve Ultrahigh-Temperature Melt Printing

Direct metal melt printing towards additive manufacturing of multi-principal element alloys

Po-Yen Receives 2022 John C. Chen Young Professional Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship supports leadership development of young professional chemical engineers.

Alumnus David A. Bader to be Inducted into Clark School Innovation Hall of Fame

Induction celebrates Bader’s work to democratize supercomputing through the creation of the first Linux supercomputer.

Balachandran Named Distinguished University Professor

UMD Chair of Mechanical Engineering also wins AIAA’s Pendray Award.

Cementing His Legacy

Builder, alum Stanley R. Zupnik's latest gift expands innovation footprint of Maryland Engineering

Maryland Engineering’s John Fisher Appointed MPower Professor

BIOE chair one of six UMCP/UMB professors to receive University of Maryland Strategic Partnership appointment.

Sennur Ulukus Announced as New ECE Chair

Tenure as Chair began November 7, 2022

"This Is Where It's At"

U.S. Commerce Secretary's Visit Highlights Importance of UMD, Higher Ed to Future of Domestic Electronics Industry

High-profile visit highlights capabilities and collaborations

Navy Secretary tours SMART Building and MATRIX Lab before Navy dinner

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington visits UMD 5G Secure Test Bed

Simington participated in a CTIA meeting on 5G security and test bed tour hosted by ISR.

Engineering at Maryland magazine highlights federal partnerships to tackle big questions

The feature story, Ask Big Questions, describes research collaborations with the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and other federal agencies.

Navy Demos Wide Range Of VTOL Systems For Future Operations

Technical demo was conducted in partnership with the UMD UAS Research and Operations Center (UROC).

Professor Thomas E. Murphy Named Interim Chair

Professor Joseph Jaja steps down after four years of service to the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering.

JC Zhao named TMS Fellow

Zhao honored for contributions to high-throughput research and diffusion studies in metals

Dean's Circle Spotlight: A Blueprint for Human-Oriented Innovation

Anthony Ephremides, the founder of the field of ad-hoc wireless networks, is one of Maryland Engineering's most philanthropic faculty members.

UMD Bioengineering #1 in CMBE Young Innovator Awards

BIOE's Gregg Duncan & Katharina Maisel were named 2022 Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering Young Innovators. 

Jewell Named Associate Editor of Regenerative Medicine

Bioengineering Professor named to Nature Portfolio Journal editorial board.

Test Site Becomes UMD UAS Research and Operations Center

Change reflects expanded scope of history-making facility.

The Modern Battle for Maryland’s Oysters

UMD researchers use AI and robotics to help revive a struggling industry.

Engineering Justice, Making the World a Better Place

The DEI Civil Empowerment Seminar will feature Khalid Kadir and his approach to engineering justice.

UMD to Host Japan-U.S. Digital Innovation Workshop

November event to foster opportunities for renewed collaboration.

Timothy Koeth Wins DARPA Young Faculty Award

Program provides funding, mentoring to awardees early in their careers

Graham Delivers Hawkins Memorial Lecture

Maryland Engineering’s Dean presents approaches to thermal management of wide bandgap electronics.

Alchemity Receives Shell GameChanger Funding

MEI2/UMD Start-up Company Selected by Shell GameChanger to Prove New Concept to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Kaiqing Zhang joins ECE and ISR as a joint appointment faculty member

The new assistant professor has research interests in control and machine learning, especially for multi-agent systems.

Relatable Renovation for DIY Dummies

Alum's Home Improvement Videos Garner Thousands of TikTok, Instagram Followers

Damena Agonafer: Taming Thermal Management

UMD Clark Faculty Fellow’s research could yield more efficient and environmentally friendly technology.

A Maryland Built Lifetime

Alumni Chris and Patricia Van Buiten Create Maryland Promise Scholarship to give back and support future student success at Maryland.

Do Suddenly Self-Centered Brain Cells Promote Disease?

NSF Award Funds UMD Alzheimer’s Research Into Brain Glucose Metabolism

UMD Researchers: DART Probe an Initial Step in Planetary Defense

Mission tests feasibility of asteroid redirection, provides first up-close glimpse of binary system.

Energy patents lead the way for UMCP

USM ranks 10th among US public institutions for patents

Introducing the Early Career Distinguished Alumni Society

The ECDA Society launches an exclusive professional network of Maryland Engineering alums leading the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change agents.

UMD Research Sheds Light on Gender Imbalance in Construction

“We now have the numbers,” researchers say of groundbreaking study.

Compact Electron Accelerator Reaches New Speeds with Nothing But Light

UMD team achieves feat using two laser pulses sent through a jet of hydrogen gas.

UMD Undergraduate Team Wins VFS Competition

UMD’s undergraduate team took first place at the annual Vertical Flight Society Competition. 

New Wearable Sensor Modules with Edge Machine Learning for Avatar Reconstruction

Po-Yen Chen and Sahil Shah Published in Nature Communications Journal

$25 Million Commitment Will Fund New World-Class Engineering Facility at the University of Maryland

The interdisciplinary engineering building, named in honor of benefactor Stanley R. Zupnik '59, will help prepare engineers to solve society's grand challenges.

Maryland Engineering ranks #11 among public colleges in the U.S.

The University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering ranks #11 among the country’s public universities in U.S. News & World Report 2022-23 Best Colleges rankings, rising one spot from #12 in 2022.

Convocation to Honor Faculty, Staff Accomplishments

Four Maryland Engineers among awardees from across campus

$7.9 Million in NIH Awards Propel UMD Aging Research

New multidisciplinary collaborations take on challenges like Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Davis Named Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Recognition honors excellence in research and teaching.

“An Opportunity to Conduct Novel Research”

Three UAS Test Site summer interns put their innovative ideas to the test.

MPT State Circle Highlights UMD Innovative Energy Technology

Dr. Eric Wachsman discusses energy storage with Maryland Public Television

Maryland Engineers Get Cracking on Sustainability with Crab Shell-based Battery

Biodegradable electrolyte could lessen pollution burden of electric vehicles

O'Shaughnessy Wins 3MT Competition

O'Shaughnessy's 3MT presents research on engineering solutions to transportation systems.

'They Are Playing With a Huge Fire'

With Ukraine's massive Zaporizhzhia plant in Putin's crosshairs, nuclear facilities must be taken off battlefield, UMD risk expert says.

New Research Could Improve Post-Operative Patient Outcomes

$1.6M NIH grant supports research to investigate sprayable polymer blends for preventing site-specific surgical adhesions.

New robust and scalable computational methodology developed by UMD researchers helps identify directed connectivity within the brain

‘NLGC’ can be used with magnetoencephalography to better understand the neural mechanisms behind sensory processing.

It's Getting Hot in Here

New Maryland Engineering video series asks engineering experts to explore science fact versus fiction in TV and film.

Goldberg and Woehl Receive UMD Teaching & Learning Grant Awards

Awards support expanding active and experiential learning for students.

Introducing Maryland Engineering's New Chief Development Officer

Jennifer L. Schwartz will become the next Chief Development Officer & Assistant Dean for the A. James Clark School of Engineering on September 12, 2022.

Developing a Therapeutic to Treat Injured Tendons

Prof. Kuo is leading an effort to develop first-of-kind therapeutics to repair injured or weakened tendons.

UMD Bioengineers Awarded $1M Moore Foundation Grant to Advance Bioelectronic Technology

Researchers use redox to drive two-way communication between electronics and biological systems.

UMD Researcher Helps Unlock Secrets of Bennu

Yun Zhang’s study sheds new light on the asteroid's interior and its structural evolution.

Bioengineering Ph.D. Student Named to Aviation Week’s 20 Twenties

Caitlyn Singam among 20 STEM graduate students worldwide honored for contributions to the aerospace industry.

From Classroom to Competition

Design, Build, Fly Team aims to expand opportunities to students of all levels.

Ghodssi named to new Clark School research and innovation position

He will lead Clark School research, partnership and outreach activities in Southern Maryland.

Materials, physics, and systems for multicaloric cooling

UMD’s Ichiro Takeuchi published in Nature Reviews Materials

Simple Household Ingredients Create Impact-Protective Super Gel

Gelatin-starch hydrogel could protect more than eggs in future applications.

Dean Graham Receives Top ASME Award

The ASME has selected Dean Graham as the recipient of the 2022 Allan Kraus Thermal Management Medal.

Young minds take on STEM challenges

STEM Summer Camp held at the SMART building and MATRIX lab

Dr. Liangbing Hu Winner of R&D 100 Award

Expanded Cellulose Super Ion Conductor Honored

Oh, the logistics!

The University of Maryland rises to the occasion of hosting three intense, complex RoboNation competitions in three months.

Undergrads and research experiences: Win! Win! Win!

Exposure to research gives undergraduate students the chance to experience career possibilities.

Kiger Named Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Mechanical engineering professor recognized for his achievements in research and pedagogy.

NSF Awards Grant to Support Supply Chain Security Research

Michel Cukier will be the UMD co-PI on a $9 million, multi-institutional project led by NC State.

New Microsoft/Maryland Robotics Center partnership to enhance diversity and innovation

Microsoft Robotics and Diversity Initiative will support Ph.D. fellowships, seminars, student diversity groups and more.

Balachandran Receives Robert H. Scanlan Medal

The chair of mechanical engineering at UMD has also been named a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

UMD Team Wins Inaugural NIST UAS 3.1: FastFind Challenge

Competition challenged students to develop innovative UAV solutions for first responders.

Alum Shinkyu Park wins 2022 O. Hugo Schuck Award

The award recognizes the best papers presented at the American Control Conference.

New Energy-Efficient Switches to Aid Quantum Processing and Storage

Next Generation of Data Centers within Reach

Combating Metastatic Cancer Through Blood Draw

University of Maryland bioengineers develop a new technique to efficiently capture, gently release, and effectively scale up circulating tumor cells, a leading culprit in cancer spread.

From Community College to Ph.D.

Clark Opportunity Transfer Scholar Nathanial (Nate) Ferlic embraced academic career at Maryland.

Flatau Named UMD AE Chair

Alison Flatau has been named the new chair of aerospace engineering at UMD.

UMD Takes Best in Theme Award at 2022 NASA RASC-AL Competition

Competition challenges student teams to develop solutions for space exploration.

Jewell Leads Team in Advancing Multiple Sclerosis Research

Bioengineering professor awarded $2.8 million NIH R01 grant for advanced autoimmune therapies.

LaWanda G. Saddler Retires after Thirty-One Years of ‘Heart’ Work

Since her arrival in 1990, LaWanda G. Saddler has been a driving force in the University of Maryland community. Through her leadership and/or involvement in programs, activities, organizations, and other efforts, LaWanda has championed diversity in the Clark School of Engineering, around campus, in the local community, and nationally.

First Webb Space Telescope images are here

Clark School alums helped 'unfold the universe' through their work on Webb

UMD Hosts First High-Speed Rotorcraft Workshop

Landmark event signals dedication to maintaining technological edge.

Das Studies Interactions of Nanochannel-confined Liquids

New work could advance applications such as oil recovery.

Alum Naomi Leonard is 2023 IEEE Control Systems Award recipient

The Princeton professor is being recognized "for contributions to applications and theory for control of nonlinear and multiagent systems."

MEI2 Director discusses future EV battery tech on Fox29

Eric Wachsman on battery myths and facts

Niemeier Named Center for Disaster Resilience Director

Clark Distinguished Chair, NAE Member Niemeier aims to expand CDR’s reach.

Groth Receives Landis Award

UMD professor honored for work in nuclear safety, probabilistic risk assessment, and human reliability analysis.

Legacy of Racism Linked to Higher COVID-19 Death Rates

UMD researchers track health vulnerabilities among Black communities in Louisiana.

Khaligh Receives 2022 IEEE PELS Vehicle and Transportation Systems Achievement Award

Award recognized contributions to the advancement of power electronics for electrified transportation systems.

Maryland Engineering at the 2022 ASEE Annual Conference

Come and meet Maryland Engineering at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from June 26–29, 2022.

Sarker Is Runner-Up for Springer Nature Best Paper Award

UMD, UMSOM recognized for breakthrough that opens the door for stem cell microinjections into the brain.

CEEE: Three Decades of Innovation

The UMD-based center marked its 30th anniversary at a gala event on June 9.

Uncovering the mysteries of networking in the brain

UMD researchers are sorting out how our brains’ neurons organize as we take in, decide and act on information.

Attoh-Okine Named UMD CEE Chair

University of Delaware Professor, ASCE Fellow to lead department.

Engineering Outreach Through Next-Generation GOALKits

Hands-on learning gets a new twist with a design created by UMD students.

You Zhou Receives DOE 2022 Early Career Award

Zhou will receive five years of funding from the DOE Office of Science.

Rethinking the Architecture of Solid-State Batteries: ION Closes $30M Investment Round

Toyota Ventures, Tenaska, and Bangchak Corporation Join Oversubscribed Round Led by Clear Creek Investments, VoLo Earth Ventures, and Alsop Louie Partners

An Advance in Travel Demand Analysis

Yixuan Pan has developed a set of methods for processing travel data gleaned from mobile devices.

“Digital Twins” Could Help Streamline Urban Systems

Maria Coelho explores potential uses in managing water, transit.

Oded Rabin Receives 2022/23 U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award

Prof. Rabin will commence his research activities in Dresden later this fall.

Liangbing Hu Named Finalist for 2022 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists

Hu has become a sustainable materials leader by creating novel wood-based technologies to replace energy-intensive structural materials.

Team Autocycle Wins Gemstone Honors Program Outstanding Team of the Year Award

Faculty mentor, Professor Romel Gomez, honored with the Outstanding Mentor Award.

Walsworth's New Company Adds to College Park Quantum Ecosystem

Company seeks to identify the most promising ideas in quantum technology and create companies that can translate the technology into solutions for society.

Ingenuity Helicopter Team Wins Howard Hughes Award

UMD aerospace engineers contributed significantly to the design of the history-making rotorcraft.

Cirillo Named MTI Interim Director

UMD-based research hub harnesses interdisciplinary expertise.

Maryland Engineering Collaborates on Three MURIs

Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) awards support growth of newly emerging technologies.

Ott Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Ott recognized for seminal contributions in nonlinear dynamics and foundational work in chaos theory.

Senior Colby Merrill Wins SSPI Conference Award

SSPI recognized Merrill’s work with Most Innovative and Original Design Award

In the News: Leatherbacks Combat Robotics Team on ABC7

UMD students chat with Steve Rudin at WJLA-TV to tease Maryland Day 2022.

UMD Dedicates IDEA Factory

Building designed to inspire innovation, entrepreneurship, and research across disciplines.

UMD to Lead Citizen Developer Training for edX

Online learning platform selects UMD’s proposal as part of a series on virtual workplace skills.

ChemE Students Discuss Climate Change Policy on Capitol Hill

During a visit to the office of Congressman Sean Casten, chemical engineering students learned how applicable their degree can be to the forging of public policy.

Bringing Health Care’s Vision of Tomorrow into Focus

Professor Joseph JaJa part of new, multi-institutional effort to advance medical innovations and regulatory science for extended reality technology.

Engineering at Maryland magazine celebrates the power of philanthropy, impact on students

In this issue, join our celebration of the university reaching its ambitious $1.5B fundraising goal during Fearless Ideas: The Campaign for Maryland.

Maryland Engineering Recognizes Undergraduate Excellence

This year, Maryland Engineering honors 69 undergraduates who exemplify the college’s commitment to excellence; five are recognized with Dean’s Awards.

UMD Inventions of the Year Tackle Grand Challenges

At Innovate Maryland, Pines heralds turning 'expertise into action'

Srinivasa Raghavan and Leah Borden Win UMD Life Sciences Invention of the Year

Raghavan and Borden created suture-free adhesive for wounds out of biopolymer gel.

Gong Wins UMD Invention of the Year Award

New sensor technology can accurately determine the freshness of meat to help reduce food waste.

Eleanor Grosvenor Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Grosvenor, an MSE undergrad, will use the award to fund her graduate research.

CREB Receives $9M Cooperative Agreement

DOD funding will advance transformational U.S. Army battery technology

Camille Levine Wins DOE NEUP Fellowship

 UMD student focuses on human reliability as a component of nuclear risk assessment.

UMD to Help Guide Implementation of Infrastructure Law

Federal transportation officials tap Maryland Engineering to lead new Build America Center.

Chen and Raghavan Nominated for UMD Invention of the Year

The winner will be announced at a ceremony on May 10.

Jewell Named Controlled Release Society Fellow

BIOE Professor recognized for outstanding contributions to the field of delivery science and technology.

Vitamin-Size 'Factories' Make Useful Products When 'Switched On' 

Study, published in Advanced Functional Materials, could enable the synthesis of drugs or diagnostic nanoparticles in unconventional settings such as the battlefield or on a spacecraft.   

Converting Biowaste into Hydroxide Exchange Membrane

Exoskeletons of shellfish provide a cheap, eco-friendly alternative to other HEM fuel cells currently on the market.

Improving Fairness and Trust in AI Used for College Admissions and Language Translation

Professor Min Wu and Associate Professor Dana Dachman-Soled part of NSF/Amazon-funded research team.

Akua Asa-Awuku Named Clark School Associate Dean for Diversity and Equity

A. James Clark School Dean Samuel Graham, Jr. prioritizes an inclusive environment.

On World Quantum Day, Learn How UMD is at the Cutting Edge of Quantum

With more than 200 quantum scientists, 8 quantum-focused centers and 30+ years of quantum research, UMD is leading the way to the next quantum revolution.

Dean's Circle Spotlight: A Pursuit that "Matters"

The Donald Day and Karen Gruner Scholarship in Engineering supports Montgomery College students transferring into Maryland's engineering school.

Safe Storage

Yunho Hwang, colleagues develop refrigeration guidelines for COVID-19 vaccines.

UMD Autonomous Navigation Research Featured in Tech Explore

Research explores navigational challenges for autonomous vehicles in dense urban environments.

Opening Apps to All

Amazon-UMD Design Challenge Winners Work to Improve Popular Tech for Full Range of Users

Former VP for Research Named U.S. Commerce Under Secretary

Laurie Locascio will lead NIST, where she had served for three decades

UMD Researchers Eye Advances in Autonomy

A multi-institutional program leverages UAS Test Site capabilities in search of new breakthroughs.

UMD Tapped to Lead Build America Center

New hub supports bipartisan infrastructure plan passed by Congress.

Deadline Extended: Fischell Institute/IBBR Travel Fellowship

This fellowship is available to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working with IBBR/REFI mentors.

NCC-PDI Now Accepting Pediatric Medical Device Pitches

Annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition to award up to $150,000 in FDA-sponsored grants.

Radical scavengers improve the durability of electrocatalysts

Study, published in Nature Energy, demonstrates prolonged catalyst durability.  

JC Zhao Receives Humboldt Research Award

Materials expert will foster collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung.

Using Machine Learning to Shed Light on Cannabis Effects

Can smoking excessive amounts of weed harm the heart? Researchers aim to find out.

Patrick Kim Receives 2022 Goldwater Scholarship

UMD’s 35 Goldwater Scholarship recipients in the past decade rank second in the nation

Maryland Engineering Graduate Programs: Top 10 Public, Four Years in a Row

Maryland Engineering earns a top spot in the 2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings among over 200 colleges.

Alumna Rose Faghih Joins NYU Faculty

Faghih named Associate Professor in NYU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering

Now Accepting 2022 Young Investigator Fellowship Proposals

Deadline for Fischell Institute faculty affiliates to submit young investigator proposals is April 15, 2022.

UMD Research Group Creates Cheap, Membrane-Free Chlorine Battery

Wang group published in Nature Communications.

Op/ed: Democratizing Engineering for Every High School Student

Classes lead to careers, support nation's need for more STEM grads, says UMD President Pines.

Fischell Institute Invites New Faculty

The Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices invites new faculty affiliations.

Thomas Roche Receives 2022 Bryan GRA Award

Roche, who will begin his master's program in the fall, will focus his research on toxic products of combustion using milligram-scale fuel samples.

Fischell Institute Featured in Baltimore Sun Cover Story

The Baltimore Sun highlighted ongoing efforts to perfect mask design, research.

MSE Undergrad Wins Semi-Final Spot in DOE Inaugural Business Plan Competition

Terry Goolsby is a junior at the University of Maryland and founder of Visionergy, an energy consulting service.

Safe and Sound

Energy innovator José Reyes sees a cleaner, greener, more equitable future—through nuclear.

Robert Briber Appointed Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Briber will assist with presidential initiatives while continuing to serve as the associate dean for research in Engineering at Maryland.

Brehm to Conduct First-of-Kind Flow Simulations

UMD professor awarded NSF CAREER grant to support new research on flow-surface interactions.

Three UMD Alums Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Richard O'Neill ('66), Pradeep Sharma (Ph.D. '00) and Leslie Shoemaker (Ph.D. '90) have been elected to the 2022 NAE Class.

Engineering Faculty Selected for New MPower Seed Grant Funding

Four projects jointly led by Maryland Engineering and UMB researchers awarded to advance collaborative research in areas of high importance.

Putting Transfer Students in the Spotlight

Buenaflor, Carrera receive NISTS research grant to study transfer efficacy and goal orientation among potential transfer students

Olympus Discovery Center Inaugurated at UMD

New advanced microscopy facility fosters bioscience discovery.

A Peak of Pickle Players

Pickleball is on the upswing. An engineering Terp pro leads the way.

Building a Bigger, Better Rocket Team

UMD team prepares for Spaceport America Cup with their biggest rocket yet.

U.S. Bets on Faster Charging Battery in Race to Catch Energy Rivals

Ion Storage aims to offer longer-lasting power source

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Christopher Jones (Ph.D. ‘97)

An early love of airplanes, and a focus on service and excellence, led Jones to a long and distinguished career in the aerospace field.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Daniel Scott (’85)

Alumnus built decades-long career at Northrop Grumman.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Chris Huie-Spence (‘11)

A member of Virgin Galactic’s leadership team, Huie-Spence is shaping the future through his work in designing spacecraft.

NASA's Douglas-Bradshaw a Role Model for STEM Students

UMD alumna blazes a trail for female engineers.

Goulias: Innovation Can Help Meet Infrastructure Challenges

UMD expert is featured on the Yesterday Today Tomorrow show.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: David Mayo (Ph.D. ‘14)

As a U.S. Marine, Mayo saw technology with astonishing capabilities. He wanted to learn more.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: James Lankford (M.S. ‘14, Ph.D. ‘18)

The energy and dynamism of aerospace engineering continue to excite Lankford, an Aurora Flight Sciences aerodynamics expert.

International research team sheds light on inner workings of unconventional superconductors

Study by UMD Materials Science Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi published in Nature.

MSE Prof. Liangbing Hu Granted $5.6M in DOE ARPA-E Funding

Funds offered by the ARPA-E project will go towards the development of clean energy technology.

Inaugural UMD Neuro-Link Grant Supports Glioblastoma Research

Funding pathway promotes high-impact collaborations between UMB's neurosurgery and UMCP's bioengineering.

BIOE Undergrad Launches Black STEMpowerment

BIOE junior Bryana Rowley launched a platform to connect womxn in STEM from across the world.

A New Spin on a Classic da Vinci Design

UMD students build working prototype inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s aerial screw.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Louise Ami Ahure Powell ('06, M.S. '09, Ph.D. '14)

NIST staff scientist and engineer Ahure Powell built a successful engineering career on the pillars of family, leadership and challenges.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: Jarred Young ('09, M.S. '13, Ph.D. '17)

Inspired at an early age to become a propulsion engineer, Young is helping a new generation of engineers achieve their dreams.

MC2 Kicks Off Third Year of Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The fellowships offer an opportunity to work closely with MC2 faculty in multiple areas of cybersecurity.

U.S. DoE Renews Funding for Polymer Research

Mechanical engineering faculty member Siddhartha Das has been pioneering the use of atomistic simulations for polymer research.

UMD Bioengineers Take New Approach to Engineering Heart Tissue

Professor Shawn He and a team of researchers aim to improve how cardiac muscle tissue is engineered.

Manocha Receives 2022 Verisk AI Faculty Research Award

Funding will support the use of synthetic datasets to improve the accuracy machine learning methods.

Ion Storage Systems Announces $30M Investment

Proceeds – provided by Clear Creek Investments, VoLo Earth Ventures and Alsop Louie Partners – will be used to produce 1st Generation commercial cells.

A Greener Alternative for Food Disposal

Instead of clogging up landfills, food waste can be safely converted into biogas and other valuable resources.

MSE Alumni Pamir Alpay Named Interim VP of Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UConn

Alpay, who earned his Ph.D. in MSE in 1999, joined UConn in 2001 and quickly established himself as an innovator.

MRC and MAGE Earn ARM Institute Endorsement

Organizations that earn the ARM Institute’s Endorsement pass a rigorous assessment process by proving that they provide students the skills needed for a career in manufacturing working with robotics.

Search Open for UMD Department of Aerospace Engineering Chair

Maryland Engineering seeks an accomplished, nationally recognized leader and administrator to direct its Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Jill Goldstein Named to Terrapin Club 30 under 30 Class of 2022

2022 class represents some of the rising stars from the University of Maryland.

Allison Reilly Wins NSF CAREER Award

CEE researcher to study resilience disincentives baked into federal public assistance programs.

Brain Freeze: Cryo-FIB-SEM Coming Soon to College Park

The new Brain and Behavior Institute core will expand campus FIB-SEM applications to include biological tissue.

Engineering a Multi-Element Atomic Arrangement

A novel disorder-to-order transition strategy for ordered nanoparticles published in Science Advances.

Wereley Elected Royal Aeronautical Society Fellow

RAeS recognizes Wereley for contributions to the advancement of adaptive structures and materials for aerospace applications.

Fischell Institute to Test Face Coverings for Children

Fischell Institute testing aims to advance understanding of fit, efficacy of face coverings for children.

New Research Showcased at TRB

Transportation safety, impact of telecommuting among topics covered by UMD experts.

Machine Intelligence Builds Soft Machines

UMD research team publishes study in Nature Machine Intelligence.

Clark School's Online Engineering Programs Ascend to No. 12 National Rank

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland rose to No. 12 among online graduate engineering programs in the U.S., according to rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.

Alumnus David Bader Named Association for Computing Machinery Fellow

Alumnus David A. Bader (Ph.D. ’96) selected for contributions to high-performance computing systems, graph analytics and technical leadership in parallel computing.

Maryland Engineering Mourns Matthew Witczak, Professor Emeritus

A former civil and environmental engineering chair, Witczak built the department’s pavement engineering curriculum.

Extending Quadcopter Flight Time—By Adding Wings

UMD grad student’s VTOL/biplane combo draws interest.

Katz Named ACM Fellow

He was recognized for his contributions to cryptographic protocol design and cryptography education.

Gaining an Edge on Infectious Diseases

A multi-institutional project focuses on using mobile phone data to model mobility behavior and anticipate public health risks.

5G security test bed for commercial 5G networks launched

It is the latest step the industry has taken to make 5G the most secure network ever.

Sunderland Selected for National Academies Decadal Survey

NASA-sponsored study will focus on research in space.

IFSC and UL Collaborate on Wildfire-Fire Modeling Study

Global research initiative will improve understanding of wildfires and fire modeling.

UMD Joins U.S. Cyber Command’s Academic Engagement Network

The initiative's goal is to create a robust and accessible pool of qualified cyber professionals. 

MSE Undergrad Vincent Lan starts non-profit student group amidst pandemic

The organization, Flower STEM, is meant to serve the community while showcasing the intersection of science and art.

New Work by Graham, Colleagues Aids Design of Cooler Electronics

Study identifies gaps in current theories on interfacial heat transfer.

Novel engineering method enables low-temp sodium metal battery

Study, led by University of Maryland research team, published in Nature Nanotechnology.

Alumnus Adly Appointed Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

Adly, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Power Engineering at Cairo University, received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland in 1992.

Ultra-Broadband Microcombs Opens Door to Opportunities for Optical Frequency Synthesis

Associate Professor Yanne Chembo publishes new paper in Nature Communications which explores broadband and low-noise microresonator frequency combs.

Measuring How Malware Behaves in the Real World

MC2 researchers have been recognized for their analysis of malware behavior in the first large-scale study of its kind.

UMD engineering alumni contributions aboard James Webb Space Telescope

After its successful launch Dec. 25, Webb is well on its way to full deployment and the start of its mission.

Takeuchi Wins $488K DURIP Award

The funding will be used to purchase a novel PLD system for use in the UMD Nanocenter. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Messages to our Winter 2021 Clark School graduates from Dean Samuel Graham, Jr. and Jaser Attallah '21, electrical engineering graduate.

Batteries that function in the iciest conditions

CREB held its 2021 fall meeting to discuss battery chemistry designed for super-cold environments.

In a Smooth Move, Ions Ditch Disorder and Keep Their Memories

Researchers have demonstrated a new way for atomic ions to host disturbances that do not fade away. 

2022 BBI Seed Grant Awards to Fuel Innovation in Aging and Development Research

The five interdisciplinary projects funded by the BBI offer cutting-edge approaches to translational neuroscience.

Enjoy a Festive, but Safe Holiday Season

FPE hosts its annual Christmas tree fire safety demonstration.

Nine Maryland Engineers Recognized as Being "One in 1,000"

Clark School researchers among the "who's who" of influential researchers, according to Clarivate.

Alum Fatima Mikdashi Named 2022 Marshall Scholarship Finalist

Bioengineering alum named a finalist for one of the most prestigious academic awards available to college students.

ECE Alumni Veeraraghavan, Zheng Elected IEEE Fellows

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.

Dean's Circle Spotlight: Supporting the Engineering Pipeline

Sue Grudziecki ('63) and her husband Ron ('63) felt they could make the biggest difference by providing aspiring Maryland engineers with the financial support they need to pursue their passions

UMD Team Selected for AFRL University Nanosatellite Program

Competitive program selects college teams to design, fabricate and test small satellites.

UMD top ranked U.S. university for solid-state battery research publications

Elsevier study indicates UMD has highest publication citation index globally

Transportation and Equity: Connecting the Dots

An interview with Professor Cinzia Cirillo.

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute sunset date removed in special session

Maryland State Legislature embraces energy innovation

Design Day Award Winners Announced

Annual showcase event highlights senior capstone design projects.

Nuclear Energy Pioneer José Reyes Inducted Into IHOF

NuScale co-founder recognized for work in developing Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

Grassroots Engineering

Senior Lecturer Vince Nguyen wants to close the opportunity gap for future engineers by engaging students with engineering ‘grand’ challenges in their own back yards.

$1.14M from the State of Maryland will Match Private Donation to Establish Two Brendan Iribe Endowed Professorships in ECE and CS at UMD

The endowed professors in electrical and computer engineering and computer science will conduct research in robotics, autonomy, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ming Lin, Vincent Njar elected Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

The pair join nine other NAI Fellows with ties to the Clark School and the University of Maryland.

Alumna Dana Wiggins’ Startup Seize Named to Techstars Seattle’s 13th Cohort

Seize The App, lanuching this Spring, is a marketplace mobile application that connects people to phototakers at picturesque spots.

Graham Honored at InterPACK, Nets Best Paper Award

Clark School dean’s research highlights promising new materials in ultrawide bandgap electronics.

UMD, Defense Department Celebrate Opening of Intelligence and Security Center

Applied research lab tackles complex national security problems.

You Zhou Receives NSF CAREER Award

Zhou joins six other Clark School Faculty Members who received CAREER awards earlier this year.

Professor Espy-Wilson Named IEEE Fellow

The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the IEEE Board of Directors upon a person with an outstanding record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.

Amy Karlsson Named 2021 Kent Outstanding Teacher

Karlsson will be honored at the winter commencement ceremony on December 22.

Rance Cleaveland elevated to IEEE Fellow

Professor recognized "for contributions to verification tools for finite-state and cyber-physical systems."

UMD Welcomes A. James Clark Scholars Class of ’25

Maryland Engineering welcomes 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

Clark School to Induct Reyes into Innovation Hall of Fame

The NuScale co-founder will address the UMD community during a ceremony on December 2.

UMD Helps Test New Search and Rescue Technology

UMD UAS Test Site assists NASA, NOAA with beacon system.

No Easy Way Home

Zeinab Yahyazadeh Jasour tracks the impact of rising sea levels on Eastern Shore road networks.

Engineering at Maryland magazine introduces new leader, new look

The Fall 2021 issue introduces our new dean, rolls out a new look and feel, and tackles timely topics from bias in the built environment to disaster resilience in the face of a changing climate.

NEXTOR aviation operations research uses machine learning to model system delay and predict high flight delay days

Worsening thunderstorm activity was the main cause of increased flight delays in the 2010s.

Maryland Engineering's Chris Jewell Appointed MPower Professor

Bioengineering professor one of eight UMD/UMB professors to receive UMD Strategic Partnership appointment.

Maryland Engineering program aims to diversify STEM workforce by recruiting minorities

The goal of the University of Maryland’s Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering is to increase the number of Black, Latinx, and American Indian students in engineering and to stop the revolving door of those students enrolling, but leaving with a degree in a different field.

Sochol Receives Early Career Award from the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

Inaugural award recognizes outstanding research contribution from a scientist in the early stage of their research career.

Search Open for UMD Civil and Environmental Engineering Chair

Applications and nominations are now being accepted.

South Pole Defense

Engineering student Thomas Leps completes Ph.D. while working as satcom engineer at South Pole.

Boundless Curiosity

From cancer research to mountain summits, alumnus Balaji ‘Baloo’ Panchapakesan (Ph.D. ’01) seeks to explore and improve the human condition.

Terp Entrepreneur Lands a ‘Big Deal’

Alum Behind Re-engineered Handbags Wins $100,000 Purchase Order From Macy’s on New Pitch Competition Show.

Balloon Payload Program Surpasses 100-launch Milestone

For 18 Years, Student Organization Has Sent Science Sky-high

You Can Make It at Maryland

Eight campus makerspaces where Terps turn out the next big thing

Exploring the 'rules of life' of natural neuronal networks could lead to faster, more efficient computers

Nearly $3 million in NSF funding will enhance understanding of how the parts of a single neuron contribute to neuronal networks' overall learning and computation abilities.

Advancing Climate-Smart Construction

Maryland Engineering partners with NOAA, ASCE to help move the needle.

Biofilm-fighting catheter insert research named 'featured article' in IEEE TBME

The research by Reza Ghodssi's research group also has led to a patent application.

How Home Alone Helped UMD Neuroscientists Unlock Brain Scan Data

New research employs advanced computational algorithms to uncover latent information in fMRI scans about human mental states.

UMD Researchers Convert Methane Without Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Pioneering discovery would cut energy waste and create valuable industrial chemicals.

Maisel Highlights the Power of Mentoring in Science

Assistant Professor Katharina Maisel publishes piece on the power of mentoring in Science.

Assessing Nuclear Risk: CEE, ME Faculty Collaborate on New Tools

Research aims to explore updates to risk assessment tools and methods used by the nuclear industry.

UMD Scientists Convert Methane without Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Methane converted to higher value commodity chemicals

UMD/MFRI Research Team Explores Fireground Contaminants via FEMA Grant

This 12-month study will include research and workshops focused on identifying the challenges faced by health and safety officers responsible for implementing post-incident exposure control and decontamination protocols.

Wood That Can Cut Like Steel, Be Molded Like Plastic or Build Batteries?

Maryland engineers discover more new dimensions of an ancient material.

How does the brain turn heard sounds into comprehensible language?

$2.88M in NIH funding could lead to brain-aware, tunable hearing devices.

UMD-Led Team Wins NSF Award for Rapid Materials Design

The collaborative team receives $1.8 million in funding to develop an integrated framework to drive the rapid design of novel materials for batteries and fuel cells.

Moldable Wood from Water ‘Shock’ Process

A UMD research team has developed a strong yet incredibly flexible wood material that could be used in construction, automotives, and beyond.

Das publishes new work in ACS Nano

Paper details simultaneous energy generation and flow enhancement in functionalized nanochannels.

Expanded Wood Fiber for High-Performance Solid-State Paper Batteries

UMD research group invented the first high-performance solid-state paper batteries by a new molecular scale engineering method.

Michael Fu part of NSF project to improve kidney transplant access and decision-making

Fu will develop a decision-support tool to help individual patients decide what transplant option is best for them.

Alumna Project Manager for NASA’s First Mission to Study Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

From ‘country girl’ to ‘Starchild,’ Donya Douglas-Bradshaw’s road to NASA.

Newly-Opened SMART Building to Spur Autonomy Research

Maryland engineering will benefit from state-of-the-art labs and facilities at USMSM.

Bentley Granted SBE Award for Excellence in Biochemical Engineering

Fischell Institute director and BIOE professor William E. Bentley to be honored by AIChE.

Min Wu Elected President of IEEE Signal Processing Society

Wu will begin serving as IEEE SPS President on January 1, 2024.

USMSM Debuts SMART Innovation Center

New, $86 million facility to expand educational opportunities, autonomous vehicles research.

Wu, Ranadive developing accurate, convenient home heart monitoring system

A new $1.2M NSF grant funds their AI research into the relationship between ECG and PPG monitoring technologies.

Incentive Awards Program, Engineering Lab Building Named for Mote

Former UMD president recognized for contributions to field, expanding education access

Improving Disaster Communication for Marginalized Communities

Nnenia Campbell to deliver inaugural CEE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Seminar.

Diamonds Are a Quantum Sensing Scientist’s Best Friend

ECE Professor and QTC Founding Director Ronald Walsworth featured on an episode of JQI's Relatively Certain podcast.

Space, Wide Open

Alum Who Helps Lead NASA’s Mars Exploration to Receive Hispanic Heritage Award

New electrolyte bolsters rechargeable battery design

UMD/ARL research team overcomes challenges in magnesium, calcium battery development with new design principle.

Richeson Family Establishes Glen W. Richeson, Jr. Maryland Promise Scholarship

Scholarship to support future aerospace engineers honors a father’s legacy and support.

UMD receives 2 IARPA RESILIENCE awards

New program launched from Office of National Intelligence

Jewell Named BMES Fellow

BIOE Minta Martin Professor of Engineering Chris Jewell was named to the 2021 BMES Class of Fellows.

Rosemary Parker Honored with President's Distinguished Service Award

The backbone of the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering, Parker tirelessly creates a welcoming environment, builds a strong sense of community, and helps students overcome obstacles.

UMD’s Tunnel-Boring Engineers Showcase Skills, Perseverance

The UMD Loop team Impresses at Elon Musk’s Not-A-Boring Competition.

Creating Equitable Access to Energy Opportunities

Alumnus Delmar Gillus (B.S. ’93, mechanical engineering) plays key role in Illinois’ landmark Climate and Equitable Jobs Act.

Foundational Step Shows Quantum Computers Can Be Better Than the Sum of Their Parts

UMD and Duke scientists have showed that quantum computers can be better than the sum of their parts, a foundational step toward eventually combating errors in larger quantum devices.

College Park-born Quantum Firm IonQ Goes Public

IonQ, a quantum computing company spun off from research at the University of Maryland, went public today on the New York Stock Exchange.

Three Ph.D. students awarded Amazon Lab126 Fellowships

Sydrak Abdi, Sara Honarvar and Pedro Sandoval-Segura are the Fellowship recipients.

Welcome, Samuel Graham, Jr., Dean of Maryland Engineering

When an innovator wanted to engineer a more advanced and equitable society, he chose a research and education powerhouse with global impact, and came to Maryland.

Hartzell Mission Scientist for NASA SIMPLEx Janus Mission

Mission will send twin small satellites on deep space journey to study two binary asteroids.

UMD Engineers Help Pioneer New Treatment for Respiratory Failure

NSF awards $3.6 million to support “third lung” research.

Novel Design May Boost Efficiency of On-Chip Frequency Combs

A collaboration of researchers at UMD has proposed a way to make chip-sized frequency combs ten times more efficient by harnessing the power of topology.

Srebric Leads Development of Mask Alternative for Prolonged Use

Solution aims to reduce discomfort for workers, ensure safety  

Sara Honarvar Awarded Amazon Lab126 Fellowship for Second Year

Landmark scholarship program aims to foster diversity in the robotics field.

Srebric Named Margaret G. and Frederick H. Kohloss Chair in Mechanical Engineering

Inaugural appointment recognizes Srebric's leadership as a researcher, mentor, teacher, and collaborator.

Alumnus David Bader Receives 2021 Sidney Fernbach Award

Bader received the award for development of Linux-based massively parallel production computers and for pioneering contributions to scalable discrete parallel algorithms for real-world applications.

UMD research team creates ‘switchable’ adhesive for repairing cuts and tears in tissue

Using an electric field, polymer gels can be adhered to animal tissue, a discovery that could revolutionize surgery.

Torrents Awarded Ben Dyer Centennial Chair

UMD professor is renowned for her work on organic pollutants.

Improving Access to Cervical Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutics Tech

Jenna Mueller is working to improve access for patients in the US and low-and middle income countries.

Kollár Receives NSF MRI Grant to Enhance Micro/Nanofabrication Initiatives

The MLA150 instrument supports various research projects in materials science, nanoscience, energy science, and quantum science.

UMD Mechanical Engineering Retains Strong Position in Rankings

Program is #12 among public universities and #20 overall, according to U.S. News & World Report

The World Comes to Maryland Engineering

When an innovator wanted to engineer a more advanced and equitable society, he chose a research and education powerhouse with global impact, and came to Maryland.

Liangbing Hu’s HighT-Tech Wins 2021 Spinoff Prize

Prize conferred to UMD start-up for innovative catalysis development.

UMD Training Reactor Hits 5K Operations

The Maryland University Training Reactor, one of 24 U. S. university-based research reactors in existence, has facilitated nuclear engineering education since 1954.

UMD Wins $5M Phase 2 NSF Convergence Accelerator Award

The National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Program has awarded $5 million to a UMD-led team for their work on quantum interconnects for ion trap quantum computers.

Three Engineers Among 2021-2022 Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

Abshire, Fisher and Hu honored for outstanding success in scholarly accomplishment and excellence in teaching.

Convocation to Shine Spotlight on Faculty, Staff Accomplishments

Six Clark School faculty and staff will be honored at UMD's 38th annual Convocation on Sept. 15, 2021.

Balachandran Honored with ASME’s Den Hartog, Lyapunov Awards

Recognitions are among the most prestigious in the field.

Everitt, Gaitan Granted 2020-2021 Fischell Fellowship

The department has named Fischell Fellows annually since 2003.

Maryland Engineering ranked #12 public undergraduate program in the country

For the third consecutive year, the Clark School's rises in U.S. News & World Report ranking.

UMD joins NSF-funded revolutionary $25M center for optoelectronic, quantum technologies

The University of Maryland is one of 11 academic institutions that make up the Center for Integration of Modern Optoelectronic Materials on Demand (IMOD).

Laurence Named AIAA Associate Fellow

Fellows selected based on contributions to the arts, sciences or technology of aeronautics or astronautics.

Stroka Takes New Look at Cell Migration

BIOE associate professor earns $1.9M NIH grant to explore how aquaporins influence cell migration.

Harnessing Non-Reciprocity

UMD's Eleonora Tubaldi demonstrates a way to overcome current limitations in mechanical signal transmission.

UMD Leads New $25M NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation

New institute will significantly add to the vibrant quantum research ecosystem established in the mid-Atlantic region.

Working to Advance Biobanking

Researchers hope to improve how cells, tissues, and organs are banked for transplantation and other applications.

Fire Safety Challenges in Informal Settlements

FPE Chair Jim Milke and students weigh in on the fire hazards of improvised communities. 

BMES-UMD Honored with Outstanding Chapter Industry Award

BMES-UMD is the University of Maryland, College Park chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES).

NSF Awards UMD $15M to Lead Mid-Atlantic Innovation Hub

UMD to Collaborate With 9 Universities to Deliver Entrepreneurship Training, Expand Research Impact

UMD Teams Sweep 2021 VFS Student Design Competition

Aerospace engineering students take top spots in both graduate and undergraduate categories.

How tech can fill gaps in mental health care

$1.2M in NSF funding supports researchers’ work to connect patients, clinicians more effectively.

Using Light to Attack Cancer

BIOE assistant professor awarded NIH R01 grant to develop two-pronged approach to treating certain cancers.

The brain makes sense of math and language in different ways

Distinct regions in the brain use their own neural pathways and networks to process either spoken math or language.

Celebrating 14 Participants of 2021 BIOE REU Program

The BIOE REU program promotes collaboration between UMD and the FDA, making it unlike any other in the country

Fire Protection Engineers Track a Different Kind of "Superspreader"

Clark School research aims to make buildings more resistant to wildfire.

An Opportunity to Shape the Field…While Still a Student

Students selected for the UMD UAS Test Site’s summer internship program brainstorm. design and test real-world applications.

Gong Lab Publishes Two Papers Related to 2D Quantum Materials Sensors and Receives MII Funding

Prof. Gong and students leverage quantum materials to to detect tiny quantities of airborne molecules.

Secretary of State: 'Domestic Renewal' Needed Through Infrastructure Investments

Blinken emphasizes importance of spending at home to remain global leader in campus speech.

Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Research: Ray Tracing Inspires A New Approach

Stuart Laurence tests an improved method for measuring the aerodynamics of free-flying objects.

Banas Family Provides Support for Future Engineers in the Keystone Program

Karen and Rob Banas give $25,000 to the Keystone Program in honor of their daughter to provide support for students, faculty, and resources.

Maisel to Investigate Little-Known Organ in the Body

Dr. Katharina Maisel was awarded a $1.8 million NIH NIGMS grant to study the interstitium and lymphatics.

Next-Gen Lithium-Metal Batteries

UMD's Wang Research Group develops polymer-inorganic solid-electrolyte interphase for use in polymeric solid-state lithium batteries.

Seven Students Win 2021 Dean's Research Awards

From fabricated human tissue to Wifi beamed from space, awards recognize cutting-edge research

Cui Leads Groundbreaking Study on Project Delivery Methods, Equity

First-of-its-kind study provides empirical data on the track record of Public Private Partnerships (P3) in setting Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goals.

Three UMD Alumni Among Aviation Week Network’s 2021 20 Twenties

Rachel Cueva (’21), Niloy Gupta (’21) and Justin Lidard (’20) among 2021 awardees.

Rachel Suitor aboard NGS/NOAA expedition in Gulf of Mexico

The Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. student is working with robotic "Driftcams" to document aquatic life at different depths of the oceanic rim ecosystem.

BIOE Alum's Company Releases Bleeding Management Tech Nationwide

BIOE alum, advisory Board member Matt Dowling is the founder of Medcura, Inc., which commercialized Rapid-Seal

Alumnus Mark Paulus Receives 2021 Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Award

Etter Awards recognize the U.S. Navy’s most exceptional scientists and engineers.

Alumnus Abhishek Motayed's Company, N5 Sensors, Named 'Startup of the Year' by UMD

Abhishek founded N5 Sensors, Inc. in 2012, a UMD spinoff, and is developing next-generation chemical/gas sensors utilizing innovations in nano engineering.

Young Investigator Fellowship Supports "Third Lung" Research

Project members are developing the "Third Lung," a transformative technology for extra-pulmonary respiration.

Galloway: Nature-Based Features Can Aid in Disaster Resilience

Expert on water resources testifies before Congress.

Biden Nominates Locascio to Lead NIST

BIOE Professor, VP of Research Had Long Career as Scientist, Administrator at Agency Before Coming to UMD

Scrape? Cut? Seal It with Game-Changing Product Created at UMD

Engineering Alum’s Rapid-Seal Now Available In Stores, Online

Antonsen Named 2022 IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award Recipient

The award is given for outstanding contributions to the field of nuclear and plasma sciences and engineering.

Unusual "cool flames" discovered aboard International Space Station

Maryland-led discovery is a first for microgravity flame research

University of Maryland Engineers Have 3D Printed a Soft Robotic Hand That Can Play Nintendo

Achievement opens the door for new advances in soft robotics.

Prof. Patrick McCluskey and Dr. Diganta Das receive MIPS Award

JumpLights, Inc, Prof. McCluskey, Dr. Diganta Das, Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) award

NCC-PDI to Host Pediatric Device Innovators Forum

This free, virtual event will take place on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Aristos Christou Heads Project for GaN Amplifiers in MRI Systems 

The study will enable future MRI systems to identify artifacts with an enhanced resolution and sensitivity.

NIH grant furthers poststroke recovery research of Marsh, Simon

MEG scans will help determine the neurophysiologic effects of mindfulness training on subacute post-stroke depression and cognition.

An Improved Way to Fabricate Damage-Tolerant Ceramics

Research by Teng Li, collaborators published in Science Advances.

ChBE Professors Taylor Woehl and Chen Zhang Receive NSF CAREER Award

Woehl and Zhang join four other Clark School faculty members who received CAREERs earlier this year.

Chunsheng Wang Wins 2021 ECS Battery Division Research Award 

Wang will be recognized at a ceremony during the fall meeting.

Pecht, Wachsman Named Distinguished University Professors

The title is a recognition of excellence, impact, and significant contribution to the nominee's field, knowledge, profession, and/or practice.

Multi-institutional Research Team Documents Quantum Melting of Wigner Crystals

The study marks a major step toward creating a system for studying quantum phase transitions.

Hafezi Appointed as Minta Martin Professor of Engineering

Hafezi is known for his contributions in a number of works to synthesize and characterize quantum many-body and topological physics beyond electronic systems.

UMD Invests Over $10M in Research Equipment to Drive Discovery, Innovation

The University of Maryland (UMD) is making a major investment to obtain the most technologically advanced equipment on the College Park campus for application across a broad range of research areas, from neuroimaging to next-generation quantum materials.

Two UMD Teams Take Best in Theme at NASA’s RASC-AL Competition

Competition challenges student teams to design concepts for space exploration.

Alum develops bioelectric effect toothbrush

Young Wook Kim's TROMATZ toothbrush improves mouth and gum health.

Celebrating Our LGBTQ+ Community

Engineering is a team profession. Like any great team, we — and the solutions we design — are made better through diversity, equity and inclusion.

Liangbing Hu Named Finalist for 2021 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists

The winners of the $250K prize will be announced on July 20.

A new way to monitor mental health conditions

With machine learning, Carol Espy-Wilson is developing a phone app that can measure depression symptoms using speech and video cues.

QTC-MITRE Collaboration Receives Best Paper Award at EDFAS 2020

QTC Researchers collaborate with MITRE and Harvard to present a new method for backside integrated circuit (IC) magnetic field imaging using Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM) nitrogen vacancy magnetometry.

UMD Battery Technology Highlighted in Technical.ly

Maryland based battery company bringing UMD tech to market

Scarcelli Named Fischell Institute Young Investigator Fellow

The new program aims to foster collaboration between faculty on UMD's Baltimore and College Park campuses.

Eric Wachsman Elected President of Electrochemical Society

Wachsman’s appointment effective June 10, 2021 for a two-year term.

Xu, Castano Recognized for Work on UAS Collision Avoidance

UMD professor, affiliate research scientist win AIAA awards. 

Jewell Lab Explores Techniques to Tailor MS Therapy Design

Prof. Chris Jewell and his lab are investigating how the biophysical properties of nanomaterials used in immunotherapies shape treatment outcomes.

Prioritizing Education Opportunities During Unprecedented Time

New alumni gifts matched through the Maryland Promise Program creates $2.8 million investment in future mechanical engineering students.

Georgia Tech Professor, Researcher Named Dean of Clark School

Mechanical engineering leader Samuel Graham, Jr. to take helm October 1.

Fired Up Over Inequities

A team of engineering undergraduates explores factors behind disproportionate fire risk in developing nations.

UMD Takes Second in VFS Design-Build-Vertical-Flight Competition

Competition challenges students to build remote-control electric-powered vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

Quantum Technology Center Adds Three New Fellows

Drs. Joseph Britton, Jonathan Hoffman, and Kevin Cox are joining QTC from the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory.

Wereley Steps Down as Aero Chair

Professor has led the department during an era of firsts.

Three ECE Professors Ranked Top Scientists in the World by Guide2Research

They join seven other UMD faculty members breaking into the top 1000 scientist rankings based on their prolific research output.

UMD, UMBC, ARL Announce Cooperative Agreement to Accelerate AI, Autonomy in Complex Environments

The agreement leverages Maryland's national leadership in engineering, robotics, computer science, operations research, modeling and simulation, and cybersecurity.

A New Theory of Liquid Transport in Functionalized Nanochannels

Work by Siddhartha Das and his research team appears as a front-cover article in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Duncan Earns NSF Career Award to Advance Gene Therapy

BIOE assistant professor Gregg Duncan was named the recipiento of the NSF's prestigious CAREER Award.

UMD Researchers to Have a Strong Showing at ICRA 2021

The 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2021) will be held both in person and online from May 30 to June 5, 2021.

Niemeier Elected to American Philosophical Society

UMD professor joins select group of thought leaders.

Student Researchers Recognized with Wylie Dissertation Fellowships

Fourteen Clark School students pursuing their Ph.D.s in engineering have been awarded Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships by the University of Maryland Graduate School.

With MIPS funding, Herrmann and Azarm developing algorithm for ice forecasting app

Work will help route ice-sensing UAV fleets to problematic roads; take weather conditions into account.

AID India humanitarian group living up to its name in COVID crisis

Founded by University of Maryland students, the non-profit was recently recommended for donations in the New York Times.

Ian White Receives Clark School’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award

BIOE associate professor recognized for efforts to promote high-quality instruction.

Four Clark School Faculty Receive CAREER Awards

Shelby Bensi, Gregg Duncan, Katrina Groth and Katharina Maisel are recipients of NSF CAREER grants.

Digging into Competition

UMD team among “Digging Dozen” finalists.

Hafezi's Group Generates Tunable Twin Particles of Light

The group developed a new method for generating entangled, indistinguishable photon pairs using a chip-based, topological approach.


A Collaboration Between CRR and Amazon Lab126 Seeks to Understand How Devices Can Be More Durable

Standing in Solidarity with our AAPI Community

The current COVID outbreak in India and Nepal is a reminder that we — the world community — are in this together.

Ruben Acevedo Receives UMD Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award

Award recognizes grad student who has made outstanding contributions to the university community.

Five Clark School Students Awarded Summer Research Fellowships

Research fellowships provide support to UMD doctoral students at mid-career (i.e., in the period approximately before, during, or after achievement of candidacy).

'Fluorinated interphase' bolsters water-based zinc battery chemistry

Wang Research Group collaborating with ARL publishes study in Nature Nanotechnology.

Engineering at Maryland magazine celebrates 40 Years of the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering

The lead story, "Celebrating 40 Years of 'Heart' Work," celebrates the efforts and experiences of students, alumni, faculty, and staff doing their part to grow and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment.

MSE Ph.D. Student Daniela Fontecha Receives NSF Fellowship Award

Fontecha's research, which will focus on energy storage technology, will be supported  with a three-year stipend.

Completing a Doctorate—Aboard an Aircraft Carrier

Navy Commander Donald Costello’s research could aid the drone certification process.

Alumnus Dr. H. Neal Reynolds Named 2021 Health Care Heroes Physician of the Year

The Daily Record has named ECE Alumnus Dr. H. Neal Reynolds Physician of the Year for his work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elizabeth Childs Lands Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Graduating mechanical engineering student to pursue doctoral research at Stanford.

QTC Awarded $1.5M from the Department of Energy for Research on Quantum Diamond Magnetometers

The project utilizes advancements in quantum sensing with Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond to enable diagnostic capabilities in extreme environments.

Nneoma Ugwu Awarded Helene M. Overly Scholarship

Doctoral student recognized for research on COVID-19 impacts.

Carol Espy-Wilson Receives Campus Woman of Influence Award

Espy-Wilson has served as a pioneer, role model and mentor, especially for African-American women in the sciences.

Neehar Peri named a Maryland 'Undergraduate Researcher of the Year'

This fall, Neehar will be attending Carnegie Mellon University to pursue his PhD in Robotics.

Engineering Undergrads Recognized for Excellence

This year, the Clark School honors 70 undergraduates who exemplify the college’s commitment to excellence; five are recognized with Dean’s Awards.

Chaudhary and Team STEPS Take Second Place in Do Good Challenge

STEPS is a nonprofit connecting volunteers with K-12 families seeking affordable tutoring, college advising.

Jesse Matthews is 2021 Undergraduate Researcher of the Year and NSF GRFP Recipient

Matthews, advised by Peter Kofinas, will start his Ph.D. program at Stanford in the fall.

Wall Street Journal Cites MTI Research

Data from MTI platform helps track COVID-19 trends.

Environmental Cleanup: Kjellerup Develops “Treatment Train”

DoD taps UMD expertise to tackle risks of stormwater contamination.

Gabriel, Brubaker developing game theory water market models for river users

NSF-funded research will help improve water use in the watersheds of the Anacostia River in Maryland and D.C., and the Duck River in Tennessee.

Grad student Usman Fiaz wins Pelczar Award

The award is given to a doctoral candidate who has served at least one academic year as a teaching assistant with commendable performance, and who has demonstrated excellence beyond his or her course work.

Eric Marksz Awarded Charles A. Caramello Distinguished Thesis Award

Marksz will be honored at a virtual ceremony in May.

Building Energy Innovation in Maryland

Engineering Market Momentum

Somersaulting Photons

In a paper published today in Optica, Professor Milchberg’s group demonstrates the surprising result that photons in vacuum can have orbital angular momentum vectors pointing sideways.

He Lab Taps Machine Learning to Improve Cell-Based Medicine

Technology could one day be used to improve stem cell-based therapies as well as treatment options for diabetes and infertility.

UMD GAMMA Group Awarded Best Paper and an Honorable Mention at IEEE VR 2021

The awarded work focuses on improving the efficiency of virtual agents used in areas like virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), online learning, and virtual social interactions.

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Business Incubator

The University of Maryland has launched a new business development arm to nurture quantum-focused startups.

AquaLith Advanced Materials Licenses Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Developed at University of Maryland

Technology is based on the work of Prof. Chunsheng Wang in the A. James Clark School of Engineering

Maryland Day 2021 Goes Virtual with "Engineering Is Awesome!" Show

Join us for three engineering demonstrations during Maryland Day on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

From Innovation to Inauguration

Pines Announces New Quantum Business Incubator, Presents Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards

UMD Research Aids Military's Transition to Lead-Free Electronics

CALCE scientist Michael Osterman co-leads a DoD project with Auburn and Purdue.

NSF CAREER Award Winner Bensi Studies Multi-Hazard Events

CEE faculty member aims to close risk assessment gap.

A Paradigm Shift in Nanochannel Research

Siddhartha Das’s research team demonstrates overscreening, flow reversal in nanosystems.

Clark School Innovators Honored with Invention of the Year Award Nominations

Among the nine 2021 Invention of the Year nominees, four are led by or include Clark School researchers.

Firebird Tour Makes Stop in St. Mary’s County

Event highlights Southern Maryland’s importance to the UAS industry.

Kolar Honored With Advising Award 

CEE undergrad advisor lauded for dedication to students.

Six UMD Students Win VFS Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships recognize the world’s most talented engineering students interested in vertical flight.

Welcoming Applicants for Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Open to students graduating from engineering, pharmacy, STEM programs at UMD College Park and Baltimore

Today’s Trailblazers to be Honored as 2021 Taking Nature Black Environmental Champions

ChBE Professor Akua Asa-Awuku recognized as a regional champion.

UMD Researchers to Design Greener Aircraft Engine

Professors Christopher Cadou and Eric Wachsman are developing a hybrid system for commercial aircraft.

ECE’s Embedded Systems and Internet of Things Program launches into its first year

The ESIOT Program is a two-year program intended for transfer students in Maryland.

Brennan, Seck Win MCAA Scholarships

Mechanical engineering students earn recognition from a leading professional organization.

Voice-activated telehealth technology could strengthen patient-physician connection

John Baras, Smith School team and MedStar Health Research Institute developing system to provides frequent feedback about patient compliance and symptoms.

Maryland Joins NSF-funded Effort to Help Set Nation's Direction for Engineering

The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance will convene engineering voices to identify opportunities and priorities for innovative research that benefits society.

On A Mission to Bridge the Global Health Gap

BIOE Assistant Professor Jenna Mueller and her lab are working to improve access to surgery around the world.

Biofilm-fighting system for urinary catheters proves effective in simulated environment

The integrated system uses electricity impedance to monitor biofilm and treats it through the bioelectric effect.

White Lab Reviews Point-of-Care Diagnostics to Combat Pandemic

Micaela Everitt is first author of a review paper on point-of-care diagnostic technologies during a pandemic.

The Internet of Bio-Nano Things

Researchers aim to bridge the gap between microelectronics and biological systems to create next-generation wearables.

PCCP Recognizes Das as Emerging Investigator 

For the second consecutive year, Das has been invited to contribute to the journal’s annual themed issue.

Maryland Graduate Engineering Ranked #10 Public in the Nation

From extreme batteries to windows made from wood, Clark School’s trendsetting work ranks it among the country’s Top 10 public engineering schools for the 3rd consecutive year.

Finding Community Among Hard Conversations

Engineering is still predominantly "a man's world." For one living-learning program, the first step is to talk about it.

Liangbing Hu Elected to the Class of 2021 MRS Fellows

Hu is the first UMD scholar to receive this honor.

Plastic Alternative Made 100% of Wood

Study on strong, biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic published in Nature Sustainability.

Ph.D. Student Abhishek Deshpande Awarded IEEE EPS Fellowship

Fellowship promotes, recognizes and supports Ph.D.-level study within the field of electronic packaging.

In memoriam: Dr. Radhakisan Baheti, NSF ECCS Program Director

Dr. Baheti passed away in March and will be greatly missed by ISR, ECE and the Clark School.

CEE Master's Student Tracks COVID-19's Impact on Construction

Hala Alkhalouf's study flags supply chain disruptions, labor shortages as factors.

Now Accepting Medical Device Pitches for NCC-PDI Competition

The National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation is accepting applications through April 19.

Standing with our Asian-American Community

The Clark School community stands united with our Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders colleagues.

M. Stanley Whittingham Joins CREB Steering Committee

Whittingham won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work with Li-ion batteries.

UMD-Led Research Could Point to New Targets for MS Treatments

Findings show that a novel immunotherapy strategy might one day be used to treat multiple sclerosis patients without leaving them immunocompromised.

Softer, More Resilient Robots

UMD research on bio-inspired robotics makes the cover of a special issue of Actuators.

Clark School Mourns the Passing of Professor Linda Schmidt

Schmidt was a leader in innovative engineering design research activities and teaching techniques.

Aerospace Engineering Welcomes New Faculty Member Dr. Christoph Brehm

Brehm brings a wealth of expertise in hypersonics and computational fluid dynamics.

Huang, FDA Team Up to Advance Fluorophore Safety-Related Regulatory Science

Collaborators aim to improve regulatory evaluation of emerging fluorescence imaging combination products.

The Lasting Legacy of George Dieter, 1928-2020

The Clark School community mourns the loss of George E. Dieter, who served as dean of engineering at the University of Maryland from 1977-94.

UMD Aero Students Awarded Patti Grace Smith Fellowship

Alexis Burris, Kirk “KJ” Mclean and Elias Hailu Daniel have been selected for the newly-launched program.

Development of Diagnostic Biomarkers for Determination of TBI

M-CERSI researchers say two lipid molecules can function as diagnostic biomarkers of traumatic brain injury.

UMD Team Honored for First Organ Transplant by Drone

History-making flight wins Golden Hour Award from Helicopter Association International.

New undergraduate minor in robotics and autonomous systems

The Maryland Robotics Center will administer the program, which begins in Fall 2021.

IonQ: From Maryland to Wall Street

The College Park-headquartered company, rooted in UMD research, announced plans to go public today.

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering Reaches Alumni Milestone

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering (MAGE) has graduated more than 4,000 alumni to date.

Doyenne Reliability Engineering Program

A fellowship for Mozambican women to pursue graduate education in Reliability Engineering at UMD

Andre Marshall Appointed VPR of George Mason University

Marshall will begin his new position effective July 1, 2021.

Work Hard, Dream Big

Junior Benjamin Adarkwa Wins One of Six Inaugural Virgin Galactic BLAST Scholarships.

Fueling the Next Generation of Big Thinkers

Through the Engineering Diversity Initiative, Northrop Grumman supports the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering's mission to tip the scales for underrepresented students.

Sunderland Named Fellow of the Combustion Institute

Sunderland's research on micro-gravity combustion has made headlines as of late.

Alumna Hosts First Ever Spanish-Language Show for a NASA Planetary Landing

Alumna Diana Trujillo (’07) is a NASA Engineer on the Mars Perseverance Rover Mission.

Paying It Forward with Double the Impact

Alumnus' commitment to the Maryland Promise Scholarship Program is a first for the Department.

Inglut Receives Outstanding GA and Doctoral Mid-Career Awards

Inglut recently received the Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award and the Clark Doctoral Mid-Career Award.

Stories Beyond DNA

Dr. Gregg Duncan reflects on connecting DNA test results with one’s family history in Science feature.

Working Together to Show COVID's Impact on Communities of Color

UMD civil engineers support DC-based non-profit by building data foundation to gauge longer-term effects.

ISR, HyNet and ARLIS team for 5G initiatives

The work, which began in 2016, has resulted in new testbeds, published research and collaborations with the federal government, industry and international partners.

Groth Wins NSF CAREER Award

UMD professor works to advance the risk assessment field.

Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance Expands Impact and Reach with Addition of 10 New Partners

The 24 MQA members are building a vibrant and diverse ecosystem designed to foster U.S. and regional leadership in the coming quantum technology revolution.

UMD Research Sheds Light on Holiday Travel and COVID

Correlations were tracked using mobile device data.

Run the World Movement Challenge Honors Women Engineers

WIE event celebrates UMD’s Jeanette Epps, Women’s History Month

Search Initiated for New Clark School Dean

A national search has been initiated for a new Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

An Entrepreneur is Born

ChBE Alumni Joseph Sciamanna ('19) discusses how his stint at UMD led to the founding of his first company.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Fire ... in Space

A University of Maryland engineer's work aboard the International Space Station could lead to cleaner engines and power plants, and safer living conditions in space.

A. James Clark Scholars Program: Building Relationships that Lead to Success

Meet Kristen Yee, Steven Hu, and Meron Yonas as they offer a glimpse into what it means to be an A. James Clark Scholar at the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering.

UMD Alumni Jones, Laroia Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Christopher T. Jones (Ph.D. '97) and Rajiv Laroia (M.S. '89, Ph.D. '92) have been elected to the 2021 Class of the National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest professional recognitions in an engineer's career.

Nanoscale Imaging Method Offers Insight into Alloyed Nanoparticle Synthesis

Woehl research group visualizes how organic ligands contribute to bimetallic nanoparticle synthesis.

Gabriel is co-PI on project coordinating Denmark's energy sectors

The mathematical modeling and planning research will help the country transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Blown Away

UMD Research Seeks to Minimize Risks of Performing Together; New Tech Supports Students’ Learning

Das Named Institute of Physics Fellow

UMD professor honored by a leading international body of physics professionals and scholars.

Could Nanocellulose Save Us?

The building blocks of plants may taper our dependency on fossil fuels.

Making Success, and Giving, Seem Natural

More than 20 years after finishing his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at Maryland, Chris Jones is still giving back.

Mechanical Engineering Student E. Ozie to Publish Debut Novel

UMD student E. Ozie to publish her first novel, The Beautiful Math of Coral, April 2021.

Maisel Applies NSF CAREER Award to Advance Drug Delivery Strategies

BIOE assistant professors aims to improve efficacy of vaccines, immunotherapies

Acevedo Wins Outstanding Student Paper Award at IEEE MEMS Conference for 3D Nanoprinting Breakthrough

UMD engineers awarded for 3D nanoprinting strategy that opens the door for microinjection applications.

University of Maryland Research Enterprise Ranked Among Top 10 Publics in NSF Higher Education R&D Survey

Research in Baltimore & College Park Tackles Critical Issues in the State and Globally

Herrmann helping UMMS design and refine vaccination clinics

Operations research expert is building predictive mathematical models that will aid clinic planning teams with their decision making.

Data-Driven Research, Pandemic Impact Highlighted at TRB

UMD researchers presented new findings, tools, and technologies, including a COVID-19 Impact Dashboard that leverages mobile device data.

CREB Kicks Off 2021 with Meeting to Discuss Future of Battery Research

The virtual meeting aimed to bolster battery technology under extreme conditions.

UMD and FDA Researchers Collaborate to Bolster Battery Safety for Medical Devices

Team will advance regulatory science research and understanding of polymeric battery chemistry.

Alumna Jing Yang wins two IEEE Communications Society awards

The Penn State faculty member was a student of Sennur Ulukus.

Clark School's Online Engineering Programs Now Ranked in Top 15 Nationally

The programs rose to No. 15 in U.S. News & World Report's Ranking of Best Online Engineering Graduate Programs

UMD Launches New Brain and Behavior Institute, Announces Founding Director

Institute will build on existing strengths and elevate UMD neuroscience to national preeminence.

Rejoining the Paris Accord: Scholars Respond

UMD's Deb Niemeier and other prominent researchers assess the new administration's course change on climate.

Micron-scale NMR Spectroscopy using Diamonds

SABRE-enhanced NV-NMR may become a high-impact tool for biological applications, such as tracking and monitoring of chemical reactions of metabolites in single cells.

Students Assist Sierra Leone School…Virtually!

Adapting to COVID-era constraints, MDSE volunteers found a way to proceed with a solar panel installation.

Equipping Drones to Recover When Things Go Wrong

Flight safety software developed by University of Maryland researchers can help unmanned aircraft respond to anomalies, malfunctions, and collision risks.

Waging War on Metastatic Cancer

BIOE Professor Xiaoming He and his research team take a new approach to understand why cancers spread.

Project Management Center for Excellence Lauded by Accreditor

Faculty receive a Distinguished designation from the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center.

14 Mtech-affiliated companies named to Maryland’s list of 20 hottest innovative start-ups

Maryland’s Future 20 is a list of startups that have the potential to be the state’s next major business success story.

Huang, Stroka Labs Collaborate to Advance Understanding of Blood-Brain Barrier

BIOE assistant professors aim to develop techniques to target drugs to the central nervous system.

Gupta Awarded Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Aeronautical Society

Distinguished University Professor Ashwani Gupta recognized for exemplary contributions to aerospace science and technology literature.

'Perfect adherence' to COVID vaccine prioritization hampering distribution says Mike Ball

The operations research expert argues more lives would be saved with a less-rigid strategy.

Scientists Design and Synthesize Denary Oxide Nanoparticles as Highly Stable Catalysts

Multi-Institutional research study made the January 2021 cover of Nature Catalysis.

More Effective, Equitable Disaster Policy

Three leading disaster scientists--Deb Niemeier, Allison Reilly and A.R. Siders--present a roadmap for change.

Three Clark School Professors Receive Competitive DURIP Grants

DURIP supports university research in technical areas of interest to the Department of Defense (DoD).

Mighty Morphing 3D Printing

UMD engineers demonstrate a new shape-changing nozzle that could revolutionize “4D Printing” applications.

Maryland Engineers Rise Up to Grand Challenges of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic put a spotlight on multiple societal issues including inequality, economic unsustainability, and the need to create safer environments for work and school.

UMD UAS Test Site Team Assists EPA and NSWC Indian Head Division

Drones were used to help measure emissions at an explosives decontamination site.

Innovative Chemistry Revolutionizes the Zinc-Air Battery

International research group publishes study for next-gen sustainable batteries in Science.

Researchers Aim to Advance Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease Progression

UMD,FDA researchers work to develop a technique to quickly measure the amount of amyloid plaque in the brain

Jewell Named 2021 Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the University of Melbourne

BIOE professor will collaborate on vaccine technologies at Peter Doherty Institute for Infection & Immunity 

UMD Makes U.S. DOE Solar District Cup Finals

The Solar District Cup challenges multidisciplinary student teams to design and model optimized distributed energy systems for a campus or urban district.

Nicole Mogul Receives A. James Clark School Outstanding Faculty Service Award

The selection committee selected Mogul as being one of the most innovative educators in the Clark School.

Maryland Robotics Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Research and education hub continues to expand programs, outreach

Researchers Urge Overhaul of Disaster Policy

The Day One Project has tapped a proposal led by UMD’s Allison Reilly as one of 100 sci-tech ideas for the next U.S. administration.

Honoring a Legend: Remember Former Dean George Dieter

It's with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of George Dieter, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering, and dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering from 1977–94.

Emerging from the fog: Little understood post-stroke cognitive issues verified

For the first time, researchers measure the physical evidence of diminished neural processing within the brain after a stroke.

Two Maryland Faculty Named to National Academy of Inventors

Locascio and Chellappa are among 175 new fellows who collectively hold over 4,700 U.S. patents.

UMD-Harvard team wins ARPA-E award for Transformational Energy Technology

Team to develop ultrahigh temperature coatings for jet engines and electricity-generation gas turbines

Strong Fall Enrollment in UMD’s Machine Learning and Data Science Programs for Working Professionals

Courses are taught on weekday evenings to accommodate work schedules and students have the opportunity to earn a master's in less than two years.

Sutherland Wins First Place in SAMPE Research Competition

Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. student James Sutherland takes top spot in SAMPE University Research Symposium competition.

The Binding of the Virus

Study published by Mahdi Ghorbani and Jeffery Klauda reveals why COVID-19 has such a high transmission rate.

‘Smellicopter’ drone uses live moth antenna to seek smells, avoid obstacles

Timothy Horiuchi is a co-author on the research published in IOP Bioinspiration & Biomimetics.

A New Focus on Light

UMD researchers develop technique to focus light beyond the diffraction limit - a breakthrough for optics

UMD Awarded $4.6 Million Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center

Funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, the new center aims to improve rehabilitation options for patients with neurological disorders.

Srivastava, Qu part of Department of Defense 'SHIP' Project hardware security team

They will investigate a wide range of attack methodologies that could be used against protoype IC chiplets being developed in the project.

$4.96M for Maryland researchers in DARPA AISS semiconductor security project

ISR, ECE, Fraunhofer USA CESE and ARLIS researchers will assess strength of AISS security protections.

UMD Research Team Uses Massive Computer Power to Perform High Resolution Simulations of Turbulent Pool Fires

Study conducted by Mohamed Ahmed & Arnaud Trouvé published in Combustion and Flame.

Jacob, Qu Named IEEE Fellows

ECE professors elected fellows of world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

Alumnus Stefano Coraluppi elected IEEE Fellow

Coraluppi elevated "for contributions to multi-sensor, multi-target tracking."

The Path to Urban Air Mobility...And Beyond

View UMD UAS Test Site director Matt Scassero’s introduction speech at the Skyscraper 2020 Virtual Summit.

UMD-NIST Self-Directing AI System Discovers New Material

‘CAMEO’ identifies a new compound that’s useful for photonic devices and next generation computers.

Seven UMD Engineers Recognized as Highly Cited Researchers

Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers have published multiple papers frequently cited by their peers over the last decade.

Lemonade from lemons: Despite COVID-19 sidelining of MEMS showcase, proceedings and papers quickly published

Special issue of IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems features innovative research from 2020 Hilton Head Workshop.

Envisaging a Better Lithium Battery…With Nanotech

Simulations performed by Siddhartha Das and his research team suggest a way to improve the “water-in-salt” approach.

Metallic Nanoarcs are Ready to Shine

MSE research group creates a blueprint for predicting the infrared spectra of plasmonic nanoarcs.

J. Gary Eden Inducted Into Innovation Hall of Fame

Eden receives IHOF award for inventions contributing to the development and commercialization of micro-plasma technologies and excimer lasers.

From Terps Racing to Ford Motor Company

Alumnus Austin Kendall (’17) has carved out a career built on a passion. Now he’s giving back to fuel future Maryland students.

Remembering NSF ERC architect and leader Lynn Preston

Preston was a guide and friend to the Institute for Systems Research throughout its history.

Two Maryland Energy Innovation Institute Start-Ups Named to Governor’s Future 20 List

Ion Storage Systems and InventWood hailed as talented innovators

ECE Alumnus & Advisory Board Member Lyndon Brown Appointed Chief Strategy Officer at Pondurance

Brown, a veteran technology executive, brings a career focus in building high-growth cybersecurity technology companies to Pondurance’s management team.

Printed Solid-State Batteries

Printable, high-performance solid-state electrolyte films for next generation Li batteries.

Going Beyond the Anti-Laser May Enable Long-Range Wireless Power Transfer

A team of researchers have developed an improved technique for wireless power transfer technology that may promise long-range power transmission without narrowly focused and directed energy beams.

UAS Route Network Over Chesapeake Bay Could Transform Aviation

The University of Maryland is taking the lead on an initiative that could advance the civilian and commercial use of drones.

Assessing Natural Hazard Risks to Nuclear Facilities

The DOE has awarded nearly $800,000 to a team led by assistant professor Michelle (Shelby) Bensi.

Anderson Awarded AIAA 2021 Summerfield Book Award

Award recognizes Hypersonic and High-Temperature Gas Dynamics, Third Edition as the best book published within the last five years.

UMD Welcomes A. James Clark Scholars Class of '24

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland welcomes 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

Three Engineering Students Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

The Merrill Scholars program recognizes the University of Maryland's top graduating seniors and their faculty/teacher mentors.

New government partner joins UMD’s Center for Research in Extreme Batteries

National Institute of Standards and Technology to collaborate

Alumnus Ravi Tandon earns tenure at University of Arizona

Former student of Sennur Ulukus has won NSF CAREER Award, Keysight Early Career Professor Award.

Lowe Named 2020 AAPS Fellow

BIOE and UMSOD faculty member honored during PharmSci 360 virtual conference

Engineering at Maryland magazine highlights the Clark School's commitment to excellence in a COVID world

The "heroic and extraordinary" efforts of Maryland engineers to deliver on the Clark School's commitment to excellence in a COVID world are featured in the Fall 2020 issue of Engineering at Maryland magazine.

Liu Wins 2021 IEEE Fourier Award for Signal Processing

Professor K.J. Ray Liu received the award “for outstanding leadership in and pioneering contributions to signal processing for wireless sensing and communications.”

UMD Co-Leads Study That Could Aid Identification of Cell Defects

Siddhartha Das and collaborators find a link between DNA base pair mismatches and the location of supercoiling.

American Helicopter Museum Honors UMD Organ Flight

Aerospace engineering department nets a second Achievement Award.

M-CERSI Accepting Regulatory Science Innovation Submissions

The annual "America's Got Regulatory Science Innovation Talent" competition will take place on Jan. 15, 2021.

Mobile Device Data Could Boost Road Safety for Pedestrians

MTI’s Chenfeng Xiong wins USDOT Safety Data Initiative grant in collaboration with MDOT SHA.

ARL to Fund $30M in Equipment Innovations for Service Members

UMD announces with the U.S. Army Research Lab agreements in additive manufacturing and battery research.

Alum Himanshu Tyagi wins 2020 INSA Medal for Young Scientists

The Indian National Science Academy awards the medal for promise, creativity and excellence in a young scientist.

A Tech Rx for COVID Recovery at Home

Clark Scholar's new technology takes on hospital overcrowding.

Spanning the Distance to K-12

The Women in Engineering Program shipped nearly 1,500 kits to middle and high school kids, concentrating on communities with traditionally underrepresented populations in STEM.

Big Data for Decision Makers

Since April 2020, the COVID-19 Impact Analysis Platform has provided decision makers with a clear view of how the current epidemiological situation affects our society, economy, mobility, and public health.

UMD to Compete in U.S. DOE Solar District Cup

An interdisciplinary UMD team led by the Clark School will vie for solar-powered victory at the second annual Solar District Cup.

UMD Engineering Receives $22.8M from U.S. Army to Collaboratively Advance Additive Manufacturing Technology

The University of Maryland College Park's research partnership with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory will establish an ecosystem for revolutionary additive manufacturing technology and concepts to expedite national readiness and response.

Langford Establishes Scholarship in Honor of President Pines

Aerospace entrepreneur’s gift aims to inspire future engineers.

FPE Alum Kenny Hamburger to Receive 2021 Federal Engineer of the Year Award

Hamburger will be officially recognized at a ceremony in February.

New ebook details history of the NSF Engineering Research Center program

'Agents of Change' written by retired ERC program leader Lynn Preston and longtime collaborator Courtland Lewis.

Professor K.J. Ray Liu Elected to Lead IEEE

Professor K. J. Ray Liu has been elected 2021 IEEE President-Elect and 2022 IEEE President.

Gemstone Honors Program Marks 25th Anniversary

Groundbreaking program fosters research opportunities for undergradiate honors students.

Plumbing a Problem

Sewer backups burden Baltimore homeowners. A UMD researcher steps in.

New hazard mitigation software moves UAVs closer to National Airspace System integration

New module by Huan Xu and associates can reduce UAV maximum casualty expectation by 97 percent.

Symptoms all in your head—or in your gut? Maybe a little of both.

UMD researchers are building an ingestible capsule that can monitor and model gut microbiome serotonin activity and help demystify the “gut-brain axis.”

Bar-Cohen, Distinguished University Professor and Thermal Packaging Pioneer, Passes at 74

Mechanical Engineering Distinguished University Professor Avram Bar-Cohen helped lay the scientific foundations for the thermal management of electronics components.

FPE, UL and International Fire Safety Consortium Collaborate to Address Global Fire Safety Challenges

International funding, research and collaboration increase in line with loss of property and human life due to fire.

$100,000 investment from Amazon to power Clark School initiatives in diversity, robotics research and education

Beneficiaries include two Ph.D. fellowships in robotics, the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering, a robotics capstone course, the Black Engineers Society and the Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers.

Xu Wins Best Student Paper Award at ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference

Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student Chu Xu wins top spot with work on lithium-sulfur batteries.

Paying It Forward

UMD Clark Scholars leverage philanthropy to support other students in the fight against COVID.

Calculating Uncertainties in Chaotic Turbulent Flow Models

New research led by UMD Professor Johan Larsson could enable cost-effective modeling and margin of error calculations for complex chaotic system simulations

History-Making Organ Flight Honored with Industry Award

 AUVSI’s XCELLENCE Awards Announced; UMD Wins in Humanitarian/Public Safety Category

At the Forefront of Technology and Opportunity

Entrepreneurship just may be in his genes, says Clark School alum Randy Ortanez.

New Milestones in Medical Deliveries by Drone

History-making UMD flight paves the way for further advancements.

Challenges and Opportunities: Student Internships During 2020

Four mechanical engineering students share their experiences.

Mehr Gift Establishes Two Funds at UMD

Alumnus gift will support graduate students and Design Decision Support Laboratory.

Ichiro Takeuchi Named Fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics

The JSAP Fellow International Award recognizes significant contributions of scientists who reside outside of Japan.

Computer Algorithms Help Improve Emissions Control

Keystone Professor Teng Li uses machine learning to gauge the performance of single-atom catalysts.

DesJardin Receives DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Ph.D. candidate Ian DesJardin one of 26 first-year DOE CSGF fellows for 2020.

Ashley Chapin advances as international finalist in Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Chapin is representing UMD with her video, "Demystifying the Gut-Brain Axis."

Dean Briber Honors Faculty with Research, Teaching Awards

Each year, the dean of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering honors exemplary faculty members for their dedication to excellence in research and teaching.

UMD to Lead $1M NSF Project to Develop a Quantum Network to Interconnect Quantum Computers

The aim of this project, being supported by the NSF Convergence Accelerator program, will be to enable trapped ion quantum computers to communicate over the internet.

UMD Research Team Awarded $385K NSF Grant for PEARLS Study

Asa-Awuku, Duncan and Terrell-Shockley aim to steer students from non-traditional geoscience backgrounds into collaborative geoscience work.

Energy Start-Up Continues to Make Waves

Ion Storage Systems highlighted in SiliconRepublic

One Size Does Not Fit All

To advance inclusive medical therapies and diversity in fundamental science, one Maryland engineer leads by example.

Monitoring Bridge Wear and Tear—With Radar

CEE professor Dimitrios Goulias is using computer algorithms and machine learning to support a promising new approach.

Survivability as Sensor

New research could improve UAV use for search and rescues in hazardous conditions with no communication network.

Nuclear Pioneer Reyes Achieves Historic Milestone

NuScale Power, co-founded by UMD alumnus José Reyes, is the first to win NRC approval for a small modular reactor (SMR) design.

Striking Up the Band Again—Safely

Twin studies at UMD and the University of Colorado-Boulder help band and music ensemble directors mitigate COVID-19 risks.

Flipping the Classroom in Engineering and Project Management

UMD’s Project Management Center for Excellence has been developing blended learning strategies that increase student engagement and retention

Team Competes for $10K to Support Oxidative Stress Research

Payne, research team earn MedTech Innovator Best Video Award votes based on video views, likes.

UMD Research Team Advances the Battery Revolution

Solid state energy storage research receives $2.25M in DOE funding.

How COVID Complicates a Historic Hurricane Season

As Sally Aims for Gulf Coast, Expert Urges Broader Thinking About Disaster Resilience, and Believing the Science

Clark School Undergraduate Programs Move Up in U.S. News & World Report Rankings

The Clark School moved up three spots, to No. 22 from 25 nationally, among undergraduate engineering programs in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges report released today. The Clark School ranks as No. 12 among public institutions.

Fu, Marcus team for new AFOSR project on simulation optimization

Simulation optimization aims to guide planning and decision making under uncertainty in complex dynamic settings.

DeVoe Awarded Elkins Professorship

UMD professor to develop new technology for studying individual cell behavior.

Investing in Environmentally Responsible Engineering

A grant from The Lemelson Foundation will accelerate environmentally and socially responsible engineering through innovation in undergraduate curricula.

Angela Sun Co-Founds COVID-19 Tutoring Platform Alongside Peers

Angela Sun, Kevin Tu, and Tesia Shi co-founded COVID-19 Tutors in April 2020.

Maryland engineers receive $10M to transform shellfish farming

The team will help farmers tap the economic potential and environmental benefits of shellfish aquaculture.

Sci-Fi Social Distancing?

Researchers tackle complexities of autonomous robots as a coronavirus solution.

New MS Treatment Approach Taps Skin’s Immune Cells

BIOE postdoc Robert “Smitty” Oakes awarded $600K Veterans Affairs grant for multiple sclerosis research

Fifteen Years On, Experts Weigh Lessons of Katrina

Social and racial inequities built into nation’s flood management system, UMD professors warn.

Rewiring the Student Network

As curriculum shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clark School discovered new ways for students to benefit from collaboration in class, engage with the university community, and build relationships with their peers.

Studying Airborne Transmission of COVID-19

Jelena Srebric was celebrating the release of a long-awaited study on the transmission rates of influenza in dorm rooms when the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States.

QTC, NRL Announce New Partnership to Spur Quantum Innovation

The University of Maryland's Quantum Technology Center (QTC) entered today into an Education Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to identify and pursue opportunities related to quantum technology research.

Monitoring Wastewater for COVID-19

The earliest indicator of COVID-19 may not be what—or where—one expects.

New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discovery Science

Berkeley Lab-led Center to catalyze U.S. leadership in quantum information science, and strengthen the nation's research community to accelerate commercialization.

"Space" to Learn

Senior Lecturer of Aerospace Engineering Liam Healy wrote a cloud-based computing application for the Fall 2020 semester to help students in ENAE441: Space Navigation and Guidance.

'Speedy Ceramics' Method Receives 2020 ARPA-E Award

Project led by Liangbing Hu received $1M to develop pipe renovation technology.

UMD alumna Jeanette Epps Tapped for Boeing Starliner Spaceflight

 Epps (M.S. ’94, Ph.D. ‘00) will join the ISS crew during a mission planned for 2021.

MSE Researcher Chengwei Wang Receives MRS Postdoctoral Award

Wang will be honored during an event coordinated with the 2020 Virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting later this year.

Alumnus Robert Briskman Starts New Project to Attack Space Debris

Co-Founded by Briskman, GuardianSat™ has developed a solution for high orbit satellite collision with orbital debris.

Wu, Milton receive NSF funding to improve telemedicine

Micro-signals on videos could be used to infer physiological conditions.

Professor Pamela Abshire Named 2020-2021 ADVANCE Professor

Abshire will serve as a strategic mentor and knowledge broker for faculty within the Clark School of Engineering.

Evensen Creates DIY COVID-19 Masks, Fundraises for Virus Relief

Ella Evenson and three biomedical engineering students from other universities created BMEast Masks.

UMD Researchers Identify Structure of Blue Whirls

Multi-institutional study published in Science Advances. 

Modernizing da Vinci’s Designs

UMD teams take top spots in 2020 VFS design competition to re-imagine Leonardo da Vinci’s aerial

QTC Researchers Combine QDM and ML to Noninvasively Probe an Integrated Circuit

A Quantum Diamond Microscope, augmented with Machine Learning, has been used to noninvasively probe activity within an integrated circuit.

Transforming the Lab Experience Amid COVID-19 Constraints

Course incorporates take-home kits, video instruction, and mentorship by professional engineers.

UMD Researchers Identify Structure of Blue Whirls

Phenomenon could lead to improved oil spill remediation and provide a source of clean energy.

The Impact of Scholarships

Meet Anusha Dixit '21 and Rachel Cueva '21 of the Clark School's Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Revolutionizing the Test

The Clark School is launching a pilot of open-source software PrairieLearn, an online homework and exam system that allows customized student assessment for an asynchronous environment.

UMD developing COVID-19 decision making tools for colleges

NSF funding will lead to new risk management models for safe and effective reopening

Unusual Season No Deterrent to Terps Racing

Amid constraints, team members focused on what they could do—and the result was a productive season.

UMD Launches Biocomputational Engineering Degree Program

New undergraduate degree merges biology, data science, and computer programming

BBI Awards Seed Grants to Six Interdisciplinary Projects

Funded teams feature UMD faculty from 15 academic departments and six centers and institutes

Timothy Koeth Elected to National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Board of Trustees

The only type of institution of its kind in the world, the museum's mission is to serve as America’s resource for nuclear science and history.

Holding ESTEEM in High Regard

Peter Kofinas and Jesse Matthews team up to mentor high school students in a program hosted by the UMD Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering.  

Lovell to Lead UMD’s Gemstone Honors Program

Plans include increasing diversity, drawing broader range of majors.

Professor Ott Elected as Foreign Member of the Academia Europaea

Founded in 1988, Academia Europaea is the pan-European academy of science, humanities and letters.

Chellappa Named College Park Professor by President Pines

Chellappa will be joining Johns Hopkins on August 1 as a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, but will continue his research collaborations at UMD.

Striking Up an Innovative Idea

Researchers’ Revamped Electronic Home Plate Adds Automation, Accuracy to Game.

Diamonds Shine a Light on Hidden Currents in Graphene

UMD Professor and Quantum Technology Center Director, Ronald Walsworth, and his colleagues, have developed a way to use diamonds to see the elusive details of electrical currents.

New model can help decisionmakers planning to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency

Alumnus Champion, Professor Gabriel and Ahti Salo of Aalto University have published their work in Energy Systems.

MTI Data Platform Used Nationally for COVID Response

Platform provides comprehensive data about COVID’s impact on mobility, health and the economy.

UMD researcher receives new $1M Vehicle Technology Award

Micro-sized silicon anode expands energy capacity

UMD Mechanical Engineering Alumnus Mehr Acquires Pier 1 Imports

Zoosk co-founder Alex Mehr continues his quest to revive iconic brands.

Researchers Aim to Sterilize N95 Masks for Reuse

Researchers working around the clock to ease the impact of supply shortages on hospitals, care facilities

Engineering Students among B1G Distinguished Scholars

Five Clark School athletes have been named Big Ten (stylized B1G) Distinguished Scholars for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Engineering Graduate Students Win UMD 3MT Competition

Three Clark School graduate students were among the university's 2020 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) winners.

COVID-19's Effect on Fire Protection Engineering and Prevention: A Master of Engineering Alumnus' Perspective

Mohamad Alaabar, Capt. Eng. and Head of the Inspection Division at Bahrain Civil Defence’s Protection and Safety Directorate, shares his experience ensuring fire safety and prevention during COVID-19.

Clyne Named BIOE Associate Chair, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Role will support efforts to enhance diversity within the department and in the STEM fields at large.

Huang Receives NIH Trailblazer Award & NSF CBET Grant

BIOE assistant professor working to develop novel light-based technology to improve drug delivery

2020 Dean's Doctoral Student Research Awards

The competition recognizes distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research.

Legacy through Impact: Dr. Darryll J. Pines

UMD President-Designate Darryll Pines inspires a culture of excellence at the Clark School, where everyone plays a part.

UMD Team Takes a Top Spot in NASA RASC-AL Design Competition

Four University of Maryland teams competed in this year’s NASA 2020 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition.

Rapidly evolving ‘smart marble’ sensors hold promise for monitoring pharmaceutical industry bioreactors and beyond

Size of the neutrally buoyant bPods has dropped from ‘baseball’ to ‘golf ball’ to ‘cherry’ in just three years.

Assistant Professor Cheng Gong Wins IUPAP Young Scientist Award

Prof. Cheng Gong has won IUPAP’s 2020 Young Scientist Award in Semiconductor Physics for his original breakthrough research on two-dimensional quantum materials and devices.

GAMMA Research Group is Developing Novel COVID-19 Prevention Robots

The NSF EAGER project intends to monitor pedestrian movements, using cameras and other sensors, that will automatically check for vital signs to gather reliable data, and investigate techniques to influence the behaviors of pedestrians to change their social behavior using robots.

ECE Alumna Rose Faghih Named an MIT Technology Review 2020 Innovator Under 35

Faghih is one of 35 brilliant young entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, humanitarians and pioneers working to make the world a better place.

Dinesh Manocha Named Distinguished University Professor

Manocha has received the highest honor bestowed on tenured faculty members at the University of Maryland.

Devoted to Diversity

Alumna Sylvie DeLaHunt’s (’14, M.S. ’16) ongoing efforts to improve diversity and inclusion featured in Aerospace America.

Li Wins NSF Grant to Study High-Performance Cellulose Materials

Bioderived cellulose could be used in vehicles, construction.

Hafezi, Hu Named Blavatnik Finalists for Second Straight Year

For the second year in a row, two Clark School faculty members have been named Finalists of the Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists.

Scarcelli Applies NSF CAREER Award to Study Embryonic Development

BIOE associate professor to develop imaging technology to study how biological cells grow into complex tissues.

Sulfur Provides Promising 'Next-Gen' Battery Alternative

Multi-institutional research team led by Chunsheng Wang published in PNAS.

New Markov chain predictive model aids COVID-19 decisionmakers

The research is helping medical team in Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital prepare and allocate resources and support decisions.

Call for Pediatric Medical Device Pitches Focused on COVID-19

FDA grant and gift from entrepreneur provide $250K in awards

UMD Student Team Advances in UAS Competition

High endurance design could be a boon for emergency responders.

Two University of Maryland Teams Selected for 2021 NASA M2M X-Hab Challenge

Competition challenges students to develop some of the next generation technologies to enhance NASA’s Moon to Mars space exploration missions.

Alumni-Run Company Vertex Aerospace Establishes New Scholarship in Engineering

Vertex Aerospace co-founders Nick Teti (mechanical engineering ’85) and Rommel Zara (aerospace engineering ’00) created a scholarship to support freshman engineering students from the Maryland region.

UMD, UMMS Researchers to Develop More Precise COVID-19 Models

Niemeier and Kaushik to lead project using mobile phone data, medical records.

FAA Extends Funding for NEXTOR III Aviation Operations Research Consortium

In its 23 years, NEXTOR has developed decision support tools, operational and system concepts, and policymaking tools that benefit the FAA, the airline industry and the flying public.

Real-time Transportation Data Can Improve Triage, Save Lives

New research could help ensure victims get the right care, quickly.

Engineering Robotic Starfish

Echinoderm-inspired robots could perform many difficult, dangerous tasks.

UMD receives two new DOE Building Technologies awards

Takeuchi and Aute to lead projects 

Pines: Stand in Solidarity, Unite Against Injustice

President-designate calls acts of violence against black community nationwide a 'stain' against UMD values.

UAS Test Site Named as Finalist in AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards

Selection recognizes breakthrough flight delivering organ for transplant.

Promoting Diversity and Addressing Unconscious Bias

Clark School Dean Robert Briber states that implicit bias that goes unaddressed is not welcome.

Pines, UMD Engineers Help Prince George’s County Reopening Efforts

President-designate to Lead Education Group; Maryland Transportation Institute to Provide Data

Aerosol Containment Chamber to Make COVID-19 Intubations Safer

Researchers aim to prevent disease spread during endotracheal intubation procedures for COVID-19 patients.

UMD Researchers Design ‘Open’ Lithium-ion Battery

The design bolsters both battery safety and performance.

UMD Student Wins First Place in AIAA Region I Student Conference Paper Competition

Aerospace engineering senior Charles Flanagan takes first place in Undergraduate Category.

UMD Research Lab Receives ARO Grant to Investigate Reconfigurable Nanoparticle Assemblies

Woehl research group will investigate fundamental aspects of chemical reaction driven nanoparticle assembly processes.

Alumnus Yossi Matias Receives ACM’s Kanellakis Award

Matias and his colleagues pioneered a framework for algorithmic treatment of streaming massive datasets.

Ingestible device research advances, enters new phase

New NSF funding, Lab on a Chip paper for Ghodssi group developing minimally invasive medical devices.

Alumna Sara Pohland to continue studies as NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Pohland will attend the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing research in robotics.

Ashley Chapin a campus-wide winner of the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Chapin’s video, “Demystifying The Gut-Brain-Axis,” reflects her dissertation work.

BIOE Capstone Class Virtually Presents 24 Novel Projects

BIOE seniors present Capstone projects and celebrate winners virtually.

ChBE Research Team to Investigate COVID-19

Jeffery Klauda is studying the protein amino acids at the COVID-19/ACE-2 interface.

Chunsheng Wang Named 1 of 10 Li-ion Battery Researchers to Watch

Wang, known for his versatile battery research, cited by Research Interfaces.

ChBE Undergraduate Student Receives Student Government Leadership Award

Noah Eckman (’20) received the William L. Thomas Student Government Association Award for his service.

Better, Cheaper COVID-19 Tests

Compact, reusable system could quickly and cheaply test for multiple respiratory viruses.

Two Engineers Among 2020-2021 Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

Professors Thomas Murphy and Derek Paley have been selected by the University of Maryland as Distinguished Scholar-Teachers.

UMD Researchers Tap CRISPR Technology to Connect Biology, Electronics

Potential application for complex electronics highlighted in Nature Communications

Wastewater Testing Could Help Track COVID-19

UMD’s Dr. Birthe Kjellerup is leading a project designed to assist early detection.

Dr. Aileen Hentz Receives Clark School of Engineering’s 2019-20 Student Advising Award

Aerospace Engineering’s Program Director of Student Services recognized for staff excellence in student services.

Alumnus Rajiv Laroia honored with IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal

Laroia founded Flarion Technologies in 2000 and developed Flash-OFDM broadband wireless technology there.

Junior Abigail Meyer Receives Women in Engineering Service Award

Terps Racing’s Baja team lead recognized for her efforts to advance women in engineering.

Throwback: Gamera Human-Powered Helicopter

The Clark School's Gamera Project is a student design challenge inspired by the Sikorsky Prize.

Researchers Design Mobile COVID-19 Testing Booths

Fischell Institute, Mechanical Engineering researchers designed a rapid deployment COVID-19 testing booth.

2020 Undergraduate Honors and Awards

Sixty-eight undergraduate students from the A. James Clark School of Engineering were recognized with 2020 Annual Engineering Honors and Awards.

Alumnus Paul Jaffe’s PhD Hardware Launching to Space on X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

The U.S. Naval Research Lab experiment, the Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module Flight Experiment (PRAM FX), will transform solar power into radio frequency microwave energy.

Switching Career Gears: From Electrical Engineering to Race Car Driving

A 2011 graduate of the Clark School, Christina Lam now races cars for Hi-Speed Motorsports and coaches clients for Skip Barber Racing School.

New Data Shows States Not Meeting Reopening Benchmarks

University of Maryland’s SERA Metrics Track Readiness Indicators

Dinesh Manocha Receives the 2020 Pierre Bézier Award

Manocha receives the 2020 Pierre Bézier Award in recognition of his technically significant and lasting contributions in Solid, Geometric and Physical Modeling and their Applications.

Eppler Named Dr. Edna O. Hokenson Endowed Fellow

Haleigh Eppler is a fourth-year Biological Sciences Ph.D. student and a member of Christopher Jewell's lab.

Quarantines Increasingly Ignored as Some States Partially Reopen

Social Distancing Index declines 12 points nationwide

Nine UMD Students Awarded 2020 Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

Aerospace Engineering students receive nine out of 29 awarded Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships.

Two Clark School teams take top spots in VFS micro air vehicle competition

The electric-powered, vertical take-off and landing, micro air vehicle competition encourages student interest in autonomous/unmanned aircraft technology and small air vehicle design and fabrication.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Asteroids

Assistant Professor Christine Hartzell is a member of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Team exploring Asteroid Bennu.

UMD’s Baecher Receives the ASCE Terzaghi Lecture Award

CEE professor honored for advancing the field of geotechnical risk and statistics.

Schwartz to Deliver Monismith Lecture

The annual series honors contributions to bridging geotechnical and pavement engineering.

New, superfast method for ceramic manufacturing could open door to AI-driven materials discovery

UMD engineers have reinvented a 26,000-year-old manufacturing process into an innovative approach to fabricating ceramic materials.

Forecasting COVID-19: New UMD Research Could Help

Mechanical engineering chair Bala Balachandran leads a data-driven approach.

UMIACS Faculty Adapting to Online-Only Research Activities

During the COVID-19 crisis, UMIACS researchers are using online resources to advance research.

BBI Launches QED ("Quarantine EDucation") Virtual Seminar Series

The series's inaugural presentation offers concrete strategies for parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building a Better, Eco-Friendlier Straw

Newly-published UMD research details a potential breakthrough

Student 3D Prints Personal Protective Equipment for Area Hospitals

Quinn Kupec’s efforts featured on North Dakota news outlet KVRR.

Social Distancing: Drop Seen for First Time Since Outbreak

“Quarantine fatigue” is recorded in 48 states.

Complex Systems: Better Understanding the Risks

Doctoral student Austin Lewis and faculty mentor Katrina Groth are developing a Bayesian Network approach.

Duncan Receives UMD Coronavirus Seed Fund Award

This will advance Duncan and his lab's work on bio-inspired hydrogels for detection of aerosolized COVID-19.

Terrapin 'Works' Toward Relief Efforts

Campus high-tech manufacturing takes on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Engineering Solutions: In the News

Clark School researchers are working to create solutions and pool resources in efforts to minimize the spread of the disease, provide critical aid to health care workers and their patients, and monitor the impact of social distancing and travel restrictions.

Flush With Excitement

Clark School students take top prize in Pitch Dingman competition.

Maryland Engineers Open Door to Big New Library of Tiny Nanoparticles

A new study published in Science Advances expands the landscape of nanomaterials, and what we can do with them.

BIOE121 Students #KeepLearning with Take-Home Laboratory Kits

Angela Jones, Ph.D. created a series of innovative experiments that her students can perform at home.

Clark School faculty 'AIM-HI' to address major health challenges

The new UMB-UMCP program has announced its first grants for projects combining AI and medicine.

Maryland Engineers Receive Coronavirus Research Seed Fund Awards

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a torrent of creativity from researchers eager to help society through this difficult passage.

Spurring research group creativity in the time of COVID-19

Student-faculty teams that write review articles for journals reap multiple benefits.

High-performance electrolyte solves battery puzzle

UMD poses answer to making a nanostructured battery: a better electrolyte

FPE Remembers Orville "Bud" Slye, Jr.

Slye, the first graduate of FPE's program, passed on April 13, 2020.

Alumna Rose Faghih Adapts Smartwatches to Deliver Information About Brain States

Rose Faghih wins NSF CAREER Award to adapt smartwatches to deliver information about emotional and cognitive states.

Alumnus Receives 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship

Mechanical Engineering Alumnus Pradeep Sharma (Ph.D. ’00) Named 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient.

Incubator Hatches COVID-19 Solutions

UMD-supported business development facility creating ventilators from breast pumps along with masks, shields to fill need.

Alumna Margaret Meixner Selected by USRA to Lead the SOFIA Science Mission Operations

Dr. Meixner will provide the scientific, technical and management guidance for the SOFIA team and work in partnership with the Deutsches SOFIA Institut to amplify the scientific productivity and influence of the observatory.

New Protocol Helps Classify Topological Matter

In a new paper in Science Advances, researchers from UMD and several other institutions presented a new method for identifying and characterizing topological invariants on various experimental platforms, testing their protocol in a quantum simulator made of neutral atoms.

COVID-19: Researchers Use Location Data to Gauge Impact

Team is developing methods that can aid preparation and planning.

Clark School Mourns the Passing of Student Trevor Quinn

Trevor Quinn, a junior studying aerospace engineering, passed away on Friday.

BIOE Students & Alumni Named NSF Graduate Research Fellows

Six members of the BIOE community receive the prestigious award this year.

ECE Mourns the Passing of Esteemed Professor Emeritus Nicholas DeClaris

Professor DeClaris joined the UMD faculty in 1967 and served as Head of the Electrical Engineering Department. After stepping down as head, he continued to teach until his retirement in 2011.

Shelter-in-place Compliance Remains Low, UMD Research Finds

Data Analysis Shows Erratic Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

BGSS Hosts Virtual "Research and Pajamas" Events

BGSS has transformed its "Research and Pizza" in person events to virtual "Research and Pajamas" gatherings.

Alumnus Alex Scott and Teammates Turn Breast Pumps into Cost-Effective Ventilators

ECE Alumnus Alex Scott ‘18 and his teammates are repurposing breast pumps to support the global ventilator shortage and assist healthcare facilities to fight the novel Coronavirus.

Researchers Develop Rapid Deployment Mask

Fischell Institute designs DIY-style mask with better filtration than cloth masks.

Answering the Call Amid COVID-19

Student volunteers step up at College Park Fire Station.

Srebric Named Acting Associate Dean for Research

Mechanical Engineering Professor Jelena Srebric selected as Acting Associate Dean for Research
in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Charting a Course Toward Quantum Simulations of Nuclear Physics

Researchers explore how to map lattice gauge theories to ion traps.

Clark School Engineers 3D Print Protective Face Shields

Clark School faculty and additive manufacturing experts are working to 3D print protective face shields in response to critical PPE shortages.

COVID-19: Aerospace Engineers Contribute Needed Supplies

The department provided a University of Maryland School of Medicine practice with masks, goggles and other items.

2020 Energy Seed Grants Awarded

Diverse energy projects selected from across the University System

Researchers Work to Develop Custom Conformal N95 Respirators

Researchers are working to address the critical supply of N95 respirators resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

In Race With Virus, Researchers Speed Development of Medical Equipment

Bioengineers, Terrapin Works producing new respirator and ventilator designs.

GAMMA Group's Research on Emotional Modeling and Social Robotics Featured in Forbes

Dinesh Manocha and Aniket Bera’s latest development on a socially-intelligent robot known as ProxEmo, has been featured in Forbes.

Protection Collections Abound for Local Health Care Workers

Campus units donate masks, gloves, and other much-needed supplies.

UMD Launches Center for Materials Innovation

Research center, led by Liangbing Hu, will use innovative materials development to solve the world’s most pressing problems. 

Public health planners: Free resources for emergency health clinics

Downloadable software developed by Herrmann and colleagues aids in planning clinic design, surges, vaccination allocation and alternative care sites.

Clark School Engineers Create Solutions for a Crisis

Engineering labs pivot to produce and distribute hand sanitizer and surgical masks.

COVID-19 Decision Making Gets a Big Data Boost

UMD’s Maryland Transportation Institute and CATT Lab are analyzing data gleaned from mobile devices.

Slam Dunk at Alumni Cup

The annual Alumni Cup competition is hosted by the Clark School's Engineering Alumni Network.

Clark School Graduate Engineering Program Ranked 20th Nationally

The A. James Clark School of Engineering is ranked a top 20 program for graduate-level engineering in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report.

Revolutionize the Commute: Electric Bicycle

For the past three years, Professor Gomez has challenged students to push the laws of physics and the limits of technology in his electric bicycle capstone course.

Improve the Outcome: Vascular Liver Tissue

Creating vascular organ tissue in a lab could open new doors to drug testing, disease modelling, and organ transplants.

Break Records: The "Flying Carpet"

The flying carpet is the epitome of what the Mpact Challenge hoped to inspire: that when given the resources and room for unrestricted creativity, students and faculty can develop a radical idea.

Become a Contender: Electric Racecar

Borne from a capstone course is the two-year odyssey to build Maryland's first electric racing car.

Spread Hope: The "Smart Bra"

The "smart bra" is a low-cost wearable device that could conceivably detect breast cancer early enough for treatment.

Move a Great Idea Forward: The Stance Prosthetic Foot

Called the Stance, Karl Zhao's custom, modular, and durable foot could help fill a critical gap in the prosthetics industry.

Brand Savior

Entrepreneur Alex Mehr (Ph.D. ‘03) is reinvigorating iconic, but struggling, brick and mortar brands through “creative reinvention” in e-commerce.

UAS Test Site Receives Achievement Award from the American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

Award recognizes a significant impact to furthering vertical flight.

Pride of Maryland Solar Car Returns to Roots at Maryland

Through alumni efforts, now on permanent display in the Engineering Lab Building.

Joe Alascio Wins 2020 John L. Bryan GRA Award

Alascio, a senior, will continue into his master’s program in the fall.

MEI2 leads U.S. side of $18.4M U.S.-Israel Energy Center focused on Energy Storage

Project will Develop Lithium and Sodium Metal Solid State Batteries for Advanced Energy Storage Applications

Poppler James Named Chair Elect for ASEE’s Continuing Professional Development Division

Poppler James is second Clark School staff member to serve in this national role.

Srebric to Receive 2020 USM Board of Regents Faculty Award for Excellence in Innovation

Award is highest honor bestowed to faculty by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.

Robert Briber Named Interim Dean of Clark School

Professor Robert Briber has been named Interim Dean of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, effective April 1, 2020.

Legacy of Warren Isman Offers New Opportunity for FPE Students 

Endowed Memorial Scholarship provided by the NFPA will be available to incoming undergraduates. 

Pattishall Family Establishes Scholarship to Support Women in Aerospace Engineering

Marti Pattishall creates fund honoring late husband Robert A. Pattishall’s (aerospace engineering ’69) legacy and preserve his passion for education.

ECE Researchers Represented on Three 2020 MURI Awards

These five-year grants will be provided to teams located across 52 U.S. academic institutions, subject to satisfactory research progress and the availability of funds.

Clark School Faculty Receive CAREER Awards

Three faculty members of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering have received Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Dr. Eleonora Tubaldi Joins Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Tubaldi explores nature's strategies to develop soft, bio-inspired devices.

Stroka Receives NSF CAREER Award for Cell Mechanobiology Research

BIOE assistant professor to apply grant to shed new light on how blood vessels work.

Anusha Dixit Awarded Inaugural Mary and Tom Snitch Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarship provides merit-based support to students in aerospace engineering.

Dr. Hosam Fathy Joins Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Fathy joins the department with an extensive background in optimal control of energy systems.

Ion Storage Systems Says Its Ceramic Electrolyte Could Be a Gamechanger for Solid-State Batteries

A superthin electrolyte with three layers could deliver safe, fast-charging batteries

Gearing Up for the Future

This year's student leaders of Terps Racing are making strides to build a stronger community of inclusivity and diversity.

FPE Launches the International Fire Safety Consortium

Trouvé and Stoliarov led the U21 International Fire Safety Consortium on campus last week.

Thin Wood Film Amplifies Speaker Technology

UMD study published in Nature Communications.

Dean Pines Named University of Maryland's 34th President

Darryll Pines has served as Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering since January 2009.

John Baras named Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Citation reads, "for fundamental and high impact contributions to Internet over satellite technology, cybersecurity, automatic control, model-based systems engineering, and for academic leadership."

Alumnus Brendan Hanrahan's decade of running for medical research

The nationwide Cupid's Undie Run has raised close to $19M for Neurofibromatosis research since 2010.

UMD's Paley Wins Grant for Micromobility Study

Quantitative research will help better assess risks and benefits, while providing a foundation for planning.

Alumnus Andrucyk Named Director of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Andrucyk actively champions efforts to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce that encourages collaboration and partnership across NASA Science.

UMD Convenes Alliance to Accelerate Quantum ‘Ecosystem’

Regional Partners Include Universities, National Labs, Businesses

Fuge Receives NSF CAREER Award

Funded research will explore new algorithms that learn how to design complex systems.

Universities, National Labs and Corporations Create New Alliance to Accelerate Maryland's Leadership in Quantum Science

The Maryland Quantum Alliance launched today with an event in the House of Delegates Office Building.

Carol Espy-Wilson named 'Campus Woman of Influence'

The award recognizes women in the campus community who have made exemplary contributions to the improvement of the quality of women's lives.

Sochol Receives NSF CAREER Award to Explore New Multi-Material 3D Nanoprinting Technique

New research could expand additive manufacturing capabilities with multiple materials at smaller sizes while offering students unique hands-on research opportunities.

C. Dan Mote, Jr. to Receive 2020 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering

Mote announced as one of the Franklin Institute Awards Class of 2020 recipients.

Failure is an Option

Alumni Profile: Cara Martin

Professor Pecht Visits the World’s Largest E-Waste Recycling Facility

Dubai's Recycling Hub recycles up to 40,000 tons of e-waste per year.

UMD Online Engineering Graduate Program Ranks 18th Nationally

Online Graduate Program Recognized as a Best Online Program by U.S. News & World Report

Duncan Named 2020 CMBE Rising Star

BIOE assistant professor receives Biomedical Engineering Society recognition.

Fisher to Receive 2020 Society for Biomaterials Award

BIOE Chair recognized for contributions to biomaterials literature.

New International Fire Safety Consortium Launched to Address Most Urgent Global Challenges

Researchers from UMD, four other universities combine expertise to advance worldwide partnership initiative

NCC-PDI, MedTech Innovator Accepting Pitches for 2020 Competition

Applications are open now for the March 23 first round pitch event.

2019 Research Wrap-up: MSE at UMD Ranked 18th among U.S. Universities by Nature

Our department has racked up a considerable amount of honors and accolades as of late!

'Super' Simulations Offer Fresh Insight Into Serotonin Receptors

Klauda research group published in PNAS this morning.

Albertus Provides Perspective on Long-term Energy Storage Solutions

Joule paper examines applications, economics and technologies

Three Clark School Students Win Top Prize in the Hult@UMD Competition

Grody, Sturtevant and Rappaport take top spot with their patent-pending Hydraze solution.

Millennium Engineering Supports New Balloon Payload Projects

Alumni Kerry Wisnosky (aerospace engineering, ’86), co-founder of Millennium, provides new balloon payload project opportunities to help enhance student research capabilities.

UMD Mourns Passing of Innovation Hall of Fame Inductee and Alumnus George J. Laurer, Inventor of the Modern Bar Code

University of Maryland's Clark School of Engineering community remembers Innovation Hall of Fame alumnus George J. Laurer (1925-2019).

Seven Clark School student teams build E-bikes that can travel 125 miles on a single charge – powering past the current range on the market

Clark School engineers compete in 125-Mile EBikes! Design Competition to test the limits of electric bicycles and to celebrate 125 years of engineering at Maryland.

AlphaGo family of AI programs grew from AMS simulation-based algorithms developed at UMD

New review article by original author Michael Fu traces game-playing AI programs to seminal 2005 paper in Operations Research.

UMD STEM Students Take the Stage in The Nutcracker

More than a dozen Ballet Company M dancers hail from science and engineering backgrounds

Institute Hosts AMBIC December Conference, Unveils New Research

AMBIC Industry Board members and other researchers convened to discuss new and ongoing projects.

Galloway Briefs Congress on Improved Flood Management

A leading water resources expert outlines steps needed for greater resilience.

Aerospace Engineering Students Win at AIAA YPSE Conference

Undergraduate and graduate students take top spots at AIAA’s Region 1 Young Professionals, Students, and Educators Conference.

Brain and Behavior Initiative Hosts 3rd Annual Seed Grant Symposium

Researchers from across UMD convene to discuss the latest projects funded by BBI

Papamanthou Named Director of MC2

Papamanthou will provide leadership to the unique center that joins computer scientists and engineers with researchers from across campus in fields such as economics, supply-chain management and the social sciences.

NASA Tests Search and Rescue Tech, With UMD Assist

Drones can help measure how well distress beacons are working, particularly in hard-to-reach locations.

Accepting Applications for Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship

The Institute is accepting applications for the MPowering the State Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship.

Discoveries from NASA's Parker Solar Probe published in Nature

ISR alumnus Philip Twu helped develop the probe at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

UMD Alumna Demonstrates There are Many Roads to Becoming an Astronaut

NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Discusses her Experiences as an Aerospace Engineer

Rama Chellappa Wins 2020 IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal

The prestigious medal is awarded annually to researchers who have made a lasting impact on the field of signal processing.

New Report Recommends a Path for the Future of Maryland’s Clean Energy Economy

Comprehensive report on the future of clean energy innovation in Maryland delivered today to Governor Hogan

Clark professors Wu, Liu named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

New inductees are latest of six UMD faculty recognized by NAI for ‘prolific spirit of innovation.’

Measuring Snow From Space

 UMD's Bart Forman and NASA colleagues are developing a new simulation tool that can determine the best method.

Additive Manufacturing and Ni-Ti Metal Bolster Cooling Technology

UMD’s Ichiro Takeuchi and team published in Science.

Donald H. Willis Inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame

The Clark School Honors Electrical Engineering Alum Donald H. Willis for Significant Innovative Contributions.

Chapin, Bowen win in Bioscience Day poster session

The ISR Ph.D. students won in the bioengineering and neuroscience and cognitive science categories.

Refocusing In-situ Electron Microscopy

ChBE Professor Taylor Woehl offers insight into more efficient microscopy technique.

MEI² Scientists Named Highly Cited Researchers in 2019

Hu and Wang identified by Web of Science

Alumna Appointed Director Arizona State University Polytechnic School

Leila Ladani (M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ’07) takes the helm of The Polytechnic School, one of six schools in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University.

Daring Vision. Lasting Impact.

125 Years of Engineering Excellence at the University of Maryland (1894–2019)

Technica celebrates 5th Anniversary with over 900 Coders from Around the Country

Technica remains the largest all-women and non-binary hackathon in the world.

Five Years of WIAA at the University of Maryland

The student-run WIAA fosters a professional and supportive community by empowering women with opportunities for leadership, technical and professional development, networking, outreach, and advocacy on behalf of female students.

MSE Chair JC Zhao Receives Prestigious William Hume-Rothery Award

Dr. Zhao will be honored at the 2021 annual TMS meeting in Orlando, Fl.

Aerospace Engineering Professor Emeritus Appointed Director of Defense Research and Engineering

Professor Emeritus Mark Lewis named Pentagon's new director of defense research and engineering for modernization.

Voice of America video highlights kidney transplant drone flight

Segment on VOA Russia Service details life-saving capabilities of drone delivery.

Professor Yanne K. Chembo named 2020 Optical Society Fellow

Yanne K. Chembo has been recognized for contributions to the field of microwave photonic systems for aerospace and communication engineering.

MSE Undergrad Jacob Garnett Opens LM Challenge Box in Record Time

Mystery box intended to identify and recruit the most talented engineers.

Student autonomous drone racing team takes 2nd place at IROS

'TurboTerps' flew their drone autonomously through a set of gates, completing 14 runs in 4:42.

'Leapfrog' Model Offers New Insight into Transdermal Drug Delivery

Study, written by UMD Undergrad Eric Wang, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

UMD’s Reilly Lands Gulf Research Program Fellowship

Award will support research on inequities in disaster relief.

Ph.D. student Usman Fiaz competes in Unix 50 challenge at Nokia Bell Labs

Fiaz's team won the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Robotic Orchestration."

Niemeier Explores Link Between Infrastructure, Inequity

An interview with the inaugural Clark Distinguished Chair and MTI faculty affiliate.

What’s Next for Next-Gen Batteries?

High-energy-density polymeric cathode for fast-charge sodium and multivalent batteries.

Stroka Named 2019 Young Innovator of Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering

BIOE assistant professor to be recognized at 2019 BMES Annual Meeting

UMD Radiation Facilities Hosts Nuclear Science Merit Badge Program

The event was organized in collaboration with the Baltimore Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society, and attended by Boy Scouts from the DMV.

UMD Transplant Organ Flight Named Invention of the Year

The Technical.ly Awards honored an history-making drone flight that helped save the life of a kidney patient.

Dust in Space

Microgravity mysteries prompt creative thinking for spacecraft design.

FPE Wildfire Research Projects Receive Funding Twice-over

Grants will fund studies, led by Michael Gollner, of wildfires as they move into communities.

Envisioning the Future of Urban Transportation

Could lightweight electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft be a solution for urban congestion?

NIH Awards $2.8M Grant to Further Dementia Research

UMB, BIOE researchers team up to study link between spinal cord injury and dementia.

2019 Engie Fellowship Recipients Named

Jimmy Tancabel and Adelaide Mei Chun Nolan named as the 2019 Engie Fellowship Recipients

UMD Welcomes New Class of Distinguished A. James Clark Scholars

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland welcomes 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its newest class of A. James Clark Scholars.

4D Bioprinting Smart Constructs for the Heart

Researchers investigate new 4D printing techniques to control stem cell cardiomyogenesis.

UMD Alumni George Robinson Parlays Chemical Engineering Degree into Eco-friendly Business  

Robinson started Intercoastal Trading which focuses on reducing nitrogen and phosphorus output.

A New Space for Networking: The Juniper Networks Laboratory

The lab will enable hands-on research and will offer undergraduate courses in networking and network virtualization, as well as revamp Master’s in Telecommunications courses.

FPE Welcomes Katie Donlin, Third Recipient of UL Fellowship

Originally from Illinois, Donlin will use the funding to develop and research a fire service topic.

Quantum Materials Symposium to Showcase Local Expertise and Highlight Partnerships in D.C. Region

UMD will hold a one-day symposium focusing on local research into quantum materials on September 26, 2019.

Found in Space

How an 18-year-old student engineering project showed up in a new sci-fi book.

Wu Awarded Harriett B. Rigas Award from the IEEE Education Society

Professor Min Wu received the prestigious Harriett B. Rigas Award from the IEEE Education Society for outstanding leadership in signal processing, education, and mentoring.

Advancing Healthcare through Robotics and Machine Learning

You may not be able to see undiagnosed, internal hemorrhagic bleeding ... but a robot can.

Clark School Opens New Daikin Energy Innovation Laboratory

The Clark School formally opened the Daikin Energy Innovation Laboratory in honor of its more than 20-year partnership with global manufacturer Daikin.

First-of-kind Research Measures Gold Mining's Impact in Amazon

Maria Rodriguez is working to obtain data that is needed for recovery and reforestation efforts.

UMD Researchers Develop Technique to Advance Cell-Based Systems

Autonomous coordination of cell subpopulations highlighted in Nature Communications.

ECE and CS Team up to Launch Master of Professional Studies in Machine Learning

The program will offer students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge technical course work in machine learning and develop their problem solving skills in the art and science of processing and extracting information from data.

The Epic World of Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney ('93, mechanical engineering) is building the new frontier of gaming.

Special Delivery

To build an unmanned aerial vehicle worthy of a groundbreaking three-mile flight on the night of April 19, a team of UMD engineers worked over the course of two and a half years.

Delivering on Quantum Innovation

The University of Maryland (UMD) has announced the launch of the Quantum Technology Center (QTC), which aims to translate quantum physics research into innovative technologies.

UMD Researchers Discover Nanoparticle-Like Behavior of a Liquid Drop Acts Like Velcro on Specially Designed Surfaces

Findings show a liquid drop might behave as a solid object in terms of wetting interactions when placed on a surface that is simultaneously deformable and liquid-repelling

A Greener Alternative to Hot-Mix Asphalt

Green technologies, such as recycled pavement, have the capacity to both lower operating costs for businesses through carbon credits and reduce pollution.

NSF Awards $2M Grant to UMD-led Team to Develop Quantum-based Machine Learning Algorithms and Hardware

The researchers received the grant as part of the NSF’s Quantum Leap Initiative. 

Welcome, NAE Members

The Clark School welcomes six National Academy Engineering members who will be returning to or joining our faculty this fall.

Lockheed Martin Awards $3M to Clark School

The gift will fund aerospace research while increasing opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

Wood Fuels FAA’s Fire Research

UMD Student Jennifer Wood is using an FAA research grant to help the agency develop fire detection systems.

NSF Awards $1M Grant to UMD Researchers

The interdisciplinary project will explore the molecular connection between the gut and the nervous system.

Ghodssi Receives Senior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

The award recognizes exceptionally influential research accomplishments by Clark School faculty.

Scarcelli Receives Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

BIOE assistant professor recognized for optics research.

Engineering Students Twice Victorious at International Rotorcraft Design Competition

Undergraduate and graduate student teams from the Clark School took top honors in an international competition.

Ronald Walsworth Joins UMD’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ronald (Ron) Walsworth joined the University of Maryland in August as a Minta Martin Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and as Director of the Quantum Technology Center.

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Technology Center

The new research center will catalyze the development of high-impact quantum technologies.

Mapping Nucleation Kinetics with Nanometer Resolution

Towards a more realistic picture of how crystal nucleation occurs at a solid-liquid interface.

Kjellerup Co-organizes Biofilms Conference

The October event will bring together experts from around the globe.

MEI² Receives Two New Innovative Vehicle Technology Awards

DOE Awards UMD/MEI$2M for Advance Battery Technology

BIOE, UMB to Host October Symposium

A. James Clark School of Engineering researchers are invited to submit abstracts by Sept. 10th.

Taking Aim at Blood Infections

Researchers develop micro-scale device to analyze bacteria in human blood using single-cell Raman spectrometry

Engineering Sustainable Solutions…Globally!

CEE professors led sustainability-focused study abroad programs in Iceland and Italy.

Five Years of Fearless Flight

The UMD UAS Test Site marks two milestones this summer: five years since its launch, and the 1,000th sortie flown.

Alumnus Amir Ali Ahmadi receives PECASE Award

Ahmadi, who earned a 2006 BS in electrical engineering and math, is a professor at Princeton University.

UMD Disaster Resilience Expert Galloway Comments on Mississippi Flooding

More frequent flooding is straining the nation's levee system.

Liu Named Distinguished University Professor

Prof. Liu has been named a University of Maryland distinguished university professor, the most prestigious internal honor on campus.

'Wood' You Like Some Fresh Water?

New treatment for wood could make a membrane to extract fresh water.

MEI2 Launches First Start-Up in Incubator

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute officially launched its first start-up company, Ion Storage Systems.

Making “Smart” Cells Smarter

UMD researchers developed a technique to drive teams of bacteria to work together autonomously.

MTI Briefs World Bank Representatives on New Transportation Research

A World Bank delegation visited campus to learn more about transportation initiatives being developed at UMD.

Making “Smart” Cells Smarter

UMD researchers developed a technique to drive teams of bacteria to work together autonomously.

Gomez Inducted into the National Academy of Science and Technology of the Philippines

The award is given annually to scientists who have excelled in their contributions to science, particularly in areas beneficial to Philippine science.

New Multi-Material 3D Nanoprinting Strategy Could Revolutionize Optics, Photonics and Biomedicine

UMD engineers demonstrate new approach by 3D printing a five-material DNA-inspired microstructure that is a fraction of the size of a human hair.

Building on a Childhood Dream

FPE Alumni Jack Medovich discusses how his education compelled him to start a non-profit geared towards empowering child burn victims.

Dr. Hwang and Dr. Aute Named New CEEE Co-Directors

They aim to expand CEEE's status as one of the leading Centers for HVAC&R Research in the world

UMD/MEI2 Energy Innovation Featured at ARPA-E 2019

ARPA-E Marks 10 Years of Technology Innovation

The Battery Revolution

Fires in cell phones, laptops, and even a jumbo jet might have one thing in common: a liquid-electrolyte lithium-ion battery.

Alumnus Domenic Forte is PECASE recipient

The PECASE is the highest honor given to outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers.

Jewell Named Presidential Early Career Award Recipient

BIOE associate professor and associate chair recognized for immune engineering research and STEM outreach.

UMD Names Deb Niemeier as Inaugural Clark Distinguished Chair

Niemeier is the first of several endowed Clark Distinguished Chairs to be appointed through the Clark Foundation investment.

Ji-Cheng Zhao to Serve as Next MSE Chair

Dr. Zhao begins his tenure with UMD on July 1.

Ankur Srivastava named seventh director of ISR

His appointment will begin July 1, 2019.

Building Tomorrow’s Aviation Together: Airport, UAS Test Site Celebrate Ties

Unmanned systems are helping to power economic growth in Southern Maryland.

Derek Paley named Maryland Robotics Center director

Paley's term will begin July 1, 2019.

Python-Based Program Could Advance Understanding of Blood-Brain Barrier

Stroka Lab works to shed new light on Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and drug delivery to the brain.

Modeling Cellular Membranes

Klauda research group published in Chemical Reviews.

Do Good Robotics Start-Up Competition coming this fall

Deadline for submitting an application is July 30.

Jewell Lab Awarded Two NIH R01 Bioengineering Research Grants

BIOE Associate Professor Christopher Jewell now backed by four active NIH R01 grants.

Looking For Freshwater In All the Snowy Places

A team led by UMD professor Bart Forman is developing a tool to help satellites measure the water content of snow.

UMD Engineer Selected for Next Phase of Small Spacecraft Mission

Christine Hartzell is the mission scientist on one of three finalist missions selected by NASA for future small satellites.

Perfect Quantum Portal Emerges at Exotic Interface

A junction between an ordinary metal and a special kind of superconductor has provided a robust platform to observe Klein tunneling.

Aerospace Graduate's Gift Elevates Teacher's Legacy

Out of gratitude to his mentor, Jim Rand has made a generous gift to the Clark School in support of the Robert M. Rivello Scholarship.

Ring Resonators Corner Light

Researchers have created the first silicon chip that can reliably constrain light to its four corners.

Tiny plastics, big environmental risk: UMD researcher sheds new light on sorption

Doctoral candidate Alterra is studying how microplastics and chemicals interact—and finding some surprises.

Four BIOE Ph.D. Students Awarded NIH Fellowships

Students recognized for research in vaccine design, surgical sealants, pulmonary diseases, and multiple sclerosis. 

Clark School Team to Compete in NASA's RASC-AL Competition

A team of Clark School students will compete in this year's RASC-AL competition, held June 18-20, 2019.

Golden Terps Shine at Spring 2019 Commencement

The Clark School honors this year's alumni celebrating the 50th, 55th, 60th, and 70th anniversaries of their University of Maryland graduations.

Special Forum and Seminar: Impact of Social Networking on Engineering Pedagogy

This half-day event focused on the ineffective study strategies that students are now using to pass engineering courses.

UMD Energy Start-Up receives $8M investment

Ion Storage Systems partnering with Alsop Louie

Two Clark School Faculty Named Finalists of Prestigious Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists

Hafezi and Hu are among 31 of the nation's rising stars who will compete for three Blavatnik National Awards.

Clark School at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference

Connect with the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering at ASEE 2019!

Examining Microbiology from New Heights

UMD senior working with Fischell Institute to further study of atmospheric microbiology

Scientists revisit the cold case of cold fusion

Four academic laboratories partner with Google to explore how materials science can help make fusion more accessible.

Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel Through the Years

Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel Celebrates 70 Years of Aerodynamic Research and Development

Clark School Aerospace Engineering Faculty Recognized by AIAA National Capital Section

Three faculty receive AIAA NCS awards for their outstanding contributions to research and education.

Dr. Michael Osterman Receives University of Maryland Provost’s Excellence Award

Award recognizes outstanding research contributions made by professional track faculty on campus.

Cooling Wood: An Eco-Friendly Building Material

UMD and Boulder engineers create strong, sustainable solution for passive cooling

Clark School student teams sweep MAV competition

FIRE freshmen, AE undergrads and MEng Robotics students take first place in both categories at VFS Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge.

2019 Dean's Doctoral and Master's Student Research Awards

Created by Clark School Dean Darryll Pines, the competition recognize distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research.

Helping robots remember

Hyperdimensional computing theory could change the way AI works

University Medal Awarded to Electrical Engineering Senior Jerome Quenum

Medalist Honors Late Father With Career Pursuit as More Than 8,200 Terps Graduate Next Week

Smart signals, safer intersections

Gang-Len Chang and his research team are testing a way to reduce sudden braking.

BIOE Sophomore Awarded NOAA Hollings Scholarship

Jessica Boyer will receive academic assistance and a paid internship opportunity with NOAA.

Reversible Chemistry Clears Path for Safer Batteries

UMD and ARL scientists create water-based battery with outstanding performance

CECD Celebrates Twenty Years of Research and Education Excellence

The Center for Engineering Concepts Development celebrated its distinguished history and decades of accomplishments during their 20th Anniversary and Middleton Luncheon.

Partnering for Quantum Leaps

For many UMD researchers, partnering with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is key.

NCC-PDI awards $50K to Device Innovators

National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation hosts annual pitch competition at the University of Maryland

Terrapin Tales: Oswald Hurt Saunders, Class of 1910

Honors student, salutatorian, track and field star, and military commander are a few of the roles Oswald Hurt (O.H.) Saunders played during his time with the College of Engineering.

Clark School Research in the News: Transplant Organ Flown by UAS

An historic first opens the way for safer, faster organ deliveries.

Have You Seen this Cube?

When an important WWII atomic relic turned up out of the blue, two Maryland researchers wanted to know: what happened to the other 658 of them?

University of Maryland Selected as Partner for New Research Consortium for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The research consortium known as Research in Applications for Learning Machines (REALM) was established to foster collaboration between leading universities with strong machine learning and artificial intelligence programs.

UMD Aerospace Engineering Students Receive VFF Scholarships

Six students received scholarships from the Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF), the philanthropic arm of the Vertical Flight Society (VFS).

Exceptional Engineering Students Recognized with Dean's Awards

Five Clark School undergraduate students were honored with Dean's Awards on April 17, 2019.

Engineering Playdate: Role Models in STEM

UMD engineering student Kira Loshin wants to provide role models for girls interested in STEM.

Pioneering Breakthrough: Unmanned Aircraft Delivers Organ for Successful Kidney Transplant in Maryland

The groundbreaking effort by Maryland faculty and researchers could help expand donor access to transplantation.

UMD workshop examines risks related to new transportation technology

Key concerns include vehice safety, software reliabillity, and cybersecurity.

Proud to Protect

Not a day goes by when volunteer firefighter Christopher Hallock doesn't use what he's learned as a student at the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Bensi, Groth Selected for Nuclear Facility Risk Assessment Faculty Development Program

The inter-department program will support junior faculty in developing solutions to advance probabilistic risk assessments.

Li Member of UMD Invention of the Year Award Winning Team

Awards honor inventions with potential for transformative impact on science, society, and the free market.

Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water

A self-cleaning device made of wood aims to make small-scale desalination more practical.

Gomez selected as Poole and Kent Senior Faculty Teaching Award Recipient

This award is bestowed annually to faculty members who have provided remarkable contributions to the field of teaching.

Energy Start Up Places 3rd in Battery Competition

Ion Storage Systems one of 5 outstanding finalists in LG Chem Battery Challenge

Algorithms and Autonomous Discovery

Professor Ichiro Takeuchi uses machine learning to help develop new magnetic materials.

Rathore and Teammates Place Ninth in International Math Competition

UMD was one of only three U.S. public universities to place in the top 10 at the 2018 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.

Machine Learning's Translational Medicine

Axel Krieger, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, specializes in medical robotics and computer vision.

Kailkhura and Vathsavai Win Best Consortium Student Presentation Award, Spring 2019

Research sponsors voted theirs best out of 15 presentations.

Timothy J. Regan to deliver Kirlin/Whiting-Turner Lecture on April 18

Timothy J. Regan, president and CEO of Whiting-Turner, will share insights gained during his career.

MSE PhD Student Competes in 3MT Competition, Wins at College Level

Azadeh Farzaneh discussed her research on microbial induced corrosion in oil pipelines.

Measuring Change in the Atmosphere

Akua Asa-Awuku strives to understand the molecular components of the atmosphere that exist at the ultrasmall nanoscale.

3D-printed Tissues May Keep Athletes in Action

CECT bioengineers lead effort to print scaffolds to heal bone and cartilage.

Engineering a Testudo

Testudo became the official mascot of UMD in 1932, and engineering students played a critical role in shaping the prominence of Testudo on campus.

Elisabeth Smela one of five honored with Campus Women of Influence Award

Recipients have contributed to improving the quality of women's lives.

Realistic simulator improves safety of self-driving vehicles before road testing

Data-driven tech combines photos, videos, real-world trajectory, and behavioral info into autonomous driving simulator.

Yifei Mo receives 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award

Mo will receive $45K to help fund his research in engineered materials design.

Katz Named IACR Fellow

He is being recognized for his technical and professional contributions to the field of cryptology

The Buddy System: Human-Computer Teams

The combination of a human facial recognition expert teamed with a computer running ML analyses of facial image data provides the most accurate facial identification.

Galloway: Midwestern floods part of a global problem

The trend towards increased severe flooding is set to continue worldwide, says UMD's Gerald Galloway.

UMD Faculty Awarded ED Grant to Increase Doctoral Degrees in Areas of National Need

The nine-year award is part of ED's Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need program, also known as GAANN.

Clyne, Jewell Inducted into AIMBE College of Fellows

BIOE faculty awarded one of the highest professional distinctions accorded to a medical/biological engineer.

Wood-based Technology Creates Electricity from Heat

Briber, Das and Hu make novel heat-conversion membrane

Srebric Elected IBPSA Fellow

Jelena Srebric, University of Maryland professor of mechanical engineering, has been elected a Fellow of IBPSA.

Tomorrow's Technology Leader 2019

Aerospace engineering student Adam Boro has been named among the 2019 "Tomorrow's Technology Leaders: The 20 Twenties."

Radioactive Material Detected Remotely Using Laser-induced Electron Avalanche Breakdown

New method developed by UMD researchers could be scaled up to improve security at ports of entry

Engineering Solutions for Burn Wounds

Fischell Fellow Javier Navarro-Rueda recognized for tissue engineering research.


An Expert Gets to the Bottom of Them (and Blows Out a Tire)

Report Recommends Improvements to Industrial Stormwater Program

A National Academies study committee chaired by Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Allen P. Davis is recommending steps the EPA can take to strengthen the moniitoring and management of industrial stormwater.

Wachsman and Wang “Battery 500” Awards selected for Phase II

DOE greenlights 2 UMD awards in second round

Manocha Talks Robotics at the 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting

Manocha discusses his research on robot planning, human-robot interaction, and autonomous driving.

Artificial Intelligence solutions for commercial adoption of solar cells

Leite and team research highlighted on cover of Joule

Study Outlines Targeted Treatment Option for Aggressive Breast Cancer

Research team explores nanotechnology-based therapeutic strategy for triple-negative breast cancer.

Underdogs Snag 2019 Alumni Cup Title

Departments went head-to-head in this week-long challenge to develop a machine worthy of their discipline.

Maryland Robotics Center team demonstrates robots at 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting

AAAS Fellow Dinesh Manocha interviewed; Robo Raven, Robo Crab and Tiny Terps shown to meeting participants.

ECE Welcomes New Faculty Member Yanne K. Chembo

Prof. Chembo’s research interests include nonlinear and stochastic dynamics, quantum optics, laser physics, and information theory.

Pines Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Dean of UMD's engineering school to receive one of engineering's highest honors.

UMD Fire Researchers Ignite the First of Two Space Station Experiments

BRE experiment commenced aboard the International Space Station on February 8.

Clark School Research Featured on Back Cover of Soft Matter

The study provides the most complete strong stretching theory model to describe the thermodynamics of PE brushes.

125 Years of Daring Vision, Lasting Impact

The A. James Clark School of Engineering is proud to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2019!

UMD researchers awarded $5.3M NIH BRAIN Initiative grant

BBI-affiliated faculty instrumental to "Readout and control of spatiotemporal neuronal codes for behavior"

UMD auditory cortex research featured in Nature Neuroscience

Study reveals how the brain nimbly and rapidly change responses to incoming sensory stimuli depending upon the cognitive context of the moment.

UMD Kicks Off New Year with Top 10 MOOC Ranking

Class Central has named a University of Maryland offering among their top 10 MOOCs beginning in January 2019.

Radio interview with Jonathan Simon on "the cocktail party problem"

BYUradio talks to Simon about where in the brain, and how quickly, neurons transition from processing the sound of speech to the language-based words of speech.

Consensus for First-of-its-Kind Pre-College Engineering Course

Representatives from more than 100 high schools, colleges, and universities convened at the E4USA Engineering Curriculum Workshop.

UMD Online Engineering Graduate Programs Ranked Top 20 by U.S. News and World Report

The Online Master of Engineering Program Recognized As 20th Best Online Graduate Engineering Program in the Nation

UMD Bioengineering Student Named Churchill Scholar

Eric Wang receives prestigious scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge.

Galloway named a 2018 Top 25 Newsmaker

Clark School Professor Gerry Galloway was named a Top 25 Newsmaker of 2018 by Engineering News-Record.

State and University Officials Celebrate Launch of Biomedical Device Institute

University of Maryland establishes Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices to propel advancements in human health.

In the news: Transplant organ delivery by drone

Unmanned aircraft may be the ultimate method for delivering life-saving organs from donors to recipients.

Fearless Ideas: Open Access

K-12 outreach efforts help the Clark School to both recruit prospective engineering students and cultivate a diverse student population.

Researchers make liquid crystals do the twist

UMD engineers and scientists measure previously unexamined tiny force.

Student autonomous robotics competition slated for June 2019

Deadline to submit team entry form is Feb. 18. The Maryland Robotics Center is organizing the competition.

Mechanical engineering major urges students in STEM to create

Clark School student Kristen Edwards says getting involved in service initiatives outside of school can open doors.

Innovation Shines on Design Day

More than 20 teams of senior-level students showcased solution-driven projects.

George Dieter Celebrates His 90th Birthday, Applauds Social Change Course

Students award AWCAA $10,000 to help African women with cancer.

Inventor Enjoys Fame in the Hall

Alumnus Chuck Popenoe inducted into the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Innovation Hall of Fame for inventing SmartBolts®.

Fearless Ideas: An Exploratory Outlook

With a gift in 2007 to the Clark School, Pedro Wasmer is inspiring today's engineers.

A Fearless Flight

Maryland tests demonstrate how human organs can be transported safely by drones.

Stop—hey, what’s that sound?

New Maryland study explores how the sounds going into our ears become the words going through our brains.

Clark School Faculty Members Named Highly Cited Researchers

Hu, Wang demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade.

Nationwide Urban Flooding Disrupts Local Economies, Public Safety, and Housing Equity

Joint UMD, TAMU study affirms urban flooding is a growing threat across the U.S.

Rethinking Orbital Debris: More Space for Industry

CODER workshop features 10 keynotes and seven panel sessions, brings together industry, government, and academia.

Spacecraft carrying Adomaitis thin film experiment docks with the International Space Station

The experiment will travel on the ISS for a year, exposing samples to the environment of low earth orbit.

University of Maryland Breaks Ground on E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory

The new building will inspire innovation and entrepreneurship, enable world-class research, and spur economic development.

UMD Welcomes Inaugural Class of Distinguished A. James Clark Scholars

The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland welcomes 10 exceptional young engineers from across the state of Maryland as its inaugural class of A. James Clark Scholars.

Fabricating a better tomorrow

Meet Gabrielle Ball, a mechanical engineering major and Clark Opportunity Transfer Scholar at the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Snow Is More Complicated Than You Think

CEE researchers use satellite data to improve global snow-water equivalent estimates.

2019 Energy Innovation Seed Grant Announcement

Call for proposals due January 15, 2019

It's Not (Just) About the Destination

MTI experts shine a light on how travelers move between and within metropolitan areas.

It takes a swarm: These robots talk to each other, make decisions as a group

"Power in numbers" is how Michael Otte, an engineer at the University of Maryland, approaches robot decision making.

Assessing Risk and Reliability for Hydrogen Systems

Through engineering models and data, the Center for Risk and Reliability is enhancing a larger understanding of hydrogen safety.

Made of Star Stuff

Meet Justin Pearson, a Ph.D. student and Clark Doctoral Fellow at the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Prince George’s County Stormwater Collaboration Taps Recycled Material to Safeguard Chesapeake Bay

The latest from a partnership of University of Maryland researchers, county officials, nonprofits, and private-sector leaders.

$1.5M FEMA Award to Fund First-of-its-Kind Study of Health Effects on Wildland Firefighters

With a $1.5 million award from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, a UMD engineer will co-lead a research effort to quantify the pulmonary and cardiovascular health consequences to firefighters exposed to wildland fire smoke.

Tiny Device to Rapidly Detect Heart Attacks

Tests for heart attacks exist but are slow and require specially trained personnel -- UMD alum is working to change that.

Nisar and Odigwe Win 2018 International Space Solar Power Student Project Competition

Their paper, “Development of an RFID System for SPS-ALPHA,” won at the finals held at IAC 2018 on October 1-5, in Bremen, Germany.

Hopping Over Traffic

Joint project aims to design an air taxi that could “hop” from Baltimore to D.C. in 15 minutes.

UMD, Morgan State Partner to Improve County Evacuation Plans

Researchers are developing a tool to help officials better meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

Fearless Ideas: A Twofold Promise

Through a generous commitment to the Maryland Promise, Steven Lehrer ('82) is helping today's engineering students get their start where he got his.

Application window open: AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows

This highly competitive program strengthens the connections between scientists and journalists by placing advanced undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level scientists, engineers, and mathematicians at media organizations nationwide.

Biofilm treatment device receives TEDCO MII funding; paper published in IEEE TBME

In latest development, the researchers have miniaturized the platform and are able to control it through wireless signals.

UMD Researchers Conduct Field Tests to Evaluate the Atmosphere’s Effect on Lasers

The project is funded under the Office of Naval Research Atmospheric Propagation Studies for High Energy Lasers program.

MEI2 Awards $5K to Local Start-Up at 2018 Clean Energy Summit

Ion Storage Systems wins Innovation Showcase

Students Earn Second Place for ExoHand Design 

Rappaport and Tanner win scholarships in Northrop Grumman 3D Printing Design Challenge

The App that Fights Congestion, Emissions

UMD transportation engineers develop incenTrip to nudge users toward greener, more efficient travel decisions.

FDA Awards $5 Million to Pediatric Device Consortium

National Capital Consortium co-led by Children's National and University of Maryland

Can Cascading Pools Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay?

The Clark School joins forces with a Maryland farmer to reduce nutrient pollution to the bay.

UMD Team's Autonomous Drone Takes 3rd in International Race

The "Maryland Paratroopers" team included students from the A. James Clark School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science.

UMD Transportation Experts Awarded $1 Million DOE Grant to Reduce Transportation Energy Use and Emissions

Led by CATT Lab, the project could shape how agencies operate and design the transportation network.

With Engineering Projects, UMD Students Seek to Boost Education Access, Public Health, and Sustainability

EWB and MDSE partner with communities to improve quality of life locally and abroad.

UMD to Lead Milestone NSF High School Engineering Pilot Course

Intended as Precursor to Widely-Accepted Transferable College-Level Credit 

Technology to deliver images of birth defect as it happens

An effort to tackle the evolutionary anomaly of why the neural tube closes in most embryos but remains open in others.

What Does a Pair of Dice Have to Do With Disaster Recovery?

Resilience experts use gaming techniques and more to understand utility operator behaviors.

New pyroelectric system transmits power wirelessly, harvesting and storing energy from heat source

This is the first time high-frequency-cycled pyroelectric energy conversion has been successfully combined with the ability to recharge batteries.

UMD Launches New Labs for Infrastructure Education and Research

The cutting-edge Whiting-Turner Infrastructure Engineering Laboratories total more than 7,000 square feet.

Feathers Not Included

Ph.D. student Lena Johnson is working on Robo Raven, a bird-inspired unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Pines Receives UMD President's Medal

The President's Medal is the highest honor the university community can bestow.

Sennur Ulukus receives NSF grant to address important data-related medical device issue

When implanted medical devices transmit and process data, they can generate heat detrimental to body tissues.

Pristine quantum light source created at the edge of silicon chip

Researchers have demonstrated a new approach that enables different devices to repeatedly emit nearly identical single photons.

NSF grant for Ghodssi, Bentley furthers research of flexible devices to combat biofilms

The researchers will combine applied microbiology with engineering disciplines to explore the complex interactions between flexible sensors, bacterial biofilms, and bioelectric treatment.

Davis to Serve as Faculty Mentor for NSF-Funded Global STEWARDS Program

The program will recruit and train more than 60 doctoral students. 

Fischell Department of Bioengineering Launches REU Program

NSF-funded summer program invites undergrads to explore new approaches to engineering cells, tissues, organs.

Jewell Named AIChE 2018 NSEF Young Investigator, Owens Corning Recipient

BIOE associate professor recognized for research at interface of immunology and engineering.

These are tiny robots. And they are awesome.

Sarah Bergbreiter builds robots that are the size of an ant.

Are you ready to compete in the e-Bike student challenge?

Build a prototype electric bicycle with a range of 125 miles.

Tunable Thermal 'Switch' Discovered in Squid-based Biomaterials

Collaborative research team hopes to apply technology to textiles.

UMD Wins Vertical Flight Society's Student Design Competition

Graduate and undergraduate teams receive top honors.

Wildfire safety from a fire engineering perspective

California is burning, but University of Maryland engineers can help.

UMD Resilience Experts Awarded NSF Grant to Accelerate Disaster Recovery

The $750,000 CRISP grant will allow the team to investigate operator decision-making following disasters.

A New Dimension for Batteries

Nanostructured battery is safe, manufacturing-compatible, and delivers much higher power at high energy

John Baras to receive 2018 AIAA Aerospace Communications Award

Baras honored for his technical contributions and commercialization leadership of Internet over satellite, hybrid satellites, and terrestrial networks.

Another Great Year for Terps Racing Teams

Baja SAE team and Formula SAE team participate in competitions throughout the country.

Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel Featured in the News

Reporters from national and regional television networks experienced hurricane-force winds firsthand.

New Minor in Global Engineering Leadership

The Clark School now offers a 16-credit minor in Global Engineering Leadership.

Bridging the Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems

UMD researchers receive $1.5 M NSF grant to develop first-of-kind bioelectronics.

Advance could yield safer, longer-range electric car batteries

Chemical engineers pack more energy in same space for reliable battery.

Hendricks Awarded National Academy of Sciences Research Fellowship

Marccuss Hendricks is an assistant professor and affiliate of the Center for Disaster Resilience. 

ARPA-E Spotlights UMD Awardee

Novel Structure for Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries

Alumnus Profile: Pratik Gupta

Pratik Gupta graduated from UMD's ENTS Program in 2006. Ten years later he founded Strom Motors, an electric car start-up based in Mumbai, India.

CEEE Researchers Win ASHRAE Best Paper Award

Chosen as best out of 107 papers published in 2017 in Science and Technology for the Built Environment.

Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing

UMD researchers have demonstrated the first single-photon transistor using a semiconductor chip.

Remembering Marilyn Berman Pollans

The Clark School mourns the recent loss of its leader and trailblazer, Marilyn Berman Pollans, on June 17.

Supporting Diversity in Engineering

The Clark School partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers to host the National Leadership Conference.

UMD RASC-AL Team Wins Big, Akin Recognized with PEACH Award

A team of 19 undergraduate students won first place for the RASC-AL theme category and second place in the overall competition.

Research Team Defines the Perovskite ‘Humidity Loop’

Study published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

FPE Chair James Milke Receives Award from Siemens

Milke was honored at the 2018 NFPA Conference in Las Vegas on June 12.

Alumna Mingyan Liu named ECE chair at University of Michigan

Liu earned MSSE and PhD degrees at Maryland, advised by John Baras.

Inspired by Nature: Autonomous Underwater Robotics

Clark School Prof. Derek Paley wants autonomous underwater vehicles to have the same capabilities as fish.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Releases Expert Report from Jose Torero

Torero is one of five expert witnesses called by the Inquiry last fall.

Joseph JaJa Named Interim Chair of ECE Department

A distinguished researcher and administrator, Professor Joseph JaJa will assume new role July 1.

MTI and Battelle to Build Database for Public-Private Partnerships

The database will help state and local governments know when and how to best engage in P3s.

UMD engineers, colleagues work to triple the energy storage of lithium-ion batteries

Researchers have synthesized a new cathode material from iron fluoride that surpasses the capacity limits of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Prof. Sang Bok Lee appointed director of Maryland NanoCenter

UMD chemist will direct two labs on nanoscale fabrication and characterization

UMD Risk Expert Contributes to National Academies Report on National Drone Policy

The 14-person committee found that FAA overestimates the risks associated with drone operations.

Burgers Program Features Topics in Turbulence

Graduate students from 30 universities and 7 countries come to College Park.

Wachsman and group overcome high resistance, low capacity solid-state battery barriers

UMD research paves the way for commercially viable safe batteries

Center for Disaster Resilience Affiliate Offers Insight on Ellicott City Future Plans

Marccus Hendricks is an assistant professor in the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.

Study validates face recognition experts, but shows humans perform best with an AI partner

New research combines computer vision research, forensic science, and psychology.

Alumna Profile: Kristina Schneider Hysler

While an undergraduate student, Hysler organized a Women in Engineering Day for local middle school girls.

Empowering Experience and Innovation

Working together, the University of Maryland and IBM encourage students and faculty to think big and leverage technology.

New Findings Demonstrate How the Food We Eat Affects Biochemical Signals in the Gut

Research collaboration sheds light on bacteria response to sugar metabolism

Student Teams Win $5,000 In Scholarship Funding

Radar systems featured in Northrop Grumman Sensing for Autonomous Vehicles Challenge.

Building Together at the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference

The A. James Clark School of Engineering will have a significant presence at ASEE's Annual Conference in June.

C.D. Mote, Jr. Delivers Roy V. Wright Lecture

Dr. Mote recognized for his dedication and commitment to ASME.

UMD Researchers Point to Future of Engineered Immune Tissues

Jewell Lab review article featured as Nature Materials cover story.

Design Day project innovates solution for Chesapeake Bay

How can engineers help combat oyster poaching threatening the Chesapeake Bay?

Research Team Uses Dark Field Optical Microscopy to 'See' Nanoparticles

Method utilized to develop physics model for how NPs behave in electric fields under various conditions.

Gemstone Team Investigates New Techniques to Treat Burns

Gemstone Honors group explores biocompatible hydrogel fabrication for use at point of care.

Oyster Beacon Targets Sustainability

The Oyster Boys Team built a dredge detection device that uses sensors to detect illegal dredging.

Haptic Safety for Unmanned Vehicles

UMD research advances networked control and virtual reality for added safety.  

Symbiont Health, Co-founded by ECE Major Erich Meissner Wins Pitch Dingman Competition & Do Good Challenge

Erich Meissner and his teammates win UMD's Pitch Dingman Competition and Do Good Challenge for their start-up, Symbiont Health.

Elon Musk Tweets Back

A question and answer session with Quinn Kupec, an undergraduate researcher in Aerospace Engineering, who recently grabbed the attention of Elon Musk.

Acts of Kindness Create a Philanthropist

Alumnus creates the Rattan L. Khosa Graduate Endowed Scholarship in Structural Engineering.

Dynamic Futures

An annual event honored the academic achievements of the Clark School's diverse student body.

Students Shine at AIAA Region 1 Student Conference

Twelve students won awards for their papers, and seven were from UMD.

Why a robot can't yet outjump a flea

New research could help explain why nature still beats robots, and describes how machines might take the lead.

Natalie Livingston Awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship

BIOE senior recognized for efforts to advance drug delivery research.

Khaligh, McCluskey to lead new $2.37M DOE solar power converter project

By funding these kinds of projects, DOE hopes to dramatically reduce the cost of solar energy.

Zachariah Named on 2018 MURI Award

Clark School professor is a member of a team that will research piezoelectric energetics.

Three BIOE Professors Awarded NIH R01s in as Many Months

Drs. Jewell, Scarcelli, and Jay were awarded a collective total of $5.4 million in NIH R01 funding this spring.

Cuff, Scale, and Smartphone

New blood pressure monitoring technologies could enhance accuracy and accessibility.

Igniting Entrepreneurship

Never did alumnus Ryan Fisher imagine as a student that one competition would spark his career - yet it did.

Oran Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the nation's oldest and most reputable honorary societies.

Hacking Tomorrow's Tech World

Technica was founded at UMD in 2015 to provide support for stronger gender diversification in tech.

Transforming Medicine, Impacting Health

While many freshmen were acclimating to college life, a team of first-year students was adjusting to life as biotech inventors.

UMD Celebrates Invention of Year Winners, Ventures, and Partnerships at 'Innovate Maryland'

An electric vehicle charger innovation takes home top honors for Invention of Year.

A higher-energy, safer and longer-lasting zinc battery

Researchers revive an old chemistry with a new electrolyte.

Professor He Inducted into AIMBE College of Fellows

BIOE Professor awarded one of the field's highest professional distinctions.

Four Clark School Professors Receive Competitive DURIP Grants

DURIP supports university research in technical areas of interest to the Department of Defense.

Tapping into the Largest Transportation Big Data Archive Is Easier than Ever

AASHTO members now have direct access to CATT Lab tools.

Five Clark School Undergraduate Students Receive Dean’s Awards

Students honored at the annual Engineering Honors and Awards Ceremony on April 11, 2018.

Maryland researchers develop computational approach to understanding brain dynamics

This paper published in PNAS develops a signal processing framework for extracting dynamic functional networks from neuronal data at unprecedented resolutions.

Maryland researchers awarded $1M DARPA Lagrange program cooperative agreement

Marcus, Fu, Simon and Babadi will build a scalable, risk-sensitive and real time optimization framework tailored to noninvasive neuroimaging data from the human brain.

Outstanding Microscopist and Teacher Honored with Fellowship

Dr. Wen-An Chiou, director of the AIM Lab, selected as Microscopy Society of America Fellow

UMD Researchers Tackle Facial Verification Software Head On

Forward-facing Invention of the Year nominee radically improves current software

New Research on Polyelectrolyte Brush Bilayers Published in PRE

Paper establishes formation of interdigitated polyelectrolytes brush bilayers even for weak interdigitation.

Clark School Undergraduate Named 2018 Goldwater Scholar

Junior bioengineering major Eric Wang recognized for work in molecular dynamics.

Schizophrenia drug monitoring device research featured on IEEE Sensors Letters cover

The paper culminates a four-year collaboration among Clark School, IBBR and University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers.

UMD Startup North American Wave Engine Corp. Receives Investment from USM Venture Capital Fund

University System of Maryland Momentum Fund makes $1.45 million investment in UMD-born aerospace startup company.

Raising the Bar on Precision

The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot has performed better at cutting soft tissue and stitching it up than experienced surgeons.

Maryland researchers awarded DARPA cooperative agreement to develop robotic swarm strategies

Maryland's is among the first “core swarm sprints” projects awarded in DARPA’s OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program.

State, university officials celebrate launch of newly formed, cross-discipline transportation institute

The Maryland Transportation Institute will coordiate more than $20 million in annual research expenditures.

Scientists Mix the Unmixable to Create 'Shocking' Nanoparticles

Researchers are the first to create nanoscale particles composed of up to eight distinct elements generally known to be immiscible.

UMD Alumna Preserves American Icons

Merdon has overseen more than $11 billion in construction projects and programs over her 30-year career.

Jay Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

BIOE assistant professor recognized for efforts to develop new class of biotherapeutics.

Wu Awarded Distinguished Professorship in Surgical Science

BIOE Research Professor recognized for contributions to the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Maryland UAS Experts Join Humanitarian Effort to Rebuild a Devastated Dominica

Aerial maps created over a two week operation will guide recovery decisions.

Improving speech intelligibility testing with new EEG methods

Tests developed at KU Leuven and the University of Maryland could result in better diagnoses for patients with speech comprehension issues.

Clark School Researchers Recognized for Exceptional Inventions

Among the nine 2017 Invention of the Year award nominees, six are led by or include Clark School researchers.

ChBE Undergrad Adam Ferrick Receives ASPIRE Award

Ferrick will be recognized at the Clark School Honors and Awards Ceremony on April 11.

The Clark School Celebrates Women's History Month

The Clark School is featuring our female engineering faculty members throughout March.

Exploding e-Cigarettes Are a Growing Danger to Public Health

Immediate threat of cigarette alternatives comes from a battery problem called thermal runaway

Sandwich Battery with ‘Melty’ Layer is Safe, Robust

UMD engineers create all-ceramic battery with long cycle life

MC2 Graduate Student Advised by Papamanthou Awarded Symantec Fellowship

Ioannis Demertzis is one of three doctoral students awarded a Symantec fellowship in 2018

2018 ARPA-E Summit to Showcase UMD Innovations

UMD Energy Innovation Technologies dominate

UMD’s Woehl Research Group Wins Grant to Explore Stability of Nanocomposites

Study will be in Collaboration with Baltimore-Based Pixelligent Technologies.

2018 Engineering Sustainability Day

Join us for an energetic discussion!

On the Field and Off, Oluwaseun Oluwatimi's Hard Work Knows No Boundaries

The sophomore has jumped feet first into Clark School opportunities since transferring this semester.

Khaligh, McCluskey receive Boeing funding for more electric aircraft

The team is developing the world’s first wide-bandgap GaN-based modular Rectified Transformer Rectifier Units for commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 787.

UMD Awarded $1.4 Million to Design New Treatment for PCBs, Heavy Metals in Stormwater

The three-year project aims to improve water quality in critical waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound.

Fischell Institute Now Accepting Fellowship Applications

Clark School seniors encouraged to apply for Student Entrepreneurship Fellowship by Feb. 28.

4th Annual Clean Energy and Sustainability Extravaganza

It’s all about cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship

Scholarship Opportunity for Transfer Students

Announcing the Clark Opportunity Transfer Scholars Program for Maryland community college students.

Strength in Numbers, Especially Family Groups

UMD ChBE researchers develop a cluster of azo materials for use in alkali-ion batteries.

New Fuel Cell has Exceptional Power Density and Stability

Discovery presents a significant step toward lower fuel cell costs and more sustainable energy.

University of Maryland Drone Pilot to Support Dominica Recovery After Hurricane Maria

Follow the UAS Test Site on Twitter for mission updates.

Sixth Annual Talent Competition Highlights Student Innovation in Regulatory Science

Two third-year pharmacy students recognized for proposal to track CAR T-cell therapy treatments.

New hole-punched crystal clears a path for quantum light

Photonic chip guides single photons, even when there are bends in the road

Super Wood Could Replace Steel

A new process could make wood as strong as titanium alloy but lighter and cheaper

Clark School welcomes Dr. William Regli

Regli, formerly of DARPA, is the sixth director of the Institute for Systems Research.

Spheres of attraction, brought together by quantum physics

Researchers use an atomic force microscope to measure the Casimir force between two spheres.

Masters of Engineering Student Shares Expertise at Project Management Day of Service

UMD has hosted the service event for the last three years.

UMD researchers find listening to sound changes how neurons interact within the brain

The brain encodes not only the acoustical properties of sounds, but also the behavioral meanings and decisions we make based on what we hear.

CEE Experts Active at TRB 97th Annual Meeting

Faculty, staff, and students gave more than 50 presentations during the four-day event.

Aerospace Students Recognized as "Tomorrow's Technology Leaders"

Two Clark School students have been named “Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders: The 20 Twenties” by The Aviation Week Network. 

QUEST Students Design Training Program for Growing Leidos Team

Their recommendation incorporates a coding sadbox, mentor training, and an introductory program.

Space Agencies Tackle Problem of Small Debris in Low Earth Orbit

Associate Professor Raymond Sedwick was recently interviewed by E&T magazine.

Inaugural Energy Innovation Seed Grants awarded

$100K grants promote energy innovation technology

University of Maryland and Lockheed Martin Renew Strategic Partnership with New Agreements

New agreements enhance partnership between university and global company.

FPE Alumna Jamie McAllister Wears Multiple Hats in the Fire Protection Arena

McAllister was also recently profiled in Fire Protection Engineering magazine.

University of Maryland to Host Fourth Annual Project Management Day of Service

UMD's Project Management Center for Excellence has been a major sponsor since 2016.

NASA Selects Hartzell for Mission to Asteroid Bennu

She is one of 13 participating scientists selected by NASA for its first asteroid sample return mission.

Fisher Named Tissue Engineering Co-Editor-in-Chief

BIOE chair to serve as co-EIC of preeminent biomedical journal advancing the field of tissue engineering.

Clark School Researchers Recognized Among "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds"

Three Clark School faculty members have been named to Clarivate Analytics' 2017 Highly Cited Researchers list.

Phillips Recognized for Teaching Excellence

The Keystone Professor continually recieves accolades from students both in and outside the classroom.

University of Maryland, Navy Control Robot From 6,000 Feet Above Ground

The operation is the highest altitude test conducted by the UAS Test Site since launching in 2015.

Engineering for Social Change Class Awards $10,000 to Oyster Recovery Partnership

Award will go towards new equipment for shell recovery process improvement.

CEE Welcomes Sheree Avent

Avent oversees department administrative services.

Alumni Profile: Paul Gaske

Paul Gaske (B.S. ’76, electrical engineering) came by his lifetime love of learning honestly and early.

University of Maryland UAS Test Site Adds TigerSharks to Fleet

Their debut project aims to establish a communications relay to remotely control ground robots.

Clark School Honors Distinguished Members of Engineering Community

The prestigious awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding work in the field of engineering.

UMD Resilience Experts Offer Insights Throughout Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

The season was among the most active in records dating back to 1851.

Galloway to Give National Academies' Abel Wolman Distinguished Lecture

The lecture will outline major water resources challenges and offer insight into potential solutions. 

Rapid Assessments Could Help Reduce Damage from Windstorms

Findings were published by Richard Krupar III and others in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management.

Li Named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" List

Clark School postdoc receives international recognition for her contributions to transparent wood.

Students Get Ready for Advanced Degrees at GEM GRAD Lab

The event drew students from across the Maryland–DC–Virginia area to learn about and prepare for grad school.

New microsystems detect, treat bacterial biofilms that cause post-operative infections

'Flexible impedance sensor' can fit inside urinary catheters, monitor and treat biofilms.

Stroka Named Outstanding Young Scientist by the Maryland Science Center

BIOE assistant professor honored for tumor cell migration research.

FY 2018 Energy Innovation Seed Grant

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute announces seed grant opportunity

Start-up Born in UMD FPE Receives $1.2M Investment from Newly Established Maryland Momentum Fund

MF Fire, created by FPE Alumni Ryan Fisher and Taylor Myers, is the recipient. 

DW News Interviews Khaligh on Electric Vehicle Trends

Khaligh is the Director of the Maryland Power Electronics Laboratory (MPEL) and focuses his research on modeling, analysis, design, and control of power electronic converters.

UAS Test Site Expert Available to Comment on UAS Integration Pilot Program

Director Scassero can discuss UAS integration into national airspace and how the program could affect industry.

MSE Alumnus Charles M. Gilmore Remembered

Dr. Gilmore (UMD '71) passed on October 9 of this year.

Mentors Needed for Women's Hackathon!

Provide guidance and insights for hardware and software projects

QUEST Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The QUEST honors program celebrated 25 years of hands-on education in quality management, process improvement, and system design.

Jose Torero Called as Expert Witness for Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The Inquiry is examining circumstances leading to and surrounding the July 2017 fire at Grenfell Tower.

UMD Cybersecurity Club Wins National Competition

Team of five undergraduate students scored highest amongst more than 500 teams

UMD Solar Decathlon Team Takes 1st Place in the U.S., 2nd Place in the World

Team Maryland Wins Silver at the 2017 Solar Decathlon

Five Clark School faculty part of $8 million NIH grant to combat hearing loss in older people

Multidisciplinary research will examine strategies to improve communication challenges.

Building Together Announcement Garners Extensive Media Coverage

The largest investment in UMD history was announced October 4, 2017.

Hubbard to be Inducted as Hagler Institute Faculty Fellow

Dr. James E. Hubbard, Jr. is one of seven 2017–18 Faculty Fellows of the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study.

FPE Alumnus Personifies the American Dream

Jack Poole, Principal at Poole Fire Protection, hopes to inspire future FPE grads.

The Home of the Future

Take a look inside reACT, UMD's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition.

University of Maryland School of Engineering Announces Unprecedented Investment from A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Building Together: An Investment for Maryland Will Transform UMD Through $219,486,000 Gift

Espy-Wilson's technology included in new Alcatel MOVE TIME smart watch

OmniSpeech 'OmniClear' software reduces dynamic noise in communication devices.

Empowering Voices in Engineering

Moving towards a more diverse and inclusive campus.

Research Spearheaded by UMD Receives NSF RAPID Support

Findings could advance the design of hurricane-resistant structures.

MSE Students Selected as Finalists for the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition

Stretchable Silicon Photovoltaics is a new design for silicon solar cells.

Iribe Center Tour Brings Classroom Concepts to Life

The tour is one of several experiential learning strategies employed by Stephen Wooldridge.

CEE Transportation Experts Receive ITS World Congress Award

The team received Best Paper in the scientific papers category for the North American region.

UMD Opens Outdoor Flight Laboratory to Advance Autonomy, Robotics

First university facility of its kind in D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region.

Julie Bryant First Recipient of Newly Established UL Fellowship

Bryant will also head the FPE High School Program this year.

Salamanca-Riba Appointed 2017/2018 UMD ADVANCE Professor 

Dr. Salamanca-Riba will help facilitate opportunities for advancement among University faculty members, especially under-represented groups.

UMD Team in Top Six at 2nd Hyperloop Competition

UMD Loop was one of only six teams selected to complete an open air run in the Hyperloop tube.

Clark School names Hamid Jafarkhani 2017 IHOF Inductee

Alumnus to join Innovation Hall of Fame roster in Nov. 27 ceremony.

UMD Engineers Answer Questions about Record-Breaking Harvey, Flooding

National and local news outlets turned to University of Maryland engineers for their disaster expertise.

UMD Teams Place 1st at AHS International's 34th Annual Student Design Competition

Making an impression, the University of Maryland took first place in both the graduate and undergraduate divisions.

ChBE101 Students Participate in Pilot Student-Mentoring Program

Program designed and implemented by ChBE Lecturer, Deborah Goldberg.

MSE Research Group’s Invited Perspective Published in ACS Energy Letters

Marina Leite and her team offer insight into the future of solar cell technology.

New UMD Hyperloop Pod Races Against Rivals this Weekend

Students compete in second SpaceX competition

Staff Spotlight: Alan Santos

Santos has been honored with numerous advising awards from the University System of Maryland and the Clark School.

Relive Totality With Clark School Images, Videos

View landscapes and research operations at three locations.

Yao, Yang Receive Education Award from the American Chemical Society Division of Agrochemicals

The duo were recognized for research on poultry house emissions.

Mary Bowden Appointed Acting Director of WIE

Visiting Assistant Professor Mary Bowden became acting director of the Women in Engineering (WIE) program.

Clark School Participates in Solar Eclipse

The Clark School is deploying teams of faculty, staff and students to experience the solar eclipse in-person.

Legislators, University Administrators Gather to Launch Maryland Energy Innovation Institute

The institute was created to turn research breakthroughs into commercial, clean energy solutions.

Researchers part of two NSF Neural & Cognitive Systems grants worth more than $1.2 million

The NSF awards have been issued to U.S. cross-disciplinary teams to conduct innovative research focused on neural and cognitive systems.

FPE Professor Peter Sunderland Designated PI on Upcoming NIST and NSF Projects

Grant money will be used in research aimed at developing wild-fire suppression methods, and cleaner, more efficient internal combustion engines.

Student Spotlight: Toby Dilworth

This mechanical engineering Terp launched an aerial photography business at 18.

UMD’s bio-compatible battery garners international coverage

One-of-a-kind device showcased for medical, scientific advances

Khaligh-led student team wins award at IEEE IFEC competition

In first-ever entry, the Clark School team wins Best Presentation Award.

Student Spotlight: Ryan Moss

A UAS Test Site internship was a natural next step for this mechanical engineering student.

UAS Test Site Hosts International Justice System Workshop Participants

Twenty-six Chinese police college trainees saw a demonstration of the site's capabilities. 

Intern Designs Payload Integration System for NASA

The system's modular nature makes it easier to meet data collection needs.

Student Spotlight: Kameron Sheppard

The Maryland native's interest in computer engineering began with Python.

UMD Partners With NOAA to Investigate UAS in Satellite Data Validation

The next round of flight testing is slated for the fall.

Meet the Alumnus Who Brought Stormwater Management to Silicon Valley

Mapistry software helps industrial facilities navigate stormwater regulations.

Intern Spotlight: Kristina Babinski

Her project could help in search and rescue missions.

Peter Chang Named Co-Director of UMD Engineers Without Borders

He will lead the program with mechanical engineering professor Jungho Kim.

Jewell Promoted to Associate Professor

Dr. Christopher Jewell named associate professor with tenure, effective July 1.

William Regli named sixth director of ISR

Regli, an ISR alumnus, will begin his appointment in January 2018.

UMD Recognized as Leader in Cyclocopter Development

UMD research team All-Terrain Cyclocopter was highlighted in Vertiflite magazine for its cyclocopter design.

FPE Alumna Continues to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Stacy Welch ('97) has recently been promoted to Vice President of Fire & Life Safety at Marriott International, Inc.

Center for Disaster Resilience Welcomes Richard Krupar III

His work will help improve emergency management and financial risk decision making.

Fisher, Bracaglia Weigh in on the Future of Regenerative Medicine

BIOE chair and postdoc featured in June 20th edition of On the Record.

Eric Wachsman to Receive 2017 Wagner Memorial Award

Award will be presented at the 232nd ECS Meeting in October.

UMD Takes Second Place in NASA RASC-AL Competition

Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkages (RASC-AL) Space Design Competition

3D-Printed Evaporator is Sustainable Approach to Water Shortage

The evaporator uses solar energy to efficiently purify water.

UMD Solar-Powered House Bears Fingerprints of Civil Engineering Students

reACT will make its competition debut in October.

UMD displays leadership role at IAFSS Symposium

Multiple FPE researchers recognized at international fire conference in Sweden.

Miao Yu named Maryland Robotics Center director

Yu develops sensors useful in a variety of robotics applications.

UMD Takes 1st in American Helicopter Society Student Challenge

The Terrapin Sheriffs was one of three international teams selected to participate.

UMD Research Offers Insight into Structure of Cellular Membrane

Jeffrey Klauda's team uses computer simulation of soybean plasma membrane to further understand molecular behavior.

Decade of TMV research leads to never-before-seen microsystems for energy storage, biosensors and self-sustaining systems

Long-term Ghodssi-Culver partnership has used the Tobacco mosaic virus as a biological nanoscaffold for groundbreaking devices.

Peter Kofinas Will Serve as Next Chair of ChBE

Effective July 1, Sheryl Ehrman will depart for San Jose State University.

Gray Wins Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Award for Graduate Achievement

BIOE Ph.D. student recognized for efforts to develop therapies for diseases of the central nervous system.

ResearchFest 2017

Engineering students from ChBE, MSE and BIOE presented their research at the Clark School's 2017 ResearchFest.

Lab Students' 'Creativity is Key'

Clark School's Functional Macromolecular Lab allows students to mold new ideas

BIOE Researchers Develop New Technologies to Drive Next-Generation Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

Jewell Lab members use quantum dots to define density of self-antigen display.

John Schardt Awarded American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Fellowship

BIOE graduate student recognized for design of multivalent protein therapeutics to target various cancers.

ECE Alumnus Briskman Wins 2017 IAF Hall of Fame Award

Briskman received the award for his outstanding contribution during the course of his career to the progress of astronautics within the framework of the IAF activities.

UMD Experiments Launched into Orbit on SpaceX Capsule

Fire Protection Engineering research will further understanding of combustion and pollutants.

Muro, IBBR Faculty Awarded Maryland Innovation Initiative Grants

UMD's Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research awarded two $115,000 grants.

Alumna Profile: Amy Murdock

When Murdock first started in the Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering, she moved into a nearby firehouse.

Thomas E. Murphy Reappointed as Director of IREAP

Thomas E. Murphy Reappointed as Director of IREAP

Wachsman Recipient of 2017 Carl Wagner Memorial Award

Electrochemical Society honors UMD's Eric Wacshman

NSF Graduate Research Fellow to Study Fate of Microplastics in Rivers

The former Grossmont Community College student was drawn to UMD by its laboratory resources and regional partnerships.

UMD Engineering Gives Solar Decathlon Team a Competitive Edge

What if we told you that wood can be used to make a smart window that is more energy efficient than glass?

Researchers Engineer Bacteria to Hunt Down Pathogens in the Gut

Nature Communications highlights University of Maryland alum’s latest efforts to program E.coli to combat infections.

John Baras receives 2017 IEEE Simon Ramo Medal

The medal is given "for exceptional achievement in systems engineering and systems science."

Alumnus Profile: Christopher T. Jones

When Jones joined the Clark School as a Ph.D. student, he already was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.

Peter Sunderland Wins Poole and Kent Teaching Award for Senior Faculty

He will be recognized at the 2017 Clark School of Engineering Commencement on May 20.

Bilal Ayyub Chairs ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division

The division develops resources for improving the hazard resilience of civil infrastructure and lifeline systems.

UMD's reACT Represents at the Smithsonian's Earth Optimism Summit

Three students from UMD's Solar Decathlon team attended the first Earth Optimism Summit.

Mechanical Engineering Welcomes New Faculty Member Axel Krieger

Assistant Professor Axel Krieger joins the department from the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children’s National.

Student Spotlight: Helen Lan ('17)

Where is she now? An update on Helen Lan, featured on the spring 2015 cover of E@M magazine.

Solar Decathlon Design Review

Team leads reviewed the architecture, power, living systems, water, automation, and heating/air conditioning components of the house.

Liu, Xue Recognized for Scholarly Excellence

Meet the 2017 winners of the departmental M.S. and Ph.D. awards.

BIOE Researcher Works to Advance MS, Autoimmune Disease Research

Ph.D. student Lisa Tostanoski recognized with Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Intern Spotlight: Nick Freas

The high school senior hopes to get a degree in aerospace engineering before joining the Navy. 

UMD Students Place at AIAA Student Conference

Aerospace Engineering Students take top spots in undergraduate categories.

2017 Honors & Awards Ceremony

Sixty-nine Clark School students were acknowledged for their contributions and accomplishments.

FPE Ph.D. Candidate Wins 2017 Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award

Akshit Markan will be honored at the UMD Graduate School Fellowship and Awards Celebration on May 11th.

CEE Students Win Top Awards at Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Annual Meeting

Students swept the best poster competition and earned first place in the presentation competition.

Jarrah Wins 2017 UMD Libraries Award

Sophomore Aerospace Honors student Noah Jarrah awarded 2017 UMD Libraries Award.

FPE Student Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Raquel Hakes will use the fellowship to focus on her wildfire research.

CHBE Chair Sheryl Ehrman Departs for San Jose

Ehrman has accepted the position of Don Beall Dean of the Davidson College of Engineering.

UMD Hosts the Premier Combustion Science Meeting in the U.S.

A record number of attendees made the 2017 meeting the most successful in its history.

Clark School Researchers Represented on Four 2017 MURI Awards

UMD is one of the top universities represented among the highly competitive grants awarded this year.

ChBE Alumna Receives Fullbright Scholarship

Ezinne Achinivu will focus her research on the development of biomass processing in Riems, France, beginning in June.

7th Annual Engineering Sustainability Day focuses on Energy Storage

This year's theme focused on energy storage -  pervasive message that we should promote and advocate for scientists and the science.

UMD Engineering Student Wins 2017 National Boren Scholarship

Mechanical Engineering sophomore Hoang Nguyen receives national award to study abroad in Korea.

Mengis Wins ASPIRE Award

Mechanical Engineering undergrad Aaman Mengis received a 2017 ASPIRE Outstanding Student Research Award.

WUSA9 'Geeks Out' Over Fire Tornado

FPE Chair and undergraduate students interviewed by WUSA9 reporter on the topic of wildland fire phenomenon.

Dr. Silvia Muro, Genisphere Partner to Advance Drug Delivery Systems

Genisphere LLC, University of Maryland sign collaborative research agreement through BIOE's Dr. Sivlia Muro.

Ph.D. Student Cong Zhang Wins Sheldon Tieszen Student Award

Zhang be honored at the 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science this summer.

Women Engineers Welcome Admitted Students

The Women in Engineering program hosted an admitted students reception on March 29, 2017.

Flocks and Form

P. S. Krishnaprasad and alumnus Matteo Mischiati devise a new fiber bundle structure to describe the changing forms of flocks and underlying kinematic modes.

UMD Loop Speaks at NASA Goddard, Visits Local Motors

Following competition, UMD Loop showcases work with area organizations and recieves recognition as innovative student group.

UMD Takes First in Technical Design at DOE Competition

UMD students took first in Technical Design at the U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition.

UMD Steel Bridge Team Builds Their Way to Nationals

The competition was organized by UMD's student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Ph.D. Candidate Miriam Hiebert Wins Smithsonian Fellowship

Award will allow Hiebert to extend her work at the Museum Conservation Institute.

UMD’s 4th Annual Bitcamp Hackathon Becomes Largest to Date with over 1,300 Participants

A total of 200 hacks were submitted by students this year-the most in Bitcamp history. 

Aerospace Engineering Student Wins NDSEG Fellowship

Senior Patrick Washington Receives National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Ph.D. Student Joshua Swann Wins Sheldon Tieszen Student Award

Swann will be honored at the 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science this summer.

MSE Researchers Discover New Materials, New Research Direction for High-energy Li-metal Batteries

Yifei Mo and team push development of high-energy rechargeable lithium batteries.

Wood filter removes toxic dye from water

Hu, Das flow water through wood in new use of natural materials

Two FPE Faculty Members Granted Tenure, Promotion

Drs. Peter Sunderland and Michael Gollner will be promoted, effective August 1.

Two Aerospace Engineering Students Named 2017-2018 ARCS Scholars

Undergrads Madeline Caracappa and Haley Patel recognized as 2017-2018 ARCS Scholars.

New Class Inducted into Order of the Engineer

Clark School students make a commitment to integrity and responsibility in the engineering profession.

NTC@Maryland Predicts Moderate Traffic Delays from Station Closures, Road Work

College Park-area commuters are advised to budget an extra 5-10 minutes April 15–29. 

Transportation@Maryland Workshop Promotes Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration on Future Mobility Systems

Participants included researchers from 10 colleges and 15 research centers.

Chem-E Car Set to Compete in National Competition

The UMD team placed 5th at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition, securing their spot for Nationals in October.

University of Maryland to Lead NIH-Funded Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

UMD to Collaborate with Rice University, Wake Forest to Advance 3-D Printing Applications for Regenerative Medicine

UMD Team Chases Solar-Powered Victory

Solar Decathlon is a biennial competition that challenges students to design and build a house powered entirely by the sun.

Four Aerospace Students Receive Society of Satellite Professionals International Scholarships

Frizzell, Kaptui Sipowa, McCullum and Shannon receive awards to support research efforts.

ChBE Student Receives Wells Fellowship

ChBE Ph.D. Student, Chen Gong, is one of three students to receive the 2017 Harry K. Wells Graduate Fellowships from the Clark School of Engineering.

Developing Revolutionary Engineers & Mentors

The DREAM (Developing Revolutionary Engineers and Mentors) Conference celebrated its ninth year on February 25, 2017.

University of Maryland to Offer Graduate Programs in the Fast-Growing Area of Additive Manufacturing

UMD has developed additive manufacturing programs designed for working engineers and technical professionals. 

Papamanthou Receives NSF CAREER Award to Improve Security in Cloud Computing

Project will design new frameworks, protocols that can provide security & privacy to common cloud applications

Sunbeams at the Nano-scale: the Next Generation of Solar Cells

Marina Leite and her team of researchers tackle hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites based on methylammonium lead.

Researchers Introduce RoCo, a Mobile Personal Heating and Cooling Device

UMD Invention Has Potential to Cut Energy Costs in Residential and Large Building AC

Dr. Silvina Matysiak Uses Biomolecular Modeling to Advance Understanding of Degenerative Diseases

BIOE's Silvina Matysiak explores how molecular behavior dictates macroscopic-scale properties of systems.

Government, Industry, Academia Representatives Collaborate to Advance Medical Device Innovation in Maryland

Robert E. Fischell Institute for Biomedical Devices, RTI International draw capacity crowd to March 7th event.

UMD Students Take Top Prize in National Deloitte Case Competition

A UMD team won first place in the national Deloitte Consulting Undergraduate Case Study Competition.

Professor Linda Schmidt is Teaching the Next Generation of Engineers the Foundations of Engineering Design

Director of the Design ME Suite here at UMD, Schmidt researches design theory, education and process.

Rethinking Coastal Retreat

Senior Research Engineer Sandra Knight says community relocation doesn't have to mean loss.

Alumni Cup 2017

This year's Alumni Cup celebrated its sixth year with a unique challenge.

Alumnus Ravi Tandon receives NSF CAREER Award

Tandon is an assistant professor at the University of Arizona.

Clark School women of note: Avis Cohen

Dr. Cohen is one of the true pioneering women in academic STEM fields.

UMD Hyperloop Pod Prototype Featured on WJLA

The UMDLoop team won the Performance and Operations Award at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. 

Sarah Bergbreiter engineers submillimeter-sized robotic systems

Sarah Bergbreiter, microroboticist, engineers robotic systems down to sub-millimeter size scales.

UMD and Mobile Comfort demonstrate robotic cooling machine at 2017 ARPA-E Technology Showcase

UMERC is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology.

UMERC’s Liangbing Hu pitches transparent wood technology at 2017 ARPA-E Innovation Summit

UMERC is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology.

Akua Asa-Awuku Strives to Improve Air Quality and Related Climate Change Policy

ChBE Associate Professor Akua Asa-Awuku is exploring aerosols and the impact they have on human health and the environment.

Mazurek, Hicks Receive Google Faculty Research Award

Researchers will develop tools/strategies that encourage software developers to write more secure code

Dr. Pamela Abshire took part in a live segment of "Science Goes to the Movies" in 2016

Dr. Abshire took part in a live segment of "Science Goes to the Movies" in 2016.

Up, up and Away, Professor Mary Bowden Launches Student Success through the Balloon Payload Program

Bowden inspires students, recognized with WIA 2016 Aerospace Educator Award.

A nerve modeled on a battery

NEES PI helps make new organic artificial synapse

A peek under a hybrid’s hood reveals wood?

Engineers at UMD make all-wood supercapacitor

UMD Pushes Beyond Line of Sight to Map Impacts of Traditional Farming in Belize

The project marks the first time a UAS Test Site operator has flown using only instrumentation and cameras.

The Value of International Collaboration: FPE Continues to Put People First

The Department provided a training course to Bangladesh engineers in an effort to extinguish factory fires that have become all too common.

FPE Celebrates it's 60th Anniversary

Please join us, March 10-12, for a weekend of celebratory activities!

Alumnus David Van Wie Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering alumnus inducted into NAE for contributions to contributions to hypersonic technology.

UMD Researchers Make Strides in Schizophrenia Diagnosis Research

Blood test could help doctors more quickly diagnose schizophrenia and other disorders.

Evan Peaco Named 2017 NSCF Keynote Scholar

National Space Club and Foundations selects UMD undergrad to give keynote at 2017 Goddard Memorial Dinner.

UMD Research Makes Back Cover Soft Matter

Research sheds light on behavior of liquid drops on soft and charged elastic surfaces.

FPE Remembers Professor Harry Hickey

Dr. Harry E. Hickey passed this morning after battling Alzheimer's.

The University of Maryland Develops Graduate Certificate in Engineering Program in Electronic Packaging for Professional Engineers

New Program Designed to Educate Working Engineers in the Reliable Integration and Packaging of Electronics

UMD Team Set to Go at SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

UMD team competes in first ever hyperloop pod competition.

Four UMD Aerospace Engineering Students Named Penton Aviation Week Network’s 20 Twenties

Free, Kumar, Ng and Weinstein recognized as tomorrow’s engineering leaders.

Gollner to Receive Proulx Award at 2017 IAFSS Symposium

International Association of Fire Safety Science will present Michael Gollner with an early career award at this summer's meeting.

Maryland part of $253 million federal Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute

Research will create jobs, make industrial robotics more affordable, adaptable and useful for U.S. aerospace, automotive, electronics, fulfillment and logistics industries.

Bilal Ayyub Elected to Society for Risk Analysis Council

The CEE professor will serve as treasurer through 2019. 

UMD Research Featured on Advanced Materials Technology Cover

Tactile sensor research by UMD alumni Alexi Charalambides (Ph.D. '16) and Professor Sarah Bergbreiter featured on Advanced Materials Technology cover.

UMD, VA Maryland Health Care System Collaborate on MS Research

BIOE assistant professor Chris Jewell leads effort to use nanotechnology to treat MS.

UMD Research Empowers Leaner Bus Systems for Schools

Created for the Howard County Public School System in Maryland, UMD's bus system optimization tool is potentially applicable to most school systems

To the Stars: UMD Alumna to Be First African-American Crew Member on the International Space Station

UMD alumna and NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps makes history as first African-American ISS crew member.

BIOE, IBBR Researchers Develop Electrogenetic Device for Activating Gene Expression via Electrodes

System holds promise for study of biological systems, biosensors and bio-hybrid devices.

Cumings and Drisko Published in Nature Communications

Small defects can make whole materials frustrated.

President Obama names Michael Rotkowitz a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

The PECASE is the highest federal government honor for science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their careers.

Leite Nanophotonics Research Featured on Advanced Optical Materials Cover

UMERC Prof. Leite paper is the cover publication on January 2017 issue of Advanced Optical Materials

Gov Hogan Announces UMD’s Role in $65M Environmental Agenda

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced $7.5 million in funding to create the Green Energy Institute.

Fire Safety Demo Sparks Interest of Local Teen

Sienna Fink of Essex, MD, conducted her own fire experiments and won a national competition.

Liu Wins 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Liu received the award for exemplary service to and leadership in the Signal Processing Society.

Clark School Alum Named to Forbes "30 Under 30: Healthcare" List

Adam Behrens (BIOE, Ph.D. '15; ChBE, B.S. '10) recognized for work in vaccine and diagnostic testing development.

UMD Researchers Find Ultra-thin Solution to Primary Obstacle in Solid-State Battery Development

Clark School researchers are developing game-changing solid-state battery technology

Standing on a Scale Could Provide Non-Invasive Measure of Cardiovascular Health

New research published in Nature's Scientific Reports could provide a non-invasive and cost effective means to better measure cardiovascular health.

Alumna Naomi Leonard wins Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize

IEEE Control Systems Society prize recognizes distinguished contributions to control systems science or engineering.

Two UMD Teams NASA BIG Idea Challenge Finalists

Two UMD Aerospace Engineering student teams selected as finalists in NASA's BIG Idea Challenge.

UMD Receives $1M in Federal Funding to Help Increase Number of Minority Students Graduating with STEM Degrees

Increasing the quantity and quality of underrepresented minority students in STEM.

UMD Engineering for Social Change Class Awards Non-Profit V-LINC $10,000 Grant to Support Custom Assistive Technology Program

Grant marks more than $30,000 in student-awarded grants given through landmark engineering philanthropy course.

Alumni Frontin and Stebbins Awarded NASA Fellowships

Two B.S. 2014 UMD aerospace engineering alums, Cory Frontin and Spencer Stebbins, receive NASA fellowships.

Gemstone Team Mentored by Das Wins UMD Sustainability Grant

Department of Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Siddhartha Das mentors grant winning Team BACTERIA.

University of Maryland Engineering Students to Award $10,000 to Baltimore Non-Profit V-LINC

Engineering for Social Change course offers students unique opportunity to effect change in their local community.

Sedwick Receives 2016 A. James Clark School Engineering Faculty Service Award

Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Raymond Sedwick recognized for contributions to his field, the school, and his students.

Synchronized swimming: How startled fish shoals effectively evade danger

Understanding response dynamics of startled fish reveals how orientation within the group effects escape chances, may offer insights into emergency response planning.

"America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition Call for Participants

Students at UMD and UMB are invited to participate in the 2017 annual regulatory science competition.

Jewell Lab Teams up with Veterans Affairs to Advance Multiple Sclerosis Research

BIOE, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and others collaborate in the name of human health innovation.

Gupta Named 2016 AAAS Fellow

Department of Mechanical Engineering Distinguished University Professor Ashwani Gupta named AAAS Fellow.

A Continuum of Giving: Jim Kinkead

The legacy of A. James Clark, eponym of the Clark School, lives on in the spirit of alumni whose generosity continues to support the foundation he built.

Giving through Social Entrepreneurship

The Engineering for Social Change class introduces young engineers to the ideas of social change and social entrepreneurship.

Alumni Look to Foster Entrepreneurialism through Support of Clark Hall Fund

$100,000 gift establishes Rajan and Sandhya Mittu InTerp Suite.

Wereley Receives UMD Office of Community Engagement “Making a Difference” Award

Aerospace Engineering Department Chair recognized for community outreach and engagement.

Technica Becomes Largest All-Women Hackathon

Technica diverges from the typical hackathon as it encourages gender diversification

Siemens PLM Software Supports UMD Hyperloop Team and The Future of Travel

Hyperloop team members present at the PLM Connections Conference.

Maryland Robotics Center Receives NSF Funding for REU Site in Bioinspired Robotics

Applications now being accepted for summer 2017 bioinspired robotics Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

Applications now being accepted for summer 2017 bioinspired robotics REU program

Hugh Bruck and Sarah Bergbreiter are leading the NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Energy Research Center battery highlighted on CBS This Morning

CBS featured UMD innovative energy research on its national morning news show.

University of Maryland Center for Orbital Debris Education and Research Announces Keynotes & Event Sponsor OrionAST

OrionAST sponsors second workshop to connect academia, industry and government to address critical issues in orbital debris policy, management and mitigation. 

UMD's Technica Expected to Be Largest All-Women Hackathon in U.S.

This weekend, the University of Maryland will host an anticipated 800 women for Technica.

Communicating Across Unmanned Aircraft Systems in a Disaster

UMD Tests Communications Systems in Real Time with First Responders

UMD Donates Helicopter, Loans Wind Tunnel to College Park Aviation Museum

Museum to use donations for educational programs to inspire and teach the next generation.

Muro Develops Technique to Improve Oral Drug Delivery Using Targeted Nanocarriers

Associate Professor Silvia Muro (Joint, IBBR) and fellow UMD researchers are working to improve oral drug delivery to targets by protecting against the effects of gastric conditions.

It’s not your ears, it’s your brain

UMD neuroscience research shows older adults’ brain processing contributes to diminished speech comprehension, even with normal hearing.

NSF Awards $3.45M National Innovation Ecosystem Grant to University of Maryland

UMD is one of seven lead universities in NSF’s I-Corps ecosystem.

John S. Baras inducted into Clark School Innovation Hall of Fame

Baras created algorithms and protocols by which Internet services can be delivered over satellite.

Engineering the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Mimi Hiebert first became fascinated with studying and preserving antiquities thanks to an Egyptian mummy named “Tia.”

Clark School Researchers are Testing Drones for Public Safety Use

Watch the video from Capital News Service.

Big Quantum

We are on the verge of a new technological revolution.

Making Better Makers with New 3-D Printing Technologies

Mechanical engineering senior student Brett Potter set out to fix the most nagging problems of consumer 3-D printers.

Terp Brewed & Engineered

The story of Diamondback Brewing begins a short stroll from the University of Maryland campus.

Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier?

Glenn L. Martin Professor of Engineering Gerry Galloway Featured on KCRW's To the Point

National Transportation Center at Maryland Leads Unprecedented Effort to Track Multimodal Travel Trends

CEE researchers use cutting-edge technology to collect travel behavior data.

Milchberg and Khaligh Receive 2016 Junior and Senior Faculty Outstanding Research Awards

Prof. Milchberg and Prof. Khaligh are the 2016 Senior and Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award recipients for their exceptional and highly influential research accomplishments

Prof. Ott, Prof. Yorke & Alumnus Grebogi Named 2016 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates

Yorke, Ott, Grebogi named top contenders for Nobel Prize in physics for developing method to control chaos

UMD Center for Disaster Resilience Leads Hill Discussion on D.C. Flood Risk

CEE faculty partner with Congresswoman Holmes Norton to emphasize importance of resilience in the nation's capital.

UMD Bioengineers Work to Reprogram Lymph Node Function to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Jewell Research Lab Publishes Findings in Cell Reports Journal

Siemens, Koffel Gifts Help Fire Protection Engineering Reach $2.5M Milestone in Legacy Campaign

A $100,000 gift from Siemens, matched by a gift from Bill Koffel, has helped the department raise $2,500,000 towards its endowed Clinical Professor fund.

UMD Physicists Discover “Smoke Rings” Made of Laser Light

3D ring structures made by high-intensity lasers could aid the design of powerful microscopes and more efficient telecommunication lines

University of Maryland Hosts 2016 Leidos Intern Symposium

Annual Symposium held on September 2, 2016 showcases extraordinary student work

Timothy Koeth, Associate Research Professor, Profiled in The Washington Post

The Washington Post profiles Timothy Koeth's efforts to help students build a cyclotron.

University of Maryland Achieves First Successful Solar-Powered Helicopter Flight

Solar Gamera Team Achieves 9-Second Solar-Powered Helicopter Flight

Bentley Named Distinguished University Professor

Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering founding chair recognized with university's highest academic honor conferred upon faculty.

Chellappa Named Inaugural Recipient of IEEE Biometrics Council Leadership Award

Chellappa recognized for the IEEE Biometrics Council Leadership Award at the IEEE 8th International Conference 

Four Clark School Professors Named Distinguished University Professor

In 2016, four of the 10 Distinguished University Professors named by the University of Maryland are Clark School professors.

“Lifeline Across the Bay” Marks Milestone for the University of Maryland

First-of-its-Kind Flight Across the Chesapeake Bay

Prof. Leite Awarded APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship

Prof. Marina Leite recieves this year’s Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship from the American Physical Society.

@UMDWIE at United Nations Women

On August 24 and 25, follow @UMDWIE for insider tweets at UN Women!

Fisher Named Biomedical Engineering Society Fellow

Election to 2016 BMES Class of Fellows marks milestone for Fischell Department of Bioengineering.

Airbrushed Biodegradable Sealant Could Offer Low-Cost, Portable Alternative to Surgical Sutures

BIOE Professor and Associate Dean Peter Kofinas receives R01 for innovative surgical sealant and application technique research.

DOE Awards $1.25M to UMERC Researchers to Develop Safer, Better Batteries

The Department of Energy awards UMD research on safer, better Lithium-ion battery technology as part of a $137 million investment in vehicle efficiency.

Wood Windows are Cooler than Glass

A study by engineers at the University of Maryland shows that natural microstructures in transparent wood are the key to lighting & insulation advantages.

International Symposium on Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

New symposia series jointly organized by ISR and Technische Universität München’s Institute for Advanced Study.

White Named University of Maryland 2016 Faculty Advisor of the Year

BIOE associate chair and director of undergraduate studies honored during 21st Annual Undergraduate Studies Advising Conference.

UMD Students Cinch First Place in 33rd Annual AHS Student Design Competition

Aerospace engineering grad student's take first with unmanned disaster relief delivery vehicle, Halcyon.

The Blue Whirl: Clark School Research in the News

A team of researchers in the A. James Clark School of Engineering say their discovery of a type of fire tornado they call a blue whirl could lead to beneficial new approaches in reduced carbon emissions and improved oil spill cleanup.

Could Standing On A Scale Give You Better Insights Into Your Cardiovascular Health?

New research published in Scientific Reports could lead to improving non-invasive cardiovascular health monitoring.

Newly Discovered Blue Whirl Fire Tornado Burns Cleaner for Reduced Emissions; Could Lead to Better Oil Spill Cleanup

Clark School researchers describe a previously unobserved flame phenomenon in a new peer-reviewed paper.

Vaughn-Cooke Participates as Panelist at Virtual Reality Meets Capitol Hill Event

Assistant Professor Monifa Vaughn-Cooke participates in panel, students demo evolving medical applications of VR simulations.

Jewell Research Lab Explores New Therapies for Treatment of Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation awards Prof. Jewell $500,000 grant to study vaccine for diabetes.

Magnetorheological fluids (MRFs) Research Highlighted Cover of Smart Materials and Structures

Choi, Wereley and Xie explore sedimentation of MRFs in a vertical column.

Fourth Consecutive Win for UMD Electrochemical Society Student Chapter

University of Maryland Electrochemical Society Students win Student Chapter Award for the fourth year in a row.

Fire Protection Engineering Issues Alumni Video Challenge!

FPE Assistant Director Nicole Hollywood Issues Video Challenge to Dept. Alumni.

James Milke Awarded 2016 Arthur B. Guise Medal

FPE Professor & Chair James Milke is the 2016 Guise Medal Recipient.

iGEM Looks to Fight Global Warming with Synthetic Biology

UMD's International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team hosts Launch UMD campaign to fight global warming.

Flexus Living & Learning Community Honored by Women in Engineering ProActive Network

The Clark School's Flexus Community was honored with a Women in Engineering Initiative Award.

Physics for Breakfast: Clark School Research in The New York Times

Research coauthored by Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Siddhartha Das is profiled in The New York Times.

NanoDay2016 Features Inspiring Speakers, Poster Awards

200 scientists and students attend bi-annual nanoscience conference at UMD

Scassero Weighs in on FAA Small UAS Ruling

UMD UAS Test Site director explains why UAS ruling could be "hugely significant."

Meet RoCo, the Coolest Robot at the Clark School

The story "This robot follows you around and blasts you with air conditioning" ran in The Washington Post on June 30, 2016.

Using Brillouin Microscopy, Scarcelli Aims to Shed Light on How Tumor Cells Metastasize

BIOE Assistant Professor Awarded $1 Million NIH National Cancer Institute Grant

BioE Capstone 2016: New Projects Focus on Improved Healthcare for Underserved Communities, Pediatric Patients, and More

Affordable RT-PCR for clinical diagnostics, fear mitigation device for pediatric MRIs tie for first place.

NFPA Awards UMD Research in Pathways of Wildland-Urban Interface Fires

National Fire Protection Association recognizes UMD Fire Protection Engineering research team with 2016 Fire Protection Research Foundation Medal.

University of Maryland Wind Tunnel Media Day, July 8

University of Maryland offers reporters the chance to experience hurricane-force winds firsthand.

Safer, Better Li-Ion Batteries

UMD researchers are developing safer, high performing Li-Ion batteries

UMD UAS Test Site Hosts Public Safety Demonstration for First Responders

UMD hosted a demonstration of the Project Lifesaver/Lockheed Martin Indago UAV system for representatives from nine public safety organizations.

Chopra Named Recipient of 2016 ASME Spirit of St. Louis Medal

ASME award recognizes meritorious service in the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics.

UMD Transportation Experts Issue Impact Reports, Forecasts for WMATA’s SafeTrack

First safety surge poses minimal effects on area traffic, measurable crowding on Metrorail

UMD Concrete Canoe Team Celebrates Second Consecutive ASCE Mid-Atlantic Win

Team places first in races and the design category, and second in the product display category.

UMD Transportation Experts in the News: WMATA’s SafeTrack Plan

UMD experts are using transportation modeling and simulation technologies to help commuters make informed decisions.

UMD Microrobotic Work Featured in IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum spotlights Bergbreiter and St. Pierre's work on "the tiniest little quadruped robot ever seen."

More than 175 attend national Denice Denton Emerging Leaders Workshop

Faculty development workshop helped mid-career STEM academics develop knowledge, skills, strategies and critical networks.

Fischell Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation

UMD Alum, BioE Professor of Practice to Receive White House Honor

Watch FPE Professor Michael Gollner Explain Boreal Fire Science

FPE Assistant Professor Michael Gollner recreates parts of the Fort McMurray blaze.

UMD Sweeps AIAA Region I Student Papers Conference Masters Division

Seven UMD students place in AIAA's 2016 Region I Student Conference paper competition.

First 3D Bioprinted Placenta Model for Study of Preeclampsia Created

Scientists are the first to create a 3D bioprinted placenta model and use it to study preeclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy complication.

Olusola-Ajayi to Deliver Student Speech for Clark School Spring Commencement

Aerospace Engineering senior Oyinkansola Elizabeth Olusola-Ajayi student speaker for the Clark School of Engineering's Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony.

Northrop Grumman's Christopher Jones to Deliver Spring Commencement Remarks

Northrop Grumman Technology Services VP and President Dr. Christopher T. Jones (Ph.D. '97) to speak at Clark School Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony.

More Salt, More Power: UMD, ARL Researchers Building Better Batteries

A team of researchers at UMD, ARL, and colleagues have developed a battery that is at once safer, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and more powerful - by adding a pinch of salt.

Aerospace Engineering Inducts Five New Academy of Distinguished Alumni Members

Alumni Jones, Van Buiten, Van Wie, Wang and Weber inducted to department's Academy of Distinguished Alumni.

A View Through Wood Shows Futuristic Applications

Transparent wood made at UMD could create new windows, cars and solar panels

Boeing Guest Lecture Given by John Tracy

Dr. Tracy, Chief Technical Officer of Boeing, visited campus on February 2nd.

UMD Inventors Develop Face, Gender, and Pose Detecting Algorithm

UMD Researchers' 'HyperFace' Algorithm Nominated for Invention of the Year

Ingenious method enables sharper flat-panel displays at lower energy costs

UMD-headquartered project uses nanoslits to control light

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Headlines University of Maryland Transportation Summit

The National Transportation Center at Maryland hosts nearly 200 transportation experts for innovation and policy summit.

Scientists blend coinage metals to obtain alloys better than gold

Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a novel method for altering the light reflected or absorbed by a material by match-making combinations of gold, silver, and copper into various mixtures of metals, or alloys.

Ulukus Named 2016-2017 Distinguished Scholar-Teacher by University of Maryland

The Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Program honors members of UMD faculty who have demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievements along with equally outstanding accomplishments as teachers.

AHS Recognizes Six UMD Faculty, Students and Alumni for Contributions to Rotorcraft Research

AHS International awarded six UMD faculty, students and alumni this spring for their contributions in rotorcraft research.

Aerospace Engineering Students and Alumni Receive NSF Fellowships

Students Brown and Free, and alumni Mills awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

Kim Receives USM Regents’ Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

University System of Maryland award recognizes Kim for his contributions to teaching.

Alumnus Radha Poovendran is PI for cybersecurity MURI grant

The research will aim to protect against a new type of continuous computer hacking attack, known as advanced persistent threats.

Garrett Wessler Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

UMD undergraduate student one of 2,000 award recipients for the 2016 competition.

Alumni Dr. Jeong H. Kim Receives 2016 Horatio Alger Award

Kim named one of 13 exceptional corporate and civic leaders to the Horatio Alger Member Class of 2016

UMD Invention of the Year Nominees Push Boundaries in Health, Energy, and Security

Campus inventors to be honored at Celebration of Innovation and Partnerships

UMD to Host 2016 FIRST Robotics District Championship

Student Teams Build, Battle Robots to Secure Spot in International Championship

Bruck Named a UMD Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Professor Hugh Bruck named one of six Distinguished Scholar-Teachers for the 2016-2017 school year.

Four UMD Students Named 2016 Goldwater Scholars

UMD is one of five institutions with all four nominees named scholars

UMD Startup Makes Strides in Cybersecurity

SecondWrite develops software to combat evasive malware

Forum Highlights Inclusion in Engineering

The Clark School hosted A Day of Inclusive Excellence in late March 2016.

Three Aerospace Students Recognized as Tomorrow’s Engineering Leaders

The "20 Twenties Award" was Sponsored by Aviation Week and AIAA

Kofinas Awarded Patent for Flexible Batteries

Polymer solid electrolyte could make batteries safer, smaller, and less expensive

Maryland research contributes to Google’s AlphaGo AI system

Chang, Fu, Hu and Marcus developed ideas at the core of the system that defeated Go master Lee Se-Dol in early March.

Hu and Munday Win Young Investigator Award

Liangbing Hu and Jeremy Munday win the 2016 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award.

UMD has Largest University Showing at 2016 ARPA-E Summit

UMD researchers showcase transformative energy research at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Alumnus Peng Qiu Wins NSF CAREER Award

Qiu wins award for experimental design and model reduction in systems biology.

BBI Seed Grant winners announced

Five projects selected for inaugural round of funding.

Researchers Use Advances in 3D Printing to Rapidly Build - Microfluidic Processors

New technique offers cost effective alternative to traditional microfabrication approaches.

UMD’s Anya Jones Receives Presidential Early Career Award

Aerospace Engineering faculty member awarded U.S. government's highest honor for early-career science and engineering professionals.

Zhang Named Rabin Distinguished Professor

CEE Associate Professor and NTC@Maryland Director recognized for influential scientific and scholarly work. 

UMD Team Selected to Participate in International Solar Decathlon

Teams will be competing for $2 million in prize money

Hubbard Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Joins 23 other Clark-affiliated faculty

Clark School Students Invited to Apply for Summer Engineering Courses in Czech Republic, Italy

Applications for three-credit technical electives due March 1, 2016.

UMD Students Head to SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend

UMD led team aims to build cutting edge prototype for the next generation of transportation.

Qu Wins NIST Grant

Qu and research team will study the use of Silicon Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) as an entropy source.

Alumnus Amr Adly Promoted to Vice President at Cairo University

Dr. Adly leads research efforts in new position at Cairo University.

Mechanical Engineering Student Appointed to ASME-IPTI Collegiate Council

Ph.D. student Shayandev Sinha selected for 2015-2016 ASME-IPTI Collegiate Council.

University of Maryland to Host Project Management Day of Service

Nearly 500 Project Management Volunteers to Provide Guidance for Nonprofits, Social Change Organizations

Mote Named Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor and Former UMD President C. D. Mote Jr. Named Member of CAE.

Bergbreiter named director of Maryland Robotics Center

Microrobotics expert brings both research expertise and leadership accomplishments to position.

Hasan Receives NASA Space Flight Awareness Silver Snoopy Award

NASA recognizes Aerospace Engineering graduate student Syed Hasan for outstanding mission contributions.

Hubbard Named SPIE 2016 Smart Structures and Materials Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Aerospace Engineering Professor recognized for contributions to the field of smart structures and materials.

University of Maryland Faculty, Alumni Named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Inductees recognized for prolific spirit of innovation.

Espy-Wilson Featured in MIT’s Tech Review

She was the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate in electrical engineering at MIT.

Diagnosing Better Efficiencies for Solar Cells

New UMD imaging technique could yield more efficient solar cells

Holland to Deliver Student Speech for Clark School Winter Commencement

Mechanical Engineering senior Greg Holland will deliver Clark School Winter Commencement
student speech.

UMD Researchers Use a Simple Stretch to Create Powerful Pseudomagnetic Fields in Graphene

Researchers Make Breakthrough Discovery in Graphene Research

Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi Joins a National Center for Spintronics Research

Combinatorial materials discovery will aid spintronic device development

Wu Wins 2015 Signal Processing Society Meritorious Service Award

Exemplary service and leadership garner IEEE award for Clark School Professor.

UMD Cybersecurity Symposium to Focus on Latest Trends in Cybersecurity

Fourth Annual MC2 Symposium on Dec. 7 will explore cutting-edge cybersecurity research

UMD & Army Researchers Discover Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries

Greatest potential uses seen in safety-critical, automotive and grid-storage applications

Chen Awarded Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowship in Engineering Education

Graduate student Guang Chen selected for a 2015-2016 Northrop Grumman fellowship.

UMD Researchers Shed Light on Mechanics of Aortic Dissection

New research at the University of Maryland provides insights to some of the mechanical properties behind aortic dissection.

ChemE Jeopardy Team Wins National Competition

UMD's ChemE team topped eight competitor teams in the AIChE national Jeopardy competition.

Jewell Lab Makes Strides in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Fischell Department of Bioengineering researchers awarded $599,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

UMERC Announces RFPs for the 2016 Graduate Student Energy Fellowships

Proposals for the 2016 Wells and Hulka Graduate Student Fellowships will be accepted until January 14th.

UMD Team Takes Top Honor in DARPA RevCon Competition

UMD team beats out six other schools with their winning thermal connector prototype.

Alumnus Named 2016 Black Engineer of the Year

Aerospace Engineering Alumni Christopher T. Jones (Ph.D. '97) named 2016 Black Engineer of the Year Award by Black Engineer magazine.

Two Aerospace Engineering Students Place at SAMPE Student Research Symposium

Aerospace Engineering Students Ganesh Raghunath and Gary Wolf selected as SAMPE 2015 Dallas finalists.

Clark School Undergrads Look to Improve Grafts for Small Blood Vessels

Members of the 2017 Gemstone Honors class launch campaign to increase the strength and biocompatibility of vascular grafts.

Hu wins 2015 Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award

Shows "promise [for] significant and lasting impact" in nanoscience

Han Receives ASME Mechanics Award

Professor Bongtae Han named 2016 recipient of ASME's Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division Mechanics Award.

Galloway Elected to National Academy of Construction

Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering Gerry Galloway was elected a member of the 2015 NAC class.

Li Awarded Society of Engineering Science Young Investigator Medal

Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Teng Li receives 2016 SES Young Investigator Medal.

UMD Ranked Among Nation's Elite in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Princeton Review names UMD a Top 25 School for Entrepreneurship Studies.

JaJa Connects UMD Experts with NSF South Big Data Hub Resources

ECE professor JaJa on steering committee to pair experts with government and industry to maximize big data's positive impact.

Fisher Named Chair of the Fischell Department of Bioengineering

Dr. John P. Fisher to succeed Dr. William E. Bentley as department chair, effective Jan. 4, 2016.

UMD Graduates Invent World's First Ultra-Clean Wood Stove

MF Fire introduces Mulciber, a new energy-efficient and clean-burning wood stove.

AHRI Grant Supports Study of Refrigerant Flammability

Drs. Peter Sunderland and Vivien Lecoustre lead Investigation of Energy Produced by Potential Ignition Sources in Residential Application.

ISR participates in NSF 30th Anniversary ERC Celebration

Best practices, success stories shared at Capitol Hill event.

Papamanthou Receives Yahoo! Labs Award

Papamanthou receives award to develop new algorithms for searchable encryption

DeLaHunt Receives Honorable Mention in ASEE Diversity Essay Content

Aerospace Engineering graduate student Sylvie DeLaHunt recognized by ASEE for her essay “Overcoming obstacles and creating positive change."

UMD Among Largest Recipients of NSF Funding for Cybersecurity Research and Education

UMD research awards are part of the NSF’s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program

Barkley and Hersey Receive L-3 Graduate Scholarships

Aerospace Engineering graduate students Brett Barkley and Sean Hersey receive 2015-2016 L-3 Scholarships.

Ngassam Receives ACS Scholar Award

Chemical engineering senior receives award.

Weinstein Selected as 2015-2016 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar

Aerospace Engineering senior Rosie Weinstein named Philip Merrill Scholar.

University of Maryland, College Park & Baltimore Campuses Announce Seed Grant Winners

Program, now in eight year, spurs inter-campus research collaboration

Baecher Awarded GEOSNet Distinguished Award for Lifetime Achievement

CEE Professor Gregory Baecher recognized for contributions to geotechnical risk and reliability research.

Leonard to be Honored for Cooperative Control Innovations

Alumna Naomi Leonard to be inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame on Nov. 9.

Chow and Niezelski Named 2015-2016 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

Mechanical Engineering seniors Ryan Chow and Sarah Niezelski selected as 2015-2016 scholars.

New Report Gives Guidance on Growing Baltimore Medical Device Community

Attracting mid- to large-sized medical device companies through established innovation hubs is the biggest key to growing Baltimore into a major medical device technology sector

UMD iGEM Team Earns Second Consecutive Gold Medal in International Competition

UMD student researchers recognized for innovative approach to accelerate construction of biodesigns.

University of Maryland Flies High with Milestone 50th High-Altitude Balloon Launch

University of Maryland Celebrates 50th Launch of the Maryland Space Grant Consortium Balloon Payload Program

Novel Microscopy Technique to Shed New Light on Study of Cell Properties, Disease Pathogenesis

BioE Asst. Prof. Giuliano Scarcelli published in Nature Methods.

Reimagining Fuel Cells Lands UMERC Director's Technology in NATURE

Results of Dr. Wachsman’s research highlighted in NATURE, an international weekly journal of science.

Visionary choreographer Huang Yi performs at Maryland, visits Robot Realization Lab

Yi programs a KUKA industrial robot to dance with humans in his work.

Bauchau Named First Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professor in Rotorcraft

The University of Maryland welcomes Dr. Olivier Bauchau as the first Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professor in Rotorcraft.

Marshall Group Fire Safety Modeling System Highlighted by SFPE

Cyber Physical System development was supported by the Chief Donald J. Burns Memorial Research Grant.

The University of Maryland Receives $50,000 Grant from Dominion Foundation

Award supports new research on high efficiency solar-powered cooling systems.

FPE Professor Emeritus Recognized for Exceptional Commitment to Education

Frederick Mowrer to receive the 2015 John L. Bryan Mentor Award from SFPE.

Papamanthou Receives $500K NSF Grant on Advanced Data Structures and Security

Papamanthou will use NSF grant to make advanced data structures more secure

Engineers Without Borders Addresses Power Needs for Ghana High School

Five students and one advisor traveled to Ghana for EWB-UMD’s project implementation trip.

UMD Researchers Awarded $1M from NIST to Work on Next-Generation Cryptography

Katz, Papamanthou and Dachman-Soled will collaborate with NIST on post-quantum cryptography project

Schardt Awarded UMD-NCI Cancer Research Training Fellowship

BioE graduate student recognized for efforts to develop novel molecular engineering approach to breast and ovarian cancer therapy. 

Fisher Leads Overseas Project to Develop New Class of Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

Fischell Family Distinguished Professor Named Fulbright Scholar

Hadar Ben-Yoav accepts tenure-track position at Ben-Gurion University

Former ISR postdoc will join the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering.

Ankem Named PROMISE Outstanding Faculty Mentor

Professor honored for efforts to increase student diversity in STEM majors.

Klauda Named PROMISE Outstanding Faculty Mentor

Professor honored for efforts to increase student diversity in STEM majors.

University of Maryland No. 1 in ARPA-E Awards

UMD has most active ARPA-E awards among all U.S. universities.

Beshr and Eldeeb Named GDF-Suez Chuck Edwards Memorial Fellows

Mechanical Engineering graduate students Mohamed Beshr and Radia Eldeeb awarded 2015 GDF-Suez Chuck Edwards Memorial Fellowships.

UMD Students Win Third Consecutive Electrochemical Society Student Chapter Award

University of Maryland Electrochemical Society Students win Student Chapter Award for the third year in a row.

UMD Researchers Creating First Onboard Fast-Charging System for Electric Vehicles

NSF funds innovative interdisciplinary research for Khaligh and McCluskey

Undergraduate Engineering Programs Earn Top Rank in U.S. News & World Report

Clark School's undergraduate programs ranked No. 12 among public universities.

Design Templates for Education Made Easy by UMD Startup

CredentialED, launched by Prof. Leigh Abts, offers MyDesign app for students.

Fire Protection Engineering: New Associated Partner in Intl. M.S. Program

FPE joins consortium of the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering.

Building a smarter industrial robot

RoboSAM can assess its situation and call a human for help before making a mess.

NSF Funds Novel Research to Create Scalable Wireless Networking, Averting Usage Crisis

Ephremides is co-PI on half-million dollar, three year grant

Two Mechanical Engineering Professors Named PROMISE Mentors

Professors Bruck and Herrmann nominated as AGEP PROMISE Outstanding Faculty Mentors.

Gupta Receives ASEE 2015 Ralph Coats Roe Award

Distinguished University Professor Ashwani Gupta receives 2015 Ralph Coats Roe Award at ASEE annual conference.

Jones Named AIAA Associate Fellow

Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Anya Jones named AIAA Associate Fellow.

Smela Named ADVANCE Professor

Mechanical Engineering Professor Elisabeth Smela Named University of Maryland ADVANCE Professor

Novel Imaging Technique Paves Way for Advancements in Bone Tissue Engineering

BioE Associate Professor Yu Chen receives $1.29M NIH R01 grant to develop system to quantitatively image 3D cell behavior.

UMD Researchers’ New Nanoscale Solar Cells Could Revolutionize Solar Industry

Can nanostructured solar cells exceed the Shockley-Queisser limit?

Fourney Receives SEM 2016 C.E. (Chuck) Taylor Award

Keystone Professor William Fourney Receives SEM C.E. (Chuck) Taylor Award.

Matysiak Named National Science Foundation CAREER Award Recipient

Five-year, $650,000 NSF CAREER Award to support neurodegenerative disease research.

UMD Invention Could Make Your Mobile Device Almost Impossible to Break Into

Team develops authentication system for both fingerprint and sensor on mobile device.

UMD Team Lands First Place in AHS Student Design Competition

Maryland team lands first place in American Helicopter Society's 32nd Annual Student Design Competition.

UMD Startup To Solve Energy Conversion Challenges in Thermal Systems

Optimized Thermal Systems provides engineering consulting for HVAC&R systems.

Jeremy Munday selected for NASA Smallsat Technology Partnership Award

ECE professor to develop reconfigurable solar sails

Papamanthou Receives Google Research Award

Google awards research grant to Papamanthou for his research in navigating e-mail encryption.

Han and Colleagues Win ICEPT 15 Outstanding Paper Award

Han and colleagues receive the Outstanding Paper Award at the 16th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology.

Gates Foundations awards UMD project to address world sanitation problems

UMD researchers receive award for the tri-generation of heat, power, and potable water from waste.

University of Maryland Researchers Accept NASA Mission: Build a Better Battery for Space Exploration

UMD researchers awarded NASA funding for advanced energy storage technology

Liu Awarded 2016 IEEE Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award

Prolific Researcher Recognized for Exceptional Teaching and Mentoring

UMD Students Win Poster Session at NASA's Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop

Graduate students Allison Porter (Aerospace Engineering) and David Squiller (Mechanical Engineering) placed second and third at 2015 NASA TFAW poster session.

UMD Hosts Capitol Hill Panel on Autonomous Systems

Experts gathered to discuss UAVs in an event hosted by the Clark School on July 16.

UMD National Transportation Center Awarded $4.5 Million Department of Energy Grant

NTC@Maryland to develop technology to deliver personalized, real-time travel information to users and incentivize energy-efficient travel.

Ohadi Receives ASHRAE E.K. Campbell Award of Merit

Mechanical Engineering Professor Michael Ohadi recently received the ASHRAE E.K. Campbell Award of Merit.

Khaligh Wins Best Vehicular Electronics Paper Award for Third Time

Khaligh and his collaborators also won this award in 2012 and 2013.

Alumnus Wins Canada's Killam Award

Jie Chen recognized for outstanding scholarship and substantial contributions to the scientific community.

Surfing Liquid Drops Shed New Light in Soft Materials Research

New work published in Nature Communications could improve applications from cancer therapies and contact lenses to 3-D printing and mayonnaise.

Reza Ghodssi named ASME Fellow

Ghodssi is also a Fellow of IEEE and AVS.

Voice of America Spotlights CATT Lab's Traffic Management Technologies

Report highlights how CATT Lab is using visualization tools to help authorities manage and respond to traffic incidents.

New Research Reveals How Wildfires Spread

Findings may impact firefighting strategy, safety, effectiveness

Sensing Drugged Driving: Fischell Researchers Receive SBIR for Roadside Drug Test

Diagnostic anSERS Inc. awarded $150,000 NSF grant to develop paper-based test to identify drivers under the influence of illegal drugs.

CYC Students Learn About Sustainable Energy

The University of Maryland Center for Young Children (CYC) Tour UMERC

Transparent, Interactive Nanopaper Uses Touch to Generate Electricity

New material described in ACS Nano, featured in Nanowerk and C&EN.

CEE Launches Infrastructure Engineering Laboratories Renovation Initiative

CEE to redesign virtual and physical infrastructure engineering laboratories.

Two Maryland SOFC projects selected by the Department of Energy

DOE Selects Maryland Research Projects to Advance Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology

Huan Xu to become tenure-track assistant professor

Xu’s research interests lie in control and dynamical systems and formal methods with applications in autonomy, cyberphysical systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Designing Communities to Withstand Wildfires

Gollner group at the forefront of a mostly unexplored field of research.

MC2 Researchers Receive $1.2M NSF Grant for Verifiable Computation

Papamanthou leads team of MC2 Researchers on Verifiable Computing Project

Wereley Awarded 2015 AIAA NCS Marvin C. Demler Award

Aerospace Engineering Department Chair Norman Wereley recognized for his commitment to supporting and forwarding the AIAA National Capital Section.

Small Can Be Strong and Tough

The smaller the cellulose fibers, the stronger and tougher the paper they make, to UMD researchers’ surprise

Call for Nanotechnology-Inspired Grand Challenges

July 16 deadline to identify nanoscience issues

FPE Design Challenge Gets High School Students Excited About Engineering

“Junior fire protection engineers” learn about fire phenomena, core strategies in new student-run program.

Sochol Joins Department of Mechanical Engineering as Assistant Professor

The Clark School welcomes Ryan D. Sochol as assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Pecht Receives 2016 IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Award

Professor Michael Pecht awarded the 2016 IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Award.

Prof. Ray Phaneuf Appointed Acting Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Robert M. Briber named Clark School Associate Dean for Research.

Fischell Researchers Develop Innovative Technique to Fine-Tune Vaccines

Members of the Jewell Research Laboratory publish ACS Nano paper on rationally designed vaccines that promote tunable immune responses.

UMD Students Win 2015 RASC-AL Competition

Aerospace engineering students design winning concept for a Mars settlement and lunar refueling station.

ME Alumna Receives Inaugural UMD Alumni Volunteer Award

Liz Goldwasser (B.S., '03) recognized for outstanding service and leadership to the University of Maryland and Clark School of Engineering.

UMD Team Wins 2015 Robo-Ops and Sets New Course Record

Maryland students and their rover 'Frigg' win first place at the 2015 Robo-Ops Competition.

Pecht Wins Distinguished Scientist of 2015 Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Michael Pecht received the Distinguished Scientist of 2015 award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI).

National Media Highlights UMD Hurricane Research, Wind Tunnel

Clark School, AOSC Experts Caution, "It Only Takes One Storm"

Shampoo ingredient keeps nanotubes cleaner, more manageable

Better electronics and nanoscience possible using common cleaner

Reza Ghodssi named AVS Fellow

Citation reads: "For outstanding leadership in microsystems technology achieved by combining knowledge of materials and processing, innovative device concepts, and diverse applications."

Three Aerospace Engineering Faculty Receive 2015 DURIP Awards

Laurence, Hubbard and Yu receive over $1.2 million in combined funding through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP).

Thin coatings controlled at atomic scale protect high performance lithium anodes

Anodes with layer of alumina resist corrosion and cycle well

UMD Ties with Stanford, MIT for Most Researchers on 2015 DOD Multidisciplinary Research Grants

UMD Represented on 6 of 22 Teams Awarded University Research Initiative Grants by the Department of Defense

Office of Naval Research Supports Design Development of Materials at UMD

DURIP grant funds new instrumentation in Combinatorial Synthesis Lab.

Redox Named Best Green Company in Maryland for 2015

The Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards Best Environmental/Energy Company to Redox Power Systems.

New Software Will Enhance Materials Science and Engineering’s Undergraduate Program

UMD wins one of six computational design toolkits from ASM International.

University of Maryland Wind Tunnel Media Day

University of Maryland offers reporters chance to experience first-hand what hurricane winds really feel like.

Creating Transparent Electronic Networks with Graphene-Based Ink

Printed transparent conductors are the first to use sodium ions embedded in reduced graphene oxide to boost performance.

Xue Awarded NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship

First-year CEE Ph.D. student receives prestigious three-year fellowship. 

Alum Sagar Chowdhury wins ASME CIE Best Dissertation Award

“Planning for Automated Optical Micromanipulation of Biological Cells” describes optical tweezers research.

UMD Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge Teams Take First Place in ASCE Mid-Atlantic Competitions

CEE’s Schneider earns second place in technical paper competition.

Gaging the Long-Term Performance of Nuclear Reactor Cooling Pipes

Schwarm wins DOE fellowship to study changes in the properties of stainless steel.

AFSA Announces UMD Legacy Campaign Support

Sponsorship helps strengthen Fire Protection Engineering's undergraduate curriculum.

New Shape Memory Alloy Withstands 10 Million Deformations

Invention, described in Science, could be used to create biomedical implants, more.

Three UMD Students Receive Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowships

Aerospace Engineering graduate students Camli Badrya, Elaine Petro and Elena Shrestha receive Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowships.

Fievisohn Receives AIAA Foundation Martin Summerfield Propellants and Combustion Graduate Award

Aerospace engineering Ph.D. student Robert Fievisohn recognized with AIAA graduate award.

Carter and DeCicco Receive NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships

Graduate students Dylan Carter and Anthony DeCicco awarded NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships.

Shumway Awarded NDSEG Fellowship

Aerospace graduate student Nathan Shumway win National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship.

Team Wins UMD Sustainability Grant to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

Student team led by Associate Professor Bao Yang wins UMD Sustainability Grant.

Desai Named ASME Fellow

Mechanical Engineering Professor Jaydev Desai named ASME Fellow.

Hubbard Named ASME Fellow

Aerospace Engineering Samuel P. Langley Distinguished Professor James E. Hubbard, Jr. named an ASME Fellow.

Dachman-Soled Wins ORAU Award for Junior Faculty

ECE professor was one of two nominees from the University of Maryland.

Members of NEES Gather for 2015 Spring Accomplishment Meeting

Poster session, in-depth discussions, presentations.... and hiking

UMD Teams Awarded Over $5 Million to Improve Power Plant Cooling Technologies

The U.S. Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) funds two UMD teams to improve power plant cooling efficiency.

Swelling Magnets to Energize the World

Discovery Sheds New Light on 175-year-old Principle

2015 Dean's Student Research Awards

Winners of the 2015 Dean's Student Research Awards have been announced.

Kusimo to Deliver Student Speech for Clark School Spring Commencement

Mechanical Engineering senior Abisola Kusimo will deliver Clark School Spring Commencement
student speech.

Baz Recognized with Two Awards for Teaching Excellence

Minta Martin Professor Amr Baz recognized with both a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award and the Poole and Kent Teaching Award for Senior Faculty.

Hafezi Named 2015 ONR Young Investigator

The Office of Naval Research awarded Hafezi for three years in support of his research on nanostructures.

First UMD Engineering Course in Social Entrepreneurship Will Help Transform Local Elementary School

Engineering Students Award $10K to FRESHFARM Markets for their FoodPrints Program

UMD Center for Disaster Resilience Leads Efforts to Create a National Resilience Scorecard

CEE researchers host "Building Blocks for a National Resilience Scorecard" workshop.

Alumna Receives Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program Award

Alumna Christine Ikeda receives $510,000 grant to improve high-speed watercraft designs that reduce weight and improve efficiency.

Nguyen Wins NOAA Hollings Scholarship

Program supports students interested in environmental research.

BGE's Calvin Butler to Deliver Spring Commencement Remarks

CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to speak on May 22.

McCuen to Receive ASCE Ven Te Chow Award

CEE Professor recognized for lifetime achievement in the field of hydrologic engineering.

Food Safety, Energy Storage & Video Authentication Inventions Honored at Awards Ceremony

Three Clark School innovations win UMD Invention of the Year Awards

Emissions from Natural Gas Wells May Travel Far Downwind

New study sees steep rise in ethane accompanying the rise in fracking.

For Batteries, One Material Does It All

Revolutionary material could create safer, simpler and more efficient all-in-one batteries

Invention of the Year Nominee: A New Joint Soldering Paste with High Temperature Resistance

Innovation developed by McCluskey offers potential application in aviation, space exploration, and hybrid electric vehicles

Depireux, Masri win $25K UMB UMVentures Award

Award given for commercial potential of dental nanoparticle therapy technology.

UMD Opens MakerBot Innovation Center to Foster Entrepreneurship

UMD home to Big Ten's first large-scale 3-D printing MakerBot Innovation Center.

Welcome to Graphene Beach!

Jiayu Wan wins Materials Research Society’s Science-As-Art competition.

Lacey Wins Nat'l Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Award supports graduate student’s study of printed and flexible electronics and batteries.

CEE, Landscape Architecture Researchers Awarded 1st Place in EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

Interdisciplinary team recognized for UMD Memorial Chapel site proposal.

Herrmann Promoted to Professor

Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Jeffrey Herrmann promoted to Professor.

Undergrads Host AIChE Conference; Chem-E Car Shelldon Heads to National Competition

AIChE welcomes more than 300 chemical engineering students from more than two dozen schools.

Spooner Wins 2015 Winston Family Best Honors Thesis Award

Aerospace Engineering senior Hannah Spooner wins in 2015 Winston Family Best Honors Student Paper Awards.

Baeder Promoted to Professor

Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor James Baeder promoted to rank of Professor.

Bailey Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Four materials science students receive Honorable Mentions.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships for Two ChBE Alumnae

Dorsey and Tesfaye win fellowships; alumnus receives Honorable Mention.

Nilsson Wins Wylie Fellowship

UMD award supports grad student's work in advanced microscopy.

Robo Raven on Display at a Major International Design Exhibit in France

Robo Raven on Display at a Major International Design Exhibit in France

UMD, JHU Team up for 3rd Annual Undergraduate Research Day

University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University bioengineering students celebrate research undertakings.

Center for Research in Extreme Batteries officially opens

Teaming with UMD and NIST, the Army Research Laboratory launches its center for research in advanced battery materials.

Invention of the Year Nominee: Method for Extracting ENF Signals from Video

Invention offers security, forensic, and historic preservation applications

ME Student to Attend Los Alamos National Laboratory Summer Workshop

Graduate student Frank VanGessel selected to attend Los Alamos National Laboratory's Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop.

Stoliarov Promoted

FPE faculty member elevated to rank of Associate Professor with tenure.

Shrestha Receives 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

National Science Foundation awards aerospace engineering grad student Elena Shrestha 2015 NSF Graduate Fellowship Award.

Lankford Awarded ARCS Scholarship

Aerospace engineering grad student receives 2015-2016 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS) Scholarship

Invention of the Year Finalist: A Revolutionary, High Density, Nanopore Battery

Research team led by Rubloff and Lee develops battery using optimized nanostructure design

Herrmann Publishes New Book, Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management

Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Jeffrey Herrmann publishes new book, Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management.

Bernard Publishes New Book, Fluid Dynamics

Mechanical Engineering Professor Peter Bernard publishes new book, Fluid Dynamics.

Das leads UMD undergraduate research team to publish cover article in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

Research provides new insights on effects of electrostatic charge & pH on virus biophysics and virus/bacteria interactions.

Invention of the Year Finalist: Rapid Method for Separating Bacteria from Complex Food Samples

Clark School researchers speed up process for detecting pathogens, from 12-36 hours to less than an hour

Six Aerospace Engineering Students Receive 2015 Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarships

UMD students represented over 25 percent of this year's VFF scholarship awardees.

Leventon Earns ASME and NIST Fellowships

Ph.D. candidate plans to pursue career in academia.

Gastfriend Named 2015 Goldwater Scholar

National award supports outstanding undergraduates pursuing careers in research.

Optimal control and strong interactions imply flock cohesion

New work suggests that copying behavior in social groups may be governed by optimal control theory

Radermacher to Receive IIR Gustav Lorentzen Medal

The International Institute of Refrigeration recognizes Professor Reinhard Radermacher for his contributions to the field of refrigeration.

Invention of the Year Finalist: Intra-Lymph Node Cancer Vaccination Delivery

Jewell develops potent and selective vaccine delivery technique targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases

UMD Students Excel at AAIA Region 1 Student Paper Conference

Aerospace engineering students sweep undergrad category at AAIA Region 1 Student Paper Conference.

UMD to Launch Undergraduate Minor in Construction Management

First construction management minor courses available fall 2015.

UMD to Host 2015 FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park.

Sikorski Awarded 2015-16 Fulbright U.S. Student Grant

Fischell Department of Bioengineering senior recognized for work with trilayer skin substitutes.

Dachman-Soled Wins NSF Career Award

Professor Dana Dachman-Soled has been recognized for her innovative research in non-black-box cryptography.

Anisimov Wins Yeram S. Touloukian Award

Professor recognized by ASME for work in thermophysics.

UMD, MIT team for new 'superhydrophobic surfaces' patent

Nano/micro surface mimics wetlands plants' ability to resist moisture, self clean.

Oran Recognized with Honorary Doctorate from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Rouen

Aerospace Engineering Professor Elaine Oran to receive honorary doctorate during Institut National des Sciences Appliquées' 30th Anniversary Program.

Hubbard and Wissa Collaborators on ASME Best Paper in Structures

Professor James E. Hubbard, Jr. and Aerospace Engineering Alumna Aimy Wissa (Ph.D., '14) collaborate on winning ASME paper.

New Device Models Will Improve Design of Biomedical Devices

Dimitrakopoulos' group publishes new methods for calculating membrane's characteristics.

Help Send UMD Students to the American Chemical Society Nat'l Meeting!

Crowdfunding campaign hopes to send 10 undergrads to ACS conference in August.

UMD To Celebrate Innovations and Partnerships April 29

Nine nominees for Invention of the Year to be recognized at annual event

UMD Mourns Passing of Benefactor and Alumnus A. James Clark

University of Maryland's Clark School of Engineering community remembers namesake and friend

Jewell Named ACGT Research Grant Recipient

BioE assistant professor receives prestigious $250,000 Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy grant.

A New Era in Human Health Innovation

A. James Clark Hall made possible in part by the generosity of two benefactors.

Bowcutt Elected National Academy of Engineering Fellow

Aerospace Engineering alumnus Kevin Bowcutt named NAE Member for contributions to hypersonic research.

UMD Partners with Army to Launch Extreme Battery Research Center

New center cofounded by ChBE professor Chunsheng Wang.

UMD Team Wins in RevCon Competition for Second Year Straight

Student and alumni team designs winning concept for DARPA’s 2015 International Field-Reversible Thermal Connector (RevCon) Challenge.

Choi Patents "Pseudo Inverse Opal" Particles

Efficient, 3D particle and reaction process boosts production of plastics.

Munday Named 2015 OSA Lomb Medal Recipeint

Professor Jeremy Munday wins highest honor for young researchers from the Optical Society of America.

Wereley Named AHS Technical Fellow

American Helicopter Society promotes Department of Aerospace Engineering Chair Norman M. Wereley to AHS Technical Fellow.

Clark School Ranked in Top 25 in U.S. News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools

The Clark School was ranked at No. 23 overall and No. 12 for public schools.

Dasgupta Receives 2015 USM Regents' Faculty Award

University System of Maryland recognizes mechanical engineering faculty for excellence in scholarship.

Vote Now! Materials Video Enters Thinkable Competition

»Marquardt showcases conservation work in pursuit of $5K Open Innovation Award.

Shihab Shamma named to NIH advisory council

The National Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Advisory Council advises the Secretary of HHS and the directors of NIH and its NIDCD.

Pines Recognized with Maryland Speaker's Medallion

Annual award recognizes outstanding service to the state.

Radermacher Receives Institute of Refrigeration J&E Hall Gold Medal

Reinhard Radermacher recognized for pushing research frontiers in energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable thermal systems.

Simple Stretchable Conducting Material is Robust and Inexpensive

Electronic fabrics and skin are potential applications

ASCE Maryland Hosts Inaugural “Suit Up & Be Civil” Event

Nearly 200 gather for UMD American Society of Civil Engineers event.

Mechanical Engineering Clinches 2015 Alumni Cup Title

Student teams conquer light bulb challenge at 4th annual competition.

UMD Patents Compounds that Inhibit Biofilm Formation and Persistence

Patent awarded for compounds capable of fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Christou Joins Md. Delegation to European Offshore Wind Energy Conference

Professor will present paper on predictive modeling of grid reliability.

Grip Boost Hopes Its Idea Sticks at Cupid’s Cup Business Competition

Startup to pitch its football glove-restoring gel at Under Armour HQ.

Anisimov Receives USM Regents' Award

Professor recognized for exemplary scholarship and research.

Non-Toxic, Edible Materials Could Help Break Up Oil Slicks

Raghavan group’s efforts part of Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

'I am very humbled': Hafezi Awarded Prestigious Sloan Fellowship

Hafezi is first Clark School faculty member to receive Sloan Foundation recognition.

Understanding Battery Failure in Realtime, at the Nanoscale

Microscopy technique reveals why and how aluminum anodes fail in Li-ion batteries.

UMD Transportation Engineers Evaluate Costs of Traffic Jams, Congestion

NTC@Maryland addresses impact of congestion on economy, freight transport.

Maryland inventors issued US Patent for compounds that fight biofilms

The compounds enhance the effectiveness of conventional antibiotics and inhibit the formation and persistence of biofilms.

Dasgupta, Fourney and Hwang Named ASME Fellows

Three Mechanical Engineering faculty named American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellows

UMD Hosts 3D Maryland Expert Group Meeting

Event Highlights 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Technologies at UMD

What We Can Learn–and Teach–from the Annapolis Mansion Fire

Fire Protection Engineering Department hopes to educate its students and the public.

Munday Wins IEEE Photonics Society Young Investigator Award

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor recognized for photonics research.

Lagor and Sherman Named 2014 Future Faculty Inductees

Clark School of Engineering selects Aerospace Engineering grad students Frank Lagor and Stephen Sherman for Future Faculty Program.

Larsson Receives NSF CAREER Award

Larsson targets turbulent flows to improve future modeling capabilities.

UMD Engineers & Tight End Team Up on "Catchy" New Football Product

Grip Boost gel restores gloves to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Cracked Rails: How Engineering Could Explain Your Late Arrival to Work

CEE Chair Chuck Schwartz explains why Metro rails are prone to fractures during the winter.

UMD Robot Visits White House

Grad student Bryan Hays and NAO robot volunteer to teach programming to K-12 students.

Sarah Bergbreiter gives TED Talk on microrobotics

She appeared at TEDYouth 2014 in New York City.

Jewell Named 2015 Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovator

BioE Assistant Professor Chris Jewell recognized for revolutionary cancer vaccine strategy.

Hartzell Receives Astronomical Honor

Main belt asteroid named after Aerospace Engineering's Assistant Professor Christine Hartzell.

UMD Online Engineering Programs Continue to Climb in Standings

U.S. News and World Report Releases 2015 Rankings

Saving Energy with ‘Personal HVAC Systems’

UMD awarded more than $5 million by ARPA-E to fund potentially transformational research.

Mechanical Engineering Design Day Fall 2014

Student creativity, guest judges and special guests make the Fall 2014 Design Day a success!

Burning Christmas Trees…for Science!

University of Maryland fire protection engineer teaches fire science and safety with a holiday twist.

Forbes Receives APS 2015 George E. Duvall Shock Compression Science Award

Mechanical Engineering Visiting Professor Jerry Forbes Receives APS 2015 George E. Duvall Shock Compression Science Award.

Underwriters Laboratories President to Speak at Winter Commencement

Williams to deliver commencement remarks on Dec. 21.

UMD UAS Test Site Flies Talon 240

Inaugural flight successfully proves operational processes and procedures for UAS.

ECE Professor Wins IEEE SPS Society Award

Christine Yurie Kim Eminent Professor K.J. Ray Liu to be honored with the top Signal Processing Society award.

Chip Used to Separate Bacteria from Food Samples Wins Professor Venture Fair

BioE Assistant Professor Javier Atencia Named Professor Venture Fair Winner

Two ECE Alumni Elevated to IEEE Fellow

An-Yeu (Andy) Wu and Haitao (Heather) Zheng, both former students of Professor K.J. Ray Liu, are among the 2015 class of IEEE Fellows.

UMD Clark School Highlights Disaster Resilience at Mpact Week

Five-day event focused on role of engineers in disaster prevention, mitigation, and response.

Reza Ghodssi elected Fellow of IEEE

Professor is recognized "for contributions to materials and processes for microsystems technologies."

WIFIRE Wins 3 HPCwire Awards at Int’l High Performance Computing Conference

Cyberinfrastructure is designed to predict, monitor and mitigate wildfires.

University of Maryland Breaks Ground for A. James Clark Hall

New building to serve as hub for human health innovation in the state of Maryland

UMD Clark School Announces Inaugural Awards Winners

New awards honor alumni, friends for career achievements and contributions to Clark School.

Hu, Leite Named Outstanding Engineer and Scientist of the Year (VIDEO)

Materials Science professors receive awards from the Md. Academy of Sciences and Md. Science Center.

UMD UAS Test Site Receives FAA Approval to Fly

Inaugural research flight to take place in December.

UMD Clark School Names Top 25 Source Schools

Annual list recognizes Maryland high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

UMD Startup Shell Kicks Off Launch Campaign for Innovation Fund

Startup incubator and coworking space seeks $10K for entrepreneurship initiative

Engineering systems for mental health work by Espy-Wilson, Resnik, Vaughn-Cooke featured in Newsweek

Research on quantifiable indicators could result in mental health tracking app.

UMD Cyber Experts Discover Lapses in Heartbleed Bug Fix

Researchers' detailed analysis found that website administrators nationwide tasked with patching security holes exploited by the Heartbleed bug may not have done enough.

A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery

Battery inside a nanopore has commercial potential

Grad Student Named One of Maryland’s “Innovators of the Year”

Taylor Myers recognized for work as CTO of wood stove designer MF Fire LLC.

Support Engineering Student Initiatives Through Launch UMD

Small-scale projects with big results.

Clark School Students Named ARCS Scholars

Five engineering students win ARCS scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Clark School Alumnus Kub Honored for LED Material Innovation

Kub's Innovation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to take place Nov. 25.

Museum Conservation Research Wins Top Prizes in International 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Amy Marquardt uses nanotechnology and materials science to design protective coatings for silver art, artifacts.

Five Aerospace Engineering Faculty Promoted to AIAA Associate Fellows

Akin, Bowden, Fourney, Humbert and Kothera promoted to American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellows

Searching for Replacements for Rare Earth Elements in Permanent Magnets

Fackler’s exploration of vicalloy using combinatorial materials synthesis wins awards.

UMD Researchers Use Artificially Engineered Materials to Create Breakthrough for Sound Sensors

"Enhanced Acoustic Sensing through Wave Compression and Pressure Amplification in Anisotropic Metamaterials" published in Nature Communications 

UMD Partners with MITRE on Cybersecurity Research and Development Center

First federally funded research and development center dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity

Vote Now! Materials Grad Student is Finalist in 3 Minute Thesis Competition (VIDEO)

Amy Marquardt uses nanotechnology to protect silver art and artifacts.

Elviz George Receives IMAPS 2014 Steve Adamson Award

Mechanical Engineering graduate student Elviz George receives IMAPS 2014 Steve Adamson Award.

Schmidt Invited to NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium

Professor Linda Schmidt invited to National Academy of Engineering's Sixth Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium.

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series to Feature Colwell and Langford

Clark School of Engineering will welcome two distinguished speakers for its Whiting-Turner lecture series this fall.

UMD Recognized for Top Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs

The University of Maryland has been named one of the country's "Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs" by the Princeton Review.

Leidos Invests in Innovation Partnership with UMD

Donation furthers research, education programs, student activities, and fellowships

You Can Help Our Chem-E Car, Testudo Mobile, Get Competition-Ready!

Launch UMD helps team raise funds for upgrades, travel to national competition.

Virtual Demonstrations and Crowdsourcing Could Lead Advancements in Autonomous Robots

UMD researchers discuss new approaches to imitation learning for robots in ASME's Mechanical Engineering's September issue.

Li and Hu Awarded NSF Grant to Study Challenges in Creating Materials that are Both Stronger and Tougher

NSF funds new research to tackle tough challenge in material design.

Shrestha and Yanes Named Aviation Week Twenty20s

Aerospace Engineering alumni Nelson Yanes and graduate student Elena Shrestha named two of "Tomorrow's Engineering Leaders: The Twenty20s" by Penton Aviation Week.

Clark School & Computer Science Alumnus Donates $31M to UMD

Iribe's gift to support new building and scholarship fund.

Clark School Undergraduate Programs Ranked Highly by U.S. News and World Report

Clark School named one of the top 25 undergraduate engineering programs in the country.

Students' Improved Kevlar Soft Body Armor Wins National Design Competition

MSE seniors double ballistic resistance using carbon nanotubes.

Free, Open Entrepreneur Office Hours Come to Baltimore

Services include advice on business strategy, financing, intellectual property, technology transfer and introductions to resources.

UMD Clark School to Host Mpact Week: Disaster Resilience

Research showcase to highlight role of engineers in developing innovative solutions to help prevent, mitigate, and respond to disasters.

$2.5 Million NSF Grant Awarded for UMD-Led Disaster Resilience Research

CEE Professor Elise Miller-Hooks lead PI for disaster resilience research initiative.

New NSF grant funds research to build network of tiny robots for bridge inspection

Nuno Martins, Sarah Bergbreiter, Richard La to collaborate with Resensys on development of semi-autonomous system.

Beyond “Six Nines”: Ultra-enriched Silicon for Quantum Computing

MSE student part of NIST team pursuing near-perfect crystals.

UMD Celebrates Opening of UAS Test Site in Southern Maryland

Ribbon cutting ceremony brings together leaders in government, industry, and academia.

University of Maryland Orbital Debris Education and Research Center to Host Inaugural Workshop

First academically led center will lead workshop to connect academe, industry and government to address critical issues in orbital debris policy, management and mitigation.

DOE Invests in UMERC Battery Research

Researchers receive $1.2 million to study solid-state Li-ion batteries.

Fighting Fungus: Engineering Antibodies for Validating Antifungal Drug Targets

Powe Junior Faculty Award supports Karlsson’s development of new experimental tool.

Weiner Wins Sikorsky Aircraft Fellowship

Aerospace Engineering graduate student Elizabeth Weiner awarded the 2014-2015 Sikorsky Aircraft Fellowship.

Students Use UMD Supercomputer to Design, Test Materials

New course in computational materials design bridges theory and practice.

Hydrophobically Modified Polymers Create “Cell Gels”

New technique could be used in tissue engineering, 3D cell culture.

UMERC's Advanced Energy Storage Technology Selected by NASA

Energy storage research at UMERC has been selected by NASA to potentially power future space missions.

University of Maryland Opens Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site in Southern Maryland

Test site to unite leaders in academia, industry, and government.

UMD to Launch Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Science and Engineering This Fall

Twelve-credit program will focus on medical device engineering and regulation.

Fourney and Sanford Recognized at Annual SEM Meeting

Associate Dean William Fourney and Professor Emeritus R. J. Sanford receive awards at annual SEM meeting.

Ephremides Wins IEEE MILCOM Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Ephremides named 2014 IEEE MILCOM Technical Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for his contributions to military communications.

Forman Awarded NASA New Investigator Award for Global Snow Research

CEE Assistant Professor Barton Forman was named a recipient of a NASA New Investigator award for his research developing methods to quantify global snow.

Chopra Promoted to Rank of Distinguished University Professor

Aerospace Engineering Alfred Gessow Professor Inderjit Chopra promoted to the rank of Distinguished University Professor.

UMD Students Place Second in 2014 RASC-AL Competition

Aerospace engineering undergrad students place second overall in 2014 RASC-AL competition.

Bergbreiter to attend NAE U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

Microrobotics researcher one of 83 "outstanding young engineers" invited to prestigious event.

UMD Alumnus Wins Top Spot in Infiniti's Performance Engineering Academy

Eric LaRoche (B.S., '14) secures a 12-month dream job with Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

Clark School Announces MRI Program Award Winners

MRI proposals support strategic, interdisciplinary research areas

Adding Lithium Boosts Transparency and Conductivity of Graphite

New material designed to boost performance of solar cells, displays, and electronics published in Nature Communications.

Whiting-Turner Selected for Major Project at National Harbor

Clark School corporate partner to build $1B casino-resort at National Harbor.

MF Fire: 2nd Place at National Competition, Featured in The Washington Post (VIDEO)

Alumni working to commercialize award-winning wood stove.

Fire Protection Engineering Appoints First Clinical Professor

New applied faculty position made possible by Legacy Campaign, Clark School support.

$3.2M ARPA-E Award Supports Development of Combined Cooling/Heating/Power System

Takeuchi brings expertise in combinatorial materials science to fuel cell team.

Redox, UMD, Microsoft, Trans-Tech to Develop Transformational Natural Gas Fuel Cells Through $5 Million in ARPA-E Funding

The goal of the project is to further advance Redox's high-performance fuel cells and drive them to market-readiness for a broad range of applications.

Department of Energy renews NEES EFRC for four years

The center develops highly ordered nanostructures that offer a unique way of looking at the science of energy storage.

Hovercraft Competition Serves as Unique Final Exam

Introduction to Engineering Design final encourages team work and hands-on education

Miller Awarded SMART Scholarship

Mechanical Engineering student Stefan Miller was awarded a SMART Scholarship by ASEE.

Inaugural Project Management Symposium Draws Capacity Crowd

More than 250 project management professionals gathered at the University of Maryland June 9-10 for the inaugural Project Management Symposium.

MC2 Welcomes Undergraduates For Nine-Week Research Experience

Nine undergraduates from across the country are collaborating this summer.

DOE Report Considers Potential of Thermoelastic Cooling

Technology developed in the Clark School could power more efficient air conditioning.

Annual Cyber Symposium Brings Large Crowd, Interesting Discussion

UMD symposium on cybersecurity research and education draws large crowd

Clark School Faculty Promotions Announced

Faculty promoted to full professor, associate professor with tenure.

BioE Capstone 2014: New Projects Focus on Cardiological Health, Surgical Tools and More

Students' inventions range from diagnostic devices to accident prevention products.

Room To Move: Spacing Graphite Layers Makes a Better Battery Anode

New process designed to make Na-ion batteries an effective alternative to Li-ion.

Maryland Team Competes in Baja SAE Competition

UMD students participated in the 2014 Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Kansas student competition.

UMD Team Wins AHS MAV Competition

University of Maryland's Team CDLC Dolphin won AHS International's 2nd Annual Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Student Challenge.

Gupta Receives AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Award

Department of Mechanical Engineering Distinguished University Professor Ashwani Gupta receives 2014 AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Award.

Clark School Board of Visitors Chair Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Scholl receives Doctor of Letters from Purdue University

Galloway Contributes Expertise to CNA Corporation Military Advisory Board Report

CNA Corporation's "National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change" report describes climate change as a "threat multiplier."

UMD Project Management Program Highlighted on ENGINEERING.com

ENGINEERING.com highlights UMD's Project Management Center for Excellence

Bartis Wins Wylie Fellowship for Research on Plasma for Disinfection

Award supports students in final stages of dissertation work.

NSF Award Sponsors Student’s Microscopy Research in Sweden

MSE grad student Hanna Nilsson hopes to pinpoint thermal conductivity of graphene.

Clark School Professor Published in Physical Review X

Milchberg's laser beam research featured in APS online journal

UMD Professors Receive APS Awards

Four Clark School professors honored by American Physical Society

Faculty Founded Techno-Sciences, Inc. Acquired by McMurdo Group

ECE-born company specializes in satellite ground stations, emergency response center systems, coastal surveillance tools

FPE Hosts Fire Science Session for Maryland Counts Students

Kids learn what fire is, how it's controlled, and why it's studied.

University of Maryland Establishes Orbital Debris Research Center

First Academically-Led Center to Address Critical Threats to Orbiting Satellites and Space Activities

Sikorsky and United Technologies Pledge $1 Million to UMD’s Clark School of Engineering

Endowment to support Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professorship in Rotorcraft in the Department of Aerospace Engineering

Using Solar Energy to Make Safer Drinking Water

Wachsman Wins Pfeil Award for work on new photocatalyst.

UMD Undergrads Impress IBM, Industry Pros at QUEST Case Competition

Students compete in multidisciplinary teams to develop ideas for implementing the Watson Engagement Advisor.

Hahn Receives 2014 ONR YIP Award

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Jin-Oh Hahn receives Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program award.

UMD Receives $4.5M for Science of Security "Lablet"

The funding is for new scientific methodologies and tools related to cybersecurity.

Twelve Clark School Students Awarded Prestigious NSF Research Fellowships

Fellowships awarded to outstanding students pursuing a research-based graduate degree.

UMD's WaterShed Grows Roots at Pepco Facility, On Display at First Public Open House May 17

Bay-inspired Solar Decathlon winner now shines as innovative educational research center, open to public.

Women in Engineering Director Honored by University

Clark School's Paige Smith recognized by President's Commission on Women's Issues

Clark School Launches New LinkedIn Page and Clark Store

New initiatives offer ways to expand networks and show off Terp pride

Materials Science Alumna Wins University’s Distinguished Dissertation Award

Jane Cornett (Ph.D. ’13) recognized for work in thermoelectrics.

University of Maryland Baltimore & College Park Campuses To Offer Joint M.D./Ph.D. in Medicine and Bioengineering

Program will promote human health through engineering principles and medical science.

Shaking Things Up: UMD Engineering Students Build Innovative Solution to Help Save Honey Bees

Undergrads gain hands-on experience helping biologists build solutions for critical honey bee issue.

UMD Alumni Hatch Sub-$300 Consumer 3D Printer, Raise $3.3 Million on Kickstarter

Alumni-founded company races past $50,000 goal in 11 minutes, hits $1 million in 25 hours.

Anisimov Elected to AIChE Fellowship

Professor recognized by chemical engineering society for accomplishments in thermodynamics.

Regulatory Science Competition Winners Present Concepts to FDA

UMD and UR competition winners present competition concepts to the FDA.

Fire Protection Startup Wins Awards in MIT Clean Energy Prize Competition

Efficiency, People’s Choice awards will support further development of Mulciber Stove.

Researchers at UMD, UCONN, and Rice Awarded MURI

Qu, Srivastava and Alumnus Forte Focus Research on Changing Future Nano-Scale Device Security

Clark School Faculty Recognized at Celebration of Innovation and Partnerships

Clark School researchers sweep three categories for 2013 Invention of the Year

FiscalNote Named Coolest College Startup

Company co-founded by UMD student featured by Inc. Magazine

UMD Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence in Reliability Engineering

The Center for Risk and Reliability hosted a 25th Anniversary Celebration of the University of Maryland's Reliability Engineering Education Program on April 2, 2014.

Watch FPE Professor Michael Gollner Explain Fire Tornadoes and Wildfire Research

Segment was part of "Forces of Nature" week on Daily Planet.

Three UMD Undergraduates Win Top Prize at LAHacks

Clark School students display their engineering prowess at largest hackathon to date.

UMD-Designed WaterShed to Open at Pepco Sustainability Center Dedication

WaterShed sustainable structure was the winner of the 2011 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

Bergbreiter and Paley Honored at White House Ceremony

UMD researchers were honored yesterday at the White House as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

Alumnus and Whiting-Turner CEO Regan to Speak at Spring Commencement

Civil Engineering alumnus to speak at address Clark School graduates.

The Quest for a Better Battery

UMD Invention of the Year Finalists Charge Ahead

ECE Alumnus Bader Promoted to Chair at Georgia Tech

Winner of ECE inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award to lead School of Computational Science and Engineering.

Two Clark School Students Named University Innovation Fellows

University Innovation Fellows Mittra and Singh create YouTube video to promote innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives at UMD.

Smithsonian Secretary Clough To Deliver Special Lecture at UMD

Secretary Wayne Clough will discuss "Why the Smithsonian Matters"

2014 UMD Corporate Connector of the Year Announced

Dr. Michael Pecht and the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering

Clark School Welcomes Corporate Partners for Summit

Corporate partners converge to network with students and faculty

UMD Hosts Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

Competition promotes design skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship

Weiner Wins 2014 Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Aerospace engineering graduate student Elizabeth Weiner selected for Zontian Fellowship.

Chem-E Car Team Heads to Finals!

New vehicle debuted at regional competition.

UMD Hosts Inaugural Bitcamp Hackathon

Marathon of innovation draws more than 500 students from across the country.

Tavis Smiley Features Social Innovation Challenge Winners on PRI

Challenge to address hunger, education, and sustainability co-sponsored by UMD

Bergbreiter's Robotics Research Featured in NSF's Science Nation

'As fast as their tiny 'bot' legs will carry them! Micro-robots, smaller than a penny, could one day swarm to the rescue.'

Six Aerospace Engineering Students Win NSF Fellowships

DeLaHunt, Fievisohn, Karcher, Petro, Pillsbury and Yanes awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

Announcing a Tacky UMD Invention of the Year Finalist

Quick-Drying Adhesive Coating for Athletic Gloves

National Transportation Center at UMD Awarded $2.8M from US DOT

Funding will support transportation research, education, and outreach activities

Wood Stove Decathlon Team Featured in Popular Mechanics

Team Mulciber’s near-emissionless device teaches old technology new tricks.

UMD to Host FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park

Innovative material leads to better 3D-printed artificial blood vessels

One of Ten UMD Invention of the Year Finalists

UMD and JHU Students Host Research Fair

University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University bioengineering students joined forces to host the second annual research event.

Dean Pines, Abts Featured in ASEE PRISM Magazine for Leadership in Exploring New AP Course in Engineering

New AP course would "brand engineering at the high school level," prepare more students for STEM careers.

UMD Ranked Top School for Women Empowerment

Flexus Living and Learning Program honored for equality efforts

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series to Feature Chasen and Chowdhury

Leading tech entrepreneurs to share business experiences.

UMD's Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory Featured in The Accelerator

American Society for Engineering Education Highlights Bio-Inspired Engineering.

Foraging Bats Warn Others Away From Their Dinners

UMD researchers find bats produce special sound to keep other bats away from prey.

Nanopaper Featured in Nature Photonics News & Views

Article highlights Hu Group’s recent paper in Nano Letters.

Clark School Highly Ranked By Best Value Schools

Engineering program ranked 18th for return on investment

IBM Challenges UMD Students to Develop New Customer Service Tech

Students from the QUEST program will compete on March 30

Rafael Setra Named One of Three 2014 UMD Goldwater Scholars

Electrical Engineering and Math major was one of three University of Maryland students selected

Bergles Passes at 78

Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering Dr. Arthur S. Bergles passes at 78.

Ghodssi Named UMD Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Director of Institute for Systems Research and Herbert Rabin Distinguished Chair honored by university.

UMD Hackathon Team Featured on NPR

Terrapin Hackers students interviewed by "All Things Considered"

Ohadi Awarded USM Regents’ Faculty Award

Mechanical Engineering Professor Michael Ohadi recognized for Excellence in Innovation.

The Science, Technology and Society Program Build More than Just Robots

The STS Robotics Service Learning Program Works with Five K-12 Schools

Tracking the Long-Term Cost of Wildfire Emissions

Gollner, Trouvé part of team backed by UMD Council on the Environment seed grant.

Student Innovators to Converge at University of Maryland for Bitcamp

"Hackathon" event to showcase student-made technology creations

Engineering Alumnus Featured in Forbes

Mechanical Engineering alumnus and Zoosk founder Alex Mehr (Ph.D., '03) featured in March issue of Forbes Magazine.

Clark School Highly Ranked in 2015 U.S. News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools

Clark School's programs again highly ranked in engineering categories.

Tiny Origami Boxes Hold Big Promise for Hydrogen Energy Storage

Graphene folds itself into programmable "nanocage" for hydrogen storage, beating DOE 2020 goa

Civil and Environmental Engineering Students Win Alumni Cup

Team takes first place two years in a row.

Using Materials Science and Engineering to Save Priceless Artifacts

Graduate student Amy Marquardt wins CIC-Smithsonian Fellowship.

Wereley Elected SPIE Fellow

Department of Aerospace Engineering Chair Dr. Norman Wereley elected International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) Fellow.

UMD Team Receives RevCon Award

Student team wins award for "Low-Resistance Seamless Wedge Thermal Connectors."

Registration Open for UMD Project Management Symposium

Featured speaker Ron Taylor will present "You're Not the Boss of Me."

Bluzer Honored by Northrop Grumman

Alumnus recognized for excellence in imaging systems.

Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program Awards $4.1 Million to 15 Maryland Industry/Academic Teams to Develop Technology Products

Green technologies, oyster farming, Chesapeake Bay-saving and medical inventions dominate the funding round.

Fire Protection Team wins IAFSS Award

FPE Research Team wins 11th IAFSS Symposium Best Fire Science Image Award

Science Seeks Mi's Vision on New Membrane Technology

Baoxia Mi invited by Science to write on emerging graphene-based membrane technology.

Aerospace Alumnus Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross

Lt. Col. Paul C. Zurkowski receives Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for heroic efforts supporting troops in Afghanistan.

UMD Holds Risk and Reliability Engineering 25th Anniversary Symposium

Symposium will celebrate research and education excellence in reliability engineering and risk analysis.

EWB Team Implements Chlorinator in Peru

Engineers Without Borders team builds chlorination system in Compone, Peru.

UMD to Offer New MOOCs Multi-Course Specialization in Cybersecurity

New initiative positions university at the forefront of the next chapter in massive open online courses.

Clark School Alumnus Regan Named CEO of Whiting-Turner

Civil engineering graduate to lead Baltimore-based contracting company.

Munday Awarded SPIE Early Career Achievement Award

Asst. Professor Jeremy Munday recognized for early career achievement in optics and photonics.

Whiting-Turner President and CEO Hackerman Passes at 95

Prominent philanthropist was responsible for establishment of UMD's Whiting-Turner Business and Entrepreneurial Lecture Series.

ECE Alumnus Briskman Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Briskman's pioneering efforts in satellite communications garner highest professional distinction.

Up In the Air: Does Fracking Create More Pollution Now than Using Natural Gas Will Prevent Later?

Green Fund Fellowship supports interdisciplinary effort to model emissions.

Clark School, Alumni Association to Host Alumni Cup Competition

Hands-on design competition challenges students to apply engineering principles.

Briber Elected Fellow of the Neutron Scattering Society of America

Professor recognized for research and service.

UMD Hosts Inaugural Project Management Symposium

University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence announces its first annual Project Management Symposium to be held June 9-10, 2014.

UMD Alumnus Company Squarespace to Run Inaugural Big Game Ad

Squarespace was founded by Hinman CEOs Program alumnus Anthony Casalena.

Tavis Smiley and the University of Maryland Announce Winners of $75K Social Innovation Challenge

Three winners selected among 56 entrants to advance their innovative ideas for broad social impact

Sandborn Named IEEE Fellow

Mechanical Engineering Professor and Mtech Director Peter Sandborn honored by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Gamera Human-Powered Helicopter Team's 97-Second Flight Record Certified by NAA

Gamera awarded official U.S. record of 97 seconds for the duration of a human-powered helicopter flight.

Mtech TAP Incubator Graduate Neuralstem Inc. Closes $20 Million Investment

Neuralstem was in TAP from April 1997 to December 2001.

Pixelligent Granted Innovation Research Award for Next-Generation OLED Lighting

Pixelligent has raised more than $17 million over the past four and a half years.

UMD Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Wins National Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

EIP takes first place in the Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program category.

Six graduate students participating in UMD-Trento research exchange

The program is part of a broad partnership between Maryland and Trento, Italy.

Consortium Led by UMD and Children's National Health System Awards $250K for Pediatric Medical Devices

National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation awards funding for new medical devices for children.

UL Contributes $250K to UMD Fire Protection Engineering Legacy Campaign

Largest single gift in department's history to support new professor of the practice.

Clark School's Online Graduate Programs Highly Ranked in 2014 by U.S. News and World Report

Office of Advanced Engineering Education's online graduate program are excellent opportunities for working engineers worldwide.

UMD Researcher Helps Arm the Immune System to Fight Cancer

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation supports Jewell's cancer vaccine research.

Elaine Gessow Passes at 88

Wife of former UMD Aerospace Engineering Chair and helicopter pioneer passes away peacefully.

Kishek Named 2013 APS Fellow

IREAP and ECE Research Professor Rami Kishek honored for work on particle beams

Jeong Kim Receives Legion of Honor from France, Launches New Business

Alumnus honored for service in global technology research.

Paley Awarded Willis H. Young Jr. Faculty Fellowship

Professor receives three-year fellowship and is named Willis H. Young Jr.  Professor of Aerospace Engineering Education.

Humbert Awarded Techno-Sciences Faculty Fellowship

Professor receives three-year fellowship and is named Techno-Sciences Professor of Aerospace Engineering Innovation.

Chopra Receives Inaugural Wang Shicun Award

Professor Inderjit Chopra awarded Wang Shicun Award from the Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum

Bioentrepreneurship Leader Joins UM Ventures Team

Martha Connolly Will Enhance UMD-UMB Innovation Ecosystem

White, Kofinas, and Chung Honored at Commencement

Bioengineering faculty and staff receive awards at December 22 ceremony.

Maryland to Collaborate with VA, NJ on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research

University System of Maryland to collaborate with MAAP on UAS research, testing and development.

Clark School Alumnus and BOV Member Waggner Passes

Baltimore native and chemical engineering grad had distinguished career in petrochemical industry.

Innovation Hall of Fame Inductee and Alumnus Campanella Passes

Electrical engineering alumnus had long, distinguished career in communications technology.

Two Clark School Faculty Members Receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Bergbreiter and Paley honored by the White Houseas outstanding early-career scientists.

NSF-Funded Project Provides Insight into Animal Behavior

Data gathering system could help protect endangered species.

Schwartz Appointed Chair of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Maryland professor will begin new role in early January.

Tavis Smiley and UMD Announce Seven Finalists for $75K Social Innovation Challenge

Finalists selected among 56 entries representing 23 states nationwide and District of Columbia.

Five Clark School Faculty Earn NSF CAREER Awards

Mi, Stoliarov, Liu, Rotkowitz, and Jewell awarded 5-year research grants from the National Science Foundation.

UMD Among Kiplinger's Top 10 Best Values for Sixth Consecutive Year

UMD again listed in Kiplinger's Personal Finance's annual ranking of the Top Ten Best Values in Public Colleges.

Perrigan Named One of Maryland's Leading Women by The Daily Record

Program honors accomplished women 40 and under based on experience, community involvement.

Chellappa named 2013 ACM Fellow

Chellappa elevated to Fellow for contributions to image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition.

Anderson and Pines Win Best Paper Award from AIAA

Research in x-ray pulsar-based navigation earns Best Paper from the 2013 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference.

Humbert Weighs in on Amazon's Drone Delivery Program in Washington Business Journal

Director of UMD's Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory speaks about challenges facing Amazon's drone delivery program.

UMD Launches Online Course for Transitioning Service Members and Veterans on Energy Problem Solving

Engineering course supported by Department of Defense will focus on design skills

UMD to Host First-Ever Scholarship Day of Giving Dec. 11

University of Maryland will host first-ever 24-hour giving challenge on Dec. 11 to support student scholarships.

Epps to Deliver Winter Commencement Speech

NASA astronaut and Aerospace Engineering alumna will speak at Clark School ceremony on Dec. 22.

Clark School Senior Named Marshall Scholar

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Senior Erin Hylton named a 2014 Marshall Scholar.

UMD Team Awarded Grant to Support International Collaboration

New grant supports research between UMD and Politecnico di Torino, Italy in sustainable, safe, and smart infrastructures.

UMD's Team Mulciber Places First in Emissions in Wood Stove Decathlon

Fire protection engineering team wins first place in "Particulate Matter Emissions" category at inaugural event.

UMD's Women in Engineering Program Featured in NerdScholar

WIE programs drive increase in female enrollment.

3D-Printed Heart Implant Wins Professor Venture Fair

Polymer grafts can be custom-fitted, promote tissue growth.

Three Clark School Students Named 2013-2014 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

Clark School undergraduates Rohrbach, Yanes and Yep named 2013-2014 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

Oran Receives APS 2013 Fluid Dynamics Prize

Aerospace Engineering Professor Elaine Oran awarded American Physical Society prize for work in reactive flows.

Bar-Cohen Receives 2014 IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Field Award

Mechanical Engineering professor recognized for pioneering contributions to thermal packaging of electronic components.

Team Mulciber to Compete as Finalist in Wood Stove Decathlon

Innovative wood stove design is only finalist from an academic institution.

UMD's Abts Featured in Discover Magazine

Clark School of Engineering STEM expert discusses plans for AP engineering test.

Maryland Students Win First Major League Hacking Championship, Awarded Trophy at Ceremony

A newcomer to hackathons, UMD's Terrapin Hackers beat out more than 100 other schools in MLH’s first season.

UMD Team Wins 2013 American Public Health Association's Affordable Care Act Codeathon

Terrapin Health Transformers & Friends team creates winning solution with ACA Benefits Buddy.

BioE's Chris Jewell Named Outstanding Young Engineer

Md. Science Center honors expert in controlling immune system response.

Koeth Named Acting Director of Radiation Facilities

Research professor will manage training reactor, irradiator and linear accelerators.

Martinez-Miranda Receives American Physical Society's Bouchet Award

Award recognizes distinguished minority physicists.

UMD's Team Gamera Sets New Record for Human Powered Helicopter Flight Duration

Team's achievements celebrated at event attended by officials from Sikorsky, United Technologies Corporation, AHS International.

25 Kilowatts in a Redox Box: Affordable Fuel Cell, Cheaper Power

MIT Technology Review highlights Wachsman's plan to reduce grid strain and energy costs.

Inaugural Mpact Week Showcases UMD Innovations, Robotics, Bioengineering

Over a thousand visit College Park campus for Mpact Week events.  

MSE Professors to Present Historical Preservation Work at Smithsonian-UMD Celebration

Livingston, Phaneuf will discuss preservation of stone and metal.

UMD Faculty Publish Research That Provides Insights on Brain Injuries

Mechanical Engineering researchers tackle brain tissue mechanics to provide greater insight on traumatic brain injuries.

Alumnus Krill to Be Honored for Revolutionary Naval Fleet Network Technology

Electrical engineering graduate Jerry Krill’s Cooperative Engagement Capability allowed Navy battle groups to act as one.

Team Mulciber Featured by Popular Mechanics

Fire Protection Engineering team to interviewed by Popular Mechanics about its wood stove design.

UMD Wins First Place in Hackathon Season

Terrapin Hackers team recognized as Major League Hacking champions.

Students & Community Explore Engineering at 2nd Annual ExPO: Engineering Skills Fair

Annual event sponsored by Engineers Without Borders draws 200 students to learn more about engineering.

Schultheis to Lead New UMD Regulatory Science Initiative

Former FDA branch chief to guide UMD effort to help improve food, drug, and medical device safety.

UMD Steel Bridge Team Meets Members of Congress at AISI Steel Day in DC

Civil Engineering students showcased UMD's steel bridge at AISA headquarters for US government and steel industry leaders.

Hubbard Chosen for HistoryMakers Oral History Collection

Aerospace Professor James E. Hubbard, Jr. chosen for inclusion in HistoryMakers African American oral history collection.

Delivering Drugs to Inner Ear, Eyes, and Brain Made Easier with "Magnetic Syringe"

Clark School startup Otomagnetics wins AdvaMed's Rybski MedTech Award to support further development.

BioE and Mtech Partner with Children's National Health System to Form Pediatric Device Consortium

FDA-supported collaboration will focus on medical device design, production and regulation.

NSF-Backed DC I-Corps Kicks Off First Cohort with 20 Federal Laboratory, University and Regional Inventors, Entrepreneur Teams

The Silicon Valley-tested, Lean Startup-based initiative is slated to train 300 top entrepreneurial research teams over three years.

UMD Hosts 2nd Cybersecurity and Cybersafety Workshop for Girls

On Saturday, October 5, 2013, over sixty girls gathered at the University of Maryland.

UMD Ranked Top Public School for Tech Entrepreneurship in 2013 StartEngine College Index

UMD ranked second overall nationwide in PandoDaily ranking.

ECE Students Take Top Prize at Michigan Hackathon for Intelligent Trashcan

Three ECE students win MHacks, a hackathon with more than 1200 students competing.

Fischell Department of Bioengineering to Host 7th Fischell Festival

Annual event invites everyone to learn more about biomedical engineering.

Robo Raven III harnesses solar power

Multifunctional wings will help robotic birds fly longer, farther and more independently.

Desai's Neurosurgical Robot Designed for Brain Surgery Featured on NPR

University of Maryland's Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Intracranial Robot research collaboration highlighted.

UMD Leads New National Center for Strategic Transportation Policies, Investments, and Decisions

Civil Engineering Professor Lei Zhang will serve as director of the new center.

Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia Team to Support FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Effort

University System of Maryland, Rutgers University, and Virginia Tech to partner on effort.

UMD and Northrop Grumman Launch ACES, Nation's First Cybersecurity Honors Program

ACES program is result of partnership with Northrop Grumman.

Hinman CEOs Company FiscalNote Raises $1.2 Million from Mark Cuban, NEA, First Round Capital

The seed round is the largest of any student company while in the program.

Aerospace Department Welcomes New Faculty Member Elaine Oran

Dr. Elaine Oran has joined the Department of Aerospace Engineering as a Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering.

Weissberg Gift Supports Engineers Without Borders Program

Gift will support EWB team projects as well as scholarship funding for EWB students.

Mpact Week to Showcase UMD Robotics, Bioengineering, Innovation, Oct. 23-26

Events will highlight the Clark School's research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

M-CERSI Day Highlights Regulatory Science

Second annual showcase event held by University of Maryland's Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation.

EWB Hosts University of Maryland ExPO: Engineering Skills Fair

EWB hosts second annual ExPO: Engineering Skills Fair on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 1-3pm in the Kim Engineering Building.

UMD Recognized for Top Entrepreneurship Programs

Princeton Review ranks university #15 for undergrad and #16 for graduate progrms in entrepreneurship.

Maryland's EWB Team Spends July in Addis Alem, Ethiopia

Engineers Without Borders group helps town with stormwater and sanitation.

UMD Receives Largest Ever Software Grant from Siemens

UMD students and researchers to gain access to industry technology used to design and manufacture sophisticated products.

Bacteria Prowl for Pathogen Prey

Alumnus Matthew Wook Chang's custom E. Coli target hospital-acquired infections.

Clark School Highly Ranked in U.S. News and World Report's "2014 Best Colleges Rankings"

Clark School's undergraduate programs ranked #12 among public universities.

Clark School Names Top 25 Source Schools

Annual list recognizes Maryland high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

The UMD Startup Shell is Now Accepting Applications

The new, student-run incubator provides resources, tools and mentoring to help students advance their ventures. 

Exploring Offshore Wind Energy for Maryland

Md. Higher Education Commission funds Clark School study of reliability, cost-effectiveness of wind-generated energy.

Clark School Welcomes New Faculty

Ten new faculty members join the Clark School for the 2013-2014 school year.

Terps Racing Showcased at the Grand Prix of Baltimore

Participation helped spread awareness about Terps Racing’s Baja and Formula vehicles.

Desai's Neurosurgical Robotics Technology Featured in NIH Story

Mechanical Engineering Professor Jaydev Desai was featured in an NIH article on robotics in neurosurgery.

UMD Hosts NSF-Funded Cybersecurity Undergraduate Research Program

Undergraduate scholars gain research experience through summer program at the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

Wang Wins 2013 Junior Faculty Research Award

Research in energy conversion and storage systems serves as model for field.

Wuttig Wins 2013 Senior Faculty Research Award

Department of Materials Science and Engineering professor honored for transformational research in his field.

Duncan Receives Wilson H. Elkins Professorship

Mechanical Engineering Professor James Duncan awarded professorship to expand research in hydrodynamics.

UMD Team Wins First Place in MaxTech Competition

Team UMD Dryer wins the first place gold medal for their energy saving heat pump dryer.

Scholarship, Friendship and Gratitude

Bequest of alumna Frances Balfour (Ph.D. '82) creates new endowed chair.

UMD Team Wins AHS Student Design Competition

Graduate student team takes top spot in the 30th Annual American Helicopter Society Design Competition.

Aerospace Student Selected for Lend for America Fellowship

Atin Mittra receives Lend for America for their Growing National Initiative

NSF Grants for Graphene Research Awarded to Hu, Rubloff

Research at the nano-scale nets university over half-million dollars in funding

DC I-Corps Now Accepting Applications for Fall Cohort

The new, NSF-supported program revolutionizes technology transfer from university, federal laboratories.

Clark School No. 16 in Academic Ranking of World Universities

Ranking based on research, size and performance.

UMD Researchers Awarded Two ARPA-E Grants for Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems

Eric Wachsman and Chunsheng Wang receive funding to create innovative batteries for electric vehicle energy storage systems.

University of Maryland Hosts National Society of Black Engineers Conference

Region II members of NSBE gather for leadership training, networking.

UMD Energy Innovations Featured Prominently in the News

Clark School energy research, including solid oxide fuel cells and wood battery, featured in variety of mainstream media outlets.

UMD "Energy 101" Course Featured on DOE Blog

Course designed by Clark School professor serves as model for nation.

UMD Chasing and Flocking Research Offers Implications for Engineered Networks of Robots

New models and equations aid in understanding of natural phenomena, have implications for engineered networks of robots.

Championing Our Nation's Water Resource Infrastructure

Prof. Gerald Galloway testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Meet the Potential Future of Electricity Generation

Redox Power Systems, UMD develop breakthrough fuel cells to provide efficient, affordable electricity.

Robotics @ Maryland Takes Fourth Place in International RoboSub Competition

Student-run robotics team builds autonomous underwater vehicle for competition.

Agilent Gift Funds Exploration of Enhanced Sensor Technology

Novel, patterned-gold SERS substrates could lead to new products.

UMD Propulsion Technology Offers New Possibilities for Satellite Positioning, Space Exploration

Electromagnetic propulsion could exponentially expand satellite capabilities by providing a propellant-less formation flight technology.

"Gentle Delivery" Kits Could Help Bring Gene Therapies to Market

Clark School startup receives funding to support production, testing of new research tool.

MDSE Sends Team to Sierra Leone to Support Community Projects

UMD team seeks to improve the quality of life for the residents of Calaba Town in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Professor Peter Sandborn Elected ASME Fellow

Sandborn recognized for contributions to field of life-cycle cost modeling for systems.

Clark School Students Study Solar Energy in China

Adomaitis teaches course at Peking University in 3-week exchange program.

CyberSTEM Camp Inspires Middle School Girls

The five day experience included hands-on activities.

Bentley Elected ACS Fellow

BioE chair recognized for research and service.

University of Maryland Creates Master's in Robotics Targeted at High-Tech Professionals

Designed to advance robotics systems and applications through an interdisciplinary program of study.

Two UMD Teams Among Seven Finalists Selected for NASA X-Hab Challenge

The teams will compete in NASA's 2014 eXploration-Habitat Academic Innovation Challenge.

M-CERSI Hosts Conference on Human Reliability Analysis of Medical Devices, Aug. 26

FDA-supported Center at UMD to explore human factors and the risk management of medical devices.

Schmaus Awarded Sikorsky Aircraft Fellowship

Graduate student Joseph Schmaus receives the 2013-2014 Sikorsky Aircraft Fellowship.

Electrochemical Society Student Chapter Wins Chapter Award

Young group named ECS' first Outstanding Student Chapter.

UMD Team Receives Keck Foundation Grant to Design and Build New Photonic Spectrometer

Interdisciplinary research team to design the world's first fully integrated photonic spectrograph.

Pines Invited to Speak at Platform Summit Event

Clark School Dean was one of 30 distinguished speakers at special event hosted at MIT Media Lab.

"Battery Made of Wood" Featured on National Public Radio (Audio)

Professor and alumnus interviewed for Morning Edition.

Camp Prepares Teens for Cybersecurity Careers

Twenty-Eight students from around the country participated.

"Pseudo Inverse Opal" Particle Boosts Plastics Production

Three-dimensional reaction engineering results in high output, less waste.

UMD Awarded Three Department of Defense MURI Grants

Research teams at UMD receive grants for multidisciplinary research initiatives.

Women In Engineering Camp Featured by Fox 5 TV

Exploring Engineering camp is part of summer fun at the University of Maryland.

Tavis Smiley and the University of Maryland Announce $75,000 Social Innovation Challenge

Inaugural TS/UM Social Innovation Challenge to spur development of transformative solutions for societal issues.

Science Gets Bentley and Payne's Perspective on Self-Assembly

BioE/IBBR professors invited to share views on new materials for biomedical applications.

UMD Human Powered Helicopter Team Congratulates AHS Sikorsky Prize Winners

UMD's Team Gamera issues statement congratulating Team AeroVelo.

Clark School Faculty Members to Receive Two Seed Grants

Professors Desai and Shapiro awarded $75,000 grants for research collaborations with UMB.

UMD Steel Bridge Team Reaches National Competition

Steel Bridge Team takes third at regional competition, qualifies for nationals.

Stoliarov Speaks at European Fire Protection Conference

Stoliarov presents research findings at Fire Retardancy and Protection of Materials Conference.

Sprangle Awarded 2013 Maxwell Prize

A. James Clark School of Engineering professor recognized for pioneering contributions in plasma physics.

Bar-Cohen to Receive ASME 75th Anniversary Medal

Award recognizes professor’s service to heat transfer community.

Fourney Selected to Receive 2014 Frocht Award

Associate dean and Keystone professor to be honored with Society for Experimental Mechanics award.

Abts Presents at NSF Congressional Briefing on STEM Education

Clark School professor invited to brief Congress on improving K-12 STEM education.

Gamera Team Breaks New Ground in Duration and Altitude

Student human-powered helicopter team sets unofficial world record for duration with 74-second flight.

Robo Raven flies live on Fox 5 TV

Research team demonstrates breakthrough MAV technology

Clark School Professor Develops Game-Changing Baseball Innovation

Electronic home plate helps make umpires' calls more precise.

A Battery Made of Wood?

Wood fibers help nano-scale batteries keep their structure

Seven Clark School Students Win NSF Research Fellowships

Students awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for excellence in engineering.

Demeter Takes Second Place in 2013 Robo-Ops

Students guide planetary rover robot to second place in RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition.

FPE Research Paper Wins Fire Protection Research Foundation Award

FPE research on cooking fire prevention wins best paper award at conference.

UMD Fire Protection Research Highlighted by National Science Foundation

Dr. Andre Marshall's work to improve fire sprinklers highlighted on NSF website.

Three Clark School Faculty Promoted to Full Professor

Desai, Murphy, and Shapiro promoted to full professors.

Clark School Programs Ranked by USA Today, Princeton Review

Entrepreneurship and engineering programs recognized as top graduate programs in country

UMD's Mote Elected NAE President

Former President and Clark School Professor Named President of National Academy of Engineering.

Undergrads Showcase Innovative Sustainability Design Ideas Developed in New "Energy 101" Course

Student design ideas include a green gym powered by exercise, sustainable floors for sporting arenas, water-powered watch.

Clark School Celebrates Students, Honors Alumni and Faculty at Spring 2013 Commencement

More than 860 engineering students received diplomas at May 20 ceremony.

College Park Scholars Program Awarded Grant for STEM Education Partnership

"Moving Maryland Forward" grant to fund service-learning partnership with local schools.

Bentley Discusses Alternatives to Animal Testing in PRiSM

Lab-on-a-chip devices could reduce or eliminate need.

Alumna Florence Tan of NASA to Deliver Commencement Speech May 20

Watch the Clark School of Engineering Commencement Ceremony streamed live at: http://ter.ps/ajcgrads2013

36 Clark School Students Accepted into NIST Summer Research Program

NIST opens its labs to UMD undergrads for hands-on research experience.

Eta Kappa Nu Wins 2011-2012 Outstanding Chapter Award

UMD chapter of Eta Kappa Nu earns national recognition once more.

UMD's Gamera Team Receives Support from Maryland Space Business Roundtable

The Maryland Space Business Roundtable, Sen. Barbara Mikulski present $2500 check to Gamera team.

Clark School Student Wins "Code for Community Challenge"

Sophomore bioengineering major Joan Zhang and teammates develop app for community service.

Goldsman and Peckerar Win Inaugural University System of Maryland Entrepreneurship Award

Clark School of Engineering faculty honored for their innovative, ultra-efficient thin-film battery, FlexEl.

Clark School Freshmen Compete in Hovercraft Competition

ENES100 students build autonomous hovercrafts for final exam.

Marcus Selected as Poole and Kent Senior Faculty Teaching Award Recipient

Director of Faculty Leadership and Professor Steve Marcus recognized as educator, mentor, researcher.

X-51A Waverider Achieves Hypersonic Breakthrough

Clark School professor and alumni fuel breakthrough success on final X-51A Waverider flight

Pack Receives "Champion of Change" Award from White House

Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Director Michael Pack recognized by the White House for leadership.

Inaugural UMD Business Model Challenge Winners Announced

Wheel Shields and UMDTutor2Go received top honors at the event.

2013 Dean's Student Research Awards Announced

Graduate students recognized for high quality engineering research.

Clark Professors Honored as Top Women Professors in Maryland

Professors Espy-Wilson and Muro recognized by StateStats.org for excellence in and out of the classroom

Clark School Freshman Wins Gold Medal in Pan-American Martial Arts Championship

Civil Engineering major Aarae Alexander wins gold medal in Lightweight category.

Tauros Engineering Wins Harvard New Venture Competition

U-Md. startup Tauros Engineering wins top spot in 17th annual Harvard New Venture Completion

Thompson Named 1 of 6 UMD Undergraduate Researchers of the Year

BioE senior recognized for work in tissue engineering.

Clark School Professor's Research Featured by Department of Energy

John Cumings' research analyzing heating in electronic devices is featured by DOE as "Story of Discovery and Innovation."

Clark School Honors Undergraduate Excellence

Annual Honors and Awards Ceremony held on April 9 at the Stamp Student Union.

Clark School's New Robotic Bird, "Robo Raven," So Realistic It Can Fool a Hawk

Robotic bird's independently controllable wings makes more realistic flight maneuvers possible.

2013 Dinah Berman Memorial Award Given to NanoCenter Member

MSE student honored for academics and service  

Hylton Receives Boren Scholarship

Clark School senior earns prestigious national security education scholarship.

Twomey Wins Wylie Fellowship

Award supports grad student's work in potential therapies for tissue regeneration.

Rosenberg: HHMI Fellowship Supports Research on Osteoarthritis

BioE senior recognized for work in Orthopaedic Mechanobiology Lab.

Cyber Symposium Tackles Policy, Tech, Privacy & More - May 14-15

Maryland Cybersecurity Center showcase event features speakers from academia, private sector, government.

Company Founded in Clark School Awarded $500K to Test Hemorrhage-Halting Foam

Remedium Technologies Inc. receives small business grant from National Science Foundation.

Two Clark School Seniors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Ben Kellogg (computer engineering) and Michael Kelly (mechanical engineering) elected to prestigious honor society.

Terps Racing Baja Team Finishes Strong at the Baja SAE Tennessee Tech Competition

Terps  Baja Racing Team finishes 13th in overall competition.

Solar Team Distills Most and Purest Water at International Competition

Students from civil, chemical engineering win awards in Environmental Design Contest.

UMD's Mtech Pronounces: Business Plan Pitches Are Dead

New Business Model Challenge focuses on business model generation, customer development and pivoting.

Holland Receives ASME Scholarship

Mechanical Engineering undergrad recognized for academic achievement.

Terps Racing Team Featured in CTV News Video

Clark School's Formula SAE racing team featured in CTV news video as they prepare to race in a national competition.

Bulka Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award

BioE senior recognized for work that seeks to understand how stem cells might be used to treat degeneration of the spine.

Dean Pines' Op-Ed in Baltimore Sun Stresses Need for Prizes, Competitions to Spur Innovation

Dean of the Clark School of Engineering offers aerospace industry as case study to demonstrate impact of prizes.

Study on Bats, Rats Finds that Analysis of Many Species Is Required to Better Understand the Brain

Questions raised about using a single animal model in neuroscience research.

Clark School Faculty Recognized at UMD Invention of the Year Awards

26th annual awards ceremony honors most promising campus inventions.

UMD Hosts Symposium on Disaster Resilience Co-Sponsored by NAE, NSF

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering holds symposium on tri-state region disaster response.

UMD-Trento Partnership yields first graduate student exchange

The exchange is part of the "Control of Living Cells Through Communication with Artificial Cells" collaboration.

UMD/TSi Team Wins SPIE Smart Structures Product Implementation Award

Researchers win awards for innovations in aircraft seat suspension system to help pilots.

ChBE Undergrads Win Prestigious Industrial Internships from SCI Program

"Exceptional sophomores and juniors" chosen from nationwide field of applicants for $6K-$10K internships.

Maryland Exchange with Italian University Boosts Research on Artificial Cells

Bioengineering grad student part of international effort to use messages sent by synthetic cells to guide natural cell activity.

Undergrads Sweep 2013 AIAA Region I Student Conference

UMD students take first, second, and third prize at the event.

Chem-E Car Team Heads to National Competition Once Again!

Team Thirsty Turtles will take "Pride of Maryland" to San Francisco in November.

Wuttig Honored at National Meeting of the Materials Research Society

Professor's 80th birthday, career celebrated in special symposium.

Diagnostic anSERS Takes 3rd and UMD Prize at Cupid's Cup Finals

Startup wins $10,000, plans to scale up manufacturing.

Skibniewski Elected to Academy of Engineering in Poland

Clark School professor recognized for leadership and contributions to the field of construction engineering.

U-Md. Morpheus Lab Establishes Alexander Brown Center for Adaptive Technology

The New Center Memorializes Alexander Brown in its Efforts to Innovate

Robotics Team Mentored by UMD Students Advances to FIRST Championship Competition

Clark School of Engineering undergrads help middle and high school students prepare, compete.

Researchers Expose the Human Side of Cybercrime

UMD's Michel Cukier and David Maimon collaborate to explore hacker behavior.

Wachsman Talks Fuel Cells on "Ceramic Tech Today" (VIDEO)

American Ceramic Society blog features talk on role of solid oxide fuel cells in nation's energy strategy.

Anisimov Elected to Russian Academies of Engineering and Natural Sciences

UMD professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering elected as a foreign member of both Russian Academies.

UMD Students Visit Congress to Raise Visibility for Science, Engineering and Technology

UMD's Student Chapter of the Electrochemical Society met with Congress on March 12-13 to show value of R&D funding.

BioE Undergrads Sweep Bioethics Essay Contest

UMD continues to dominate Institute of Biological Engineering competition.

Pecht Featured in IEEE Spectrum Article on Preventing Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

CALCE director working on battery management system that tracks multiple operating parameters.

Aviation Week Study Ranks UMD Among Top Three "Go-To Universities"

University of Maryland ranked among the best schools for producing graduates highly skilled in critical areas.

Earth Day 2013 Event to Address the Energy and Water Nexus

Engineering Sustainability Workshop 2013 and student poster contest open to all.

Gamera Team Flies Again, Featured on the Cover of the Wall Street Journal

Student human-powered helicopter team makes another attempt at the AHS Sikorsky Prize April 27-28.

DeVoe Receives Board of Regents Award for Research

Mechanical engineering professor honored for microsystems and microfluidics research.

UMD Cybersecurity Student Team Advances to Mid-Atlantic CCDC Finals

Maryland team is one of eight to advance to the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition regional finals.

Clark School Hosts 2013 STEM Expo on April 6

Event will feature NASA astronaut and UMD alumna Jeanette Epps.

Graduate Student Michael Siemann Installs WeatherBug Weather Station in Nepal

Station will aid pilots in navigating extreme regional weather changes.

Alumnus Rauch Named to University System of Maryland Board of Regents

Civil Engineering alumnus Robert D. Rauch ('73) appointed by Governor to Board of Regents.

Seigel Learning Center Earns Media Attention for Cutting Edge Capabilities

Clark School center receives attention for online learning technology.

New Study Shows University of Maryland Grads Among Highest Paid in U.S.

UMD grads' starting salary is second only to UC-Berkeley among all 50 states' flagship schools.

Alumnus Appointed Head of UConn Materials Science and Engineering

S. Pamir Alpay (Ph.D. '99, materials science and engineering) leads new department.

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series Features Entrepreneurs Ostrow on April 11, Citrin on April 25

Series to highlight successful entrepreneurs and leaders of Mashable.com, Redox Power Systems.

UMD and JHU Students Join Forces for Research Day

"Amplifying the Field" celebrates undergraduate contributions to biomedical research.

Maryland Innovation Initiative Grant Awarded to Clark School Researchers

Project will advance technology for the real-time detection of bridge scou, a leading cause of failure for bridges in the U.S.

Clark School Highly Ranked in 2014 U.S. News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools

The Clark School and 5 of its departments were rated in the top 25 in their categories.

Vote to Support UMD FPE's Team Mulciber in the Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge!

Team Mulciber has been named a finalist in The Alliance for Green Heat's Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge.

UMD Course To Serve as National Model for 'Energy 101' Curriculum

Collaborative Initiative Seeks to Educate Students on Key Energy Issues

Alumni Rally to Support Fire Protection Engineering Legacy Campaign for a Professor of the Practice

Campaign for professor of practice to help ensure students stay current on the latest technologies used in the field.

Clark School Students Show Kids How to Get "Juice from Juice"

Electrochemical Society chapter members teach kids about solar cells in Adventure in Science program.

Khaligh receives NSF TUES grant for electric vehicles laboratory

The educational lab will train students in rapidly developing electric vehicle technology.

Martha Connolly Inducted into American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering College of Fellows

In the College of Fellows, she joins the top two percent in the U.S. in medical and biological engineering.

Researchers Gain Insight into the 'Cocktail Party Effect' That Helps Us Focus in Noisy Environments

UMD's Jonathan Simon works with Columbia colleague to unlock mystery inside human brain.

CapWIN and Microsoft Team Up to Develop New Windows 8 Applications

Microsoft and CapWIN have teamed up to develop a query application designed specifically for Windows 8 Tablets.

Cyber Safety Workshop Empowers Middle School Girls

Maryland Cybersecurity Center brings in over 60 students for hands-on, interactive activities.

Service for STEM education - National Science Bowl, Maryland Regional

Fourteen students in STS support middle school STEM competition sponsored by DOE!

Gamera Team Flies High in Quest for AHS Sikorsky Prize, Featured on Cover of Baltimore Sun

Clark School student team pursues landmark achievement in human-powered flight.

Nano ‘Beads on a String’ Could Advance Battery Technology

Pulsing with lithium, tiny silicon beads on a nanotube hold promise for better batteries

Diagnostic anSERS Heads to Cupid's Cup Finals

Printed sensors team to vie for $70,000 in April.

2013 WIE DREAM Conference Inspires High School Students' Passion for Engineering

Women in Engineering event attracts 600 high school participants and their families.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Team Captures Clark School Alumni Cup

Second annual Alumni Cup draws a crowd of students, alumni to witness Rube Goldberg-inspired device competition.

Dr. Ari Juels Headlines Google Seminar Series

Dr. Ari Juels of RSA Laboratories will headline next Google - UMD Cybersecurity Seminar Series

UMD, GWU, and VT Awarded $3.75M by NSF to Launch Regional I-Corps Node for National Innovation Network

Initiative to Train 300 of the Top Entrepreneurial Research Teams from U.S. Universities, Federal Labs

MIPS Program Awards $4.7 Million to Maryland University Researchers

Participating faculty help Maryland companies develop technology products.

Clark School Alumnus Jeong Kim Nominated for Ministry Post in South Korea

South Korea's President-elect Park Geun Hye has tapped Kim to head Future Creative Science Ministry.

Min Wu Named Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Clark School professor demonstrates outstanding scholarly achievement and accomplishments as teacher

Alumnus Recognized for Work with Teach for America

David Lai (B.S. '12) was a finalist in Maryland governor's #MDForward contest.

UMD Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Nanoprecision Imaging

Flow control of single quantum dot enables measurements with nanoscale accuracy at lower cost

UMD and ManTech Announce Partnership for Advanced Cybersecurity Research

Two-year partnership will focus on cybersecurity, systems engineering.

UMD Team Named Finalist in Wood Stove Design Challenge

Team Mulciber named a finalist in The Alliance for Green Heat's Next Generation Wood Stove Design Challenge.

UMD Freshmen Take Second Place in Global "Code Wars"

Computer Engineering freshmen compete with students from top universities around the world to solve programming problem.

Air Force Supports Study on Nanopaper for Electronics, Aircraft

Hu wins prestigious Air Force Young Investigator Award.

Spring 2013 Google Cybersecurity Seminar Series Opens With Michael Franz

The series topic on February 13th at 5:30pm is "Software Defenses Using Compiler Techniques."

Gamera Human-Powered Helicopter's 65-Second Flight Certified as World Record by FAI

August 2012 flight by Clark School student team officially recognized as new world record.

Clark School's Advanced Distance Learning Technologies Featured in Magazine

Newly Renovated Seigel Learning Center Highlighted in HigherEd TechDecisions.

Mark Lewis Selected as Recipient of AIAA Dryden Lectureship in Research

Clark School professor of aerospace engineering honored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

UMD Researchers Win $1.5 Million Department of Energy Award to Improve Home Cooling Efficiency

The Center for Environmental Energy Engineering to collaborate with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

CATT Lab Celebrates Data Innovation Day

CATT Lab will provide demonstrations during Data Innovation Day

Clark School Faculty, Staff Honored for Achievement

Teng Li, Ray Liu, and Heidi Sauber were recognized with awards.

STEM service: January 2013 robotics workshop

Mentors and high school students build and program robots on campus

Alumnus Laurer, Inventor of the UPC Bar Code, Featured in NY Times Magazine

George Laurer's Universal Product Code (UPC) invention turns 40 this year.

Carl Landwehr named IEEE Fellow

Former ISR Senior Research Scientist elected 'for contributions to cybersecurity.'

New Nanocomposite Anodes Speed Battery Charging

Recent results from Wang, Zachariah featured in Nano Letters, C&EN.

International Association Adopts Guideline Authored by ChBE Alumna, Faculty

Fuentevilla refines equations defining critical parameters of aqueous salt solutions.

Tao Elected Fellow of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

BioE professor recognized for work in food processing and safety.

Flatau Awarded ASME Adaptive Structures and Materials Systems Prize

Clark School Associate Dean of Research honored for scholarship and engineering excellence

Student team reaches finals of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship competition

Adi Hajj-Ahmad and Chau-Wai Wong are advised by Professor Min Wu.

SEEDS Fellowship Supports Sikorski's Work on Blood Clotting Gel

BioE sophomore developing potentially life-saving products with Kofinas Group.

Donation to Name Kim Building Lecture Hall

Stanley Zupnik pledges $500,000 to the Clark School, helps Great Expectations campaign exceed $1B goal.

"Materials of Civilization" Course Featured in Chronicle of Higher Education

Story highlights UMD's innovative general education curriculum.

Kofinas, Muro Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' influential and ground-breaking work.

Great Expectations Campaign Reaches $1B Goal

Clark School raises $240 million toward historic fundraising goal.

Robotics, Service & STEM Education

Freshmen and sophomores teach and learn "hands on."

Davis Awarded $4M Multidisciplinary Research Initiatives Contract

The Joint Technology Office will fund Professor Davis's research on laser beam propagation through the turbulent atmosphere over five years.

Drug Delivery System Wins Professor Venture Fair

Muro, Ghaffarian honored at UMD Bioscience Research Day.

Milchberg selected as 2012 OSA Fellow

Professor Howard Milchberg was selected because of his efforts to advance the field of optics.

Benedict Wins Lockheed Martin Innovate the Future Challenge

Micro wind turbine technology wins global competition.

Alumnus Thomas Hicks to Serve as Commencement Speaker

Deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy will speak at Clark School ceremony on December 20.

Spinning Engineered Silk Into Tiny Designs—With A Microscope

Atomic force microscopy to guide formation of polymer threads.

Chen's Biomedical Imaging Featured in American Center for Physics Art Exhibit

From Here to Infinity examines art inspired and created by science and technology.

Rubloff Co-Authors Major DoE Report on Emerging Energy Technologies

Publication focuses on opportunities in mesoscale science.

$2.8M DOE Grant Funds Continued Development of Cooling Technology

Takeuchi leads team creating solid-state, highly efficient cooling systems.

Record Breaking Year for Women in Engineering

The Clark School celebrates with an alumnae reception and new WIE Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

Chen Bioimaging Research Wins Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Grant supports improvements to neural imaging and image-guided neurosurgery.

Bioengineering Seniors Learn About Patent Processes

Judge Pauline Newman explains cases, law and patent pitfalls.

Clark School Undergrads Sweep Aero Conference

Student paper on Gamera human-powered helicopter earns first-place prize.

Sandborn Named Interim Director of Mtech

Professor and associate mechanical engineering chair will begin position in January.

Cornett, Karki Selected for Sustainable Energy Workshop in Ethiopia

Grad students to attend Joint U.S.-Africa Materials Initiative Materials Research School.

A Faster, Easier Way to Diagnose Metabolic Disorders in Infants

NIH supports Kofinas' efforts to develop inexpensive, point-of-care blood test.

Wachsman Wins Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition Award

Energy Center director honored for work to commercialize fuel cells.

UMD, Lockheed Martin Sign Master Research Agreement

Agreement supports an agenda of broader and closer research partnerships between the two institutions.

Engineers Without Borders Chapter Receives Grants

Bechtel funds marketplace stormwater management project in Ethiopia; Boeing funds trip to Burkina Faso.

"Could We Have Been Better Prepared?"

New National Academies Report urges need for disaster resilience.

Diagnostic anSERS Pitches Dingman...and Wins!

BioE startup company wins funding for paper-based sensor product.

In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus James Gentry

Former chemical engineering professor served department for 33 years.

Merrill Presidential Scholars Honored

Three Clark School students and their college and high school mentors recognized.

Khalid Wins College Park Scholars Tri-Star Award

Bioengineering junior honored for academic excellence, community service.

Clark School-Southern Maryland Partnership to Graduate More Mechanical Engineers

University System of Maryland funds program to help grow engineering workforce at Pax River.

Choi Named 2012 Fischell Fellow

Bioengineering graduate student studies imaging, simulations.

Long-Term Sea Level Rise Could Cost Washington, D.C., Billions

Clark School study predicts damage from sea level rise brought on by global warming.

Vehicular Cybersecurity Workshop Announced

Army Research Office and UMD collaborate on event to examine safety of cybervehicle systems.

Aero Alum and NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps speaks at UMD

Dr. Epps shared her experiences in astronaut training with students on Oct. 23rd.

$1 Million for Traffic Surveillance Research

Federal Highway Administration funds work of Chris Davis, Stuart Milner involving cooperating cameras.

Radermacher to Receive Distinguished International Service Award

Mechanical engineering professor honored for contributions to international institutional programs.

Mtech, Dingman Center Launch Innovation Fridays

The initiative expands key programs across campus for entrepreneurs each Friday.

Wachsman Elected Fellow

American Ceramic Society honors professor's work in fuel cell development.

White Symposium to Examine Role of Helicopters in Society

Military, law enforcement pilots, as well as rotorcraft engineers, to take part in November 8 event.

Clark School Alumnus Assists with 24-Mile Jump from Space

Shane Jacobs helped design suit worn by Felix Baumgartner in speed of sound-breaking dive.

Tackling Head Injuries

Bioengineering team has created device that could prevent concussions.

Cukier Named Inaugural Director of Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students

Reliability engineering associate professor to direct nation’s first undergraduate honors program in cybersecurity.

New NIH Grant to Advance Brain Surgery Robot Development

Research a part of MPowering the State collaboration between UMD, UMB.  

A. James Clark School of Engineering Dedicates New Learning Center

New Arnold E. Seigel Learning Center delivers a state-of-the-art 21st century learning environment.

Clark School Names 2012-13 Top 25 Source Schools

List recognizes Maryland high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

NPR Features Gamera Team

Extensive story follows latest attempts of human-powered helicopter team.

Espy-Wilson Earns Speech Recognition Grant

Researchers will develop a large-vocabulary speech recognition system based on articulatory information.

Maryland Remains a Top School for Entrepreneurially-Minded Students

UMD has moved up to 14th on the undergraduate list - up from 18th last year, and 24th for graduate this year.

Liu Named Chair Professor by National Chaio Tung University

Highly ranked Taiwanese university honors Clark School electrical and computer engineering professor.

The Gel with the Secret Center

Single "smart material" with multiple properties could have applications in bioengineering, consumer products.

Paige Smith Elected President of Women in Engineering ProActive Network

Advocacy group works to transform culture in engineering education to attract, retain and graduate women.

Dominion Resources Supports Lab Upgrade

$30K gift supports purchase of new heat exchanger station for chemical engineering unit ops facility.

Marshall Spray Systems Research Earns Grants

Fire protection engineering professor and colleagues to quantify fire-spray interactions, form company.

Jim Wallace Appointed Professor Emeritus

ME professor and former Gemstone director will continue work with Burgers Program after his retirement.

FDA Leaders, Industry Call for Major Strides in Regulatory Science at UM CERSI Day

Over 150 government, industry, academic representatives attend new center's showcase event.

Mote Nominated to be Next NAE President

Clark School professor, former UMD president would lead National Academy of Engineering beginning July 2013.

Alumnus Appointed CEO of GE Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Clark School grad Ali Saleh has degrees in electrical, systems engineering.

Clark School Wins Major Research Instrumentation Awards

NSF funding for research to improve spray technology, creation of x-ray center for nano research.

Westmoreland Joins Faculty at U.S. Naval Academy

Sophoria Westmoreland (Ph.D. '12, mechanical engineering) will teach a senior design course at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Faculty Members Take On New Responsibilities

Flatau, Martins, Kofinas to serve Clark School in new roles; Gupta to lead NSF initiative.

All-In-One: $300K for Development of Interface-Free Battery

National Science Foundation supports C. Wang's efforts to create a single material for anode, electrolyte, and cathode.

Clark School Graduates Team from NSF's Innovation-Corps

Startup accelerator program teaches best practices to the top scientists and researchers in the U.S.

Janiak Named Kauffman Fellow

Alumnus, former Fischell Fellow in prestigious venture capital program.

Baker to Receive System Staff Award

Fire protection engineering staff member recognized for service to students.

Clark School Team Unofficially Satisfies Two Sikorsky Prize Requirements

65-Second Gamera human-powered helicopter flight reached two feet in height.

Klauda Earns NSF Career Award

Grant for research on protein transport in cell membranes.

Clark School #14 in World Research Ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities poll of engineering schools rates citations, research expenditures.

Washington, D.C., Among Best Technology Start-Up Towns

Region ranked 5th in USA TODAY list.

Alumna Davis a White House Champion of Change

Civil engineer Veronica Davis '01 honored for work in transportation.

Less Precious: Big Copper Particles Could Make Your Electronics Cheaper

ChBE collaboration with DuPont seeks safer, more affordable way to manufacture electronics.

Steve Gabriel Lead Author of New Book

Complementarity Modeling in Energy Markets available from Springer.

Clark School Students Win National Energy Competition

Mechanical engineering students' air conditioning project takes first place in Department of Energy competition.

Karlsson Joins ChBE Faculty

Professor seeks to improve diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases in immunocompromised patients.

Munday Wins NASA Early Career Award

Electrical and computer engineering professor's solar sail proposal one of 10 selected for inaugural award.

Jewell Joins Bioengineering Faculty

Professor seeks new treatments for type 1 diabetes, other autoimmune diseases.

Clark School Wins Helicopter Design Competition

Graduate students mark 11th win in 14 years of American Helicopter Society Design Competition.

Fair Showcases Summer Undergraduate Research

Twenty-two top students from across the country demonstrate faculty-advised research projects.

Galloway Contributes to Report on Disaster Resilience

National Academy of Sciences report to spur federal policies and local actions for readiness.

Clark School Provides Bridge-Monitoring Solutions

Researchers develop tools for preventing collapse like that of 2007.

Loh Invited to Tour Pax River Naval Facility

Congressman Steny Hoyer invites UMD president to naval air station, a Clark School educational partner.

Chellappa Awarded 2012 ICPR King-Sun Fu Prize

Rama Chellappa receives prestigious honor from the International Association for Pattern Recognition.

Why Engineering Looks Like an "Awesome" Career

Clark School high school summer program participant writes newspaper column about her experience.

Maryland Hosts Mid-Atlantic Soft Matter Workshop

Interdisciplinary scientists find a "soft and squishy" common ground.

Alumnus Chen Wins Rosenbluth Award

Research in plasma physics recognized; third such award for students of Howard Milchberg.

New Faculty Hire Interested in Wildfire Behavior

Combustion, fluid dynamics expert Michael Gollner to join Department of Fire Protection Engineering.

Wallace Steps Down as Gemstone Director

Mechanical engineering professor led Honors College program for 11 years.

New Minta Martin Professors Named

Historic honor recognizes full professors who have made significant scholarly contributions.

State K-12 Students Make Greatest Gains

Report states Maryland students topped nation in reading, math and science growth.

FDA-Supported Center to Hold CERSI Day, September 5

Event to showcase UMD research aimed at modernizing review of drugs and medical devices.

Campus Legal Center Approved to Prosecute Patents

Clark School student and faculty inventors gain new resource to protect intellectual property.

Clark School Assists with Star Spangled Sailabration

Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program employed during major Baltimore event.

"Mining" the Sea for Uranium

Treated fabric collects element, could be used to clean nuclear accident sites.

Marcus Becomes First UMD Director of Faculty Leadership

Former ISR director and chair of ECE to create a stronger sense of community and quality of life for faculty.

Alumna Named International Nuclear Safety Attaché

Nuclear Regulatory Commission appoints Cynthia Jones to oversee program and policy oversight.

Li, Solares Co-author Science Paper on Graphene Drumheads

Part of research team that examined the properties of deformed graphene membranes.

Mote, Augustine Lead National Academies Panel on Defense and STEM

Resulting report examines Pentagon's future STEM workforce needs.

Maryland is No. 1 for Entrepreneurship, Innovation

State rises from No. 7 ranking in U.S. Chamber of Commerce report.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd at Green Business Plan Competition

BioE undergrad's presentation on novel battery tech wins $10K.

Gamera Team Sets New Unofficial World Record for Human-Powered Helicopter Flight

Duration of 50 seconds a 400 percent improvement on 2011 record.

The Atlantic Profiles Gamera II

Reporter spends morning with human-powered helicopter team.

Gamera II: New Unofficial 35-Second Flight Duration Benchmark

Clark School's human-powered helicopter team bests its own record.

Wu, Flatau Invited to National Academies Presidents' Circle Event

Experts tackle issues regarding energy security, nuclear energy, biomedical research, and science and technology.

Chellappa Named Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department to be led by strong proponent of graduate and undergraduate education.

Ephremides Named Distinguished University Professor

ECE Professor receives highest academic honor conferred by the University of Maryland.

Patents, Commercialization to Count Toward Tenure

University System of Maryland policy recognizes value of faculty members' intellectual property used in tech transfer.

Unique Program To Educate Next Generation of U.S. Cybersecurity Leaders

UMD and Northrop Grumman create nation's first cybersecurity honors program for undergrads.

Lockheed Martin Partnership Suite Opens

Lockheed Martin employees visiting campus can use space for meetings, recruitment events.

Clark School Welcomes 10 Summer Robotics Research Students

Students part of 10-week Research Opportunities in Miniature Robotics program.

Clark School Students Win Hydrogen Design Contest

Winning entry features innovative power plant for University of Maryland Campus

Clark School Students Shine in Recent Competitions

Teams earn first place in DOE Hydrogen Student Design Contest; third in NASA Robo-ops Competition.

Wachsman Receives Outstanding Achievement Award

Clark School fuel cell expert honored by Electrochemical Society.

Watch Stephens UMD Commencement Speech Online

Civil engineering major, Engineers Without Borders volunteer HK Stephens addressed graduates at May 20 UMD ceremony.

D.C., Baltimore Among Best Towns for Tech Jobs

Washington, D.C., is #2, Baltimore #5 on Forbes list.

Automatic Fire Alarm Association Honors Milke

Fire protection engineering professor and chair named Person of the Year for detector and sprinkler research.

"Nebuchadnezzar" Takes Autonomous Hovercraft Honors

Freshman design competition introduces payload challenge.

Abutaleb and Ruppel Named Stamps Banneker/Key Scholars

Two incoming Clark School freshmen honored with full scholarships.

CATT Lab Named Smart Solution

Intelligent Transportation Society of America recognizes Clark School traffic lab with regional award.

Controlling the Small

Shapiro's new book lays the groundwork for cross-disciplinary linking of nanoscale technology and control theory.

Smile! Clark School Commencement to Stream Live

Can't attend on May 21? View ceremony on web or on mobile devices.

Gamera Highlighted at College Park Aviation Museum

See exhibit of record-setting Gamera I, including 20-foot rotor, before this summer's flight of Gamera II.

Defense Department Funding Supports Research Instrumentation

Five Clark School professors to receive support for state-of-the-art equipment.

Clark School Honors Its Own

Annual Honors and Awards ceremony recognizes stellar students.

Stephens to Speak at UMD Commencement

Civil engineering major and Engineers Without Borders volunteer HK Stephens to participate in May 20 ceremony.

Wiest Wins Prestigious Boren Language Scholarship

ChBE sophomore, one of only 161 recipients nationwide, will study in Korea.

Anisimov Celebrated at International Symposium

Event held in honor of professor's 70th birthday, distinguished career in thermodynamics.

Lyles to Speak at Commencement

Retired U.S. Air Force general to address engineering grads.

TRX Systems Receives Tibbets Award for Excellence

Operated by Clark School alumnae, TRX Systems gains national recognition for excellence in government research and development. 

Clark School Expert, Visualization Tool Demonstrate Crisis Communication

Peter Sunderland, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology assist National Academy of Engineering presentation at USA Science and Engineering Expo.

Olatunji Godo, B.S. '11, Establishes Biomedical Research Scholarship

Annual award to support bioengineering, chemical engineering and materials science and engineering students.

SafeLiCell Takes 2nd in $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge

Clark School-based company receives $15,000 to improve safety of lithium batteries.

Award Supports Development of Safer Batteries for Biomedical Devices

Sophomore Mian Khalid wins prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship for work with Kofinas Group.

World's Smallest Battery: How Small is Too Small?

Electrolyte determines just how thin a nanoscale lithium battery can be.

Epstein Named One of UMD's Undergraduate Researchers of the Year

MSE senior recognized for his study of high-powered silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

UM $75K Business Plan Competition Winners Announced

Clark School teams win alumni category, Warren Citrin Social Impact Award.

Battery Team Heading for $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge Finals

Watch SafeLiCell pitch new venture based on safe, solid-state polymer electrolyte-based batteries.

Clark School Faculty Team Wins a UMD Invention of the Year Award

Their novel "natural timestamp" improves security and editing of audio, visual recordings.

"Team Thirsty Turtles" Wins Spot in National Chem-E-Car Competition

Clark School chemical and biomolecular engineering students take second in mid-Atlantic region.

17 Clark School Students Earn NSF Fellowships

Program recognizes outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported fields. Number of undergrad recipients doubles.

Zhao Zhang Wins 2011 UMD Distinguished Dissertation Award

Mechanical engineering graduate wins for research on controlling graphene to create reliable electronics.

ChBE Undergrads Win 5 of 29 Prestigious Industrial Internships

"Exceptional sophomores and juniors" chosen from nationwide field of applicants for $6K-$10K internships.

The Weird World of "Remote Heating"

Clark School researchers discover nanoscale phenomenon, potential computer speed advantages.

New Awards Support Research on Neonatal Ventilator Safety, Viral Diagnostics

Shapiro, White receive inaugural innovation grants from UM-CERSI.

New Barrier Gel Will Improve Analysis of Blood Samples

Ragahavan, colleagues create UV-curable polymer that more effectively separates cells from serum.

Foundation Supports Gore's Efforts to Improve Fuel Cells

MSE graduate student named ARCS Hesse Endowment Fellow.

UMD Launches High School Business Plan Competition

Entrepreneurial Md. high school students have chance to win up to $10k in cash and prizes for best new venture ideas.

Casarez Wins Goldwater Scholarship

Mechanical engineering junior receives premier award for undergraduates interested in research.

Clark School Student Wins Udall Scholarship

Civil engineering's Erin Hylton honored for work in environmental studies.

Gamera Team Recognized by Helicopter Society

Igor I. Sikorsky International Trophy awarded for design and build of record-setting helicopter.

The Future of Small

Ghodssi, Clark School researchers in NSF workshop on micro, nano, bio systems.

Lovell Recognized for Service Leadership

Engineers Without Borders faculty advisor recognized by national EWB organization.

Engineers Advised: Stay With It

Facebook event, advisors, pizza to provide support for undergraduate engineering majors.

2012 Energy Research Fellows Announced

Hulka, Hendricks awards will fund diverse sustainable energy research projects.

New Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program Announced

Initiative to promote collaboration between UMD and University of Maryland, Baltimore, campuses in area of healthcare.

Wind Energy Proposal Earns Campus Sustainability Grant

University funds hands-on Sustainable Energy Teaching Initiatives Lab and related courses for students.

MPowering the State

University of Maryland, College Park, and University of Maryland, Baltimore, announce collaborative tech transfer, research, education.

Shihab Shamma is PI on €3.3M European Research Council Advanced Grant

Project will investigate a radically novel view of 'active' hearing.

Regents Recognize Kiger for Teaching

Mechanical engineering professor receives one of the Board of Regents' highest honors.

Zhang's CAREER Award Supports On-Time Arrival Research

National Science Foundation recognizes research to study individual traveler behavior, mass transit tools.

Institute for Systems Research Hosts Iraqis

Delegation seeks partnerships, information on American universities.

Which Clark School Major is Best?

As part of Engineers Week, department teams design and build Alumni Cup machines, compete for bragging rights on Friday.

Engineering freshmen volunteer for FIRST Robotics "Rebound Rumble"

Engineering freshmen build the field and help teams in the pits.

Building Goodwill: BioE Student Gives Away New Scholarship

Reginald Avery donates scholarship money to Greenbelt Elementary.

Trento Funds Collaborative International Projects

Partnership will support joint research in solar power, cell-based systems and ultra low-power systems.

Federal Region Is Nation's Most "Tech-centric"

New rankings in The Atlantic show Maryland, D.C., Virginia as leaders in tech economies.

Espy-Wilson, Briber Honored for Passion for Learning

Two Clark School professors named UMD Distinguished Scholar-Teachers.

Students Construct Water System for Burkina Faso Health Clinic

Engineers Without Borders chapter installs solar-powered filtration and distribution system for clean water.

"Plasmonics with a Twist"

Rabin wins prestigious NSF CAREER Award to enhance spectroscopy for drug development, medical research.

Students Complete Ethiopia Bridge Project

Engineers Without Borders team designs and builds sustainable bridge over flood-prone stream for humans, livestock.

Sengers Helps Revamp Water Research Standards

International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam adopted new standards in January 2012.

Reid Picks UMD for Engineering Program

Incoming Terps running back plans to study mechanical engineering.

White's Research Wins Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Inkjet-printed paper biosensors will reduce cost of diagnosing epidemic pathogens.

Pepco Buys UMd.'s Solar Decathlon-Winning Home for Public Display

'WaterShed' to serve public education, research at Montgomery County site.

New Brain Probe Could Help Surgeons Avoid Blood Vessel Damage

Device developed at the Clark School could help prevent hemorrhages, stroke and death during brain surgery.

Wereley, Hubbard Named Fellows by Professional Society

Highest honor for an aerospace professional bestowed upon two Clark School professors.

New Advance for Alkaline Fuel Cells

Clark School research could improve the performance and cost of low-temperature fuel cells for transportation, electronics.

Preventing Costly, Life-Threatening Catheter Infections

Deutsch Foundation-sponsored Clark School research offers multi-pronged attack on major medical problem.

Jones, Zhou Win Air Force Research Awards

Anya Jones (aerospace engineering) recognized for wing research. Alumna Enlu Zhou also receives an award.

Alumnus Named Black Engineer of the Year

Christopher T. Jones honored for second time, most recently for career achievement.

Md. Public Schools #1 for Fourth Year in a Row

Clark School draws 70 percent of its students from best K-12 system in the nation.

Michelle Rosen Named a 2012 Top New Face of Engineering

Mechanical engineering senior praised for academic success and volunteering efforts.

Murphy to Lead Physics Research Institute

Daniel Lathrop steps down to take associate dean position with College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

Women in Engineering Opportunity Scholarship Created

WIE Advisory Board members establish scholarship to help recruit and support female engineering students.

Abshire, Lopresti Honored at Commencement

Win junior faculty teaching, staff service awards, respectively.

Sharma Is New University of Houston ME Chair

Mechanical engineering alumnus promoted to full professor, named Bill D. Cook Chair of Mechanical Engineering.

UM a Top Academic Value According to Kiplinger's

University 8th in national ranking of best value among public colleges.

Auditory researchers publish sensory processing research in PNAS

Study could lead to more effective approaches to behavioral training.

Wereley Honored for Work in Adaptive Structures

American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognizes professor's advances used to protect military personnel.

NSF "Discoveries" Site Features Action Science Explorer

Prototype software by Shneiderman group supports rapid understanding of scientific literature.

Bacteria Programmed to Re-Create UMD Logo

Feat part of larger body of Clark School research into preventing infections.

Protecting Cultural Heritage

Clark School, Smithsonian to develop and test system for measuring moisture in at-risk architecture and art.

Master's in Cybersecurity Engineering Targets High-Tech Professionals

Degree prepares students to bring latest cybersecurity advances to government and industry employers.

Fisher Elected Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

Professor recognized for contributions to field of tissue engineering.

Student Recognized for Academic and Service Achievements

Aerospace engineering's Matthew Marcus wins Phi Kappa Phi Foundation's Shirley C. Sorensen Academic Excellence Award.

Hubbard, Grauer Contribute to New Book on Morphing Aircraft

Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and Structures published by Wiley.

Tether to Speak at Commencement

Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency director will speak at Clark School Ceremony Dec. 22.

EIP Students Head to the White House

At "I Am an Entrepreneur" event, students learn from successful young business leaders.

NSF Grant to Help Monitor and Protect Endangered Species

Clark School, National Geographic, Princeton to build wireless network of animal-borne embedded devices to track wildlife.

Antonsen, Shneiderman Elected IEEE Fellows

International electronics association cites professors' work in plasmas, human-computer interaction.

Researchers Explore How Cyber-Attackers Think Like Regular Crooks

In unique collaboration, engineer and criminologist apply criminological concepts and research methods to study of cybercrime.

Hicks Named Permanent Director of Cybersecurity Center

ECE-affiliated Associate Professor Michael Hicks has been selected to serve as the University of Maryland Cybersecurity Center's new director.

CapWIN Receives IMPACT Award

The Capital Wireless Information Net program has been presented with the Improving Maryland Policing and Advancing Communications and Technology (IMPACT) Award.

Lathrop, Chellappa Selected as Fellows

American Association for the Advancement of Science recognizes meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications.

Want Fuel Cells? Think Outside the Hydrogen Tank

Energy expert advocates investing in "the other fuel cell" to reduce reliance on fossil fuels now, not in decades.

MPG-Like Ratings for Your Home Appliances

Clark School and Savenia Labs team up to empower consumers.

Clark School's Gamera Certified for World Records

Human-powered helicopter's 11.4-second flight officially recognized.

Singh Named 2011 Leading Women Award Winner

Sophomore civil engineering student honored for service, academic performance by the Maryland Daily Record.

$2.3 Million for Transportation Lab Project

Department of Homeland Security boosts funding for D.C.-area information-sharing network.

Barbe Recognized by White House as Champion of Change

Champions are working to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.

Raghavan, DeVoe Introduce New Micromanufacturing Approach in Small

Lab-on-a-chip produces, assembles microparticles in customized order; could be used for drug discovery.

Barbe Receives Daily Record Innovator of the Year Award

Award honors Maryland individuals who have had a positive effect and tremendous impact in Maryland.

2011 Fischell Festival Recap, Video Now Online

See lectures from FDA Chief Scientist, Key Tech CEO.

FDA Awards UM a New Center for Regulatory Science

Center will pilot ways universities can help improve how drugs and medical devices are evaluated.

Adomaitis Elected Fellow

American Institute of Chemical Engineers honors professor's work in deposition systems, semiconductors.

Fall 2011 Sikorsky Colloquium Series Kicks Off

Series features alumnus Michael S. Torok, Sikorsky VP and chief engineer of Marine Corps Programs/CH-53K, Nov. 10.

Anya Jones Honored by NATO

Aerospace engineering professor recognized for work on micro air vehicle air flows.

$1.35M for Development of Bone Regeneration Technology

NIH funds John Fisher's research to help patients with serious injuries.

Clark School Names 2011-12 Top 25 Source Schools

List recognizes Maryland high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

2011 Fischell Festival to Highlight Invention, Entrepreneurship

Product development, start-up ventures, FDA evaluation among topics to be covered.

High Praise for Regional Emergency Response Coalition

Clark School's Capital Wireless Information Net demonstrated for Maryland's Gov. O'Malley and Sen. Mikulski.

Baras Leads $1M NIST Cooperative Agreement

Cyber-physical system research will develop standards, methods and tools for more reliable smart cars, aircraft, buildings, power grids.

Raghavan Selected for Engineering Education Symposium

NAE invites nation's exceptional young faculty members to share innovative ideas and approaches.

Hoyer Honors UM Solar Decathlon Team

Praise for team entered into the Congressional Record.

Great Teaching Improves Student Retention

Keystone professors such as Mel Gomez help Clark School students stay the course.

University of Maryland Wins 2011 Solar Decathlon

Campus-wide effort key to WaterShed victory in international competition.

UM Fourth in Solar Decathlon Engineering Competition

WaterShed stays ahead of nearest competitors, in first place overall.

Yu Aims to Make Multicolor MRI a Reality

Novel use of metal ions makes fluorine imaging more versatile.

Whiting-Turner Lectures Kick Off October 6

Alumnus Ramit Varma '96 leads series with "Lessons from a Booststrapped Entrepreneur."

System Failure Averted

Engineer who revolutionized prognostics for electronics systems is inducted into Clark School's Innovation Hall of Fame.

UM a Lead University in National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition

UM and ACC partners receive grant to spur new clean energy ventures; Mtech is selected as the PI.

Mote To Receive Highest Mechanical Engineering Honor

Clark School professor and past UM president recognized for theory of the dynamics of flexible moving structures.

"Twenty-Year Window of Opportunity"

DOE official calls for "game-changing" technologies at opening of University of Maryland Energy Research Center.

Shapiro on Nanotech Team for Assembly of Colloidal Crystals

$1.2M National Science Foundation-sponsored research could lead to optical computing, invisibility cloaks.

UMD Ranked Among Nation's Best in Entrepreneurship Education

Mtech's entrepreneurship initiatives were a key influencer in the new ratings.

MIPS Wins Excellence in Economic Development Award

Maryland Industrial Partnerships honored for innovative, effective, and replicable economic development strategies.

Clark School Launches Men's Living-Learning Program

NSF-funded Virtus initiative for freshmen to help improve retention rates.

New L-3 Scholarship/Fellowship Winners Announced

Five grad students and 14 undergrads receive support from Corporate Partner.

Clark School Research Helps Explain Heart Disease

Models show mechanical changes in blood vessel behavior cause cascade of effects.

Clark School Alum Gives $10M for New UM Teaching Center

Electrical engineering alum Edward St. John '61 gift will help meet most-pressing campus educational needs.

Clark School Mourns Death of Researcher

Gaurav Gopalan, a graduate of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, passes away.

Hundreds Flock to 2011 Maryland Robotics Day

Professionals and budding engineers take in speakers, demonstrations, labs.

UM and MIT Lincoln Lab Partner on Cybersecurity

New strategic relationship will focus on collaborative research, student engagement.

Clark School Wraps 1st Phase of Community College Faculty Program

Research Experiences for Teachers aimed at increasing and retaining transfer students.

Clark School Grad Students Win 11th Helicopter Design Contest

Variable-diameter tiltrotor takes first place at American Helicopter Society Student Design Competition.

$1.35M For New Study of Cell Migration

Aranda-Espinoza wins Human Frontier Science Program research grant.

New Gamera Record Certified

Clark School student team sets new U.S. flight records at 11.4 seconds.

Strittmatter Wins SMART Scholarship

DoD awardee is a civil engineering major, FLEXUS student and Clark School Ambassador

Engineers Compete on "America's Got Talent"

Gymkana assistant coach, two members on team in nationally televised competition have Clark School connections.

Clark School Rises in International Ranking

#11 spot is highest ever in Academic Ranking of World Universities poll of engineering schools.

15 Technology Product Partnerships Earn Grants Worth $4.2M

Grants combine $3.2M from participating companies and $1M from Mtech Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program.

Navy Recognizes Four Clark School Alumni, Students

Co-op and Career Services Office assists in placing students with challenging Navy nuclear power programs.

Melchiorri Named 2011 Fischell Fellow

Incoming graduate student specializes in cardiovascular research.

Santos Honored for Advising Efforts

Civil and environmental engineering director of student services lauded for commitment to students.

Showcase of Undergraduate Summer Research

Clark School student wins Best Overall Project with automatic volume leveler.

Booz Allen Hamilton Colloquium Series Announced

Topics include automatic speech recognition, computational imaging, energy efficient data systems.

Savage to Kick Off Google Cybersecurity Seminar Series, Sept. 1

Talk to focus on the economic forces that drive Internet attacks and the modern cyber-criminal ecosystem.

Inoue Joins BioE as Professor of the Practice

Canon U.S. Life Sciences senior fellow developing system for rapid diagnosis of disease.

UM Launches Environmental Solutions Center

Engineering, science and public policy faculty to lead center with economists, social scientists.

$2.67M for Bridge Sensing Research

Civil engineering professors to develop smart bridge system with tech transfer opportunities.

Clark School Students Assist STEM Program

Undergrads serve as team captains in Viva TechnologyTM high school outreach activities.

Averting Bridge Disasters

Alumnus Kalantari creates technology and company to save lives, improve maintenance.

Gupta Receives the Percy Nicholls Award

Mechanical engineering professor recognized for contributions to the field of solid fuels.

Canon, Clark School Launch New Collaboration

Joint team to develop automated machine designed to expedite the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

John Vitucci Awarded NASA Fellowship

Second-year aero grad student part of small inaugural class of fellows.

McKinney Receives High Honors from University System

Effectiveness and efficiency garner Board of Regents Award for Director of Computing.

Gamera Team Blows Away Its Own Record

Human-powered helicopter team completes second step toward Sikorsky Prize with 12.4-second flight.

Students Honor Milke for Advising Efforts

Fire protection engineering chair named 2010-2011 Provost’s Faculty Academic Advisor of the Year.

D.C. Area Makes Forbes List of "Next Boom Towns"

Ranking incorporates job growth, education, entrepreneurship.

Farvardin Farewell Event Video Available

Clark School says good-bye to former professor, chair and dean.

Waks Receives DARPA Young Faculty Award

Research proposal on quantum information processing earns professor prestigious grant.

Liu Joins ChBE Faculty

Professor designs nanomaterials used to improve efficiency of sustainable fuels, fuel cells.

Hu Joins Materials Science and Engineering Faculty

Professor offers expertise in nanotech, energy devices and flexible electronics.

Desai to Attend Frontiers in Engineering Symposium

Mechanical engineering professor selected by National Academy of Engineering as "emerging leader."

Clark School, DARPA Launch Pilot Academic Fellows Program

Seek blend of military and academic personnel perspectives to generate new technologies.

Tiny Hairs on Bats' Wings Act as Speedometers

Finding by Clark School researchers could lead to new air speed and stall detectors for aircraft.

1,000th Undergrad FPE Degree Awarded

Fire protection engineering program is the only one offering accredited undergraduate degrees.

New Undergrad Research Opportunity in Miniature Robotics

Sarah Bergbreiter is principal investigator for NSF program.

ASME Dedicates Conference to Bar-Cohen

Mechanical engineering society's InterPACK event honors former ME chair.

In Case of Fire, Use the Elevator

Clark School hosts international symposium on fire safety science.

Sometimes Size Does Matter

Rethink nanotechnology to convert a car's waste heat into electrical power.

FAA Approves NEXTOR II Research Contract

Aviation operations collaboration is worth up to $60 million over length of contract.

Alumnus Wheatley Earns IEEE Pioneer Award

C. Frank Wheatley (B.S. '51) honored for contributions to the electrical engineering field.

Davis, Balzano Skeptical of Cell Phone Radiation Studies

Clark School researchers write letter to editor of Journal of American Medical Association.

Two National Records for Gamera

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale to begin evaluation of flight for world records.

UMD, NIST Expand Alliance

Partnership supports students, faculty and postdoc research in nanobiotechnology, cybersecurity, computing, and sensors.

Chellappa Named Interim Chair of ECE Department

Minta Martin Professor Rama Chellappa, a Distinguished Faculty Research Fellow and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, will assume new role July 1.

ECE Chair O'Shea Named UMD VP for Research

Emphasis on innovation and tech commercialization; closer relationships with USM institutions; multidisciplinary, large-scale collaborations.

Systems Researchers Partner with Trento, Italy

Joint efforts to target bioengineering, renewable energy, nanomaterials, microsystems, education.

Clark School Mourns Grad Student

Alexander Brown remembered for energy and leadership.

Cybersecurity Seminar to Feature NIST's Schwartz

"The Future of Online Identity" will take place June 16 at 4:30 p.m.

Alumnus Named IEEE Outstanding Young Engineer

Honor recognizes work in stealth antennas, counter-IED technologies, electromagnetic weapons.

Dylan Rebois Named University Medalist

ME senior receives the university's highest honor awarded to a graduating senior.

Clark School Honors ENGAGED Faculty Members

Undergrads nominate teachers for their approachability, concern and support for students.

Sriram Honored as Outstanding Engineer of the Year

Science Center honors metabolic engineering expert, high-profile grant winner who guides successful students.

Engineers Without Borders Project Wins Grants

Burkina Faso team led by ChBE junior Matthew Conway will expand water, electricity infrastructure.

Clark School Human-Powered Helicopter Flies

"Gamera" takes flight, sets world record with female pilot aboard.

Clark School Celebrates Hard-Working Staff

At annual event, Dean Pines cites long-serving and new staff members.

BioE Senior Wins Prestigious DoD Fellowship

Zachary Russ selected for National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Diagnostic Robotic System Wins Seed Grant

Research will aid in prevention and treatment of atrial fibrillation.

New Department Chairs Named

Balakumar Balachandran, James Milke picked to lead mechanical engineering, fire protection engineering.

Congressman Ruppersberger to Speak at Cybersecurity Conference

Conference on Cybersecurity for the Commercial Nuclear Power Industry To Be Hosted by UMD on May 4-5.

Professor Martin Reiser Passes Away at 80

Reiser played a major role in establishing particle beam physics as an academic discipline.

Mardirossian to Speak at Commencement

Serial entrepreneur and alumnus to address spring graduates.

Pocket Change Improves High-End Sensors

Betz, Rubloff develop new spectroscopy method to detect toxins, explosives, viruses.

Alumnus Is a Key Designer for Sikorsky X2TD

Collier Trophy-winning helicopter sets unofficial speed record of 290 mph.

Entrepreneurship Endowment to Support Innovation

Hung Chang and Anchen Wang Lin Fund establishes new awards to encourage innovation.

Wylie Dissertation Fellowships Awarded

Five Clark School students to receive support towards completing their dissertations.

Numerous Clark School Students Earn NSF Fellowships

Program recognizes outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported fields.

Mote Named USM Regents Professor

University System of Maryland honors former UM president for scholarly achievement and service.

Cybersecurity Event to Feature Sourcefire's Roesch

Chancellor Kirwan also to take part in Google and UMD Cybersecurity Seminar April 21.

Alumnus Griffin President-Elect of AIAA

Former NASA administrator Michael Griffin to head American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics board.

Taking Aim at a Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease

Muro Group seeks to improve enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease with new nanocarriers.

Gupta Wins Goldwater Scholarship

ChBE junior receives premier award for undergraduates.

Clark School Invention of the Year Winners

Clark School teams won three out of four top prizes in technology commercialization competition.

Earth Day Event to Focus on Energy

Students invited to hear industry, government, academic leaders present latest advances.

Alum Honored for Entrepreneurial Spirit

Aris Mardirossian (B.S. '74, M.S. '75) receives Clark School's Distinguished Alumnus award.

Transportation Tech Transfer Touted

Clark School demonstrates impact of its transportation research for federal officials.

Engineering Grads On Top (Again)

2011 study shows that engineering graduates still earn the fattest paychecks.

Gessow Rotorcraft Center Among Jensen Honorees

Rotorcraft Active Crash Protection System Development Team wins American Helicopter Society award.

"It's Not Too Late"

Google's Cerf proposes technical, policy measures to improve Internet security.

Lister Wins Link Foundation Fellowship

Award will support medical simulation and modeling dissertation research.

Ghodssi Co-Edits Comprehensive MEMS Handbook

MEMS Materials and Processes Handbook is practical resource for academics, engineers, students.

Baras Co-Edits Information Security Book

Decision and Game Theory for Security addresses privacy, network security, authentication, and more.

Google Sponsors New Cybersecurity Seminar Series

Series kicks off April 7 with Dr. Vint Cerf: "Can We Make the Internet Safer?"

Briber Marquee Lecture: "Materials of Civilization"

Talks promote public awareness of science's role in society.

Scholl Honored for Entrepreneurship Role

Board of Visitors chairman recognized by The Washington Business Journal.

Professors Recognized for Exemplary Scholarship, Research

Bentley, Payne receive USM Regents' Awards for nano-bio device work.

Students Win Regional Cybersecurity Competition

Team will compete against seven other finalists at national competition in San Antonio in April.

Association Renews Support for Montgomery County Students

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Bethesda Chapter, provides scholarships for local engineering, computer science students.

Students Volunteer for National Science Bowl

College Park Scholars students support DOE's middle school competition about science literacy.

Inaugural L-3 Scholarship Winners Announced

First undergraduate scholarship beneficiaries of landmark $1 million gift named.

That's Hot: Engineers to Test Boiling at Zero-Gravity

Experiment launches with Shuttle Discovery to International Space Station.

Protecting Nuclear Plants from Cyber Attacks

Clark School, government and industry address plant cybersecurity in May conference.

Liu Named Yurie Kim Eminent Professor

ECE professor honored for influential scholarly work in signal processing and communications.

Bergbreiter Wins NSF CAREER Award

Grant supports development of legs that can move microrobots quickly over rough terrain.

CATT Game Builders Win with "scrEWEd"

Researchers who make training games for first responders win local Global Game Jam.

Students Build Guilford Run Bioretention System

Team designs, constructs run-off project, seeks spring planting volunteers.

Cohen Named Distinguished Scholar-Teacher

Professor honored for bringing passion for learning, research to colleagues and students.

UM $75K Business Plan Competition Opens

Faculty and student team executive summaries due February 27.

Booz Allen Colloquium Series Announced

Leading researchers will discuss cyber-physical systems, NOAA satellites, and dragonfly flight.

Espy-Wilson Selected For ADVANCE Program

Professor and entrepreneur is ADVANCE Professor for Women Faculty of Color.

Apply for Summer Cybersecurity Program

Clark School and NSF offer unique undergraduate research experience, with stipend.

UMD, Tenable Announce Cybersecurity Partnership

Cybersecurity education, research and technology development basis for new relationship.

Techno-Sciences, Inc. Sponsors Robotics Seminars

Funding will bring well-known robotics experts to campus for special lectures.

State Ranked Highly in Technology and Science Index

Maryland holds onto #2 overall spot; ranks #1 in human capital, academic R&D.

"The Physics of Scotch Tape"

Clark School researchers demonstrate Scotch tape can create X-rays.

Rebois Awarded Prestigious Marshall Scholarship

Mechanical engineering senior receives full support for sustainability studies in UK.

Green Wins Entrepreneurship Education Competition

Student team risk assessment activity earns 3E prize for Hinman CEOs director.

$50k for Solar Decathlon Team

Constellation Energy awards team "Energy to Educate" grant.

Schaler Earns Prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Mechanical engineering major will use funds towards study of micro and nanotech.

Cumings, Seog Win NSF CAREER Awards for Nanotech

"Frustrated nanomagnets," peptide self-assembly efforts seek denser computer memory, new bio-inspired materials.

Md. Schools #1 for Third Year in a Row

Clark School draws 70 percent of its students from best in nation.

Liu Inducted as ISI Highly Cited Researcher

ECE professor recognized for high number of citations his publications received from fellow researchers.

Gov. O'Malley Taps Wachsman for Clean Energy Board

UMERC director appointed to Board of Directors of the Maryland Clean Energy Center.

Lloyd Leads Program for Community College Faculty

NSF-Backed initiative seeks to improve success, retention of transfer students.

ChBE Alumna Encourages Clark School Grads to Set Sail

Anh Duong (B.S. '82) addresses Class of 2010.

Shamma selected as Blaise Pascal International Research Chair

Allocation of a chair is a major event of international scientific life.

UMD Launches New Cybersecurity Center

Speakers included Sen. Ben Cardin, former Director of National Security Mike McConnell.

UMD Cybersecurity Center Launch Event Set for Dec. 9

Event will feature keynote by Former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell.

Alumna Duong to Speak at Commencement

Homeland security official and chemical engineer to address winter grads.

Bad Virus Put to Good Use

In breakthrough batteries, virally structured nano-electrodes boost energy capacity 10-fold.

Takeuchi Elected APS Fellow

Cited for pioneering work in combinatorial materials science.

Becnel Wins Prestigious Fellowship

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship supports crew protection research.

Military Engineers Honor Clark School Students

Three civil engineering students receive scholarships.

Former EWB Advisor Honored

Deborah Goodings recognized for work at Clark School, Engineers Without Borders.

High-Tech Solution to "Dirty Bomb" Threat

System would detect ionization of air surrounding shipping containers holding radioactive material.

Liu, Wang Co-Author New Book on Cognitive Radio

ECE professor and alumna publish book on game theory and its applications to cognitive networking.

Merrill Presidential Scholars Named

Three Clark School students and their college and high school mentors honored.

Corporate Partner L-3 Names Inaugural Fellows

Defense contractor supports graduate students in strategic areas, primes recruitment pipeline.

$15M to Support Postdoc Nanotechnology Research

Program will create next generation of nano experts.

Changing the Odds

New NSF-funded UM program seeks to advance women faculty in science, engineering.

New Detection for Concealed Radioactive Materials

Granatstein, Nusinovich propose new scheme for detecting materials in shipping containers.

Siwak, Malinowski Receive Scholar Awards

ARCS Foundation honors students' chemical sensor, tumor localization research.

Silverman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

50-year career in radiation chemistry and physics honored at conference.

Invitation Honors Murphy as Educational Innovator

ECE professor one of 53 selected to attend annual Frontiers of Engineering Education symposium.

Waks Earns PECASE Award

ECE faculty member earns highest honor bestowed upon early-career scientists and engineers in the U.S.

Baras is co-PI on NSF cyber-physical systems award

Research is contributing to cost effective development and deployment of many safety and security-critical cyber-physical systems.

Students Tour Nearby Army Research Lab

Explore undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities in robotics, sensors, networks.

Susan Frazier's Campus Memorial Services

Please join the Clark School and university in remembering distinguished staff member.

Martin Elected AIAA Associate Fellow

Cluster for Research in Complex Computations Laboratory founder honored.

Materials Scientists, Conservators Join Forces

Team develops nanometers-thick, protective coatings for silver art, artifacts.

Carol Espy-Wilson honored as Innovator of the Year

Maryland Daily Record honors her for invention that improves cell phone sound quality.

How Did They Do It?

White Symposium to highlight dramatic uses of satellite technology.

UMD Announces New Cybersecurity Center

Stresses 'more-than-tech' solutions for government and private sectors.

Fischell Shows Students How to Succeed in Biomedical Device Design

Inventor discusses new technology, entrepreneurship, personal philosophy.

Sirius Co-Founder to be Honored

Alumnus Briskman newest Innovation Hall of Fame honoree.

Ohadi Returns to the Clark School

Professor served as the provost and acting president of the Petroleum Institute.

Safar Appointed Director of Master's in Telecom Program

Alumnus will oversee program that offers innovative blend of technical, management, and policy instruction.

Clark School Names Top 25 Source Schools

List recognizes Maryland high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

Flatau Receives Aerospace Educator Award

Honor recognizes leadership in education and advancement of women engineers.

UM, Army Sign CRADA Agreement

Agreement expands research, development and engineering efforts between the two entities.

Rabin to Receive President's Medal

Award recognizes Mtech founding director's extraordinary contributions to campus.

Plasma for Disinfection Study Wins DOE Grant

Oehrlein, Seog will be first to characterize effects on biological molecules at the monolayer level.

A Longer Life for Lithium Ion Batteries

Wang, Guo create longer-lasting electrode using 3D polymer structure, silicon nanoparticles.

Stewart Named 1st Huskamp Award Recipient

Endowed scholarship honors late UMD CIO, BioE Director; aids Great Expectations campaign.

Oehrlein Receives IBM Faculty Award

Gift recognizes importance of nanofabrication research to electronics industry.

Clark School 3rd Nationwide in Recruiter Survey

Wall Street Journal polls large employers on universities from which they recruit most heavily.

2010 Maryland Robotics Day draws large crowd

Government officials, industry representatives, prospective students attend Maryland Robotics Day.

$15M Neutron Scattering Collaboration with NIST Renewed

Briber leads effort to develop new instrumentation, measurement techniques.

Clark School, Techno-Sciences Win Contracts

Morphing-rotor technology earns support from Bell/Boeing and Boeing Phantom Works.

$1.9M NSF Grant Enables Study of Biomolecular Structures

New high-field spectrometer will help solve problems in biology, medicine, biofuels.

Matysiak Joins BioE Faculty

Assistant professor studies protein engineering as applied to neurodegenerative diseases.

Marquardt Studies Patinas at Smithsonian Institution

Microscopy, spectroscopy and microanalysis used to analyze bronze art, preserve sculpture.

Calabrese Studies Gulf Oil, Nuclear Waste

Chemical engineering professor plans to share experiences with students this fall.

Cumings Receives DOE Grant

Materials group's nanotube study could improve computer processor, turbine generator efficiency.

Chang Awarded $1 Million by MSHA

Grant will fund civil engineering research into designs for new unconventional intersections.

Wallace D. Loh Appointed President of University of Maryland

Current University of Iowa Executive VP and Provost named new U-Md. President, effective November 1

OmniSpeech Wins $50K SAIC-VentureAccelerator Competition

Novel technology to make speech clear for mobile phones, related communications.

BioE, FDA Offer Summer Research Experiences for Undergrads

New partnership expands program, places students in federal labs.

Bio-Filtration System Promises Less Chesapeake Pollution

Demonstration project to make green campus greener, aid Anacostia.

Fair Showcases Undergrads' Summer Research

Students present their accomplishments after 11-week research program.

Paice LLC, Toyota Reach Patent Settlement

Toyota agrees to license Clark School professor and board member's patents for hybrid vehicle technology.

Takeuchi, German Colleagues Collaborate on Materials Research

Ruhr University partnership generates new research, exchanges students and faculty members.

Clark School Has Strong Showing at RoboSub Competition

Robotics @ Maryland and Tortuga IV come in third among U.S. teams.

"Organogelator" Could Help Gulf of Mexico Spill

Raghavan group aids development of non-toxic oil recovery agent.

Giving Robotic Flight More Buzz

Bee study could improve micro air vehicle agility in wind gusts.

BioE Hosts Teachers in NSF-Sponsored Program

Summer workshop will improve K-12 engineering, math education.

Professor Wins Women's Business Plan Competition

Espy-Wilson's technology eliminates background noise in cell phones, speech communications.

Link Joins Netherlands Advisory Commission

Dutch seek Katrina expert's insight on rising sea levels, flood risk reduction.

Two Big Wins for Clark School Teams

Aerospace engineering students win American Helicopter Society, NASA design competitions.

175 Percent More Efficient Refrigeration

Clark School team develops "smart" alloy for cooling systems.

Bryan, Eisenstein Join BioE Faculty

Professors bring expertise in structural biology, biophysics to department.

Pertmer Appointed Managing Director of Radiation Facilities

Professor will manage 3 facilities, compliance, safety and security.

Ehrman Appointed Chair of ChBE

Professor to begin term August 23, 2010.

Clark School's CALCE Connects with China

World-class failure analysis, safety modeling laboratory under development.

Alumnus Wins World Nuclear University Fellowship

Quynh Nguyen (Ph.D. '03, chemical engineering) attends Summer Institute at Oxford.

Clark School Receives $1M Gift

L-3 Communications funds student programs, scholarships and fellowships, supports Great Expectations campaign.

HELP Fund for Hillman Students

Anonymous donor assists students with immediate financial need, supports Great Expectations campaign.

Md. High Schools Strong According to Newsweek

Clark School's Top 25 Source Schools fare well in ranking.

FlexEl is Maryland Incubator Company of the Year

Clark School faculty start-up wins with rechargeable, flexible, thin-film battery technology.

NRC Funds Development of New Grad-Level Corrosion Courses

Ankem, Christou, and Moderres to create new modules for nuclear, reliability, and sustainability engineering programs.

RASC-AL "Three-peat" for Clark School

Clark School-ASU undergrad team wins at NASA competition.

Clark School Baja Team Tops in U.S.

TerpsRacing Baja team places 4th overall, first out of U.S. teams at competition.

JaJa Named Interim VP and CIO

ECE professor Joseph JaJa will serve as interim VP and Chief Information Officer for the University of Maryland.

Engineers Without Borders Chapter Honored

Burkina Faso work recognized by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

Kim Inducted into UM's Alumni Hall of Fame

Jeong H. Kim (Ph.D. '91, reliability engineering) honored for innovations and entrepreneurship.

UM, LM Launch Strategic Relationship

Framework for current and future cooperation with Lockheed Martin worth at least $3 million.

Mtech, Alumna-Run Companies Vie for State Awards

Five Clark School-affiliated companies named finalists for Incubator Company of the Year.

Shah Receives Stem Cell Funds

Study to define how mechanical stress affects cells' differentiation, growth.

University Partners with National Cancer Institute

Bentley to provide nano-bio drug delivery expertise in close collaboration.

Andrade Participates in The Chesapeake Project

Future Faculty Fellow attends workshop on integrating sustainability into course curricula.

Faculty News Roundup

Clark School faculty promotions, moves announced.

Techno-Sciences Earns State High-Tech Honors

Company led by Clark School professor, board member named state's High Tech Company of the Year.

In-State Rates For MSE Majors from Delaware

Materials science and engineering undergraduate program joins Academic Common Market.

Md. Prime Locale for Job Creation

State named "a potential leader in jobs and prosperity" by National Chamber Foundation.

Research on Metamaterials Featured in MIT Technology Review

Researcher Igor Smolyaninov describes how metamaterials can be used to explain aspects of the Universe.

Research to Help Prevent Transportation Disasters

NSF supports work by Miller-Hooks on passenger, freight transport systems.

Gov. O'Malley to Keynote I-270 Tech Event

Clark School explores technology development along the I-270 Tech Corridor.

Chellappa Receives Outstanding Engineer Alumni Award

Purdue University alumnus and Clark School professor Rama Chellappa to be honored by alma mater.

Ulukus Wins $1.1M Wireless Security Grant

National Science Foundation supports research for "provable and unconditional" wireless security.

Maryland a Top Small-Biz Supporter

Forbes includes state in listing of those that are entrepreneurship-friendly.

2010 Fischell Festival Recap, Video Now Online

Watch surgery and learn about entrepreneurship, senior design projects, and research.

Austin to Speak at Commencement

Aerospace Corporation president and CEO to address Clark School grads.

Staff Honored for Clark School/UM Service

Ten staff members recognized for "milestone" service.

UM $75K Biz Plan Competition Winners Announced

Speech software from Clark School's Espy-Wilson wins top prize, Citrin Award.

Live News Broadcast at Clark School

WTTG Fox 5 broadcasts live from ENES100 hovercraft competition at the Kim Building.

PolyVec Systems Dominates Business Plan Competition

Gene therapy carrier for breast cancer wins $45K including Citrin Impact Award.

Fellowship to Support Future Entrepreneurs

$560K gift establishes Warren Citrin Engineering Graduate Fellowships, supports Great Expectations campaign.

BioE Hosts 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference

Attendees share emerging research on human health.

Mechanical Engineering Launches Graduate Student Association

MEGA formed to create a dialog between graduate students and department/Clark School officials.

Synchronized Swimming for Submarines

Paley studies schooling fish to improve motion coordination in unmanned vehicle teams.

Graff Named Senior Marshal for Commencement

Undergraduate will help facilitate student processional.

Fischell to Speak Thursday

Biomedical device inventor, Clark School benefactor to deliver entrepreneurial lecture.

Is It Safe to Breathe Yet?

"Double-flame" research seeks to improve soot combustion, reduce pollutants.

Sustainability Video Contest Winners Announced

Campus water projects, flushing technology comprise winning entries.

Electronics Institute Honors Reliability Expert Pecht

IEEE recognizes ME professor, CALCE director with Exceptional Technical Achievement Award.

"A compelling role model for young women"

Sophoria Westmoreland, mechanical engineering grad student, receives Black Engineer awards.

Clark School Honors Its Own

Annual Honors & Awards ceremony recognizes stellar students.

Mitra, Zhang Awarded Wylie Fellowships

ECE graduate students win prestigious, university-wide fellowship supporting quality dissertations.

Upcoming Maryland Day Highlights

Visit the Clark School Saturday for demonstrations, hands-on activities and more.

UM a Solar Decathlon Finalist

University's "Watershed" house to compete on National Mall in fall of 2011.

Galloway Tapped for International Position

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton names CivE Prof. Gerry Galloway a senior fellow.

Takeuchi, Multi-University Group Lead Materials Research

Departments of Defense, Energy fund $15M "combi" studies on superconductors, magnets.

Electric Chevrolet Volt Visits Clark School

Raffled test drives, presentations put focus on technology and sustainability.

Espy-Wilson, Rubloff Are Top UM Inventors

Speech enhancing algorithm, high-density energy storage cells named best of '09.

Workshop to Focus on Water Sustainability

Stormwater, river management, pollution experts to present at Earth Day event.

Muro Wins $1.72M National Institutes of Health R01 Grant

Group to develop new treatments for genetic diseases affecting lungs, brain.

Rebois Honored Again with Udall Scholarship

Junior ME major, Truman Scholar also wins award for environmental activism and studies.

Chopra, Takeuchi Win Defense Department Awards

DURIP funds enable purchase of advanced instruments for rotor, materials research.

Fumin Zhang Named ONR Young Investigator

Alumnus is one of only 17 Office of Naval Research honorees nationwide.

Lynen Fellow Vogli Joins MSE, IREAP

Visiting scholar chooses Clark School based on faculty members' international reputations.

Haghani Named Director of CITSM

Ali Haghani to lead Center for Integrated Transportation Systems Management.

Leishman, Schaler Named Goldwater Scholars

Aerospace, mechanical engineering students receive premier award for undergraduates.

Remedium Wins ORNL Global Venture Challenge

Blood-clotting foam takes top prize in security division.

Rebois Named Truman Scholar

Mechanical engineering undergrad recognized for leadership.

Reconstructing Hand Movements Using Brain Signals

BioE research in Journal of Neuroscience could benefit those with movement disorders.

BioE Undergrads Shine Again in Bioethics Contest

Students represent 3 of 5 finalists; Hagen takes 3rd prize.

Connolly Honored by Baltimore Bioscience Group

Martha Connolly receives President's Award at Greater Baltimore Committee Bioscience Awards ceremony.

No Batteries, or Solar Cells, Required

Grad student Parag Banerjee's group develops new nanocircuit to power electronic devices.

Ulukus Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Research focuses on rechargeable wireless communication networks that harvest energy from the environment.

Lovell Named Engineers Without Borders Advisor

Civil engineering, ISR professor to lead highly-regarded chapter of student service group.

Sunderland Wins CAREER Award

Research aims to reduce pollution from soot oxidation.

ExxonMobil Donates to Engineering Societies

Corporate Partner provides funding to assist student groups affected by University budget cuts.

Book Features LEAFHouse

2007 UM Solar Decathlon entry one of 25 sustainable homes in Prefabulous and Sustainable.

A Tree in Your Tank?

$3.2M NSF grant funds effort to transform poplar trees into biofuel.

NIST Awards UM $15.5 Million in Fellowships

Program to benefit Clark School undergraduate and graduate students, research programs.

UM Progresses in Solar Decathlon 2011 Competition

Concept design being prepared for submission to Department of Energy.

Gupta Wins HHMI Fellowship

Undergraduate to study quorum sensing, inhibition of bacterial communication.

Oehrlein, Arsenault Highly Cited Worldwide

Professors featured on Thomson Reuters' ISIHighlyCited.com.

Clark School Tech Assists in Snow Emergency

Advanced visualization and data fusion system helped emergency management officials.

NVIDIA Corp. Recognizes UM

Maryland joins prominent network of 10 institutions worldwide focused on parallel computing.

State Leads in AP Test Performance

Maryland high school students first in report on Advanced Placement testing.

Bhattacharyya Co-Authors New Book

Embedded Multiprocessors explores modeling for multimedia systems, signal processing.

Maryland Tops in Tech Job Growth

State accounts for almost half of new computer sector jobs nationally in 2009.

Clark School Alumnus Elected IEEE Fellow

Jafar Saniie (B.S. '74) recognized for ultrasonic signal processing work.

Auditory Cortex Study Reveals Cells' "Individuality"

Shamma and team show neurons' surprising adaptability in sound processing.

Dandin Authors "A Letter from Haiti"

Fischell Fellow's commentary on his country's past, present and future published by New America Media.

Stopping Bacterial Infections Without Antibiotics

Clark School's nanofactories could be next big step in antimicrobial treatment.

Amir Riaz Joins ME Faculty

Assistant professor will study oil and gas management, CO2 sequestration.

Pecht Elected SAE Fellow

Society of Automotive Engineers cites professor's work in reliability of automotives, avionics.

CECD Holds Symposium on Traumatic Brain Injury

Clark School-sponsored event focused on preventing, identifying and treating war-related injuries.

University of Maryland Designated U.S. Intel 'Center of Excellence'

The university is one of only 14 universities to receive the designation by the U.S. government.

Baecher Appointed to National Academies Committee

CEE professor to review U.S. government's water resources policy.

Clark School Draws From #1 System (Again)

EducationWeek ranks Maryland public schools best in nation for second year.

"Lego League" Kids Visit CATT Lab

Future engineers learn about "smart" traffic tech, use accident training simulator.

UM Rises Again Among Best Values

Kiplinger's ranks campus 8th among public colleges.

Hubbard Publishes New Book

James Hubbard, Jr., publishes new structures text.

Clark School Students Win AIAA Awards

Graduate and undergraduate papers ranked best in region.

Rubloff Team Wins $2.8M Army Grant

Funds support design of nano-tech coherent dielectric barriers for quantum computing.

Chellappa, Liu Honored with IEEE SPS Society Awards

ECE Professors receive IEEE Signal Processing Society's two highest awards.

Abaziou’s Techno-Sciences, Inc. Among Fast 500

Deloitte lauds company led by ECE professor, Board of Visitors member.

Reconnecting Floodplains to Rivers

Gerry Galloway among researchers who recommend river reconnection to prevent flooding disasters.

Clark School Hosts PowerMEMS Community

Micro and nano-scale power generation experts tour labs, review research.

Lane Named Senior Marshal for Commencement

Undergraduate will help facilitate Dec. '09 student processional.

James Hubbard Awarded Morphing Wing Grant

Air Force supports development of passively morphing wing for increased lift, agility.

Student's Actions Called Heroic

Michael Williams helped to save lives after Aberdeen Proving Ground accident.

Mayergoyz Receives Magnetics Society Achievement Award

Professor honored for professional achievement, scientific and service contributions to society.

Westmoreland Named Graduate Student of the Year

ME student to receive prestigious National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) award.

Johnson Elevated to IEEE Fellowship

Professor recognized for leadership in bioengineering education.

Remedium Wins $10K in Global Security Challenge

Student start-up company’s blood-clotting foam "most promising" in international competition.

Milchberg Receives Grant from Lockheed Martin

Milchberg receives funding for groundbreaking research in laser plasma filaments.

Alum's Gift Honors Inspirational Professor

Charles E. Waggner '54 establishes Goodings Professorship, advances Great Expectations Campaign.

Fisher Bioreactor Wins Professor Venture Fair

Bone tissue engineering technology takes top prize.

Northrop Grumman Funds Doctoral Fellowships

New program supports electrical, computer engineering Ph.D.s, advances Great Expectations campaign.

How Your Cell Phone Keeps Its Cool

For making today's electronics cooler--literally--Bar-Cohen wins Luikov Medal.

Maryland Daily Record Honors Baras, Dowling

Clark School researcher-entrepreneurs named Innovators of the Year.

Optical Society Names Smolyaninov a Fellow

Visiting scientist researches invisibility cloak technology, Big Bang modeling, superlens microscope.

Sezmi Launches Customer Pilot in Los Angeles

Alumni Buno Pati and Phil Wiser founded the start-up TV network.

Robot Speedway Competition Showcases Student Talent

Twelve student teams competed in the second annual robotics competition.

CATT Lab Receives $1.3M Grant

Collaboration will help ease local traffic congestion through better communications.

Educating the World's Kids One Laptop at a Time

ChBE undergraduate brings One Laptop Per Child program to Madagascar.

"Moving Maryland": Transportation Symposium November 13

Clark School co-sponsors symposium on transportation, growth and economy.

Alumnus Appointed Associate Dean at GWU

Can Korman (B.S. '85, M.S. '87 and Ph.D. '90), electrical engineering) promoted at George Washington University.

Pines Elected Fellow of ASME

Dean honored for research, technical program management and academic vision and leadership.

Mayergoyz Appointed Alford L. Ward Professor

The endowed professorship appointment begins January 2010.

Youn, Cumings Receive NRC Grant

Young faculty development award will support research on nuclear system reliability.

Hispanic Physicists Elect Martinez-Miranda

NSHP chooses professor to boost opportunities, recognition, and recruitment of students.

WIE Advocate Named BAE Systems, Inc., CEO

Linda Hudson will continue on Women in Engineering Program board.

Making Your Water Bottle Safer

Choi first to model removal of BPA during manufacturing.

Pati Inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame

Alumnus celebrated for his influence on today's electronic devices.

Robotic Speedway Competition Returns Saturday

Event co-sponsored by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society D.C. chapter.

Media Hover at Monocopter Demonstration

Several Baltimore and Washington, D.C., television stations to air stories.

Clark School Eastern Capital of Combustion Research

Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute meets on campus this week.

Maple Seeds Inspire Robotic Flight

Aerospace engineering students solve 60-year-old design dilemma.

Herrmann's Work Used at Vaccination Drill

UM tests its flu preparedness with help of Jeffrey Herrmann's clinic model.

Clark School Names Top 25 Source Schools

Listing IDs 25 Md. high schools that send the most students to the Clark School.

ECE Event Highlights Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Research Review Day showcases technology advancements in electrical and computer engineering.

Clark School Students Recognized

Three receive Achievement Rewards for College Scientists awards at U.S. Supreme Court.

Li Leads Research on Nano Ceramic Films

NSF grant for work fundamental to flexible electronics, next-generation bioactive implants.

Like to Surf or Game by Mobile Device?

White Symposium to discuss how electronic devices influence modern life.

Detecting Corrosion in Concrete for Highway Safety

Al-Sheikhly, Livingston win National Academies IDEA grant to improve important test.

Alumnus Named U.S. Commissioner of Patents

Robert Stoll (B.S. '69, chemical engineering) specializes in anti-piracy, intellectual property.

Clark School Research Dollars Soar

Jump in funding from $111 million to $171 million over the past year.

NSF Grant for Next-Gen Wireless Networks

$300K goes to Mehdi Kalantari for research into large-scale wireless sensor networks.

Srivastava Earns Grant for Thermal Management

NSF grant for research to reduce carbon footprint of large data-storage centers.

Additional Funding for Fluorinated Biomaterials Research

Yu group pursues MRI imaging of biomaterials injected to repair tissue.

Flatau Appointed Interim Associate Dean

AeroE professor to lead research initiatives for up to three years.

NSF Grant for Hurricane Forecasting Work

Recovery funds go to Derek Paley for improving control of unmanned aircraft.

Balaras Team Wins $1.5M NSF Grant

Project to use high performance computing for cardiovascular modeling.

$1.5M NSF Grant for Ant-like Microrobots

An interdisciplinary team of Clark School faculty wins multi-year grant.

New Honors Entrepreneurship Program Created

Mtech establishes living-learning entrepreneurship program for freshmen, sophomores.

Espy-Wilson to Ensure Hearing is Believing

NSF grant supports research to authenticate digital speech content, thwart malicious editing.

Ghodssi Appointed Director of ISR

New Institute for Systems Research leader to take reigns October 1.

ECE Research Review Day, Oct.9

Keynote speaker: Steve Fetter, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.