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Muro, Silvia

Muro, Silvia

Associate Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Brain and Behavior Institute
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
5143 Plant Sciences Building


Ph.D., Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), 1999


  • A. James Clark School of Engineering Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award
  • Outstanding Invention of the Year, Life Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, Md. (2011) (Silvia Muro)
  • Outstanding paper, American Society of Nanomedicine (2011) (Rasa Ghaffarian)
  • Outstanding paper, Controlled Release Society (2011) (Tridib Bhowmick)
  • Outstanding paper, AIChE Mid-America (2010) (Laura Northrop)
  • Outstanding paper, Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium (2011 and 2007) (Daniel Serrano and Carmen Garncho, respectively)
  • Outstanding paper, Spanish Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Spain (2005) (Silvia Muro)
  • Outstanding paper, Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, UK. (2000) (Silvia Muro)
  • Ramón Areces Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Spain (2000-2002) (Silvia Muro)
  • NATO International Postdoctoral Fellowship (2000) (Silvia Muro)
  • Scientist Development, American Heart Association (2004-2008) (Silvia Muro)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2012 and 2010) (Rasa Ghaffarian and Maria Ansar, respectively)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2010-2013) & (2011-2014) (Daniel Serrano and Rasa Ghaffarian & Rachel Manthe, respectively)


  • American Heart Association
  • American Society for Cell Biology
  • BioMedical Engineering Society
  • Controlled Release Society

Mechanisms of endocytic vesicular transport: their role in physiology and disease, and their translational application for the controlled delivery of nano-scale therapeutics to precise targets at the sub-cellular level (targeting, intracellular drug delivery, endocytosis, cell culture, animal models, pharmacokinetics, microscope imaging).

* denotes senior corresponding author

Papademetriou, I. T., Garnacho C., Schuchman E. H., & Muro S. (2013). In vivo performance of polymer nanocarriers dually-targeted to epitopes of the same or different receptors. Biomaterials. 34(13), 3459-66.

Han, J., Zern B. J., Shuvaev V. V., Davies P. F., Muro S., & Muzykantov V. (2012). Acute and Chronic Shear Stress Differently Regulate Endothelial Internalization of Nanocarriers Targeted to Platelet-Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1. ACS Nano.

Papademetriou, J., Garnacho C., Serrano D., Bhowmick T., Schuchman E. H., & Muro S. (2012). Comparative binding, endocytosis, and biodistribution of antibodies and antibody-coated carriers for targeted delivery of lysosomal enzymes to ICAM-1 versus transferrin receptor. J Inherit Metab Dis.

Bacalocostantis, I., Mane V. P., Kang M. S., Goodley A. S., Muro S., & Kofinas P. (2012). Effect of thiol pendant conjugates on plasmid DNA binding, release, and stability of polymeric delivery vectors. Biomacromolecules.13(5), 1331-9.

Muro, S. (2012).  Challenges in design and characterization of ligand-targeted drug delivery systems. J Control Release.

Ghaffarian, R., Bhowmick T., & Muro S. (2012). Transport of nanocarriers across gastrointestinal epithelial cells by a new transcellular route induced by targeting ICAM-1. J Control Release.

Simone, E. A., Zern B. J., Chacko A-M., Mikitsh J. L., Blankemeyer E. R., Muro S., et al. (2012).  Endothelial targeting of polymeric nanoparticles stably labeled with the PET imaging radioisotope iodine-124. Biomaterials. 33(21), 5406-13.

Serrano D, Bhowmick T, Chadha R, Garnacho C, Muro S. (2012) Intercellular adhesion molecule 1 engagement modulates sphingomyelinase and ceramide, supporting uptake of drug carriers by the vascular endothelium. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 32(5):1178-85. Highlighted in the editorial.

Mane, V., & Muro S. (2012).  Biodistribution and endocytosis of ICAM-1-targeting antibodies versus nanocarriers in the gastrointestinal tract in mice. Int J Nanomedicine. 7, 4223-37.

Garnacho C, Serrano D, Muro S. (2012) A fibrinogen-derived peptide provides ICAM-1-specific vascular targeting and intra-endothelial transport of polymers nanocarriers in cell cultures and mice. J Pharm Exp Ther, 340(3):638-647.

Hsu, J., Northrup L., Bhowmick T., & Muro S. (2011). Enhanced delivery of α-glucosidase for Pompe disease by ICAM-1-targeted nanocarriers: comparative performance of a strategy for three distinct lysosomal storage disorders. Nanomedicine.

Bhowmick T, Berk E, Cui X, Muzykantov V*, Muro S. (2012) Effect of flow on endothelial endocytosis of nanocarriers targeted to ICAM-1. J Control Rel, 157(3):485-492.

Calderon, A.J., Bhowmick T., Leferovich J., Burman B., Pichette B., Muzykantov V., et al. (2011). Optimizing endothelial targeting by modulating the antibody density and particle concentration of anti-ICAM coated carriers. Journal of Controlled Release. 150(1), 37-44.

Hsu, J., Serrano D., Bhowmick T., Kumar K., Shen Y., Kuo Y C., Muro S. (2011).  Enhanced endothelial delivery and biochemical effects of α-galactosidase by ICAM-1-targeted nanocarriers for Fabry disease. Journal of Controlled Release. 149(3), 323-31. Highlighted on the cover and in the editorial.

Shuvaev, V. V., Ilies M. A., Simone E., Zaitsev S., Kim Y., Cai S., et al. (2011).  Endothelial Targeting of Antibody-Decorated Polymeric Filomicelles. ACS Nano.

Calderon A, Bhowmick T, Leferovich J, Burmann B, Pichette B, Muzykantov V, Eckmann D*, Muro S. (2011) Optimizing endothelial targeting by modulating the antibody density and particle concentration of anti-ICAM coated carriers. J Control Rel, 150(1):37-44.

Muro, S. (2010). New biotechnological and nanomedicine strategies for treatment of lysosomal storage disorders. Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology. 2(2), 189-204.

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Garnacho, C., Albelda S. M., Muzykantov V. R., & Muro S. (2008).  Differential intra-endothelial delivery of polymer nanocarriers targeted to distinct PECAM-1 epitopes. Journal of Controlled Release.130(3), 226-33.

Garnacho, C., Dhami R., Simone E., Dziubla T., Leferovich J., Schuchman E. H., et al. (2008).  Delivery of acid sphingomyelinase in normal and niemann-pick disease mice using intercellular adhesion molecule-1-targeted polymer nanocarriers. The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 325(2), 400-8.

Garnacho, C., Shuvaev V., Thomas A., McKenna L., Sun J., Koval M., et al. (2008).  RhoA activation and actin reorganization involved in endothelial CAM-mediated endocytosis of anti-PECAM carriers: critical role for tyrosine 686 in the cytoplasmic tail of PECAM-1. Blood. 111(6), 3024-33.

Rossin, R., Muro S., Welch M. J., Muzykantov V. R., & Schuster D. P. (2008).  In vivo imaging of 64Cu-labeled polymer nanoparticles targeted to the lung endothelium. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 49(1), 103-11.

Finikova, O. S., Lebedev A. Y., Aprelev A., Troxler T., Gao F., Garnacho C., et al. (2008).  Oxygen microscopy by two-photon-excited phosphorescence. Chemphyschem. 9(12), 1673-9.

Muro, S.*, Garnacho C., Champion J. A., Leferovich J., Gajewski C., Schuchman E. H., et al. (2008).  Control of endothelial targeting and intracellular delivery of therapeutic enzymes by modulating the size and shape of ICAM-1-targeted carriers. Molecular Therapy. 16(8), 1450-8.

Muro, IBBR Faculty Awarded Maryland Innovation Initiative Grants

UMD's Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research awarded two $115,000 grants.

Dr. Silvia Muro, Genisphere Partner to Advance Drug Delivery Systems

Genisphere LLC, University of Maryland sign collaborative research agreement through BIOE's Dr. Sivlia Muro.

University of Maryland to Lead NIH-Funded Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

UMD to Collaborate with Rice University, Wake Forest to Advance 3-D Printing Applications for Regenerative Medicine

Muro Develops Technique to Improve Oral Drug Delivery Using Targeted Nanocarriers

Associate Professor Silvia Muro (Joint, IBBR) and fellow UMD researchers are working to improve oral drug delivery to targets by protecting against the effects of gastric conditions.

Chip Used to Separate Bacteria from Food Samples Wins Professor Venture Fair

BioE Assistant Professor Javier Atencia Named Professor Venture Fair Winner

3D-Printed Heart Implant Wins Professor Venture Fair

Polymer grafts can be custom-fitted, promote tissue growth.

Clark Professors Honored as Top Women Professors in Maryland

Professors Espy-Wilson and Muro recognized by StateStats.org for excellence in and out of the classroom

UMD and JHU Students Join Forces for Research Day

"Amplifying the Field" celebrates undergraduate contributions to biomedical research.

Kofinas, Muro Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' influential and ground-breaking work.

Drug Delivery System Wins Professor Venture Fair

Muro, Ghaffarian honored at UMD Bioscience Research Day.

Chen's Biomedical Imaging Featured in American Center for Physics Art Exhibit

From Here to Infinity examines art inspired and created by science and technology.

Award Supports Development of Safer Batteries for Biomedical Devices

Sophomore Mian Khalid wins prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship for work with Kofinas Group.

Taking Aim at a Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease

Muro Group seeks to improve enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease with new nanocarriers.

Clark School Invention of the Year Winners

Clark School teams won three out of four top prizes in technology commercialization competition.

Muro Wins $1.72M National Institutes of Health R01 Grant

Group to develop new treatments for genetic diseases affecting lungs, brain.

BioE Welcomes 3 New Faculty Members

Balaras, Muro and White arrive for Fall '08.