Faculty Directory

Cui, Qingbin

Cui, Qingbin

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
1157 Glenn. L. Martin Hall


  • PhD, Purdue University
  • MS, Tianjin University
  • BE, Tianjin University


  • ENCE 422 Project Cost Accounting and Economics
  • ENCE602 Project Procurement Management
  • ENCE688Y Research Methods


  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Smart Construction
  • Data Analytics
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Energy and Sustainability



Deepak Sharma, 2012


Design of Availability Payment Mechanism for Public Private Partnerships

Associate Professor at the California State University, Fullerton

Robert Young, 2013

Variation on the Normative Feedback model for Energy Efficiency Behavior in the Context of Military Family Housing

Lt. Col, Assistant Professor at the United States Air Force Academy

Shu-Chien (Mark) Hsu, 2013

A Complexity-based Approach to Team Selection ( co-chair with Mirek Skibniewski)

Associate Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Xinyuan Zhu, 2014

Offtake Strategy Design for Wind Energy Projects under Uncertainty

Senior Strategist at Boeing Company

Morteza Farajian, 2015

Structured Finance in Public Private Partnership Projects

Executive Director of Build America Bureau at USDOT

Soumajit  Ghosh, 2016

IT Project in Non-Profit Universities: A Project Governance Perspective

North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts

Clara M Cheung2017

The antecedents of safety leadership

Lecture (Assistant Professor) at University of Manchester, UK

Xiaoyu Liu, 2017

The Trouble with Voluntary Carbon Trading for Buildings Exposed to Hurricane Risk

Senior Risk Analyst, Capital One

Qinyi Ding, 2018

Using Social Media to Evaluate Public Acceptance of Infrastructure Projects

Senior Data Engineer at Amazon Web Services

Yujie Lu2018

Occupant Behavior in Building Energy Management: Behavioral Characterization, Intervention and Forecasting

Professor at Tongji University

Paul Hichey, 2023

A Study of Gender Diversity in US AEC Industry Leadership


AbdolMajid Erfani, 2023

Data-Driven Risk Modeling for Infrastructure Projects Using AI

Assistant Professor at Michigan Tech

Yu Wang

NLP application to Contract Engineering

Expected 2023

Kunqi Zhang

Success and Failure of P3 Projects: Performance, Drivers, and Dynamics

Expected 2023

Caitlin Spargo

Agile Project Management in Shipbuilding

Expected 2024

Cheryl Marek

Fire Risk Management in Shipbuilding Procurement

Expected 2024

Amir Ghorban

Data Analytics in Construction

Expected 2025

Man Liang

Digital Twins for Asset Management

Expected 2025

Nour Alkhalouf

Value for Money Assessment Principles and Standards

Expected 2025

Moyassar Mohammed

Crowd Intelligence for BIL Implementation

Expected 2025

Zahra Halimi


Expected 2026

Qadri Shaheen


Expected 2026

  • Erfani, A. Ma, Z., Cui, Q. * , and Baecher, G. (2023). Ex-post Project Risk Assessment: Method and Empirical Study. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. 149 (2)

  • Erfani, A. Hickey, P., and Cui, Q. *  (2023) Likeability vs Competence Dilemma: A Text Mining Approach Using Linkedin Data. Journal of Management in Engineering.  
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  • Shen, M., Lu, Y., Wei, K. H., & Cui, Q. (2020). Prediction of household electricity consumption and effectiveness of concerted intervention strategies based on occupant behaviour and personality traits. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 127, 109839
  • Shen, M., Lu, Y., Wei, K. H., & Cui, Q. (2020). Eco-Feedback delivering methods and psychological attributes shaping household energy consumption: Evidence from intervention program in Hangzhou, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, vol265

UMD Hosts Roundtable on Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Event brings together CEE heads from around the United States.

UMD Research Sheds Light on Gender Imbalance in Construction

“We now have the numbers,” researchers say of groundbreaking study.

UMD to Help Guide Implementation of Infrastructure Law

Federal transportation officials tap Maryland Engineering to lead new Build America Center.

UMD Tapped to Lead Build America Center

New hub supports bipartisan infrastructure plan passed by Congress.

Cui Leads Groundbreaking Study on Project Delivery Methods, Equity

First-of-its-kind study provides empirical data on the track record of Public Private Partnerships (P3) in setting Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goals.

Data-Driven Research, Pandemic Impact Highlighted at TRB

UMD researchers presented new findings, tools, and technologies, including a COVID-19 Impact Dashboard that leverages mobile device data.

A Greener Alternative to Hot-Mix Asphalt

Green technologies, such as recycled pavement, have the capacity to both lower operating costs for businesses through carbon credits and reduce pollution.

MTI and Battelle to Build Database for Public-Private Partnerships

The database will help state and local governments know when and how to best engage in P3s.

CEE Experts Active at TRB 97th Annual Meeting

Faculty, staff, and students gave more than 50 presentations during the four-day event.

Clark School Faculty Promotions Announced

Faculty promoted to full professor, associate professor with tenure.