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Goulias, Dimitrios G.

Goulias, Dimitrios G.

Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
1182 A Glenn L. Martin Hall


  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
  • M.S.C.E., University of Michigan
  • Laurea, Universita Degli Study Della Calabria


Recent News

National Academy of Science, Transportation Research Board, TRB

2023 Upcoming Chair, ACK30 Committee, Quality  Assurance Management



Safer Roads:



ACI Smart Brief:

Goulias International cooperation with Polish researchers on rock dust in cement and concrete showcased in ACI SmartBrief:



Other Media News:

Washington Post





Awards, Professional Activities, Editorship

2021 Teaching Award - College of Engineering



Associate Editor, Transportation Research Record Journal (IF=2.019)




Chief Guest Editor, Journal of Sustainability, (IF=3.889)

“Recycled Materials and Infrastructure Sustainability"



Guest Editor, Journal of Sustainability, (IF=3.889)

“Green Infrastructure and Recycled Materials Sustainability"



Topic Editor, Frontiers in Built Environment Journal

“Using Recycled Materials from Waste and By-Products in Road Construction.”



Incoming Committee Chair & Committee Research Coordinator, CRC, TRB AKC30 Quality  Assurance Management

2022 Blue Ribbon Committee Award on Research



Head Civil Engineering Unit & Annual International Civil Engineering Conference, ATINER


Podcast: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, YIT,

"US Infrastructure & Innovative Technologies. "Episode 65. Interviewee, June 24, 2022



  • Condition assessment of infrastructure and materials through non-destructive testing, NDT;
  • Non-destructive-based QA/QC systems
  • Quality assurance risk assessment, performance specifications, and pay factors
  • Recycled materials and Infrastructure Sustainability
  • Highway materials performance assessment
  • Machine Learning in Performance Predictions of Bridge Decks & Highway Materials



Whiting-Turner Infrastructure Engineering Laboratories

Materials, Pavements & NDT Labs

Testing Systems                                                                                                                    

  • MTS servohydraulic closed loop 300 kip*                                                                
  • Instron  servohydraulic closed loop  100 kip*                                                    
  • UPM  servohydraulic closed loop with Env Chamber 100 kip*                                                                           
  • ELE Compression 120 kip                                                                                          
  • Humbolt Compression 180 kip                                                                                  
  • Non Destructive Testing (10): resonance frequency RTG, impact echo IE, array pulse echo UPE , E-meter, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (2), Ground Penetrating Radar GPR, 2D Traverse Imaging, Thermal imaging, FLIR camera.            
  • AIMS 3D Laser imaging                                                                                             
  • LWD                                                                                                                            
  • Maturity instrumentation                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Mortar Testing Equipment                                                                                

* (servo-hydraulic DAQ and controllers, actuators, hydraulics and maniforlds, software). 


Sample Preparation & Conditioning

  • Gyratory Compactors (2)                                                                                             
  • PCC Freeze Thaw PCC system                                                                                   
  • Freeze Thaw 3cf programmable                                                                                  
  • RH variable conditioning (2)                                                                                       
  • RH 100% curing high capacity (2)                                                                              
  • RTFOT                                                                                                                          
  • Sieve shakers high capacity (3)                                                                                   
  • Sieve shakers low capacity (2)                                                                                     
  • Mortar instrumentation                                                                                                
  • PCC & HMA mixers (6)                                                                                             
  • Coring systems (2)                                                                                                       
  • Sample prep accessories                                                                                              
  • Humboldt Compactor                                                                                                  
  • Microduval                                                                                                                            
  • Oven high capacity (2)                                                                                              
  • SG setup                                                                                                                       
  • Fabricating/ Machining stations (5)                                                                                     
  • Sample prep accessories/ air content, slump, permeability, scales, other.                           


Data Acquisition & Instrumentation:

  • DAQs, filtering modules, signal acquisition meters, LVDTs, strain gages, pressure cells, proving rings, other                                                                                    
  • Transducers, load cells, LVDT, linear potentiometer, strain gages,  thermocouples, accelerometers.                                                                           
  • PCC Extensometer 2D                                                                                                  
  • SmartJig (with pressure cell/LVDT)                                                                           
  • Software: Labview, FlexTest,Bluehill, Geostudio other.                                           






Recent Journal Publications (last 5 years)

Graduate Students


Zhao, Y.†, Goulias, D., Saremi, S.† (2023, in press). Enhancing Prediction Accuracy of Concrete Compressive Strength using Stacking Ensemble Machine Learning. Computers and Concrete.




Saremi, S.†, Goulias, D., Zhao, Y.† (2023). Development of Alternative Sequence Classification Networks for Predicting Condition Rating of Bridge Decks. ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities.

Zhao, Y.†, Goulias, D. (2023). Assessing Impact on Risks and Pay Factors when Contractors Quality Testing Data are used through the development of Power Surface Analysis. International Journal of Pavement Engineering.



Barraj, F., Mahfouz, S., Kassem, H., Goulias, D. (2023). Investigation of Using Crushed Glass Waste as Filler Replacement in Hot Asphalt Mixtures. Sustainability Journal.



Dobiszewska, M., Bagcal, O., Goulias, D. (2023). Utilization of Rock Dust as Cement Replacement in Cement Composites: An alternative approach to sustainable mortar and concrete productions. Journal of Building Engineering.



Cafiso, S., Di Graziano, A., Goulias, D. (2022). Data Fusion of Non-destructive Testing Methods for Bridge Deck Condition Assessment. Open Transportation Journal, 16((1)).



Zhao, Y.†, Goulias, D., Dobiszewska, M. (2022). Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Using Rock Dust as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate and Cement in Concrete Pavements. Sustainability Journal.



Setare, S.†, Goulias, D., Akhter, A.† (2022). NDT in Quality Assurance of Concrete for Assessing Production Uniformity. Transportation Research Record Journal.



Dobiszewska, M., Bagcal, O., Beycioğlu, A., Goulias, D. (2022). Influence of rock dust additives as fine aggregate replacement on cement composites properties. Materials Journal.



Zhao, Y.,† Goulias, D. (2021). Evaluation of Acceptance Risks through PWL for Highway Materials and Pavement Construction. Transportation Research Record Journal, 1-10.



Zhao, Y.,† Goulias, D. (2021). Pay Factor Analysis for Highway Pavements through PWL and Monte Carlo Simulation. Transportation Reearch Record Journal, 1-14.



Zhao, Y.,† Goulias, D., Teffa, L., Bassani, M. (2021). Life Cycle Economic and Environmental Impacts of CDW Recycled Aggregates in Roadway Construction and Rehabilitation. Journal of Sustainability, 13(8611).



Zhao, Y.,† Goulias, D., Petrson, D. (2021). Recycled Asphalt Pavement Materials in Transport Pavement Infrastructure: Sustainability Analysis & Metrics. Sustainability Journal, 13(8071).



Goulias, D., Cafiso, S., Setare, S.† (2020). Condition Assessment of Bridge Decks through Ground Penetration Radar in Bridge Management Systems. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 34(5).



Cafiso, S., Di Graziano, A., Goulias, D., Mangiameli, M. (2020). Implementation of GPR and TLS data for the Assesment of the Bridge Slab Geometry and reinforcement. Archives of Civil Engineering Journal, 66(1).



Goulias, D., Peterson, D.,† Zhao, Y.† (2020). Holistic Approach for Generating and Assessing Sustainable Rehabilitation Strategies in Roadway Construction. International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, 10(6), 51-57.



Gagarin, N., Goulias, D., Mekemson, J. (2020). Development of a Novel Methodology for Assessing Bridge Deck Conditions Using Step Frequency Antenna Array Ground Penetrating Radar. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities Journal, 34(5).



Saremi, S.,† Goulias, D. (2020). Concrete Strength Gain Monitoring with Non-Destructive Methods for Potential Adoption in Quality Assurance. Journal of Construction and Building Materials, 260, 1-7.



Zhao Y., Goulias D.(2019) “Systematic Assessment of Sustainability Strategies in Highway Projects through Parametric Analysis.” International Journal of Computational Engineering Research. 9(9). pp13-20



Cafiso S., Di Graziano A., Goulias D., D’Agostino C. (2019) “Distress and Profile Data Analysis for Condition  Assessment in Pavement Management Systems.” International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology.” 12(5). pp527-536.



Saremi S., Goulias D. Akhter A.† (2019) “Incorporating Non-Destructive Testing Methods in Concrete Production for Strength Gain Assessment.” International Journal of Engineering Research and Development. 15(4). pp45-51



Goulias, D., Karimi  S., Schwartz C. (2018) “Assessing Specification Pay Schedules through Monte Carlo Simulation.” International Journal of Computational Engineering Research.  8(10). pp1-10.



Goulias D., Awoke, G.“Novel Approach to Pavement Friction Analysis with Advanced Statistical Methods using Structural Equation Modeling.” (2018) International Journal of Pavement Engineering, (IF=4.178).  21(2). pp236-245.



Goulias, D., Zhang Y., Aydilek A. (2018) “Sustainability Assessment of Roadways through Economic and Environmental Impact Life Cycle Analysis.” International Journal of Computational Engineering Research.  8(12). pp1-8.



Goulias D., Awoke, G. (2018) “Methodology for Predicting Pavement Friction deterioration for Triggering Preventive Maintenance.” International Journal of Pavements, 17(1-2-3).



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