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Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.

Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maryland Robotics Center
1188 Glenn L. Martin Hall


  • Ph.D. Carnegie-Mellon University, 1986
  • M.S. Carnegie-Mellon University, 1983
  • M.Eng. Politechnika Warszawska, 1981


  • Construction engineering and management
  • Automation and robotics for construction
  • Information technologies for project management 


  • ENCE 420 Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment (Fall semesters)
  • ENCE 421 Legal Aspects of Engineering and Architecture (Spring semesters)
  • ENCE 622 Constructon Automation and Robotics (Spring and Fall semesters) 

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Skibniewski Elected to Academy of Engineering in Poland

Clark School professor recognized for leadership and contributions to the field of construction engineering.

Khalifa University Names Skibniewski Engineering Dean

Civil engineering professor joins Khalifa University of Science Technology and Research August 1.

Skibniewski Receives Honorary Degree

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University awards CivE professor Doctor Honoris Causa.

CEE Professor Awarded Coveted National Title

Dr. Skibniewski named "Professor of Engineering Sciences" from President of Poland

Skibniewski Elected to Russian Engineering Academy

Honor opens door to collaboration between U.S. and Russian engineers.

Skibniewski Joins Civil Engineering

Miroslaw Skibniewski has joined the civil and environmental engineering department as Clark Chair in Construction Engineering and Management.

Other professional society fellows

  • International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction
  • UK Royal Academy of Engineering
  • HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advance Study