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Anisimov, Mikhail

Anisimov, Mikhail

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2115 IPST Building


Ph.D., Moscow State University, 1969


  • Member, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow, AIChE
  • Fellow, APS
  • Fellow, AAAS
  • Fellow, International Academy of Refrigeration
  • Fellow, Newtonian Society

Mesoscopic and nanoscale thermodynamics, critical phenomena, phase transitions in soft matter.

Supercooled Water
We have demonstrated that a theoretical model based on the presumed existence of a liquid–liquid critical point (LLCP) in water in the deeply supercooled region is capable of representing, accurately and consistently, all available experimental thermodynamic property data for supercooled ordinary and heavy water.

Self-Assembly of Small Molecules in Aqueous Solutions
By using experimental techniques such as static and dynamic light scattering and optical confocal microscopy, we are investigating the nature of  mesoscopic heterogeneities of certain aqueous solution.

Study of "Smooth" Interfaces
We are also studying the effect of fluctuations on the behavior of smooth (or "fuzzy") interfaces. The examples include near-critical vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces in simple and complex fluids, interfaces in polymer solutions and polymer blends, liquid membranes and vesicles. A broader impact of this research includes filtration through microporous media in oil recovery, microfluidics, nanoscale liquid bridges, and nucleation phenomena: wherever science and technology deal with fluid droplets at submicron and nano scales.

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Kh.S. Abdulkadirova, C.J. Peters, J.V. Sengers, and M.A. Anisimov, "An isomorphic Peng-Robinson equation for phase-equilibria properties of hydrocarbon mixtures in the critical region", J. Supercritical Fluids 55, pp. 594-602 (2010).

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Four Clark School Professors Named Distinguished University Professor

In 2016, four of the 10 Distinguished University Professors named by the University of Maryland are Clark School professors.

Anisimov Wins Yeram S. Touloukian Award

Professor recognized by ASME for work in thermophysics.

Anisimov Receives USM Regents' Award

Professor recognized for exemplary scholarship and research.

Anisimov Elected to AIChE Fellowship

Professor recognized by chemical engineering society for accomplishments in thermodynamics.

Anisimov Elected to Russian Academies of Engineering and Natural Sciences

UMD professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering elected as a foreign member of both Russian Academies.

International Association Adopts Guideline Authored by ChBE Alumna, Faculty

Fuentevilla refines equations defining critical parameters of aqueous salt solutions.

Sengers Helps Revamp Water Research Standards

International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam adopted new standards in January 2012.

Fond Farewell to Graduates

Nariman Farvardin presides over final graduation as Clark School dean.

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