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Calabrese, Richard V.

Calabrese, Richard V.

Professor Emeritus
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
1208C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1976

  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, June 1971

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, June 1969



  • 1975 – 1978: Stevens Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • 1979 – 1981: Pickard, Lowe and Garrick, Inc., Washington, DC, Engineering Consultant: Electric Power

  • 1981 – Present: Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 

  • 1981 – 1986:           Assistant Professor

  • 1987 – 1995:           Associate Professor

  • 1992 – 1994:           Acting Chair

  • 1996 –  2019:          Professor

  • 2019 - Present:       Professor Emeritus



  • National Bureau of Standards, Center for Chemical Engineering, Visiting Faculty Member - September 1985 to June 1989; Guest Worker - June 1983 to August 1985.

  • Outstanding Teaching Award for Junior Faculty, College of Engineering, University of Maryland, December 1986.

  • Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, United Kingdom, September 1991 to June 1992.

  • SERC Visiting Fellow, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom Science and Engineering Research Council, September 1991 to August 1992.

  • Merck Distinguished Lecturer - Collaboratus V, Rutgers University, February 9, 1995

  • Outstanding Teacher Award, AIChE Student Chapter, University of Maryland, May 1995

  • Celebrating Teachers Award, Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education, University of Maryland, May 1995

  • Poole & Kent Teaching Award for Senior Faculty, College of Engineering, University of Maryland, May 1997

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers, North American Mixing Forum Annual Award for Sustained Contributions to Mixing Research and Practice, AIChE Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, November 1997.

  • Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, conferred for significant lifetime achievement, December 1999.

  • Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, elected October 2000.

  • Visiting Scientist, PARSAT Group, DuPont Central Research and Development, Experimental Station, Wilmington, DE, July 1, 2000 to December 31, 2001.

  • Technical Adviser, Office of Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, US Department of Energy, July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

  • Calabrese, R. V., T. P. K. Chang and P. T. Dang, “Drop Breakup in Turbulent Stirred Tank Contactors,  Part I: Effect of Dispersed Phase Viscosity”, AIChE J, 32, 657-666, 1986.  Named one of the 21 most influential contributions to Mixing Research. See “Recognizing the 21 Most Influential Contributions to Mixing Research”, CEP, 110, 20-29, Jan. 2014.

  • MIPS 30th Anniversary Awards: Award for Consumer Health to Martek Biosciences and Richard V. Calabrese (UMD), Maryland Industrial Partnerships, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), November 07, 2017.



  • Consultant to Altus Pharma., Avecia, Ltd., Bechtel National, Becton Dickinson, BHR Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Charles Ross & Son., Cargill, Chemineer, ChevronTexaco, Colorcon, DOE-ORP, Dow Chemical Co., Dow Corning Corp., DuPont, Eli Lilly, Exxon, W.R. Grace, ICI Ltd., IGENE Biotechnology, Koch Materials Co., Life Technologies, Lightnin, Merck., Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Searle/Pharmacia, S. C. Johnson, Sonus , Unilever, WSRC, Zeneca/Syngenta & others.

  • Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Review Panel - CRESP III (Consortium for Risk Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation) for the US Department of Energy (DOE), November 2006 to present.

  • North American Mixing Forum of the AIChE: Emeritus Member of Executive Council (2003 - present), Past President, President (1999 - 2001), Vice President (1997 - 1999), Treasurer (1989-1995) and Founding Member.

  • Chair, MIXING XV - 15th Biennial North American Mixing Conference, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 1995.

  • Editorial Board, Chemical Engineering Research and Design,Transactions I.Chem.E. (UK), Part A, 1995 to 2006.

  • AIChE Chemical Technology Operating Council, member since 2010; Chair Elect (2012), Chair (2013), past Chair (2014).

  • AiChE Center for Energy Initiatives, NuClean nuclear waste initiative, co-Chair 2012 to 2014.

  • AIChE: Public Affairs & Information Committee, member 2014 to 2018;  Virtual Local Section Board of Directors, member 2015 to 2017;  Webinar Advisory Editors Committee member since 2015.



  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  • Fulbright Association




EXPERIENCE:  Turbulent & multiphase flow phenomena, with emphasis on particle/droplet dispersion & coalescence processes, prediction & measurement of particle/drop size distribution, and prediction & measurement of velocity fields in stirred vessels and high intensity mixers.  Director: UM High Shear Mixing Research Program, 1997 to present.



  • CHBE 422 - Transport Phenomena I: Fluid Mechanics
  • CHBE 424 - Transport Phenomena II: Mass & Heat Transfer
  • CHBE 492  -  Multi-scale and Multiphase Flows
  • ENCH 648x  - Multi-scale and Multiphase Flows
  • HONR 238Q - Nuclear Waste. The Other Consequence of Nuclear Weapons


  • Professor Calabrese has more than 75 publications and reports, and more than 300 presentations in the areas of experience described above.
  • Calabrese, R.V. and S. Middleman, “The Dispersion of Discrete Particles in a Turbulent Fluid Field”, AIChE J, 25, 1025-1035, 1979.
  • Calabrese, R.V., et. al, “Drop Breakup in Turbulent Stirred Tank Contactors”, Part I: “Effect of Dispersed Phase Viscosity”, AIChE J, 32, 657-666, 1986.; Part II: “Relative Influence of Viscosity & Interfacial Tension”, AIChE J, 32, 667-676,1986.; Part III: “Correlations for Mean Size and Drop Size Distribution”, AIChE J, 32, 677-681, 1986.
  • Berkman, P.D. and R.V. Calabrese, “The Dispersion of Viscous Liquids by Turbulent Flow in a Static Mixer”, AIChE J., 34, 602-609, 1988.
  • Calabrese, R.V. & C.M. Stoots, “Flow in Impeller Region of a Stirred Tank”, Chem. Eng. Prog., 85, 43-50, May 1989.
  • Chang, Y.C., R. V. Calabrese and J.W. Gentry, “An Algorithm for Determination of the Size-Dependent Breakage Frequency of Droplets, Flocs and Aggregates”, Part. Part. Syst. Charact., 8, 315-322, 1991.
  • Pacek, A.W., I.P.T. Moore, A.W. Nienow and R.V. Calabrese, “A Video Technique for the Measurement of the Dynamics of Liquid-Liquid Dispersions During Phase Inversion”, AIChE J., 40, 1940-1949, 1994.
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  • Atiemo-Obeng, V. A. and R. V. Calabrese, “Rotor-Stator Mixing Devices”, Chapter 8 in Handbook of Industrial Mixing Science and Practice, E. L. Paul, V. A. Atiemo-Obeng and S. M. Kresta, Editors, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2004 (pp. 479 to 505).
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Calabrese Studies Gulf Oil, Nuclear Waste

Chemical engineering professor plans to share experiences with students this fall.