Faculty Directory

Pines, Darryll J.

Pines, Darryll J.

President, University of Maryland College Park
Glenn L. Martin Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center
1101 Main Administration Building


  • B.S., University of California, Berkeley ( Mechanical Engineering)
  • M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)


  • Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion, San Jose, CA. Space and Strategic Program Office (June 2000 to September 2002), Project Engineer (July 1999 to June 2000)


Institutional Services

  • Director of GEM for College of Engineering
  • Director of Sloan Program for the College
  • Member of Junior Faculty Teaching Award Committee
  • Member of Senior Faculty Teaching Award Committee

Professional Services

  • Reviewer for: Journal of Aircraft, Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Journal of the American Helicopter Society.

Research in smart structures, structural dynamics and control; guidance, navigation, and control of aerospace vehicles

Chapters in Books

  • J. Schultz* and D. Pines, (2005) “Stability of a Spacecraft with Flexible Booms During a Shallow Aeroassist”, J SPACECRAFT ROCKETS, 2005 vol. 42 no. 2, pages 277-286.
  • L. Salvino, and D.J. Pines, Chapter 8: “Structural Health Monitoring Using Hilbert Phase”, to be submitted, Hilbert-Huang Transform: Introduction and Applications, Edited by Norden E. Huang and Samuel S.P. Shen, CRC Press. PUBLISHED in 2005
  • S. Sheikh and D. Pines (2006), Chapter 7: X-ray Pulsar Navigation, Navigation Options for Planetary Exploration. PUBLISHED in 2005

Journal Articles

  • Sheikh SI, Pines DJ, Ray PS, et al. Spacecraft navigation using x-ray pulsars Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 29 (1): 49-63 Jan-Feb 2006.
  • D. J. Pines and P.D. Samuel, (2005) “A review of vibration-based techniques for helicopter transmission diagnostics”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 282, Issues 1-2, 6 April 2005, Pages 475-508.
  • C.K. Wakha; D.J. Pines; A. Dasgupta, “Dual-Stiffness Sensor for Damage Detection, Localization, and Prognostics”, AIAA Journal, vol. 43 no. 8, 1663-1674.
  • S. Asiri, A. Baz, and D. Pines, “Periodic Struts for Gearbox Support Systems”, Journal of Vibration & Control, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 709-721, 2005.
  • Ma, J. and Pines, D. (2003), “Detecting Damage in a Building Structure Model Under Seismic Excitation Using Dereverberated Wave Mechanics”, ENG Structures 25 (3): 385-396, Feb. 2003.
  • Bohorquez, F., Samuel, P., Sirohi, J., Rudd, L. and Pines, D. “Design, analysis and hover performance of a rotary wing micro air vehicle”, Journal of the American Helicopter Society 48 (2): 80-90 Apr, 2003.
  • Richards, D. and Pines D., “Passive Reduction of Gear Mesh Vibrations Using a Periodic Drive Shaft”, Journal of Sound and Vibration264 (2): 317-342, July 2003.
  • Blondeau, J., Richeson, J. and Pines, D., “A Variable Aspect Ratio Wing Using an Inflatable Telescopic Spar”, AIAA Adaptive Structures, April, 2003, Norfolk, VA.

Conference Proceedings

  • Conroy, J., Samuel, P. and Pines, D., “Development of a Real-Time LabView Testbed for Implementation of Planetary Gear Diagnostic Algorithms”, 59th Annual AHS Forum, May, 2003, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Samuel, P.D. and Pines, D., “Helicopter Transmission Diagnostics using Constrained Adaptive Lifting, 59th Annual AHS Forum, May 2003, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Pines, D. (Invited), “Smart Sensors for Health Monitoring”, ICESS03, July 2003, Corfu Greece.
  • Blondeau, J. and Pines, D., “Wind Tunnel Testing of a Morphing Variable Aspect Ratio Wing”, 2nd AIAA “Unmanned Unlimited” Systems, Technologies and Operations – Aerospace, Land, and Sea Conference and Workshop & Exhibit, 15-18 September 2003, San Diego, CA.
  • Bohorquez, F. and Pines, D., “Hover Performance of Rotor Blades at Low Re for Rotary Wing MAVs, an Experimental Study”, AUVSI Conference, July 2003, Baltimore, MD
  • Wakha, C.K., Majid, M., Dasgupta, A. and Pines, D., “A Multifunctional Stress/Strain Sensor for Health Prognostics of Structures”, 3rd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 15-17 September 2003, Stanford, CA.
  • Samuel, P. and Pines, D., “Planetary Gearbox Diagnostics Using Constrained Adaptive Lifting”, 3rd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, 15-17 September 2003, Stanford, CA.
  • Bohorquez, F. and Pines, D., “Fundamental Limitations of MAV Rotary Wing Hover Performance,” 2nd AIAA “Unmanned Unlimited”, Systems, Technologies, and Operations – Aerospace, Land, and Sea Conference and Workshop & Exhibit, 15-18 September 2003, San Diego, CA.
  • Bohorquez, F., Rankins, F., Baeder, J. and Pines, D., “Hover Performance of Rotor Blades at Low Re for Rotary Wing MAVs, an Experimental and CFD Study”, AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, June 23-26 2003, Orlando, FL.
  • Samuel, P. and Pines, D., “Adaptive Signal Representations for Helicopter Transmission Diagnostics,” 3rd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, September 12-14, 2001, Stanford, California.
  • Ma, J. and Pines, D., “A comparison of modal and wave-based damage detection approaches for one-dimensional structures”, 3rd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, September, 12-14, 2001, Stanford, California.
  • Pines, D. and Salvino, L., “Health Monitoring of Structures Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Phase Dereverberation”, Mechanics and Materials Conference, June 26-29, 2001.
  • Pines, D., “Ongoing Research and Development in the U.S. on Structural Health Monitoring,” 7th International Seminar on Seismic Isolation, Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control of vibrations of Structures, October 2-5, 2001.
  • Bohorquez, F. Pines, D., “Feasibility of Adaptive MAVs’, 12th Annual International Conference on Adaptive Structures Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, October 12-14, 2001.
  • Purekar, A. and Pines, D.J., “Interrogation of Beam and Plate Structures Using Phased Array Concepts,” 12th Annual International Conference on Adaptive Structures Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, October 12-14, 2001.
  • Richard, D. and Pines, D., “Passive Reduction of Gearbox Vibration Using a Periodic Driveshaft,” American Helicopter Society 57th Annual Forum, Virginia Beach, Virginia, May 9-11, 2001.
  • Samuel, P. and Pines, D., “Planetary Gearbox Diagnostics Using Adaptive Vibration Signal Representations”, American Helicopter Society 57th Annual Forum, Virginia beach, Virginia, May 9-11, 2001.
  • Schultz, J. and Pines, D., “Feasibility of Atmospheric Penetration to Control Right Ascension”, Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, June 2001, Greenbelt, Maryland.
  • Liu, D. and Pines, D., “Static Effects of Tooth Crack on a Spur Gear Pair”, International Conference on Mechanical Transmissions (ICMT), April 4-7, 2001, China.
  • Hood, A. and Pines D., “Feasibility of a Phased Acoustic Array for Health Monitoring of Gears,” Paper No., 8th Annual SPIE Smart Structures Symposium, March 4-8, 2001, Newport Beach, CA.
  • Liu, L. and Pines D., “The Effect of Ring Gear Flexibility on Planetary Geartrain Dynamics”, International Conference on Mechanical Transmissions (ICMT), April 4-7, 2001, China.
  • Ma, J. and Pines, D., “Detecting Damage in a Building Structural Model Under Seismic Excitation”, Paper No., 8th Annual SPIE Smart Structures Symposium, March 4-8, 2001, Newport Beach, CA.
  • Purekar, A. and Pines, D., “Near Field Effects of Damage,” Paper No., 8th Annual SPIE Smart Structures Symposium, March 4-8, 2001, Newport Beach, CA.

Groundbreaking Plasma Innovation Shines as Invention of the Year

Maryland Engineers Take Home Top Prize at 2024 Innovate Maryland

Celebrating the Impact of Black Maryland Engineers and Leaders

The Clark School pays tribute to the many contributions and legacies of Black Americans in the United States by learning more about some of our most pioneering and influential community members, past and present.

Reflecting on 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation

Materials Science and Engineering celebrated its anniversary on November 7, 2023.

At the White House: Professor Liangbing Hu Showcases More Sustainable, Steel-Strength “Super Wood”

Hu’s Super Wood Among 40 Great Innovations Offering Scalable Solutions to Societal Challenges

Alumnus Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Biden recognizes Jeong H. Kim for advances in broadband optical systems, data communications, wireless.

Introducing the Clark Scholars Program Network

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation and University of Maryland Partner to Educate the Next Generation of Engineers

UMD Initiative to Award Up to $2M for Student Solutions to Grand Challenges

xFoundry@UMD to Recruit Terps for Courses, Competition, Venture Investment

Johns Hopkins APL, UMD Partner to Advance Space Engineering Research

UMD and Johns Hopkins APL will partner on advanced research opportunities in space missions.

UMD Celebrates Grand Opening of Quantum Computing Research Hub

QLab Partnership With IonQ Offers Researchers, Students, Professionals Access to Cutting-Edge Hardware

UMD Student Team Lauded for Award-Winning Drone

U.S. Representative Glenn F. Ivey presented a proclamation honoring the AMAV team's NIST competition victory.

Making Engineering Make 'Cents' to Teens

Rising Ninth-Graders Build, Race Carts From Kits Developed by Faculty and Staff and K–12 Teachers

Connect with Maryland Engineering at the 2023 ASEE Annual Conference

Come and meet Maryland Engineering at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference being held at the Baltimore Convention Center from June 25–28, 2023.

Device That Harvests Water From Air Named Top UMD Invention of the Year

Innovate Maryland event also celebrates work on plastic substitutes, cancer detection, quantum science

At Northrop Grumman Day, Students Pitch the Future of Networked Computing

From next-gen security cameras to smart sorters, hackathon winners provide innovative IoT solutions

Celebrating Women Engineers: Patrice Gregory

Since childhood, Patrice has been fascinated by the “why” of things. 

Three UMD Faculty Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Three University of Maryland professors are among the 124 engineers newly elected to the 2023 Class of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

UMD’s Chopra: A Driving Force in Rotorcraft Engineering

AIAA honors longtime professor for seminal schievements.

Chopra to Receive Prestigious AIAA Walter J. and Angeline H. Crichlow Trust Prize

Awarded only every four years, prize recognizes excellence in aerospace materials, structural design, structural analysis, or structural dynamics.

Pines Sticks a Terrapin Pin in ‘Capital of Quantum’ Map at Global Conference

UMD Leadership Based on Research, Innovation, Problem-Solving Fearlessness, He Tells Audience

'A Hub for Discussion, Integration of Ideas, Innovation and Discovery'

UMD holds ceremonial groundbreaking of Stanley R. Zupnik Hall

Balachandran Named Distinguished University Professor

UMD Chair of Mechanical Engineering also wins AIAA’s Pendray Award.

Maryland Engineering’s John Fisher Appointed MPower Professor

BIOE chair one of six UMCP/UMB professors to receive University of Maryland Strategic Partnership appointment.

"This Is Where It's At"

U.S. Commerce Secretary's Visit Highlights Importance of UMD, Higher Ed to Future of Domestic Electronics Industry

$25 Million Commitment Will Fund New World-Class Engineering Facility at the University of Maryland

The interdisciplinary engineering building, named in honor of benefactor Stanley R. Zupnik '59, will help prepare engineers to solve society's grand challenges.

Maryland Engineering at the 2022 ASEE Annual Conference

Come and meet Maryland Engineering at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from June 26–29, 2022.

CEEE: Three Decades of Innovation

The UMD-based center marked its 30th anniversary at a gala event on June 9.

UMD Dedicates IDEA Factory

Building designed to inspire innovation, entrepreneurship, and research across disciplines.

UMD Inventions of the Year Tackle Grand Challenges

At Innovate Maryland, Pines heralds turning 'expertise into action'

UMD to Help Guide Implementation of Infrastructure Law

Federal transportation officials tap Maryland Engineering to lead new Build America Center.

Former VP for Research Named U.S. Commerce Under Secretary

Laurie Locascio will lead NIST, where she had served for three decades

Op/ed: Democratizing Engineering for Every High School Student

Classes lead to careers, support nation's need for more STEM grads, says UMD President Pines.

Celebrating Black Aerospace Engineers: David Mayo (Ph.D. ‘14)

As a U.S. Marine, Mayo saw technology with astonishing capabilities. He wanted to learn more.

Nuclear Energy Pioneer José Reyes Inducted Into IHOF

NuScale co-founder recognized for work in developing Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

$1.14M from the State of Maryland will Match Private Donation to Establish Two Brendan Iribe Endowed Professorships in ECE and CS at UMD

The endowed professors in electrical and computer engineering and computer science will conduct research in robotics, autonomy, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

UMD, Defense Department Celebrate Opening of Intelligence and Security Center

Applied research lab tackles complex national security problems.

Maryland Engineering's Chris Jewell Appointed MPower Professor

Bioengineering professor one of eight UMD/UMB professors to receive UMD Strategic Partnership appointment.

Newly-Opened SMART Building to Spur Autonomy Research

Maryland engineering will benefit from state-of-the-art labs and facilities at USMSM.

USMSM Debuts SMART Innovation Center

New, $86 million facility to expand educational opportunities, autonomous vehicles research.

Incentive Awards Program, Engineering Lab Building Named for Mote

Former UMD president recognized for contributions to field, expanding education access

College Park-born Quantum Firm IonQ Goes Public

IonQ, a quantum computing company spun off from research at the University of Maryland, went public today on the New York Stock Exchange.

UMD Leads New $25M NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation

New institute will significantly add to the vibrant quantum research ecosystem established in the mid-Atlantic region.

NSF Awards UMD $15M to Lead Mid-Atlantic Innovation Hub

UMD to Collaborate With 9 Universities to Deliver Entrepreneurship Training, Expand Research Impact

Secretary of State: 'Domestic Renewal' Needed Through Infrastructure Investments

Blinken emphasizes importance of spending at home to remain global leader in campus speech.

UMD Invests Over $10M in Research Equipment to Drive Discovery, Innovation

The University of Maryland (UMD) is making a major investment to obtain the most technologically advanced equipment on the College Park campus for application across a broad range of research areas, from neuroimaging to next-generation quantum materials.

Georgia Tech Professor, Researcher Named Dean of Clark School

Mechanical engineering leader Samuel Graham, Jr. to take helm October 1.

Wereley Steps Down as Aero Chair

Professor has led the department during an era of firsts.

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Business Incubator

The University of Maryland has launched a new business development arm to nurture quantum-focused startups.

From Innovation to Inauguration

Pines Announces New Quantum Business Incubator, Presents Invention and Entrepreneurship Awards

Clark School Innovators Honored with Invention of the Year Award Nominations

Among the nine 2021 Invention of the Year nominees, four are led by or include Clark School researchers.

Maryland Joins NSF-funded Effort to Help Set Nation's Direction for Engineering

The Engineering Research Visioning Alliance will convene engineering voices to identify opportunities and priorities for innovative research that benefits society.

The Lasting Legacy of George Dieter, 1928-2020

The Clark School community mourns the loss of George E. Dieter, who served as dean of engineering at the University of Maryland from 1977-94.

IonQ: From Maryland to Wall Street

The College Park-headquartered company, rooted in UMD research, announced plans to go public today.

Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance Expands Impact and Reach with Addition of 10 New Partners

The 24 MQA members are building a vibrant and diverse ecosystem designed to foster U.S. and regional leadership in the coming quantum technology revolution.

Making Success, and Giving, Seem Natural

More than 20 years after finishing his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at Maryland, Chris Jones is still giving back.

University of Maryland Research Enterprise Ranked Among Top 10 Publics in NSF Higher Education R&D Survey

Research in Baltimore & College Park Tackles Critical Issues in the State and Globally

CREB Kicks Off 2021 with Meeting to Discuss Future of Battery Research

The virtual meeting aimed to bolster battery technology under extreme conditions.

Honoring a Legend: Remember Former Dean George Dieter

It's with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of George Dieter, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering, and dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering from 1977–94.

Three Engineering Students Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

The Merrill Scholars program recognizes the University of Maryland's top graduating seniors and their faculty/teacher mentors.

Langford Establishes Scholarship in Honor of President Pines

Aerospace entrepreneur’s gift aims to inspire future engineers.

Professor K.J. Ray Liu Elected to Lead IEEE

Professor K. J. Ray Liu has been elected 2021 IEEE President-Elect and 2022 IEEE President.

BBI Awards Seed Grants to Six Interdisciplinary Projects

Funded teams feature UMD faculty from 15 academic departments and six centers and institutes

Legacy through Impact: Dr. Darryll J. Pines

UMD President-Designate Darryll Pines inspires a culture of excellence at the Clark School, where everyone plays a part.

Pines: Stand in Solidarity, Unite Against Injustice

President-designate calls acts of violence against black community nationwide a 'stain' against UMD values.

Pines, UMD Engineers Help Prince George’s County Reopening Efforts

President-designate to Lead Education Group; Maryland Transportation Institute to Provide Data

Shelter-in-place Compliance Remains Low, UMD Research Finds

Data Analysis Shows Erratic Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

Robert Briber Named Interim Dean of Clark School

Professor Robert Briber has been named Interim Dean of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, effective April 1, 2020.

Dean Pines Named University of Maryland's 34th President

Darryll Pines has served as Dean of the A. James Clark School of Engineering since January 2009.

UMD Mourns Passing of Innovation Hall of Fame Inductee and Alumnus George J. Laurer, Inventor of the Modern Bar Code

University of Maryland's Clark School of Engineering community remembers Innovation Hall of Fame alumnus George J. Laurer (1925-2019).

New Report Recommends a Path for the Future of Maryland’s Clean Energy Economy

Comprehensive report on the future of clean energy innovation in Maryland delivered today to Governor Hogan

Delivering on Quantum Innovation

The University of Maryland (UMD) has announced the launch of the Quantum Technology Center (QTC), which aims to translate quantum physics research into innovative technologies.

Welcome, NAE Members

The Clark School welcomes six National Academy Engineering members who will be returning to or joining our faculty this fall.

Lockheed Martin Awards $3M to Clark School

The gift will fund aerospace research while increasing opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

University of Maryland Launches Quantum Technology Center

The new research center will catalyze the development of high-impact quantum technologies.

Jewell Named Presidential Early Career Award Recipient

BIOE associate professor and associate chair recognized for immune engineering research and STEM outreach.

UMD Names Deb Niemeier as Inaugural Clark Distinguished Chair

Niemeier is the first of several endowed Clark Distinguished Chairs to be appointed through the Clark Foundation investment.

Ankur Srivastava named seventh director of ISR

His appointment will begin July 1, 2019.

Derek Paley named Maryland Robotics Center director

Paley's term will begin July 1, 2019.

Two Clark School Faculty Named Finalists of Prestigious Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists

Hafezi and Hu are among 31 of the nation's rising stars who will compete for three Blavatnik National Awards.

Clark School at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference

Connect with the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering at ASEE 2019!

Clark School Aerospace Engineering Faculty Recognized by AIAA National Capital Section

Three faculty receive AIAA NCS awards for their outstanding contributions to research and education.

2019 Dean's Doctoral and Master's Student Research Awards

Created by Clark School Dean Darryll Pines, the competition recognize distinguished graduate student researchers in order to help propel their careers and demonstrate the value of high-quality engineering research.

Exceptional Engineering Students Recognized with Dean's Awards

Five Clark School undergraduate students were honored with Dean's Awards on April 17, 2019.

Pioneering Breakthrough: Unmanned Aircraft Delivers Organ for Successful Kidney Transplant in Maryland

The groundbreaking effort by Maryland faculty and researchers could help expand donor access to transplantation.

UMD workshop examines risks related to new transportation technology

Key concerns include vehice safety, software reliabillity, and cybersecurity.

Pines Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Dean of UMD's engineering school to receive one of engineering's highest honors.

Consensus for First-of-its-Kind Pre-College Engineering Course

Representatives from more than 100 high schools, colleges, and universities convened at the E4USA Engineering Curriculum Workshop.

Fearless Ideas: Open Access

K-12 outreach efforts help the Clark School to both recruit prospective engineering students and cultivate a diverse student population.

George Dieter Celebrates His 90th Birthday, Applauds Social Change Course

Students award AWCAA $10,000 to help African women with cancer.

Inventor Enjoys Fame in the Hall

Alumnus Chuck Popenoe inducted into the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Innovation Hall of Fame for inventing SmartBolts®.

Fearless Ideas: An Exploratory Outlook

With a gift in 2007 to the Clark School, Pedro Wasmer is inspiring today's engineers.

University of Maryland Breaks Ground on E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory

The new building will inspire innovation and entrepreneurship, enable world-class research, and spur economic development.

UMD to Lead Milestone NSF High School Engineering Pilot Course

Intended as Precursor to Widely-Accepted Transferable College-Level Credit 

Pines Receives UMD President's Medal

The President's Medal is the highest honor the university community can bestow.

Remembering Marilyn Berman Pollans

The Clark School mourns the recent loss of its leader and trailblazer, Marilyn Berman Pollans, on June 17.

Supporting Diversity in Engineering

The Clark School partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers to host the National Leadership Conference.

Joseph JaJa Named Interim Chair of ECE Department

A distinguished researcher and administrator, Professor Joseph JaJa will assume new role July 1.

Prof. Sang Bok Lee appointed director of Maryland NanoCenter

UMD chemist will direct two labs on nanoscale fabrication and characterization

Dynamic Futures

An annual event honored the academic achievements of the Clark School's diverse student body.

State, university officials celebrate launch of newly formed, cross-discipline transportation institute

The Maryland Transportation Institute will coordiate more than $20 million in annual research expenditures.

Clark School welcomes Dr. William Regli

Regli, formerly of DARPA, is the sixth director of the Institute for Systems Research.

University of Maryland and Lockheed Martin Renew Strategic Partnership with New Agreements

New agreements enhance partnership between university and global company.

Clark School Honors Distinguished Members of Engineering Community

The prestigious awards are presented annually in recognition of outstanding work in the field of engineering.

Students Get Ready for Advanced Degrees at GEM GRAD Lab

The event drew students from across the Maryland–DC–Virginia area to learn about and prepare for grad school.

QUEST Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The QUEST honors program celebrated 25 years of hands-on education in quality management, process improvement, and system design.

University of Maryland School of Engineering Announces Unprecedented Investment from A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Building Together: An Investment for Maryland Will Transform UMD Through $219,486,000 Gift

Empowering Voices in Engineering

Moving towards a more diverse and inclusive campus.

UMD Opens Outdoor Flight Laboratory to Advance Autonomy, Robotics

First university facility of its kind in D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region.

Legislators, University Administrators Gather to Launch Maryland Energy Innovation Institute

The institute was created to turn research breakthroughs into commercial, clean energy solutions.

Student Spotlight: Kameron Sheppard

The Maryland native's interest in computer engineering began with Python.

William Regli named sixth director of ISR

Regli, an ISR alumnus, will begin his appointment in January 2018.

Alumnus Profile: Christopher T. Jones

When Jones joined the Clark School as a Ph.D. student, he already was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.

2017 Honors & Awards Ceremony

Sixty-nine Clark School students were acknowledged for their contributions and accomplishments.

CHBE Chair Sheryl Ehrman Departs for San Jose

Ehrman has accepted the position of Don Beall Dean of the Davidson College of Engineering.

7th Annual Engineering Sustainability Day focuses on Energy Storage

This year's theme focused on energy storage -  pervasive message that we should promote and advocate for scientists and the science.

Women Engineers Welcome Admitted Students

The Women in Engineering program hosted an admitted students reception on March 29, 2017.

University of Maryland to Lead NIH-Funded Center for Engineering Complex Tissues

UMD to Collaborate with Rice University, Wake Forest to Advance 3-D Printing Applications for Regenerative Medicine

UMD, VA Maryland Health Care System Collaborate on MS Research

BIOE assistant professor Chris Jewell leads effort to use nanotechnology to treat MS.

UMD Engineering for Social Change Class Awards Non-Profit V-LINC $10,000 Grant to Support Custom Assistive Technology Program

Grant marks more than $30,000 in student-awarded grants given through landmark engineering philanthropy course.

Milchberg and Khaligh Receive 2016 Junior and Senior Faculty Outstanding Research Awards

Prof. Milchberg and Prof. Khaligh are the 2016 Senior and Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award recipients for their exceptional and highly influential research accomplishments

“Lifeline Across the Bay” Marks Milestone for the University of Maryland

First-of-its-Kind Flight Across the Chesapeake Bay

Aerospace Engineering Inducts Five New Academy of Distinguished Alumni Members

Alumni Jones, Van Buiten, Van Wie, Wang and Weber inducted to department's Academy of Distinguished Alumni.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Headlines University of Maryland Transportation Summit

The National Transportation Center at Maryland hosts nearly 200 transportation experts for innovation and policy summit.

UMD to Host 2016 FIRST Robotics District Championship

Student Teams Build, Battle Robots to Secure Spot in International Championship

Forum Highlights Inclusion in Engineering

The Clark School hosted A Day of Inclusive Excellence in late March 2016.

UMD’s Anya Jones Receives Presidential Early Career Award

Aerospace Engineering faculty member awarded U.S. government's highest honor for early-career science and engineering professionals.

UMD Team Selected to Participate in International Solar Decathlon

Teams will be competing for $2 million in prize money

Hubbard Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Joins 23 other Clark-affiliated faculty

ChemE Jeopardy Team Wins National Competition

UMD's ChemE team topped eight competitor teams in the AIChE national Jeopardy competition.

Fisher Named Chair of the Fischell Department of Bioengineering

Dr. John P. Fisher to succeed Dr. William E. Bentley as department chair, effective Jan. 4, 2016.

FPE Professor Emeritus Recognized for Exceptional Commitment to Education

Frederick Mowrer to receive the 2015 John L. Bryan Mentor Award from SFPE.

UMD Hosts Capitol Hill Panel on Autonomous Systems

Experts gathered to discuss UAVs in an event hosted by the Clark School on July 16.

CEE Launches Infrastructure Engineering Laboratories Renovation Initiative

CEE to redesign virtual and physical infrastructure engineering laboratories.

Prof. Ray Phaneuf Appointed Acting Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Robert M. Briber named Clark School Associate Dean for Research.

AFSA Announces UMD Legacy Campaign Support

Sponsorship helps strengthen Fire Protection Engineering's undergraduate curriculum.

2015 Dean's Student Research Awards

Winners of the 2015 Dean's Student Research Awards have been announced.

UMD Opens MakerBot Innovation Center to Foster Entrepreneurship

UMD home to Big Ten's first large-scale 3-D printing MakerBot Innovation Center.

Lankford Awarded ARCS Scholarship

Aerospace engineering grad student receives 2015-2016 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS) Scholarship

UMD to Host 2015 FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park.

UMD Mourns Passing of Benefactor and Alumnus A. James Clark

University of Maryland's Clark School of Engineering community remembers namesake and friend

Pines Recognized with Maryland Speaker's Medallion

Annual award recognizes outstanding service to the state.

Mechanical Engineering Clinches 2015 Alumni Cup Title

Student teams conquer light bulb challenge at 4th annual competition.

University of Maryland Breaks Ground for A. James Clark Hall

New building to serve as hub for human health innovation in the state of Maryland

UMD UAS Test Site Receives FAA Approval to Fly

Inaugural research flight to take place in December.

Clark School & Computer Science Alumnus Donates $31M to UMD

Iribe's gift to support new building and scholarship fund.

UMD Celebrates Opening of UAS Test Site in Southern Maryland

Ribbon cutting ceremony brings together leaders in government, industry, and academia.

2014 Dean's Student Research Awards Announced

Graduate students recognized for high quality engineering research

Fire Protection Engineering Appoints First Clinical Professor

New applied faculty position made possible by Legacy Campaign, Clark School support.

Sikorsky and United Technologies Pledge $1 Million to UMD’s Clark School of Engineering

Endowment to support Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professorship in Rotorcraft in the Department of Aerospace Engineering

University of Maryland Baltimore & College Park Campuses To Offer Joint M.D./Ph.D. in Medicine and Bioengineering

Program will promote human health through engineering principles and medical science.

Aerospace Engineering Student Named ARCS Scholar

Bernadette Cannon was selected as the ARCS 2014-2015 Wanda M. Austin Undergraduate Scholar.

UMD Hosts Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

Competition promotes design skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship

UMD to Host FIRST Robotics Regional Competition

More than 1,000 high school students expected to attend event in College Park

Dean Pines, Abts Featured in ASEE PRISM Magazine for Leadership in Exploring New AP Course in Engineering

New AP course would "brand engineering at the high school level," prepare more students for STEM careers.

Whiting-Turner President and CEO Hackerman Passes at 95

Prominent philanthropist was responsible for establishment of UMD's Whiting-Turner Business and Entrepreneurial Lecture Series.

Tavis Smiley and the University of Maryland Announce Winners of $75K Social Innovation Challenge

Three winners selected among 56 entrants to advance their innovative ideas for broad social impact

UMD Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Wins National Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

EIP takes first place in the Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program category.

Elaine Gessow Passes at 88

Wife of former UMD Aerospace Engineering Chair and helicopter pioneer passes away peacefully.

Maryland to Collaborate with VA, NJ on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research

University System of Maryland to collaborate with MAAP on UAS research, testing and development.

Clark School Alumnus and BOV Member Waggner Passes

Baltimore native and chemical engineering grad had distinguished career in petrochemical industry.

Two Clark School Faculty Members Receive Presidential Early Career Awards

Bergbreiter and Paley honored by the White Houseas outstanding early-career scientists.

Schwartz Appointed Chair of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Maryland professor will begin new role in early January.

Anderson and Pines Win Best Paper Award from AIAA

Research in x-ray pulsar-based navigation earns Best Paper from the 2013 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference.

UMD's Team Gamera Sets New Record for Human Powered Helicopter Flight Duration

Team's achievements celebrated at event attended by officials from Sikorsky, United Technologies Corporation, AHS International.

UMD Receives Largest Ever Software Grant from Siemens

UMD students and researchers to gain access to industry technology used to design and manufacture sophisticated products.

Wang Wins 2013 Junior Faculty Research Award

Research in energy conversion and storage systems serves as model for field.

Wuttig Wins 2013 Senior Faculty Research Award

Department of Materials Science and Engineering professor honored for transformational research in his field.

Pines Invited to Speak at Platform Summit Event

Clark School Dean was one of 30 distinguished speakers at special event hosted at MIT Media Lab.

Fourney Selected to Receive 2014 Frocht Award

Associate dean and Keystone professor to be honored with Society for Experimental Mechanics award.

Marcus Selected as Poole and Kent Senior Faculty Teaching Award Recipient

Director of Faculty Leadership and Professor Steve Marcus recognized as educator, mentor, researcher.

2013 Dean's Student Research Awards Announced

Graduate students recognized for high quality engineering research.

2013 Dinah Berman Memorial Award Given to NanoCenter Member

MSE student honored for academics and service  

Solar Team Distills Most and Purest Water at International Competition

Students from civil, chemical engineering win awards in Environmental Design Contest.

Dean Pines' Op-Ed in Baltimore Sun Stresses Need for Prizes, Competitions to Spur Innovation

Dean of the Clark School of Engineering offers aerospace industry as case study to demonstrate impact of prizes.

UMD Hosts Symposium on Disaster Resilience Co-Sponsored by NAE, NSF

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering holds symposium on tri-state region disaster response.

Skibniewski Elected to Academy of Engineering in Poland

Clark School professor recognized for leadership and contributions to the field of construction engineering.

Anisimov Elected to Russian Academies of Engineering and Natural Sciences

UMD professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering elected as a foreign member of both Russian Academies.

UMD Students Visit Congress to Raise Visibility for Science, Engineering and Technology

UMD's Student Chapter of the Electrochemical Society met with Congress on March 12-13 to show value of R&D funding.

Gamera Team Flies Again, Featured on the Cover of the Wall Street Journal

Student human-powered helicopter team makes another attempt at the AHS Sikorsky Prize April 27-28.

UMD Course To Serve as National Model for 'Energy 101' Curriculum

Collaborative Initiative Seeks to Educate Students on Key Energy Issues

Civil and Environmental Engineering Team Captures Clark School Alumni Cup

Second annual Alumni Cup draws a crowd of students, alumni to witness Rube Goldberg-inspired device competition.

UMD and ManTech Announce Partnership for Advanced Cybersecurity Research

Two-year partnership will focus on cybersecurity, systems engineering.

Clark School Faculty, Staff Honored for Achievement

Teng Li, Ray Liu, and Heidi Sauber were recognized with awards.

ASHRAE National Capital Chapter Establishes Scholarship Fund in Mechanical Engineering

 Fund will support one undergraduate and one graduate student.

Kofinas, Muro Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' influential and ground-breaking work.

Clark School-Southern Maryland Partnership to Graduate More Mechanical Engineers

University System of Maryland funds program to help grow engineering workforce at Pax River.

Clark School Team Unofficially Satisfies Two Sikorsky Prize Requirements

65-Second Gamera human-powered helicopter flight reached two feet in height.

Accreditation Renewed for All Clark School Departments

Engineering Accreditation Commission extends approval of all bachelor's degree-granting programs.

Shayman Accepts Campus-Level Position

Current Clark School associate dean will be UMD Graduate School associate dean for student success.

Gamera Team Sets New Unofficial World Record for Human-Powered Helicopter Flight

Duration of 50 seconds a 400 percent improvement on 2011 record.

Chellappa Named Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department to be led by strong proponent of graduate and undergraduate education.

Dean's Master's Student Research Awards Announced

Research on bacterial biofilms and small-scale actuators for artificial muscles recognized.

Dean's Doctoral Student Research Awards Announced

Research on digital multimedia forensics, tissue engineering, rotorcraft brownout recognized.

Anisimov Celebrated at International Symposium

Event held in honor of professor's 70th birthday, distinguished career in thermodynamics.

Clark School Graduate Program Ranks 18th Nationally

U.S. News survey ranks six departmental programs in top 25.

Wereley to Chair Department of Aerospace Engineering

Techno-Sciences Professor of Aerospace Engineering Norman Wereley to assume post on April 15.

Who's Best in 2012? Aerospace Wins Alumni Cup

Students demonstrate design skills, hard work, sense of humor and school spirit in inaugural competition.

Institute for Systems Research Hosts Iraqis

Delegation seeks partnerships, information on American universities.

Lewis to Lead Science and Technology Policy Institute

Aerospace engineering chair is new director of Institute of Defense Analyses initiative.

Sikorsky Invests in Next Generation of Helicopter Engineers

Company gives $110,000 toward scholarships, fellowships and new colloquium series at Clark School in 2011.

University of Maryland Wins 2011 Solar Decathlon

Campus-wide effort key to WaterShed victory in international competition.

UM Fourth in Solar Decathlon Engineering Competition

WaterShed stays ahead of nearest competitors, in first place overall.

Cumings, Zachariah Honored for Research

Clark School Outstanding Research Awards recognize professors' work in nanostructures for advanced batteries, nanoparticle characterization.

"Twenty-Year Window of Opportunity"

DOE official calls for "game-changing" technologies at opening of University of Maryland Energy Research Center.

UM and MIT Lincoln Lab Partner on Cybersecurity

New strategic relationship will focus on collaborative research, student engagement.

Gamera Team Honored

Human-powered helicopter effort wins American Helicopter Museum and Education Center Achievement Award for 2011.

New Gamera Record Certified

Clark School student team sets new U.S. flight records at 11.4 seconds.

Clark School Rises in International Ranking

#11 spot is highest ever in Academic Ranking of World Universities poll of engineering schools.

Gamera Team Blows Away Its Own Record

Human-powered helicopter team completes second step toward Sikorsky Prize with 12.4-second flight.

Clark School, DARPA Launch Pilot Academic Fellows Program

Seek blend of military and academic personnel perspectives to generate new technologies.

Two National Records for Gamera

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale to begin evaluation of flight for world records.

Chellappa Named Interim Chair of ECE Department

Minta Martin Professor Rama Chellappa, a Distinguished Faculty Research Fellow and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, will assume new role July 1.

Clark School Mourns Grad Student

Alexander Brown remembered for energy and leadership.

Clark School Human-Powered Helicopter Flies

"Gamera" takes flight, sets world record with female pilot aboard.

Clark School Celebrates Hard-Working Staff

At annual event, Dean Pines cites long-serving and new staff members.

Dean's Doctoral Research Awards Announced

Research on microbatteries, graphene and flapping-wing flight recognized.

Dean's Master's Student Research Awards Announced

Research on flapping wing vehicles and food-service byproducts recognized.

New Department Chairs Named

Balakumar Balachandran, James Milke picked to lead mechanical engineering, fire protection engineering.

Pines Elected to Engineering Deans Council Board

Clark School dean joins American Society for Engineering Education leadership organization.

Association Renews Support for Montgomery County Students

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Bethesda Chapter, provides scholarships for local engineering, computer science students.

Pines, Purekar Win Best Paper Award

Pair honored by ASME for work on structural dynamics and control.

Changing the Odds

New NSF-funded UM program seeks to advance women faculty in science, engineering.

Silverman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

50-year career in radiation chemistry and physics honored at conference.

Sirius Co-Founder to be Honored

Alumnus Briskman newest Innovation Hall of Fame honoree.

Davis Recognized for Outstanding Research

Work on bioretention earns civil engineering professor Clark School honor.

UM, Army Sign CRADA Agreement

Agreement expands research, development and engineering efforts between the two entities.

Clark School 3rd Nationwide in Recruiter Survey

Wall Street Journal polls large employers on universities from which they recruit most heavily.

Clark School Enters U.S. News Top 20

Undergraduate program ranked 19th in nation, 9th among public schools.

Two Big Wins for Clark School Teams

Aerospace engineering students win American Helicopter Society, NASA design competitions.

Ehrman Appointed Chair of ChBE

Professor to begin term August 23, 2010.

Clark School's CALCE Connects with China

World-class failure analysis, safety modeling laboratory under development.

Clark School Receives $1M Gift

L-3 Communications funds student programs, scholarships and fellowships, supports Great Expectations campaign.

Clark School Baja Team Tops in U.S.

TerpsRacing Baja team places 4th overall, first out of U.S. teams at competition.

UM, LM Launch Strategic Relationship

Framework for current and future cooperation with Lockheed Martin worth at least $3 million.

Dean's Master's Student Research Awards Announced

Research on microbots, optical tweezers and particle synthesis recognized.

2010 Dean's Doctoral Research Awards Announced

Biomaterial synthesis, MEMS and energy research recognized.

Gov. O'Malley to Keynote I-270 Tech Event

Clark School explores technology development along the I-270 Tech Corridor.

AIAA Fellows Inducted

Clark School faculty members make up 10 percent of honorees.

Remedium Wins ORNL Global Venture Challenge

Blood-clotting foam takes top prize in security division.

Lovell Named Engineers Without Borders Advisor

Civil engineering, ISR professor to lead highly-regarded chapter of student service group.

Three New Clark School-Affiliated NAE Members

John Anderson, Ali Mosleh and Ben Shneiderman join National Academy of Engineering.

Clark Named a "Washingtonian of the Year"

Washingtonian Magazine honors Clark School alum, benefactor A. James Clark.

Clark School Draws From #1 System (Again)

EducationWeek ranks Maryland public schools best in nation for second year.

Pines, Balachandran Named AIAA Fellows

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics honors Clark School dean, ME professor.

Alum's Gift Honors Inspirational Professor

Charles E. Waggner '54 establishes Goodings Professorship, advances Great Expectations Campaign.

Clark School Ranked 14th Worldwide

Higher education institute cites research expenditures and articles among criteria.

Piece of the Clark School Lifts Off

Clark School flag accompanies STS-129 crew into space this month.

Pines Elected Fellow of ASME

Dean honored for research, technical program management and academic vision and leadership.

Clark School Recognizes Outstanding Retirees

Ceremony on Martin Hall plaza celebrates committed faculty and staff members.

Pines Testifies Before Congressional Committee

Clark School dean promotes engineering concepts within K-12 education.

Pati Inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame

Alumnus celebrated for his influence on today's electronic devices.

Maple Seeds Inspire Robotic Flight

Aerospace engineering students solve 60-year-old design dilemma.

Like to Surf or Game by Mobile Device?

White Symposium to discuss how electronic devices influence modern life.

Clark School Research Dollars Soar

Jump in funding from $111 million to $171 million over the past year.

Fourney to Head Undergraduate Retention Office

Associate dean appointed to head newly formed office.

Minority Engineering Honors for Pines

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering to present dean with award.

Ghodssi Appointed Director of ISR

New Institute for Systems Research leader to take reigns October 1.

Lewis Named Aerospace Chair

Prof. Mark J. Lewis takes helm September 14.

Gabriel Co-Director of MEPP

CivE professor to help lead Masters of Engineering and Public Policy Program.

Dean's Master's Student Research Awards Announced

Bradley Johnson, aerospace engineering, takes first place for rotorcraft research.

Abed to Join UAE University

ISR director, ECE professor named dean of UAEU's College of Information Technology.

Dean's Doctoral Research Award Winners Announced

Shenqiang Ren (materials science and engineering) takes first place and $1,500 prize.

Aero Students Dominate at AIAA

Clark School is first ever to win four categories at an AIAA conference.

A "Changing of the Deans"

Clark School officially welcomes Dean Pines, thanks Interim Dean Rabin.

Clark School Fire Expert Wins PECASE

Andre Marshall receives award for work to improve fire suppression.

Southern Maryland Partnership Announced

Academic institutions, Navy announce engineering education and research program in Southern Maryland.

Meet Dean Darryll Pines

Brief video introduces Clark School's new dean.

View University Holiday Greeting Online

Incoming dean Darryll Pines, alumnus Gordon England '61 star.

Interim Aero Chair Named

Inderjit Chopra to lead aerospace engineering during national search for new chair.

Darryll Pines Named Dean of the Clark School

Chair of Clark School’s Department of Aerospace Engineering becomes Dean and Farvardin Professor.

University Ranked in Aero-Defense Workforce Study

Campus programs ranked in top 3 of Aviation Week study.

Inaugural Anderson Scholarship Awarded to Kirk

Madeline Kirk announced as first recipient of Anderson Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering.

Clark School Leads "Microsystems Mechanics" Center

$10M effort to develop networked micro-vehicles for assisting soldiers.

Clark School Leads NASA Project

Aerospace Chair Darryll Pines to lead $7.8M/year research project, 20 universities involved.

Lewis Named Willis Young, Jr. Faculty Fellow

Aerospace fellowship to begin in fall 2007

$250K Gift Establishes Aero Faculty Fellowship

Donation memorializes Willis H. Young Jr., an aero alumnus.

Pines to Take Aerospace Helm

Darryll J. Pines will become chair of aerospace engineering in October.

Clark School Faculty Receive Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Award from the Department of Defense (Dod)

Clark School faculty succeeded in obtaining Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) award of $5.25M.

National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

Institute of Physics (IOP)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

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